Not Fair!

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach(#825RJs)
A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.
The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

There are many, many reasons for L'ton to be on the beach at Ierne. Though, if you were to ask him for what brings him there today, he'd probably stutter and come up completely blank. But, nevertheless, on the beach he is, spread on his back with his arms sticking straight out to either side, his legs spread some as if he was making angels in the sand, staring up at the sky, though his eyes are closed. Dhonzayth, surprisingly, is no where to be seen, however, leaving his rider by himself as the tide is creeping slowly closer.

Sarisia is walking along the beach with her lifemate. She's wearing a ruby red bikini with a gold sarong, gotta dress for the occasion after all. The beach wear shows off her toned body but also the new bruises she's sporting, they've faded considerably but they still stand out against her pale skin. There's a bag slung over her shoulder and a bottle already in hand. Yup, that's alcohol, thought hopefully not all of it. Tiqueth is the first to catch sight L'ton, an annoyed grunt given as he flicks his tail. Sari, has the opposite reaction, smirking and heading towards the man. "What ya doin' on my turf, bronzer?"

L'ton just ignores the snort that seems to come from a draconic source, but then there's a familiar voice and he's lifting up his head, shielding his eyes with one hand to look at her, grinning. "Hoping Ah'd see something beautiful, though Ah had no idea just how beautiful a thing Ah'd get ta see." He offers, gaze drifting over her. While it lingers momentarily on the bruises, he doesn't seem overly shocked, though he does tsk slightly. "Join meh, beautiful?"

Sarisia smirks before sitting next to the L'ton. She wastes no time in uncorking the bottle and takes a long drink from it before giving a content sigh. "Yer jus' full of 'em, ain't ya? Well, can't blame ya, they work on most." She moves the bottle towards him, offering the drink. It's a dark colored liquid with a rather odd smell, it's strong that's for sure. "How's that book comin' 'long? Been keepin' up with readin' or too busy tannin'?"

L'ton takes the bottle without a second though, tipping it back for an overlong gulp, a gulp with he regrets almost immediately for he's weezing a bit, shaking his head as he hands it back to her without a word. After a moment, it seems that his voice has returned, for he's shaking his head at her. "Nah, its true Sari. Yer absolutely gorgeous. Ah can't believe how wonderful ya look that that suit." And then he's shaking his head. "Ah'm 'bout half way through. Ah like it so far, though Ah've had ta keep rereading." Not quite one of his strong suits, reading.

Sarisia laughs. As L'ton wheezes she cackles, smacking him lightly, or what she thinks is lightly, on the back. "Shards, man. Ain't ever had the strong stuff? I thought I was gonna have ta give ya mouth to mouth for a sec." She shakes her head, her short hair bouncing slightly as she looks down at her suit. "Thanks, I had it made 'specially for ya. I figured ya liked yer girls hot." She teases before taking another drink from the cursed bottle.

"Ah just wasn't expecting it." Or, so he'll continue to claim, though as she slaps him on the back, he weezes a bit more, shaking his head. At her words, he arches an eyebrow. "Ah can pretend that Ah need mouth ta mouth." And to prove that he can, he's dropping backwards against the sandy beach, hands going to his throat as he pretends to passout, though he betrays himself by cracking one eye open to watch her expectantly.

"Is that so?" Sari says when L'ton announces that he could pretend to need it. When he actually goes through with it she smirks, moving a leg over him so that she's now straddling his stomach. When he opens an eye to check on the progress she gently closes them with her fingers. "No peekin', bronzer." She says before glancing around. She slowly grabs another bottle out of her bag, biting her lip in order to stifle her laugh. It's frosted over and she's moving it towards his stomach. Mean girl.

"That is so.." He murmurs as she gently closes his eyes again. "But, Ah dun wanna be unable ta look at ya!" He protests. But then his protests take on a different tone, and he's actually yelping a bit as the there is suddenly a gold bottle on his stomach. While he'd flail, there's a Sari there and its preventing him from really getting away. "Hey!!"

Sarisia cackles before dropping the bottle and rolling over on her side. "'m sorry, I jus' had ta!" She manages between giggles, rolling from side to side a bit. Tiqueth offers his own dragon laugh, obviously happy to see the bronzer in pain. "Yah yelped like a girl, bronzer!" She gives off a long sigh before settling a bit.

"Well, Ah just had ta do this." And then as she's rolling over onto her side and he's turning towards her. And then he's doing what Tonny does best and catching her chin in his fingers, pulling her into a long kiss as she settles before winking. "Ya just remember what yer missing now sweets." For then he's meandering off, leaving her with her brown. Meanie.

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