Giving Jaye a Hand

Ista Weyr - Ground Weyrs(#1995RJL)

It's midmorning, and though it's already heating up outside the ground weyrs anteroom is still cool and comfortable. It's empty, the other weyrwomen off undoubtedly being productive as they should be, except for Jaye, who's standing with her hands on her hips at the top of her staircase. "You shut up and stop complaining," she says dourly, shaking her head to get her two thick pigtails away from her face. "What've you got wrong with my bed? I'm not sleeping on a twee little cot anymore." Vaeonath - her snout peeking out of the short tunnel that leads into their weyr proper - snorts dismissively. "It is a perfectly proper bed."

L'ton may, or may not have an actual reason for wandering through the Ground Weyrs near the Queens Weyrs. However, there he is, ducking into the cooler room from the warm bowl, pausing to blink a few times to let his eyes adjust some. And then there's a voice and he's blinking in that direction, finding the golden nose first before spotting the young woman at the stairs. "Ya settling in okay, aside from her being annoying, hm?"

"What do you know," Jaye adds sullenly, making a face as she stretches a bit. "Just because some of us can loll about on the ground …" She starts a bit at the question, then grins as she turns and spots L'ton. "For the most part, I imagine. My weyr's still a mess … my bed's still near Vaeonath's couch til I can clear all the plants out. I've got a half-dead garden in there."

"Least she ain't making ya sleep in the couch with her." L'ton replies good naturedly, shaking his head. "Dhon didn't wanna sleep by himself fer the first sevenday, cause he said it t'was ta weird." And then he's waggling fingers at her with a wide grin. "Plants hm?" He pauses. "Ah guess its better than a pile of nasty rags. And kittens.. That's what P'tah got." L'ton is amused at the boy's misfortune, but then he's grinning. "Ya gonna need a hand?"

Jaye laughs, toying with one pigtail a bit. "Ah, she's none too pleased with the bed truth be told, but I need my space. I'll be in sight of her for a few more days at least." She grins wryly. "Honestly I'd rather have the kittens. The plants smell just foul …" She wrinkles her nose. "I've got to let the room air out a bit. If you're not too busy, a spare set of hands'd be nice. I'm still trying to chuck out the last of the pots."

"Ah think Ah could manage that. And the kittens, prolly, ta, if'n ya want one. Ah ain't ta sure what P'tah's gonna do with 'em all, after all." And then he's reaching to tug on her other pigtail, shaking his head. "Ya'd think after mucking, ya'd be used ta anything, but.. Least go chuck 'em out, lil'bit, so ya can at least sleep in yer own weyr." Winking, he motions for her to proceed him up the stairs to her weyr, nodding his head at Vaeonath as he waits.

"I'm used to the mucking," Jaye muses. "But in all that I'd forgotten what rotting plants smell like." She stretches again and sticks her tongue out a bit as he tugs a pigtail, leading him up the stairs and into the weyr. Vaeonath just stares at him with one big eye, watching L'ton suspiciously as he rolls by. "I'd forgotten how nice it is to have a space to myself, too. I really lucked out with this weyr."

"Ah ain't gonna steal yer couch, Vae, Ah promise." He pauses to stare back at the large eye, before shaking his head to step the rest of the way in. "Ah definitely think its the best part. Having space and ya ain't got no one breathing down yer neck, looking at everything ya do.." He shakes his head a bit before he's noting the rotten plant smell and he is making a face. "Shards, lil'bit. Ya weren't lying…" And he's pausing to look around to identify the source of the offending smell.

Jaye makes a face at Vaeonath as she passes. "Be nice." She shrugs a bit, leading the way and pushing aside the wooden divider hiding the entrance to her room. "It is nice to get away from the constant hovering, that's for sure. Though there's still enough of it the rest of the time …" She wrinkles her nose a bit, waving at a couple of small crates set up in the middle of the room - they're littered with dirt, pottery bits, and a good portion of the offending plants. "I'm trying my best to dump out the plants without having to get rid of the pots, though I just can't get some of them out. I like the idea, but someone let this go a little too long …"

L'ton gives Vaeonath another bit of a nod, though he's slightly nervous, before shaking his head and moving to step around the wooden divider, blinking at the plants and the crates. "Shards, that just ain't so good." Shaking his head a bit, he takes a deep breath, proceeding to breath through his mouth as he closes the distance to poke at them, testing the dirt to see how it will come out. Turning back towards her, he talks rather funnily, since he's trying to avoid inhaling through his nose. "Well, at least less hovering. Though, ain't looking like Vae's gonna quit."

"I gave up on trying to be neat about it." She fishes a scarf out of her pocket, offering it to L'ton. "If you wanna breath a little easier." She winks, going to grab another pot herself. "Sorry about the girl there … I don't know that she'll ever ease up. She's still a little touchy when she thinks folks are a little too close. I keep trying to get her to relax, but she likes to be difficult."

"Well, Ah guess she'll used ta it eventually. Though, it might make it a bit difficult fer ya ta collect on all them drinks that Ah owe ya, from them turns ago." The scarf is then wrapped over his mouth and nose and tied behind his head, reaching to actually pick up a pair of pots then, heading back towards the stairs, giving another look to Vae. "Maybe she'll find a nice bronze, and settle down."

Jaye smiles wryly, despite the smell, as she dumps out an old tea kettle. "I'll collect either way. I'm determined when I want to be, and difficult though she may be she can't keep me locked up all the time. Can't turn a key to save her life." She chuckles, fishing another scarf out of her pocket once the smell gets a little too bothersome for her. "I'd like if she did, but she doesn't seem too keen on the idea. Doesn't seem to like anyone but Inimeth as far as being friendly goes."

"Just hope she ain't the jealous type, if Inimeth ends up with that green of that girl… Aisling or whatever it is. Ah tried ta give him tips, but he dun want any." Winking, the first pot is set down, the second upended and shook to empty it, before the first is poked with a finger to loosen it up enough to dump it out as well. "Well, dun wait ta long. Ah ain't sure how much interest Ah can afford ta pay up."

"Ah, well." Jaye stretches a bit, wrinkling her nose. "I can't suss out whether she'd be jealous or if she'd care at all. I don't imagine she'd be too bothered if I didn't mind, and I just want her to be happy." She reaches for a couple of small pots. "We ought to grab a couple after we finish up here. Be a nice reward. I'll even pay for one myself to thank you." She grins.

"Well, ain't that nice of ya, lil'bit." He offers with a grin, leaving the empty pots just outside the weyr to keep them out of the way as well as to let them air out some, before returning for another set, taking the largest off the table, leaning back to avoid the woody stems that are still pointing upwards out of it. "Well, that's really the best ya can do. Just make sure that yer happy ta, she'll learn ta adapt.. Ya shouldn't keep yerself unhappy just cause."

Jaye stands on her tiptoes, reaching for a pot on a high shelf and fumbling a little as she dumps it out. "Ah, well, it's how it's supposed to be, after all." She chuckles idly, going to deposit the empty pot outside before heading over for another one. "Ah, well … I try my best. I'm well enough, at any rate!"

L'ton steps up behind Jaye as she stands on her tiptoes a second time, having emptied the last pot, putting a steadying and on her back as she seems a bit wobbly, before reaching up to pull one down with considerably more ease. "Promise, lil bit?" He steps back to eye her with a bit of concern. "Yer about ta be my equal.. ya should know that ya can let me know if'n anything is wrong, and Ah'll try and help take care of it."

Jaye smiles faintly, hugging the pot to her a bit once she's back on flat feet. "Thanks." She bounces on her toes a little. "I promise. If anything's wrong, L'ton, I'm sure you'll be the second person I tell. After Vae." She winks. "And don't remind me about that equal stuff … I want to enjoy my last few days of reckless irresponsibility as best I can." She grins as she goes to dump out the last pot, dusting her hands off on her slacks once she's put it down.

"Then, if'n ya want ta enjoy yer last few days, what better way than ta go have some drinks?" L'ton offers with a smile, rubbing his hands off on his pants before moving to offer her a hand. "Ah ain't saying ya do, just that Ah'm here, if'n ya need it. Ya know?" The scarf is pulled off his face, and he wrinkles his nose for a moment before shaking his head, wrinkling his nose yet. "Air'll do it some good, Ah'm sure."

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