Two Arms, Two Girls

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach(#825RJs)

Who knows what K'ael is doing on the beach at Ierne today, maybe just bored of the beach at Ista, but here he is. His dragon is out doing some deep sea fishing, apparently. The large bronze looks small on the horizon, floating along the water for a second, before disappearing beneathe its surface. K'ael's already gotten in his swimming for the day, and the soon-to-be-graduated weyrling is laying on the beach in his undershorts, his clothes rolled into a ball under his head. He's just catching some rays, right now, and relaxing.

Always have a purpose. Always. Otherwise, you will be questioned as to what you are doing, but with purpose, you seem confident, and then you can get away with anything. And so, it is with a purposeful stride that L'ton is headed down the Ierne beach, jacket lost, absently rubbing at his hair before brushing sand off his button-up shirt and long shorts. Pausing, he stares at the man on the beach before moving around him without a word, despite his familiarity.

Niah needs no excuse to come to the beach, since she lives on it. The gangly bluerider has just stepped out of her weyr, following behind her is her the blue lilac form of Celiketh. She wrapped up in a towel, and beneath the towel a pair of shorts and an oversized baggy t-shirt that could pass as a dress. Just outside the door she glances around, and then spotting k'ael moves so that there is at least a dragonlength between them. Celi hovers just a bit, Niah curling up on the sand and watching the him carefully. Spotting L'ton she gives a tiny wave, and smiles but stay on the sand next to hers.

Suraiya is perched up on her green lifemate, who's slowly maneuvering her way parallel the beach in the water. Not that the rider minds, seeing that she was clad in nothing but a skimpy red bikini that's too dark to match her strawberry hair. Not that she cared. Ozriadasoth doesn't have as good of a memory as her rider, but she warbles at the sight of Celiketh no less. Whether she remembers her one-time amour, who knows, but she's happy to increase her speed to reach them. "Ozzy, what is it?" Suri blinks from her back, sitting up straighter as she looks to the gathering people in that little part of the beach, waving her arm enthusiastically. "Hellooo!"

K'ael peers as a shadow crosses into his son. "Oh I see how it is. I don't get a greeting from the weyrleader. Or are you just at a loss for words over my sexy physique?" He sits up to flex and make a noise similar to 'GA-DUUZZH' after he spots Niah approach them. He grins at her and gives her a wave. Then there's a familiar green heading down to the beach and K'ael waves to her and her rider. "Hey, Suri!" Yep, he still remembers her name. Well, he hopes that's her name, he kept getting her and her sister's names confused. "You're looking as cute as ever." Finally he gets to his feet and brushes the sand off himself.

L'ton spots Niah, grinning at her as she gives the tiny wave, moving and closing the distance, pulling her into a hug. "Ya excited, lil bit?" He offers in greeting, a large smile on his face as he plants a kiss on her forehead. Turning, he leaves an arm over her shoulder as he turns towards the sound of another, certainly familiar, female voice, and he's watching the approaching green and her rider, still quite amused, waggling fingers at her from where he's standing. "Hey sweets." Only after the girls are greeting - after all, girls come first - he's shaking his head at the younger bronzerider. "Ya'd have ta take it up with him, but Ah think he's still in Ista. Though, dun take it ta rough, cause he didn't give me greetings ta pass along ta anyone."

Niah is not as alert as usual, she glances from face to face, but most of her attention is on K'ael. As she gets the kiss she's distracted, giving a smile and letting him keep his arm on her shoulder. At the sight of the incoming green, she bites down on her lower lip, giving a limp little wave and tilting her head to just stare at the stranger bronze rider. Celiketh warbles a greeting to Ozzy, watching her and Suri. "I guess so." She says to l'ton, attempting a smile but looking anxiously at the sudden number of people on the beach.

Suraiya slides off of the green's yellow-kissed neck when the water was shallow enough. She stretches a bit before making her way out, having to follow the bounding green. Ozriadasoth doesn't seem to pay much attention to the smaller riders on the beach with her eyes only on another dragon. "Hi!" Suri greets, more excited, when she gets closer. Her blue eyes are on K'ael, grin completely in place. "We're met before? Oooh, I know we have! What's your name again?" She tilts her chin up to L'ton, giggling at him. "Hi to you, too, Tonny. And… um, your friend. Hi!" She waves to Niah, oblivious to who she can be as well.

K'ael laughs. "Well, I meant that as a general term. Though I heard that you're basically weyrleader anyways. I've never met the weyrleader proper, so it'd be kinda creepy if he sent along a hello." He gives a smile to Niah, then turns back to L'ton. "Gonna introduce me to your friend? Or should I just call her 'lil bit'?" He grins to the bluerider and offers his hands. "I'm K'ael. That's my Azaeth fishing out there." He chuckles at Suri and pokes at the greenrider's side. "How soon we forget."

"Hey Sur.. Ah dunno if ya remember her, but this is Niah. Ah.. think y'all met, though Ah ain't sure that the two of y'all were really all together then." He winks, carefully leading Niah closer to the others, to throw his other arm arm over Suri's shoulder, giving her a kiss in greeting as well. "Hey love." He murmurs to her, before grinning, extending the introduction to K'ael as well. "Well, he ain't ta much older than ya, so ya may wanna be careful. O'course, ya could take him ta drink, and ya might could teach him a few things, from what Ah've heard."

Niah is attempting to stay as close to L'ton as she can, watching the strange bronzerider and then giving a little smile to Suraiya, "Um, we've met before. I am so sorry I do not really remember your name." A little blush and she purses her lips, taking a deep breath and waving to K'aels offer to shake her hand, stuttering out, "I am Niah, and Celiketh." Looking back at the blue who is still being clingy. Looking over to L'ton she says, not even really bothering to whisper "He isn't going to call me little bit to right?"

"K'ael!" Suraiya says, eyes lighting up. Whether she actually /does/ remember or not, well… she's acting pretty well, isn't she? "No, I didn't forget, silly. I said I remembered you, right?" She giggles a bit at the poking before turning to the other two riders. Her blue eyes study Niah for a long time. "Nope, don't remember you, either. No worries!" She beams brightly and snuggles into L'ton's side when he moves to her. "Well met… again, Niah. I'm Suri! And that over there with yours is Ozriadasoth." She looks between each person just a brief moment. "And here I didn't bring any snacks, if I knew there'd be visiting bronzers."

K'ael rubs his chin a bit. "I've heard he's not older than me at all. He's only what? Eighteen turns or something? Course like I said, I've never met him. Everything I heard is just other people talking." He nods to Niah and then chuckles. "Good to meet you Niah. And no I won't call you lil bit, don't worry." He just offers her a smile and retracts his hand. It wasn't unusual for weyrfolk not to shake, he found. It was always a hit or miss thing. He pouts a bit at Suri. "Aw, no bubblies? Ah, that's alright. What do we need snacks for if there are two lovely ladies about?"

L'ton is totally the man? Bluerider on one side, greenrider on the other, good deal! Squeezing both of their shoulders, he leaves his arms around them as he grins some at K'ael. "Well, he's prolly sulking that Ah get ta have all the fun ya know, stuck in meetings." Rolling his eyes at the irony of that statement, he's then looking to the taller of the two women at his side. "Aw, well, we'll just have ta get some bubblies later, deal? Ah'm sure Niah would love some.. We gotta make her eat more. She's gotta put on more weight." And he's shaking the young woman he's speaking of, looking at her amused. "Dun we?"

Niah smiles a little smile at L'ton, watching Suraiya and saying "Celiketh thinks he remembers." Shifting to watch the her dragon and sighing as L'ton mentions her eating habits. "Do we have to?" She asks responding to K'ael with a small nod, the blush on her cheeks almost permanent. Moving so she can put her arm around the back of L'ton and stuttering out quietly, "Um, Ierne's duties to ista and her queens."

"Even with ladies around, you /need/ bubblies. More so, then," Suraiya informs K'ael with a wink and a giggle. "Oh, definitely. More weight. I'll bake you a special cake, Niah!" Of course, all her "special" things were usually disasters, but how was she to know? Her arm also goes around L'ton's back, but there was already one there where she wanted it. Suri gives Niah a grin and shifts her reach further down on the bronzer instead. "Right, right. My hospitality to Istan bronzers, always. And duties, of course," she giggles to both of them with a wink. She had no snacks or sisters to distract her. "What brings you too over here?"

K'ael looks between L'ton and the ladies. "Looks like you're having plenty of fun to me." He smiles to Niah. "I think you look good. Nothing wrong with being thin." At least for a lady. K'ael would never let himself get skinny as long as he could help it. "Of course with Suri around baking all the time I'm surprised you are thin. Anyways, Ista's duties. Any of you guys out here for a swim?" The he turns to the greenrider and chuckles. "I wanted to hit up the bookstore. And Azaeth decided he wanted to try fishing here, so I went out for a quick dip and then was relaxing a bit." He picks up his clothes, shaking them out a bit before starting to redress.

"Well, Ah will say it has its benefits." L'ton shakes his head, before leaning it briefly to Suri, and then to Niah as their arms go around his back. "Ah just thought Ah'd come check on mah favorite bluerider, and mah favorite greenrider, and make sure they were both holding up okay, ya know?" He smirks a bit, winking, before shaking his head at K'ael. "Nah, she gotta eat more. Or them Healers at Ista are gonna fuss, and say she's ta little as it is, specially ta lil ta be expecting." And then he's nodding at K'ael's plan. "Ah was just there the other day, didn't find anything, though. But, Sari did give meh an interesting book ta read." That has stayed on the table where he left it since he got home.

Niah shakes her head, sighing and rolls her eyes at L'ton. At Suraiyas offer she grimaces and says, "Thank you, you really don't have to." With k'aels smile she blushes biting down on her lip and quietly protesting, "I am gaining weight, really it is just hard to see under the clothes." Motioning to her stomach and remaining quiet, she listens glancing from one person to the other and relaxing a little. At the question of what brings her out here she rambles, "I live over there and I was really just going to curl up in the sun but then.." Trailing off looking at the ground.

Suraiya bobs her head towards the younger bronzer. "I was here for a swim. So was Ozzy." She nods over to the happy green now rolling in the sand to get it all over herself. "Expecting?" she questions, picking up on it as she turns towards Niah and eyes her a bit more. She's got to pull away from L'ton a bit to do the studying. "That's /great/! So am I!" Not that it was at all obvious (or true) in that little bikini she was wearing. She bounds on the balls of her feet, teeth flashing in a grin. "How long have you been? You need to eat more cake, and sugar, for a baby!" At what they were each doing, she giggles and nods to them until Ton mentions her sister. "Sari? What'd Sari give you?"

K'ael nods. "Like the money. I know my brother's making good crust when he comes around and offers to buy my furniture." Then he blinks. "Expecting? Ah, congrats. Maybe you ought to put on some weight then. So the baby has something to eat." He smiles to Niah and winks at her. "What book?" He raises an eyebrow to the bronzer. Unlike his other bronzer brother K'ael actually enjoyed reading and did it often when he was alone. "Anyways, it is hard to see under your clothes. Maybe you ought to remove them and head out swimming with us." Then he looks to Suri and blinks. "Wait, you too? Already?" Suddenly he looks nervous. He still wasn't /too/ sure about having random kids with a woman he barely knew.

"Just a book that she finished. Ah just think she didn't wanna wander around with it no more, ta be honest." L'ton pipes up cautiously as the greenrider takes a break from her happy squealing, shaking his head and giving her a bit of space, though his arm is still in contact. "Wait, yer pregnant ta, Suri?" He ventures with an arched eyebrow, watching her, before looking back at Niah. "Ah know, Ah know, ya just gotta be healthy." Though, then as K'ael is looking slightly nervous, he's arching an eyebrow with an amused grin.

Niah tilts her head so she can look at Suri and says, "You look better than I do." Crossing her arms and pouting slightly as she looks at Suri in the red bikini, at K'aels suggestion she blushes eyes getting big as she looks down at her oversized shirt. "No, I- if I wanted to get in, I would just go like this." Celiketh is back up, looking alert and shifting, the blue stays back but is clearly watching the group. At all the enthusiasm she manages a small smile, "I'm just over three months." Niah says to Suri before lapsing into silence, her hand trembling just a bit though it is behind L'ton.

Suraiya giggles, nodding her head to both of them. "Well, sure! Why not? I haven't gone :between: in awhile." She pats her flat belly and grins to the two bronzers and waggles both her brows at him. "Though I can be more certain about it! Lai, Rai, and Sai need a baby brother! Or, well, a sister." She waves a hand dismissively about Niah's compliment. "No way! I don't have anything on, that's why, and I'm not pregnant. Pregnant girls look better." She leans toward Niah, as if to pluck her shirt off. "Come on! Take it off to get in the water! It'll be fun!" But then she's gazing off towards Ozzy, who's stopped rolling and looking off in the distance. "Oh? R'aul? Here?" She glances to the two bronzers a moment before waving to them. "Maybe we can all swim later? Brother wants to talk to me."

"Heh, I see. I haven't met Sari. Yet." He blinks a bit at Niah's compliment to Suri. "I'm sure you look just fine under there. Three months isn't going to make you too big. No sense in swimming in all of that, it'll just weigh you down. Best to pull it all off if you're going into the water, though I usually keep something on to stay decent. Don't want to scar the ladies too much." He just peer at Suri. "But… you don't know for sure then. Ah." He breathes a bit of a sigh. Whew. He doesn't want to outright ask her if she's slept with anyone else since him, but he was curious and raises a brow to her.

"Well, Ah guess we'll just have ta wait and see them, hm Suri?" L'ton teases the twin before looking back and forth. "Ya both are lovely, Ah promise." But then Suri's wandering away, and he's left to waggle finger and her and then blow a kiss. "A'course. Ah'll be looking fer them bubblies, ya can bet on that." As K'ael seems to relax a bit, he shakes his head. "Ya shouldn't worry.. Ya ain't the only one." Winking, then he's moving to pull Niah into a hug as the bluerider shakes a bit nervously.

Niah gives a small squeak as Suri plucks at her shirt, at the suggestion she shrinks away shaking her head. "I just have a swimsuit underneath, and it does not cover." Explaining and pushing the shirt down, then blushing but shaking her head. She has a bit of a tremble to her, and as L'ton hugs her she relaxes and says to K'ael "I do not want to take off my clothes." Her voice is quiet, but the words come out as a bit of a snap. The dragon that has been watching so carefully in the background takes a few steps forward.

"Oh, I /know/ I am, just like before," Suraiya reassures the two bronzers. "Been long enough to prove it!" Notice how she makes sure to avoid even the mention of a Healer as much as possible. "But there's always the opportunity for more practice!" That, of course, is two both of them as she starts heading back. Ozriadasoth is already further down the beach and Suri turns her back to them, only after blowing them all kisses, and runs!

K'ael blinks and then nods to L'ton. Then he sighs. "Weyrgirls. Can't get enough of them, but I don't think I'll ever understand them." He holds his hands up defensively to Niah. "Alright alright. If you don't want to you don't have to. You're plenty cute with them on anyways." He gives her a wink. "You shouldn't be embarassed though." He gives a wave to the departing greenrider. "Are you the father of her kids, L'ton?" He looks to him. He'd already assumed he was the father of Niah's kid.

L'ton looks rather surprised at K'ael as he questions Suri's kids, and he quickly shakes his head. "Her three lil things now? Nah. Ya should know by now, if'n it ain't a Zee, it ain't me." His rhyme seems to make him quite proud of himself, for then he's rubbing Niah's hair absently, not moving away from Niah, absently patting her back then. "Its okay dear, ya dun have to." He offers softly, before looking back at K'ael. "Though, if'n she is expecting… Ah can't say that one ain't."

Niah looks over at Celiketh and then to L'ton. Moving away from tonny and going towards celi, then asking before she mounts. "Are you two going to swim?" It's not a loud voice, but she works so that it carries, then saying. "You don't have to or anything, I'm going in though." At the wink K'ael gave her she blushes and Celiketh looks him up and down, edible? Maybe.

K'ael nods. "Yeah, I wasn't sure if that was nicknames or something though. Hm. Wonder who their dad is then." And where they were all the time. Off someplace with nannies probably. Or fostered. "Well… if she's expecting I guess it could be mine, too." He rubs his chin a bit. "Hm." K'ael raises a brow at the approaching blue, then looks to Niah. "Hm, maybe I'll head back in." Azaeth however seems to be done at the slight alarm his rider has at the blue eying him up. The big bronze approaches the beach, taking a seat in the shallows.

L'ton has barely escaped being a Celi-snack time and again - K'ael definitely should be careful if he wishes to avoid such a fate. "Well, she mentioned some other bronze from Ista, last time we were tagether, but Ah dunno if'n she'd gone anywhere between then. Ah guess ya'll just have ta wait and see. Ah bet yer brother'd love a lil nephew." He teases the younger brother of his good friend, before looking up at Niah as she and Celi head waterwards. "Ah.. Ah guess Ah could.." But then he's seemingly considering this as he glances over his clothes once more.

Niah waits for L'tons reply before she strips her violet shaded blue, getting the straps off and carrying them with a bit off effort away from the high water mark. Probably not the safest thing, but he crouches so that she can mount and Ni manages to mount with a bit of grace, balancing as she clings to his back and he shoots up into the air and levels out, before making a small spiral and landing in the water. The blue bugels and brings her near enough so that she can speak to K'ael and l'ton while still being in water up to her knees, now that the shirt clings she looks closer to four months than three months pregnant and waves to L'ton to join her.

K'ael does not want to be a Celi-snack! And Azaeth wasn't going to let that happen, though his rider seems more intent on minding his manners right now. "Hm, another bronze at Ista. Maybe the other assistant weyrlingmaster?" He rubs his chin. "I'll just have to ask her. I'm sure Ram would love a nephew, considering he's been trying to get Ysa pregnant again. But I don't really want any kids. At least not for a few turns." He pushes some of his hair forward a bit. "Anyways, I'll let you two go at it. We sould head back." He looks up and waves to Niah. "See ya, Niah. Good luck with the baby if I don't see you again beforehand." And with that he hops up onto Azaeth to head back home.

"Niah!" L'ton shouts rather concerned as the blue takes off and then sprials down towards the water, the rest of his words pushed from his mind for that moment, staring with worry at her and the blue. However, when it seems as if she's none the worse for the wear, he's sighing softly, shaking his head before leaving sandles and shirt with Celiketh's straps, and then wading out towards the water. "Ah'm coming, Ah'm coming.." That's his problem, he just can't say no! And then he's glancing back at K'ael, and he shakes his head. "Ah was assuming she had been talking about ya." Winking, he seems baffled by his sudden change of mind before lifting his hand to wave at him.

Niah gives a little wave to K'ael, but doesn't say anything in parting. Instead she crouches down in the water, letting the waves hit her back and almost sitting down. She missed all L'tons worry, and smiles contently saying, "Isn't it nice?" Even as a big wave comes and she wiping water out of her eyes and coughing up a bit of it, but still smiling. Looking down she shakes her head sighing and pulling the shirt out so that it clings less. "Does yours want to join us?" She asks, seeming very relaxed in the water.

L'ton watches the other Istan go before meadering out into the water to join Niah, taking a few waves across his stomach before adjusting to the water and settling down moving to her side and gently rubbing her back as she coughs. And then he's moving to pull her shirt over her head despite her protests, with a wrinkled nose. "The water's gonna catch it, and yer gonna get pulled away." He offers as explanation, before grinning. "He ain't ta far down the beach. Said he likes the place he's at. All warm."

Niah giggles, watching L'ton and moving to splash him. She wades through the water pushing all her hair back and away from her face. When he moves to take off the shirt she says, "Celi would never let me get pulled out." Giving in with a sigh and letting him, beneath the shirt is a bikini top of a darker red that ties at the top of her neck, the color fits her nicely and she covers her stomach shaking her head. "What if someone see's me?" She asks blushing at her roundness.

L'ton wraps his arms around her, shaking his head. "Ah ain't gonna let ya get pulled out either, but, ya know." He winks at her, shaking his head. "What's it matter if'n anyone sees ya? Yer gorgeous. Ya look wonderful. Shrads, yer downright sexy." He beams at her, splashing back and then messing up her hair. Stealing a bit of a kiss, he's backing off to crouch down in the water, enjoying the bouyancy.

Niah moves deeper into the water, she lays back and gets pushed forward, then sitting up she says "Um, tonny?" She's using the nickname she rarely pulls out, a little smile on her face. "Would you mind helping me move?" Testing it and shaking her head at his comment, "You are being to nice, I'm huge." Commenting and running a hand down the side of her stomach.

"Ya ain't huge, yer perfect." L'ton disagrees, shaking his head and moves back into the deeper water, pulling her back into his arms and gently rubbing her stomach, resting his chin on her shoulder as he continues to rub the curve. "Of course Ah'll help ya move, Niah. Ah was just waiting fer ya ta be ready and able ta go. Ah think Ah found a real nice weyr fer ya, ta. Real nice inside."

Niah shivers a bit as he touches her stomach, "I don't know why you're so blind." She says but rests her hand at the top of her stomach, and says "That would be nice, and thank you." She hesitantly asks, "Is m'iken ok with me living so near? I mean if she isn't it is ok." Her voice shakes a bit and she relaxes against him closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.

"Ah ain't blind. Ya're just worrying about nothing. Ah promise ya, Niah, yer beautiful." And L'ton cements the words by planting a long kiss on her neck as she relaxes against him, gently squeezing her contently. "M'iken's okay, now that she knows ya dun, ya know, expect me ta be there all the time. Ah think she's actually looking forward ta it, really. She ain't got a lot ta do, without the Tannnercraft stuff, so she could use some other people ta keep her distracted, Ah think."

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