Stable Duty

Ista Weyr - Stables

Paimida happens to be mucking out a stall currently, joy of joys. There's a nice wheelbarrow in the middle of the aisle which is what the muck is being tossed into.

Pallaton has been avoiding his assigned chore for the day, it seems, for he's just now appearing in the stables, still rather clean, and unaccompanied.

Paimida hears the footsteps though and peeks her not very clean head out from the stable. "What're /you/ doin' here?" is asked with more curiousity than anything else. By now the black eye's probably gone, right?

Pallaton is, indeed, black-eye-less, and he's even managed not to gain a new one in its place. "/Ah/ was unlucky enough to draw stable duty today. Some candidate chores are mis'rable, ya know." And he shrugs, moving to gather up the necessary equipment, glancing over his shoulder as he goes. "What about ya? No heala lessons today?"

Paimida smirks slightly at the mention of miserable chores. "Oh, so unlucky, Ah do /this/ every day." No sympathy from her, at all. She shrugs a little. "Ah'm mostly gettin' genral chores, Ah'm only a 'prentice after all, some healin' but there ain't much o' that here."

"But wouldn't ya have ta like.. learn what ta do, even if it ain't all healing? Chore are boring, though." Blink. Pallaton moves into an unoccupied stall, starting the cleaning, pushing a lock of hair out of his face. "Ya met that candidate.. Sarcon or something like that.. yet?"

Paimida tilts her head slightly and peers at the other. "He's a candidate now? Didn' know that. Thought ya knew Ah'd met him." Shrug. "Since yah were so upset 'bout 'im teachin' meh ta dance." Ahem.

Pallaton stops midsweep, turning to look over the door at her in shock. "Ah didn't realize it was /him/." So, while rumors were heard, they weren't necessarily heard clearly. And then he's angrily pushing the bedding off the floor of the stall, out towards the center walkway. "How could ya let 'em get so close ta ya, ta teach ya to dance, and all?" And again he's paused, glaring at her all the while.

Paimida tilts her head slightly and shrugs. "Why'd ya care anyhow?" She's not even going to bother reassuring him that she finds the boy obnoxious and all that. "It ain't like it's yer business."

Pallaton clenches his empty hand, wrinkling up his nose, starting to stay something before pausing, and reconsidering. Eventually, though, he answers. "He's a snot, though! He calls girls names, and threatens to beat meh and Mhadia up, and he won't leave Lyda alone. But ya woul'nt understand, since ya dun gotta live with 'em.."

Paimida tilts her head slight and shrugs. "Yeah, 'e is. Don' like 'em much. Ah'd jus' met 'im that day." She shrugs a little "Yer somethin' of a snot too, ya know."

Pallaton nods slowly, distracting himself enough with removing stuff from the stall to continue talking without yelling. "Ah dun call girls heifers, or tell 'em to jump off a cliff cause they wun talk ta me. And Ah'd never hit a girl.." Kiss, yes. Hit, no.

Paimida makes something of a face at what she's being told. "Nevah said yah were as bad a snot." She obviously doesn't like Sarcon, Pal should be glad about that, right? "Did 'e hit someone?" Head tilts slightly.

Pallaton sticks out his tongue at her, as his hands are rather full, shaking his head at her question. "Mhadia was gonna slap 'em, cause he was calling her every name in the book, ya know. And he was pickin on Sireen, too, which she just woul'nt have. But, 'e stopped her, and then threatened to him meh, cause he could."

Paimida tilts her head slightly "But 'e didn' hit 'er?" See, this is an important thing you see, very. "Don' think Ah like 'em er anythin'" is actually said to reassure the guy somewhat.

Pallaton shakes his head. "Not then, at least. 'e did raise 'is hand at 'er. Ah think 'e would have, if there wasn't so many people there.." And he shrugs. "Whys it even matter?"

Paimida smirks slightly. "It does, Ah'd think yah could guess." There's a little shrug then and she slips back into the stall to finish mucking it out. "So how long da yah get ta be a candidate… an Ah'm suprised yah agreed."

Pallaton hms, softly shrugging. "That one rider didn't say - Ah guess til those eggs out there hatch, or something." Details like that can be figured out later. And then he glances across at her, blushing slightly. "Ah thought she might think meh an ovine, if Ah didn't agree.."

Paimida peeks out the stall door and smirks. "Yah still scared of 'em?" Yup, she's definitly teasing him and she slips out of the stall, moving the wheelbarrow down so she can go muck the next, which she doesn't enter yet.

Pallaton hms for a long moment, before shaking his head and finishing pushing what's inside out, going to get a wheelbarrow to put it in. "Some of 'em are scarier.. Ah thought she was gonna get meh, all curled up, and talking in mah head and, and.." And he stutters a bit, starting to say something else before he shakes his head, not saying anything more.

Paimida can't help but grin at the other and wanders over to the other, leaning against a stall. "An yah act like yer so tough." Then there's a mores sympathetic smile. "Though Ah admit, somethin' in yer head's gotta be…. scary."

Pallaton glances over at her as he shovels muck into the wheelbarrow, shaking his head. "Imagine something ya had no idea could talk just.. talking in yar head - like it war yar own thought, and stuff." And he shrugs. "Ah bet ya'd have been scared, too.."

Paimida grins a bit at that. "Ah bet Ah would be too." She's not denying it at least, right? The girl sets her pitchfork down and stiffles a yawn. "Havin' candidates around is kinda nice, Ah get more help."

Pallaton arches an eyebrow, shaking his head. "Tired? Ah hope its alone that ya've been spending yar nights.." Or else Sarcon won't be the only one on his black-eye list.

Paimida raises an eyebrow at that, woah… where'd /that/ come from. Someone doesn't look too pleased either. "Ah…" oooh yeah, she's pissed, can't even figure out a good reaction for that.

Pallaton shrugs then, not pushing the subject any further. "Ya should get more sleep, ya know. Instead of staying up late, doing whatever." Pause. "We've got lights out, ya know.. Too much ta do to stay up late." Man he's random.

Paimida just rolls her eyes. "Why'd ya even /ask/ tha'?" Glare! Yeah, she's still mad, despite his changing the subject.

Pallaton shrugs still shoveling stuff into the wheelbarrow, refusing to meet her eyes. "Ah dunno. Ya seemed tired, but Ah haven't seen ya much, so Ah wasn't sure if it was that rider, or something. Or maybe nuttin."

Paimida blinks a couple of times, taking a bit of effort to stay annoyed while being confused by the reaction. Pall isn't the sort who avoids eye contact… right? It's wierd! "Wha' rider? Ah /ain't/ sleepin' with anyone, yeh should know meh better than that." And she's insulted that he even /thought/ it. "Yer the one who sleeps around with all sortsa people."

"Not anymore!" And he lifts his chin, glaring at her for a long moment, before Pal shrug, looking back at the ground and moving into the next stall. "Ya know, that one ya were saying ya're were seeing about a lot. Ya said his dragon wasn't scary.." Though, its always possible he's talking out his butt.

Paimida tilts her head and peers at the other. "When did /that/ end, yer at least flirtin' a bunch with all the girls, multiple on yer arm an' all that." There's a shrug. "Ah've made friends with one rider, ain't even tried ta hit on meh, so don't get all upset."

Pallaton shrugs. "They're just friend, fer now. Candidates can't ya know.." And he continues to avoid looking at her. "Ah wasn't sure what was going on, ya know. Ya haven't said anything..

Paimida smirks a little at the 'candidates can't' bit. "Ah'm suprised yer lettin' that stop yah." Obviously she doesn't have the highest regard for Pal, at all. "An' why'd Ah say anythin' ta you? It ain't yer business."

Pallaton shakes his head quickly. "Ah ain't gonna take any chances, ya know. Those things are big, and maybe they'll get mad at meh." Shrugging, he leans against the wall for a minute. "Ah dunno."

Paimida smirks a bit at that then peers. "Still ain't told meh why you care if'n I'm seein' anyone." SHe's rather curious about that.

Pallaton shrugs and busies himself with working. "Ah dun wanna be in trouble with ya're parents, if'n somethin' happens to ya. 'specially if Ah could of made sure it didn't."

Paimida blinks at that. "Why'd yah be in trouble with meh parents, yah ain't my keeper or anythin'." As far as /she/ knows that is. Crossing her arms slightly she eyes him.

Pallaton waggles his finger at her over the door. "If'n we were in switched spots, ya'd know what Ah mean. Ya're parents /and/ mah parents would probably have mah head. Just cause ya're my cousin, ya know."

Paimida blinks slightly at that. "Ah can take care of myself, you should know that, or do Ah need ta give yah another black eye ta prove it?" Remember what happens when someone kisses her?

Pallaton shrugs. "Fine then, Ah won't care about ya anymore. Ya can do whatever ya want, and Ah just won't care." And then he stalks out of the stall, slamming the door behind him and taking off with his wheelbarrow, headed out of the stables.

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