Drinks with Aoriya

Igen Weyr - Nomi's(#3113RJ)

Aoriya is joining in her wingriders in a roared rendition of a good times cut loose drinking song. However, her wingriders are much more drunk than she. Aoriya's got a saucer of sake in front of her and pounding the table in time with a greenrider harper who seems QUITE happy to belt out the melody. The bar is semipacked, probably 6 or 7 riders in it.

L'ton seems to have finished whatever business brought him to Igen, for its towards the bar that the Istan bronzerider is wandering, drawn by the sound of a rowdy song it would seem. For he's leaning against the doorway, tilting his head as a grin appears on his face when he spots Aoriya amongst the group. Moving, he's quick to join the group, taking a few moments to listen further before trying to join in with only limited success. However, it allows him to get close to the Igen brownrider, sliding onto an empty stool next to her.

Aoriya grins and grabs L'ton into a headlock. "Tonny! Have a drink and sing with us! This one's new out of the Harper hall! We just got off drills and my paperwork is all done for the night!" She cheers as a nearby bronzerider nods his head in greeting to L'ton. "Louder R'nek! Lets be heard out in the living caverns!"

"That mean yer buying?" L'ton teases her as her arm is around his neck, before ducking out of her hold and moving to drape his arm companionably over her shoulder. "One fer meh, and one fer the lady!" It certainly doesn't matter to Tonny that Aoriya's already got the saucer infront of her - its time for something else. "Ah was singing, til Ah realized Ah didn't know the words, and Ah was just ruining it fer the rest of ya."

Aoriya laughs and snickers as the Harper bangs the counter and uses the signs harpers use to communicate across crowds to say, 'Whiskey for bronze and leader.' That way he doesn't even have to stop singing. The bartender laughs, sweeping in with a whiskey bottle and a pair of glasses. "Welcome Weyrsecond, Igen's duties to Ista. THIS……." He passes the bottle. "Whiskey from Keroon. Real popular brew this one, even flavor with just a /dash/ of spice in it."

L'ton has to laugh, nodding with a grin as the bottle and the glasses appear. "Ah'm gonna regret this, ain't Ah?" He whispers to Aoriya even as the song continues. Tipping the bottle, he pours a pair of shots before the bottle is waved back and forth in time with the drunken bar song. After a bit, the bottle returns to the table, and a glass is offered to Aoriya with a grin. "Bottoms up, sweets!" And, assuming she takes the glass - he does just that.

Aoriya takes her whiskey and dashes it down, tearing a piece of bread from the crust on her plate and knaws. "probably!" She grins. "This is a typical 6th day night for us!" She calls over the celebratory noise. "Drilling on the ground in the morning, and over the desert in the afternoon!" She explains. "THEN we head to Nomi's for a drink and a song and some good times!"

"Clearly ya're enjoying yerselves!" He offers with a raised voice to be heard over the ruckus, whiskey tipped back and then he's gasping a bit, blinking and shaking his head before he's going ahead to refill both glasses from the bottle, moving to clink his glass against hers. "Maybe Ah'll have ta make the time ta come celebrate with y'all more often, if'n this is how it is!" And then there's a momentarily lull in the song, and his last few words are overly loud for the sudden hush. Looking around and shaking his head, he looks back to her with a wry grin.

Aoriya laughs and then snickers. "Teach him the words D'nerik! L'ton, its a song about F'lar and his wingmen!" She cheered, coaxing L'ton through the refrain. "That good times are the one thing you should always find, Time to strap up your lifemate, we'll fight the old foe and be we'll there in time, When the thread char settles we'll sing a victory tune." She cheers, nudging L'ton. "Join us more often." She whispers.

"Is that an real invitation lil'bit?" He winks at the brownrider, before he's actually caught up with the song, taking another verse before he's catching up, joining them to sing the chorus, though now and then the words are a little mixed up. The verse is a perfect time to tip back another helping of whiskey, again dinking the bottle into the glass. Perhaps he'll regret this heavy Keroon whiskey.

Aoriya giggles. "Not that much of one! I missed you! We never get together beyond 'its your turn to visit the kids' and 'time to chase the glowing tail'! We should get together just because we can have a good time!" She calls over the noise and dashes another shot of whiskey.

"Well, Ah'm here now, and as far as Ah know, we're without the girls or a glowing gold." He chuckles, draping his arm back over his shoulder to be able to speak a little bit softer. "Ah think the time's here!" Almost as soon as the whiskey is disappearing, he's refilling it, and it seems that the quick pace is enough to cause him to shake his head a bit, staring blankly at the others as the singing continues, before managing to join back in, making up words.

Aoriya grins and is taking her drinks more slowly than L'ton. "THAT is what you get for dashing them back rat tat tat! Have some bread it will sop up the buzz!" She offers him a slice of crusty bread from her plate. "Cant have you passing out in the middle of the evening!"

"Ah won't Ah won't!" He protests, but nevertheless, L'ton is reaching for the offered bread, pushing it around for a moment before popping it into his mouth, and then Aoriya is getting a toothy grin. "Just long as ya dun go running off, Ah'll be fine." Giving her shoulders a squeeze, it seems that he's given up the whiskey for now, leaving Aoriya to refill her own further should she want it.

Aoriya grins and takes a breather from drinking, her eyes glinting with mischief. "Oh I won't. I got you cornered boyo. We are going to make up for EVERY missed moment." She cheers and looks towards the door, something Omasuth says making her smile. "Omasuth seems to like the party."

[DTU/Project] Omasuth projects to Dhonzayth . o O ( Fire waves happily back and forth. «Mine says that she does not intend the evening to end in sex, she DOES want to party though! You are welcome to bring your wing with you as well! Good music and good drink are good for our riders. Raises morale, brings the wing together, and increases trust between wingmen!» )

"And what does /that/ mean, hm?" L'ton questions, turning to look at her with slightly wide eyes, almost like a deer stuck in the headlights, tilting his head slightly. "Though, Ah have ta say, Ah think ya've had enough chances, ya just ain't taken 'em.. Not that Ah mind now." Following her gaze towards the door, he grins, shaking his head. "How could ya not like the party? Parties are fun!"

[DTU/Project] Omasuth senses that Dhonzayth glints metallic silver and gold. « Mine will always party. Parties are what he does best. My wing is likely busy still. Weyrlings are graduating, and they are playing host. But, he is here, to join with your wing. »

Aoriya glares. "It means we are going to have a party for EVERY flight the two of us lost until then. You don't come around enough!" She insists. "And not the drunkin sex kinda party either. I mean PARTY party! For the sake of food, wine and song!"

"That's fine by me, sweet thing." L'ton replies good naturedly, before shaking his head. "And dancing right? Cause songs ain't no good less yer dancing with 'em." The Istan declares rather loudly, looking around as if daring someone to contradict him, before looking back to the brownrider. "Ya know where ta find meh, Aoriya, ya could just as easily come ta me." Winking, his glass is pushed back from the edge and he's sliding off his stool to offer her a hand in invitation.

Aoriya grins and takes the invitation. "Then dance bronzer boy!" She roars, and by now the harper rider has started on a dancing song of the same style as the drinking one. He winks at Aoriya and L'ton and now the other wingmembers are urging the two to dance. "COME ON LEADER! SHAKE YER TAILFEATHER!"

L'ton tugs her off the stool with a grin, pulling her loosely into his arms and quickly moving into a simple step, following the harper's tune, keeping the rhythm fairly well, all things considered, leading Aoriya around the center portion of the bar, cheered on by the calls of Aoriya's wingmates.

Aoriya laughs, whirling in the circle to follow L'ton's dance steps. "Wooooooo!" She cheers, stomping her feet in time with the music. Turn, whirl, step step turn whirl. Her feet are nimble, her face laughing, her eyes bright in joy.

L'ton, being L'ton, has to grin widely at Aoriya and the pure joy on her face. And, he has to plant a wet smooch on her forehead while continuing to dance around, occasionally moving to twirl her out and around before pulling her back in. "Ah ain't seen ya this happy in a long time, lil'bit."

Aoriya grins and indicates the atmosphere. "THIS is how you should enjoy alcohol, dance and song and good times and swapped stories." She insists. "Its better to laugh than to cry, to sing than to lament, to dance not mourn!" She says cheerfully.

"Ah think Ah can agree with that." He chuckles, continuing to twirl her around, enjoying the music until the harper pauses to take a break, and a number of the other wingriders appear on the floor. And as that happens L'ton's backing back to his stool, tugging her with to rest his head on her shoulder with a tired, but happy, sigh.

Aoriya laughs as she's suddenly leaned on. "You're a big fluffy pussy cat you know that? You're so cute." She takes care to muss L'ton's hair so that it looks fluffier. "You even have the right haircolor. A tawny feline bronzerider." She shakes her head, just a little bit drunk.

L'ton purrs a bit as she calls him a feline, as she ruffles up his hair, leaning into her a bit more as he sighs again. "Mrow?" He offers with a smirk, reluctantly straightening as she shakes her head, looking at her with wide eyes, tipsiness noticable. "Maybe Ah should bring ya a kitten, since Ah clearly ain't here enough."

Aoriya laughs and rolls her eyes. "I probably wouldn't have room for one." She sighs as she leans back against L'ton. "I have to say, tonight has been a better party than any of the others we've had here before!" She says with a warm smile.

"What? A lil tiny feline ain't nothing. It'll just curl up on yer bed and sleep all day. Or kick everything off yer desk. Ah'm sure the girls would love it." He winks, shaking his head and wrapping his arms around her as she leans against him again. "Ah'm glad Ah didn't ruin it fer ya!"

Aoriya laughs and rolls her eyes. "You know, I get on your case, but you dont' ruin very much." She says with a chuckle. "I just enjoy teasing you, although…… you could tone down the womanizing just a bit. You know that a lot of people talk?" She asks with a wink and a snuggle.

"Maybe that's half the fun." He winks right back at her, snuggling her in return, going back to resting his chin on her shoulders. "'sides, Ah can't help it that Dhonzayth is just a ball of love." And then he's ducking to avoid the smack that he assumes is coming, grinning widely as he peeks back up towards her.

Aoriya rolls her eyes. "Its fun, yeah, oooooh, a ball of love? Not just a ball of love, a BOUNCING shiney bronze ball of love. Hooooo……" There's a call out in the bowl. "Oh no he didn't have to do it!" She groans. "L'ton, I have to call the party short. My little brother, K'ian green Lujaith's weyrling just boobytrapped the door to the weyrlingmaster's office. Tar and feathers everywhere." She sighs, winking and hurrying out. "I'll catch up later!"

L'ton sulks a bit as the brownrider excuses herself, before shaking his head. "Good luck with that." He comments to her departing back before turning to stare at the whiskey. One more shot? Sure.

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