Shellie's Rest Day

Xanadu Weyr - Beach(#7117RJs)

Shellie is laying in the sun on a blanket, belly down. Rieselth is curled up nearby, her hide glowing. It's pretty obvious that she's going proddy.

The question here is, who is the more interested - Dhonzayth or L'ton? For Dhonzayth is definitely caught up by the glowing green even as he's backwinging to the sandy beach after the short flight from the clearing. L'ton, meanwhile, barely takes his eyes off Shellie as he's sliding to the ground, pulling the straps off of Dhonzayth while still stealing glances at Shellie. Only after the bronze is free does he go to sneak after the curled up Rieselth, while L'ton does some stalking of his own. "Hey sweets.."

Shellie looks up, and smiles when she sees you. "Hey there, Sexy. You came here to see S'ya and the kids, or are you more interested in me at the moment." She winks, and turns over. Of course, since the top of her bikini was untied, Tonny gets a good eyefull.

"Ah had ta make sure S'ya's doing what she promised, and taking Zallash ta the nannies once in a while, but ya know Ah couldn't come here and not check on mah other favorite greenrider." Winking, he arching an eyebrow at the view before settling down with her. "Though, Ah should be the one calling ya sexy, Ah think."

Shellie giggles slightly. "Well, I never said I wasn't." She grins, and winks at you. "I've got a restday today, if you want to spend some time together," she says, her voice sultry.

"Ah suppose that's true." Winking back, he slides to her side, moving to wrap his arm around her waist with a grin. "Ah wouldn't want ta ruin yer rest day." Teasing her he leans gently into her, even as Dhonzayth is busy trying to get equally as cuddly with the glowing Rieselth.

Rieselth isn't objecting a bit, as she twines her neck with the bronze, her eyes whirling blue-green, and idly nudging his muzzle. Shellie grins. "You wouldn't be ruining a thing, Tonny." She grins as she stands up, and trails a finger slowly down your chest.

Dhonzayth is quite content to twine necks with the green, spreading his wings out to cover her back, crooning and then nudging her contently. As she grins, he continues to watch her with interest, standing as she does, grabbing her finger and then pulling her close to wrap his arms around her. "Well, Ah dunno if it'd be much of a rest day anymore, but." He teases her before giving her a quick kiss.

Shellie mmms, as she presses up against you. "Rest doesn't have to be physical rest, dear… Why don't we go back to my weyr?

"Works fer meh, sweetness." He offers softly in her ear, before he's kissing her neck, and then shifting to pick her up in his arms, holding her close, and heading in the direction of her weyr, taking his eyes off her only long enough to make sure the path ahead is clear.

Shellie lays her head on your shoulder, as Rieselth second-lids her eyes, and relaxes against Dhonzayth.

Xanadu Weyr - Shellie's Weyr

L'ton plants a kiss on her forehead now and then on their way, backing against the door to push it open before heading straight for the bed, carefully settling her down. Grinning down at her, his hands go to his hips and he watches her ponderously. "Hmm…"

Shellie smiles, and pushes down her bikini bottoms, leaving her nude. "You gonna undress and get in here, dear? I'm wanting you badly.

"Ah gotta enjoy the view, first. Ah mean, it ain't often Ah get ta just look." And then he's slowly pulling first his shirt over his head, and then undressing the rest of the way. "Sides, gotta make sure that ya wait ta." But then he's crawling onto the bed iwth her pulling her into a long kiss as soon as he stretches out with her.

Shellie smiles, as she wraps her legs around you. And we fade out on this scene of passion, dissolving to the two in bed afterwards. Shellie's head rests on your shoulder, eyes closed. "Mmmmm. That was as wonderful as ever.

L'ton is still wrapped around Shellie the best he can manage, nuzzling at her occasionally, giving her a kiss as he twists a strand of her hair around his finger. "Ah would have ta say yer more amazing every time, actually."

Shellie laughs. "Oh, c'mon now, Tonny. Surely, I can't be the best of your lovers. I'm just a horny greenie who spends most of her time in the infirmary?

L'ton considers this for a moment, trailing a finger along her collarbone, hmming softly. "Ah dunno. Most experienced, Ah'd definitely give ya." He offers pleasantly before looking down at her. "Ah certainly can't be the best of yers, though."

Shellie pouts. "Well, you and T'maz definitely tie. Trouble is, while you're both very, very good, you two are also really the only lovers I have at the moment.

"Do we now?" He teases her, giving her a lingering kiss, before pouting slightly. "Aw, that ain't no good. Ya need a girl, ta keep ya busy." And for L'ton to think horrible, horrible things about. Because that's Tonny.

Shellie smirks and kisses your nose. "Oh, get your mind out of the middens, Tonny-ton.

L'ton sticks his tongue out at the the woman in his arms, making a bit of a face. "Who said that my mind was in the middens, hm? Maybe Ah just think ya and a girl t'would be hot." He offers, trying hard to keep a straight face.

Shellie nips at that tongue. "Oh, I can't deny that. Most men think that. And damn but I do need a girlfriend." She wriggles against you again. "I love my men, but sometimes, women just know what other women need.

L'ton barely manages to get his tongue out of the way of the nip, before pressing fingers into her back, keeping her close sa she wiggles. "Ah can see that.. Ah mean, Ah love mah women, Ah dun blame ya fer loving the women either." Trailing his finger down his side, he grins. "Ah'd love ta meet her, if'n ya do find a girl."

Shellie giggles. "Up to her, lover. Up to her." She sighs and closes her eyes again.

"What, ya ain't even gonna let me say hi? Ya have ta assume Ah'd sweep her off ta bed right away too?" Though, it is possibly true. As she closes her eyes, he absently brushes a strand of hair out of her face. "What's wrong, lover?"

Shellie smiles. "Just enjoying you holding me like this, dear heart. It's times like this I get jealous of Mai.

"Aw, ya shouldn't be jealous sweets… Ah mean, Ah'm here now, and ya have T'maz ta… And Ah know ya'll find some hot girl ta cuddle with all the time, ta, cause Ah know how y'all love to cuddle." And then he's snuggling her really close, kissing her again.

Shellie giggles, and nods as she returns the kiss. "Mmmm. I do need to meet her sometime. Any woman who can inspire that kind of loyalty in you must be something.

"She's a darling. If'n ya wander down towards the Sands sometime, Ah bet ya'll find her. Her Meluth likes ta be here ta check on his eggs witH Ella whenever he can. Real protective." Good thing, right? And then he's grinning at her, shaking his head. "Ya can't keep her though."

Shellie giggles. "I wouldn't want to keep her, but the way you keep going on about her.." She kisses your cheek. "I'm a lover to you, no more. She's your love.

"Ah.. Ah hope yer okay with that? Ah mean.. Ah.. Ah dun wanna hurt ya, or cause ya any pain.." L'ton actually looks and sounds a bit nervous as Shellie seemingly hits the nail on the head.

Shellie kisses you again. "Lover, you know I'm the same way. I love you as a friend, and will take you into my bed. But my heart truly belongs to T'maz.

"Ah think Ah can handle that." L'ton replies after a moment, a grin back on his face. "In fact, Ah think that's a great arrangement, as long as we're both on the same page." And then he's reaffirming it with a kiss on her lips, and then a trail along her jaw.

Shellie nods, and reaches down, giving you a quick grope. "As long as we're on the same page, lover.

"Tease." He murmurs in her ear as she gropes, before shifting and rolling over to lay on top of her, smirking. "Not that Ah dun adore ya fer it." And then his hands are rubbing her sides, and he tilts his head. "Is that an invitation my dear?"

Shellie giggles. "Absolutely. You feel up to a second round?"

"Ah'm up fer anything with ya, my dear. Ah dun think Ah could be anything else." And then he's burrowing his head into her neck, ready to prove that he is, indeed willing.

As is Shellie…

Now its L'ton's turn to use Shellie as a pillow, and so that's what he's doing, head resting on her chest, one arm draped over her middle to curl fingers gently around her wrist, sighing contently once again.

Shellie smiles. "Mmmmm. You know, I can see why you've got so many lovers, and so many kids, dear. You ARE wonderful.

L'ton lifts his head enough to kiss the underside of her chin before settling his head back down on her shoulders, absently tracing circles on her wrist with his thumb. "Like Ah said, ya ain't bad yerself.. Ah'm surprised ya even can fit me in yer schedule." He teases.

Shellie brings one of your hands to her lips, and kisses along the wrist, then the fingertips, tongue brushing over them. "It's not that busy.

L'ton shivers a bit as she kisses his wrist and fingers, turning his head to gently kiss and then nip at her shoulder. "Sure it ain't.. Ya should have 'em lining up.. Shards, Ah'm surprised T'maz can ever bring himself ta leave ya."

Shellie laughs. "Sometimes, T'maz needs a man the same way I need a woman, lover." She sighs happily.

"Ah'll leave that ta him, ta find someone." He lifts his head enough to grin at her. "Ah'll stick ta my womens." And then as she sighs, he's dropping his chin to nip at her shoulderblade again, watching her face.

Shellie giggles. "Hey! That tickles!"

L'ton smirks a bit. "Does it?" And then, being mean, he's shifting to catch her wrists, keeping them semi-pinned before he's nipping again, just enough to be ticklish, trailing along her collarbone.

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