Ista Weyr: Living Caverns(#9756RJ)
Large enough to house the entirity of the weyr's population at one time, the cavern set aside to house the very heart of the weyr's life is a grandoise, somewhat circular affair, filled with rows of long tables. Bustling and busy, it is a rare moment indeed when there is not someone at work or leisure in here; the long trestle table by the kitchens is perpetually filled with plates and trays of food, a pot of something always bubbling upon the mahogany hearth, ready to fill the belly of any hungry resident or rider. Although a high table is set aside for seating respected dignitaries on formal occasions, most of the tables here are not designated to any particular group— rather, all levels of Ista's population eat together, intermingled across the broad cavern.
Great tapestries have been flung down the walls, orange and black borders remarking upon Ista's heritage, the age-faded hangings depicting scenes of importance to the Weyr— the erruption of the volcano; the first clutch; the view from the star stones, over forest, dark beach, and glistening waves of blue. Propellor-like fans have been affixed to the ceiling in more modern times, cooling the cavern on the hottest of days. Passageways lead up the stairs to the kitchens, down a second flight of stairs to the lower caverns, and out into the expanse of the broad weyr bowl.
People: Pallaton Sarcon T'ren
Objects: Serving Table
Obvious exits:
Lower Caverns -SE- Kitchens -W- Bowl -N-

T'ren is sitting at the head of his table and is having an evening meal with his daughter Torella. T'ren's meal is half way finished as he feed his young daughter, she's a baby about nine months old. It's towards the end of dinner. (re)

Sarcon struts into the new living Cavern and looks at his new home. Scoffing a bit at the company he sits at a table and drinks 'juice'? "I hate not driking." Sarcon says not used to drinking non alcoholic drinks.

There may be girls with Pal, but at least he's behaving - He'll follow the rules for the time being. Its not going to kill him, certainly, and it'll save him from gaining another black eye, to replace the one that has finally faded. The two girls are innocent enough, one holding onto each of his elbows, pausing as he hooks a chair for each of them in turn with his foot, turning to glance around the caverns as he brushes his hair out of his eyes, once his arms are free.

Sarcon shakes his head and chuckles seeing Pal walking in with two girls. Disaprooving and showing it with disrigard to the fact that pal will notice. "Bunch of dogs around here." Sarcon whispers to himself thinking no-one will hear.

T'ren looks up as he sees the candidates, but doesn't say anything. Torella lets out a burp before she opens her mouth for more food. T'ren obliges her as he feed her a spoonful of mushed up green beans. He overhears Sarcon's comment, "What was that candidate?"

Sarcon looks over and smiles. "Oh nothing, just said I miss my bunch of dogs." He lies.

Unluckily for Sarcon, Pallaton hears what Sarcon said, opening his mouth to say something, while one hand rests idly on the back of the chairs containing his two friends. Yes, friends… At least for the duration of candidacy. /Luckily/ for Sarcon, T'ren speaks up first, and Pal just smirks as he crosses the room to gather post dinner snacks for both himself and the girls. "So you say.." And finally he speaks up, though not to any extent.

T'ren looks up at Sarcon and nods, "Well if you miss them so much maybe you can help out in the kitchen scrubbing pots tomorrow?" He asks Sarcon as maybe he did hear Sarcon and maybe he didn't. T'ren continues to feed Torella who burbles happily.

Sireen slips into the caverns, face flushed and nose red. Carefully balanced against her hip at an angle, she holds onto a basket of clothes while in her other arm a much smaller basket swings in the crook of her arm. Whatever's going on in the caverns at this point is pretty much ignored as she makes her way over to either an empty or near empty table and plops herself down.

Pallaton continues to have a particular.. smirk on his face as he returns, each of the girls given a plate with carefully picked, non-sweet snacks, and a mug of juice, having carefully balanced them upon his return. A third mug remains in his hand, and its from that which he is sipping when Sireen appears and an eyebrow is arched. Stealing a quick glance at the two blonde girls picking at their snacks, who have already begun to whisper under their breath about Sireen's appearance, he starts to head towards her, tilting his head. "A pretty little thing like you shouldn't be crying like that, you know.."

T'ren sniffs a little bit and he gets up, "If you'll excuse me I have to change this little girl." He picks up the diaper bag and then Torella before he heads out to the bowl.

Sarcon smiles and says. "Oh well of course." Secretly pissed that he agreed. Then, quickly makes his way to Sireen and introduses himself. "Hello miss, can I help you in anyway." Sarcon give Pal a bad look and then continues. "He's right you need not cry, I'm right here to help you." Sarcon is a bit agravated by the man he's looking at. "Don't worry I'll help her, just go back to your flock." He smiles and turns to Sireen.

Pallaton stops dead in his tracks, just blinking at Sarcon, before he shakes his head slightly, smirk still on his lips. "Isn't it obvious? /I/ know how to handle the ladies, and to make everything better. Given /your/ attitude, I wouldn't be surprised if you're the reason she's crying." And he continues closer, slipping around to the other side of Sireen, leaning against the table as he glances down at her. "You can just ignore what he said about my "flock".. I'm sure if I can't help, they can. They'd probably understand any… female issues.. better then the rest of us." The two girls being talked about remain at the other table, one leaning against the other's shoulder, talking quietly with both sets of eyes on the trio of candidates.

Sireen pretty? Come again? Her hair is rather disheveled, the neat braid it's normally knotted in is rather out of sorts, stray strands of hair are wiggling out of places they shouldn't and her bangs are rather slick with grease. Apparently someone hasn't been taking care of herself. And yet all the sudden she has not one, but two young men's attentions on her and she's not quite sure how to react to either of them as she blinks owlishly between the pair. Blink. "I'm fine." Is finally stated rather flatly before she starts to dig about in the clothing basket and retrieve a small kid-sized shirt with a rather large whole on the front. "Don't you two have something better to do, then bother me?" She adds as she retrieves a needle and starts to measure out thread, not even bothering to look up.

B'relle walks in with T'ren and Torella waving to all. "How is everyone?"

"I assure you, I'm not here to bother you like this, this, deviant." Sarcon explains and then says. "If you need any help with your clothes I'm more than glad to help. I even know how to sew and fold clothes." Then turning again to his new nemises he says. "So really you see she doesn't want you here. So leave." He says not hearing B'relle.

B'relle shrugs and gather food on to a tray while T'ren manages the baby and suggests things she should grab. Then they head back to their weyr to eat in peace.

Pallaton glances over his shoulder to the blondes Mhadia and Kyltia, noticing B'relle as he does so, while he gives her a brief nod. Then the two girls are motioned over towards the group. Glances are tossed back and forth between the two before they shrug and, as one, get up to join the trio. The taller girl, Mhadia, ducks her head, glancing at Sireen, tsking slightly and shaking her head. "What's the matter, hon? You look as if you've had a ghost back to haunt you for the past sevenday.." And she twists a few strands of stray hair around her finger, pushing them out of the way. Pal meanwhile, remains where he is leaning against the table, looking rather surprised by Sarcon's words. "If'n Ah'm not mistaken, she said both of us. 'course, perhaps ya just dunno how to listen right."

T'ren comes in with a freshly changed Torella and he looks over to B'relle, "Sure going back to the weyr sounds good." He heads off after B'relle.

Sarcon looks at Pal and says. "Look, she only said that so as not to be rude. So if you don't mind get your little freinds away your crouding her." Then turning to pal's two lady freind he says. "No offense ladies but we are crowding her a bit, so could I just have a second, please." He says winking at one of them before turning back to Sireen. "So if you still need help with that I'm at your service.

Sireen has concluded she's is never going to get a moments peace here. And yet there's only so much the woman can stand though, and getting her hair messed with steps beyond that line. "Don't /touch/ me." She squeaks at the other girl and pins her with a nasty set of slitted wintergreen eyes. She waits until Mhadia backs away, and if she doesn't she'll just keep on glaring until she does. Although luck isn't on either of the young men's sides today either. "Look, I'm really not in the mood to deal with this. And I suggest you don't even bother trying to be friends with me. He wouldn't be very pleased if someone told him I was making friends with boys let alone talking to them." He? Ahh.. don't ask. "So, if you please… leave me alone before I have to go find some place where you won't bother me."

"Do you know what girls think, now? Because honestly, Ah'd be surprised if you even know what /you/ are thinking." And Pal just ignores Sarcon after that, glancing down at Mhadia and Sireen, eyes widening for a moment as Mhadia takes a nervous step backwards, Kyltia then crouching down, without getting too close. "He? He who?" And she looks rather confused as she glances up at Pal, and then back at the female candidate. "Oh, they're really harmless, you know. Well, I'm not sure about /that/ one," A dirty glare is shot at Sarcon - The wink was not found amusing, certainly. "But, we're not boys, nothing'll happen if you talk to us. Will it?" Cue confused blinking.

Sarcon backs up and does as she asks but glares a look that could freeze fire right at Pal. "Look, see what you did. Your such a waste of time, she asked us to leave so go jump off a cliff." Sarcon says before walking over to the bar to drink his juice. "Ladies I'm sorry that you have to deal with this oaf all day." Sarcon manages to get off before he sits.

Sireen has managed to get rid of one of them! Go go! One left! "None of your business." Direct and to the point. And as to the comment about them being harmless Sireen just rolls her eyes. "Regardless, I don't like people touching me. I wouldn't have accepted to be brought here if I knew people would be pawing at me." She does at least try to get involved in her sewing as she rudely ignores the last question asked of her as she goes rifling about for a patch big enough to cover the hole.

Kyltia shakes her head a bit, tsking. "Honey, if you don't talk about it, it'll only get worse. Mhadia and I don't bite, and well, she just didn't realize." And she looks to Mhadia for help, except the other girl is busy glaring at Sarcon. "/I'd/ rather be around him then you. /He/ doesn't call other people names." Well, except maybe Ponce, but that's different. "You're just jealous, you know." Pal slides away from the table, at least for now, though he doesn't go far - Merely to the other side of the table where he sits down, tipping back on his chair, rapping his fingers on the table randomly.

"Well sorry I just thought you women had more class than a little boy with blonde hair, that doesn't know the difference between a beautiful woman like the woman your trying to bother at the moment and two stragglers." He says not finishing with and by them I mean you, just to not over do it. "So leave her alone, she's tolled you to go away. Go kiss the weyr beat of a man over there." Sarcon seems to command and while he want to stop intruding, he seems drawn in to do make them leave her alon like she wishes.

"Then it'll get worse. And that's perfectly fine by me. And maybe next time she'll think twice about touching people she doesn't know. It's rude and I hate rude people." Normally Sireen isn't like this, truly, but obviously something is bothering her, regardless if one knows 'reen or not, there are nice big clues. And for sharding sake, Sireen isn't beautiful, she's cute, and there's a biiig difference. "I can fight my own battles you know. Or do you think I need a boy to fight it for me 'cause I'm weak? Next thing I know you'll be telling me I shouldn't be in my craft because it's a man's craft. Well you know what, go chew on a tunnelsnake's tail." She tosses the shirt into the basket and abrutly stands to send that less than sweet look towards Sarcon. "And you!" She points a finger at Pallaton. "You, take these.. things.. whatever they are, and leave me to some peace and quiet! Is that too much to ask for here?! I have chores I need to finish if I plan on getting any sleep tonight." As if her having her chores done or not would affect that any. Doesn't look as if she's gotten any sleep for the past several days.

Sarcon eyes turn dark and wide as he is yelled at for trying to do as is asked of him. "Well don't let me tell you anything, I was just trying to help you out to leave you alone. So take a page out of that oaf over there and go jump off a cliff too." Sarcon looks back at his juice and sits quiet.

Mhadia is very /not/ amused by Sarcon's words, instead straightening up and crossing over to the bar, leaning against if for a moment as she watches him, smirking obnoxiously as he's yelled at by Sireen. "I am /not/ a straggler. And you're just jealous that we wouldn't be caught dead with a jerk like you." And leaning a bit closer, she continues to smirk. "Guess what I have for you?" And then she's attempting to smack him hard across the face. Kyltia chews on her lip, giggling as Sarcon gets what, at least in her mind, he deserves. "I'll let you be, if you'll just let the basket sit here and go bathe. Better that then anything else, you know.." But, she does take a step back, giving Sireen some space. Pal tilts his head to the side, glancing from one pair to the other and back, smirking contently, and continuing to rock back and forth on the back legs of his chair. "Go for it, Mha!"

Sarcon stops Mhadia's hand and doesn't do anything exept push it away. "Look, go away now! I don't want your beastly anything touching me." He says with a rage in his face that is about to explode. "So then if you don't mind heffer I'd like to get back to my drink. So leave….now!" Sarcon yells and with cup in hand almost threatens to toss all the juice on her if she doesn't leave.

Sireen has had enough. Baskets are snagged and she quickly heads out of the room. Whether or not she's going to take Kyltia's advice and take a bath is anyone's best guess—although I wouldn't hold your breath.

"Ex-/cuse/ me? /I/ should leave?" And Mhadia just stands there, one hand on her hip as she glares at Sarcon. "I'm not sure about you, but I'm born bred and raised here. And /I/ know candidate rules, and you can be certain that /you'll/ be reported." And the blonde turns on her heel, taking pains to ensure she steps painfully on Sarcon's foot before stalking away. Kyltia meanwhile is rather upset that Sireen managed to get away, Pal moving to the empty spot, patting Kyl absently on the arm as he watches Sireen go. "Well, /that's/ going to be interesting. And then his gaze foces on Sarcon, shaking his head. "Ah'd be careful, if Ah were you. She knows what's she's doing, and you're being a jerk isn't a good thing, no matter the dragon that nabbed ya." He's been learning things, it seems.

"Look, shut up, or I'll shut you up. Cuz I don't want to hear you or your horses talk or neigh or whatever they do." Sarcon replies coldly and to the point.

Mhadia stops in her tracks, turning back to just smile sweetly at Sarcon. "You'll shut me up, hm? I would like to see you try." And arms are folding in front of her as she watches him, Pallaton and Kyltia standing up behind her, taking a few steps forward. Pal folds his arms much the same way, tilting his head to the side. "I think I'd rather hear her talk then you.."

Sarcon stands up cup in hand and walks right infront of Pal, and gets face to face with him. And I mean like within two inches of his face. "Look you insignifacant insect, I wouldn't get kicked out of this weyr just to get you. Your not worth the energy I would expend. And as for you two I don't care what you two beasts say. Your still going to be nothing, exept horses that have probably been riden more than the runners." Sarcon waits there and looks at Pal just waiting for him to throw a punch or a kick or anything so he can claim self defense.

Pallaton straightens up, looking down just a bit at Sarcon, leaving his arms folded infront of you. "Ah see.. Well, Ah just want ya to know, unlike you, Ah was raised with manners. Ah dun call the ladies names, nor do Ah try and pick a fight, cause Ah'm not liked. Ah'd suggest ya learn to grow up.. Others aren't candidates, and will probably slap ya quicker then ya'll know." Mhadia and Kyltia snort softly, sticking their noses up in the air. "Not by you, certainly. Though all you do is say the same thing over and over. No manners /or/ creativity. Pity, that." And they shrug, turning as a unit to walk out towards the bowl, Pal offering Sarcon a satisfied smirk before following.

"Thats right run off and ride your horses." Sarcon laughs victriously as he walks back and sits down at the bar and chuckles.

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