Cat and Mouse

Ista Weyr - Inner Weyr(#8253RAJL)
Usually kept fairly well illuminated, the interior of the weyr, a rather decently-sized bubble, actually, isn't overly or sparsely furnished for its size. Two separate depressions in the stone serve as draconic couches, one covered with a deep, pitch-black cushion. Several tapestries make an attempt to brighten up the weyr and make it feel a little more homey - although a rather loud, sinuous red-and-black one sticks out proudly upon the stone walls to anyone who happens to gaze upon it. A short distance onward from the couches, a small table and a large, comfortable looking chair rests, most likely present in the event that visitors arrive to socialize with one or more of the occupants. Beyond that, there's a large desk nestled against the far wall, covered with stacks of hide that seem to alternate between being neat and messy, along with several pens.
Two sections of the weyr have been curtained off, one considerably larger than the other. The smaller one sports curtains of a soft, ocean-blue, which when parted, is revealed to contain a small bed, large enough to house a young child. There's also a basket containing several stuffed toys, mostly of dragons. The larger curtained-off area conceals a large, full-size bed, complete with two, fluffy pillows. Although this weyr apparently houses at least three people, there doesn't seem to be any lack of space, for the moment.

It's hard to beleive Mai's not actually a harper or a scholar with how obsessed with reading she is, and then there's her odd habit of making up stories about people's lives, but once again the tanner — maybe ex-tanner depending on how things play out— is lounging on the bed reading. She's laying on her stomach with a string attached to her big toe so she can keep Carrot occupied while she reads. The now grown feline is watching the lady's foot movements now, rather than the string. Seems he's figured out that her foot is the thing controlling his play thing and he's swishing his tail about, preparing to launch himself at Mai's foot. A moment later he springs from his spot on the bed and grabs M'iken's foot with his claws and teeth, playfully bitting her. "Ow!" She yelps in surprise. Carrot immediately lets go and goes scampering off to hide behind one of the colorful curtains.

L'ton is returning at a normal hour and a normal pace, Dhonzayth carefully settling on the ledge, and L'ton's feet hitting with a dull thud. Taking his time stripping off Dhonzayth's straps and his jacket, he's meandering before there's suddenly a yelp from the inner weyr. Dropping everything, L'ton is rushing inside, practically sliding to a stop, looking around hurriedly. "Mai? Mai!?" He acts with a rather panicked voice, looking worried as he finally spots her alone on the bed.

M'iken's flipped back over to sit on her bottom and is untieing the string from her toe. When L'ton comes rushing over she looks up at him, her own look of shock on her face. Then she blushes as he must have heard her yelp or something. "Ah, I'm fine. Carrot just got a little too smart for his own good and bit my toe." She holds of the sting and dangles it around a bit like she's playign with an imaginary version of him. The cat is off making mischeif with Dhon now, meowing at him in a charming way almost to talk him into doing something interesting. If Meluth were in the weyr, the cat would be rewarded with some play time, but there's no telling with Dhonzayth.

Dhonzayth is watching the itty bitty (to him) feline with one large faceted eye, head cocked to keep an eye on him. And then as he continues to meow, Dhonzayth's nose drops and he's snorting quite lightly at the cat, as to not actually cause him any pain, slightly amused by him. As M'iken explains the cause of the yelp, L'ton looks relieved, quickly shaking his head. "That's good.. Here Ah was, all worried…" As the string is dangled, L'ton stalks closer as Carrot is distracted, swatting at the string instead, with a grin.

The snorting sends Carrot off and scampering around a little, stoping not to far from the bronze and crouching down on the floor, hiding slightly behind his fluffy tail and watching the dragon curiously. "Ah, no need to worry when I'm safe up here." She says with a grin when Ton comes over and bats at the string. She grabs his hand then and tries to pull him down for a kiss. "Welcome Home." She says with a bright smile.

"Ah dunno, some weird guy coulda snuck up here when ya were asleep, and.." He shakes his head, words cut off as she pulls him down for a kiss, folding his fingers through hers as he returns it, leaning down over her. "Thanks sweetheart." He offers with a smile, giving her another quick kiss. Dhonzayth, meanwhile, is rather intrigued by the now fluffy feline, inching his muzzle closer and closer as he holds his breath.

M'iken smiles and shakes her head a bit. "If someone had snuck up here, you would have found the place a shambles from Meluth comming straight here and tearing the place apart to get rid of them." She has a great deal of trust in her lifemate, knowing him well enough to guess exactly what he would to. She tosses the string into the book she's reading and closes it, accepting the next kiss quite happily. Growing up around such big dragons has thrown off Carrots sense of fear of larger animals. The orange cat's tail flips behind him again as he crouches down lower as Dhon's muzzle inches closer. When they're closer than Carrot can take standing still he pops up on his feet and runs around to the tail side of the big bronze, meowing in a startled, but excited manner.

"Ah suppose that's true… Ah think Meluth would be even better at making someone regret it than Ah would.." After a moment more of leaning over her, he's shifting to settle down on the bed next to her as the book is put away, before flopping backwards, arms outstretched. "Ah just couldn't deal with ya being hurt.. And last time Ah heard something like that, it was Ysa giving someone a broken nose, so.." You never know? Dhonzayth seems quite startled and almost confused as the little orange cat is running around to the other end, and Dhonzayth is quickly craning his neck to look behind him, lids slowly closing over his eyes.

M'iken nods brightly. "Yeah probably. I mean, getting beaten up is one thing. Getting grabbed by teeth and thrown off the ledge of a weyr is another." Granted he'd chase after them and catch them before they hit the ground, but that's not the point. When L'ton flops back on the bed, Mai turns to smile at him, sitting crosslegged on the bed next to him. "And you know, when I was a teenager I got into fights a lot, won most of the time too. So I think I can pretty well take care of myself." She moves then to lay on his chest, just making herself comfortable. Carrot is crouched down again, tail swishing violently, untill he notices the end of Dhon's riding straps hanging above his head. Then the cat raises up, bright eyes staring at the straps, his head tilted to the side to really get a good look at them. Then he's leaping up in the air to bat at the end, getting a good smack in before scampering off again to roll around in the tattered remains of the underwear he'd laid claim to so many months ago.

"Well, Ah'd actually make sure that he had ta fall all the way, knowing what he did. Ah could still give him a good push, even without big teeth ta drag him around with." Tonny has to be manly, for now at least? As she sits next to him, he looks up at her, shaking his head. "Ya, but that was before. Ah'm suppose ta take care of ya now. If'n anyone gives ya problems, ya just have ta let me know, cause Mel and Dhon and Ah, we'll take care of it fer ya." L'ton states clearly, wrapping his arms protectively around her as she lays on his chest. Dhonzayth continues to stare with surprise at the tiny critter, nostrils flaring and head rocking back as Carrot goes after his straps, but then he's taking off before he can react any further.

M'iken sighs lightly when his arms come up around her. "Good to know, but I kind of miss getting into a good fist fight now and then. Was great exercise and rather exciting, all that anger and energy just seeping out." She looks fondly at the memories floating around in her head. She's not easily made angry, but when she is, it's nice for her to be able to get it out with some vigurous activity like fighting. "THough I suposse when I'm pregnant I won't really be able to do any fighting." She's apperently let her hopes get up again on that subject, a small smile crossing her face when she looks down at her weyrmate.

"Ah dunno, Ysa apparently likes ta hit pregnant women, so she might oblige." L'ton replies quickly, though as soon as the words are out of his mouth he's looking rather embarrassed, and he's shaking his head, dismissing the subject almost immediately. "Ah do think it might be better ta avoid it, though, ya know, once yer pregnant." He agrees, unwrapping an arm to gently touch a fingertip to her lips as he smiles back at her. "Its gonna work out, and we're gonna have the prettiest kids ever, cause they'll take after ya."

M'iken laughs a little, kissing the fingers that touch her lips. "I can just imagine fighting Ysa when I'm pregnant. She'll probably do everything to avoid it, what with all the struggle it will have taken just to get to that point." She shakes her head a little, smiling brighter. "I can't wait. Hopefully it'll take more after you in the looks department and more after me in the personality department. I don't think you could stand to have a child that was as good at flirting as you are. Might drive you crazy." She gives him a rather devilish look, especially knowing how it's been for him just to have Zip reaching that 'Hey, boys are kind of really cute' stage.

"Ah'll just hope that all that went ta Zip, how 'bout that?" He chuckles slightly letting his fingers linger on her lips for a moment. "Maybe they'll be just lil' yas, and then they'd be perfect, and we wouldn't have ta worry about nothing." As her smile brightens, he smiles more widely back at her. "Of course, if'n Ah didn't know better, Ah'd think ya were practicing flirting. Ah mean, that face…" He quirks an eyebrow, trying to hide an amused grin. "A man might think that yer up ta something."

M'iken laughs along with him at thinking Zip would inherit all his flirting qualities. "I don't think Zip really got much from you." She tilts her head to the side a bit, looking a bit confused at his accusations of practicing flirting. But then she grins wickedly again at that last part. "Well, I don't know about practicing, but who says I'm /not/ up to something?" She waggles her brows at him, immitating him a little.

"/Are/ ya up ta something?" L'ton asks quickly, eyebrow still arched as he watches her, starting to grin at her. "And, if'n ya are, is it a bad thing, or a good thing?" He questions her slightly cautiously, still cheerful though, as his finger taps her lips,and then he's tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "See, that look right there just seems like something big's on yer mind, and yer teasing meh by just looking at meh!"

M'iken manages to keep her composure, looking somewhat secretive all the way up till he claims she's teasing him. Then she bursts out laughing and hides her face in his chest to stifle the noise. Once she's calmed down after a few moments of body shaking laughter she looks back up at him. "I'm not up to anything, it's jsut that my book put me in a kind of playfull mood and I /was/ teasing you a bit. But only to make you think I was up to something." She leans down to kiss him lightly, playfully, before pulling back to sit up again.

"Maybe Ah should get ya more of 'em books, if they put ya in such a playful mood, hm?" L'ton asks, staring down at her as she's laughing into his chest, shaking his head slowly, perhaps slightly surprised by the source of her playfulness. At her admittance, he pouts slightly, brightening at the light kiss, though he's pouting again as she's sitting up. "Aw, my Mai… why do you do this ta me?" Lip is stuck out while he's reaching to twist of strand of her hair for a moment, before he's propping himself up on his elbows to be more on her level.

M'iken shrugs then, grinning at his pout. Ah, she's in a really good mood today it seems. When he props himself up to be closer up to her she tilts her head lightly to the side, putting on a rather convincing innocent look on her face. "Do what to you? I have no idea what you're talking about my love." She's only half lying there. SHe has an idea what he's talking about, but she's hopeing he'll spell it out for her, since she usually requires things like that.

As Mai puts a look of innocence on her face, a more pathetic one appears on L'ton's in return, and he's batting his eyes at her. "Ya tease meh, and then ya go and sit up, and leave meh all by myself… It just ain't nice." He murmurs softly, trying to keep up with the whole pathetic theme, looking at her through his lashes. "Ah dunno what ta do, without mah Mai, when she's all the way up there." Sniffing a bit, he's flopping back on the bed, looking up at a spot at the ceiling, even as he steals occasional looks at Mai out of the corner of his eye.

M'iken puts on that look adults give children when they tell them a story that's just ever so terrible. "Aww, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to tease you." She breaks into a grin then andslides herself on down to him again, stretching her legs out behind her this time, snuggling onto his chest a little. "There's now I'm down here with you." She says in an appeasing voice. She kisses his chin lightly, her eyes sparkling with mischeif.

"Ah suppose that's a start.." He murmurs quietly, as he loops his arms back around her, going so far as to loop an ankle awkwardly over hers to prevent her from moving away again. "Ah think Ah should get a kiss, ta make up fer ya teasing meh, and being all the way up there, fer all that time." You know, the mere minutes. "Dun ya think that's fair?" And he's lifting his head enough to look at her expectantly, trying to hide his grin at the look in her eyes.

M'iken snickers a little at the murmuring he's doing and at his ankle looping over her's. "I suposse a kiss is fair."She says, dragging out the 'fair' like maybe it might not be, but then again, she's gonna give it to him any way. She leans forward and kisses him softly, but then her hormones get the better of her and she deepens the kiss, running her fingers lightly along his jaw line as she pushes herself a little further up so she can get more leverage over him to deepen the kiss more.

"Ya suppose?" L'ton seems prepared to sulk a bit more, but then he's not only getting a soft kiss, but a real kiss, and he's tightening his arm around her, pulling her against him as he presses his fingers into her back even as she shifts. Finally pulling away, L'ton reopens his eyes to smile up at her, eyes twinkling. "Ah think that was fair, Ah have ta say." Even smirking a bit, he keeps his arms tightly around her, unable and unwilling to take his eyes from her.

M'iken smiles at him once they've broken from the kiss. "Good, then you won't mind my goign back to my book." She says with that develish look back in her eyes. She's just being mean now, really teasing him now after a kiss like that. She attempts to move away and make a grab for her book.

"Only if'n that book is gonna get ya unable ta resist meh later." L'ton replies after a moment of a narrowed look, sticking his tongue at her at her before flopping over onto his stomach as she attempts to move away. "Fine then.." He sniffs, though he's still stealing glances over his shoulder at her, smile somewhat visible around the pillow in which he tries to hide his face.

M'iken snickers lightly and lays back on her back, opening the book back up to where she left off. She does a /very/ good job of ignoring the looks he throws at her, and keeps her eyes faithfully on the book. "Umm, thank you." She says, pulling her knees up so their bent and crossing one leg over the other. Yes, she's quite comfortable, but there's still that playful smirk on her face. She's playing the waiting game, trying to see who will break first and kiss the other. She's confident she'll win.

L'ton continues to sulk, and after a few minutes, he's even given up stealing glances at her. Instead he rolls onto his side with his back facing her, and it seems that the bronzerider has discovered a particular point on the distant wall that looks real interesting, for that's where he's staring now, as he absently hums under his breath. Must not give in?

M'iken pretends not to notice that he's rolled over to stare at the wall and yawns lightly, stretching. Her tank top rides up a bit, exposing a bit of her stomach. Then she decides that she doesn't like her hair up in that pony tail while she's laying there reading and takes it down, letting her hair fan about the pillow a bit. Should he glance over at her, she's hopeing that she's alluring enough to convince him to give her a kiss. But then, she's never tried this before, so it might all backfire on her.

L'ton is L'ton, though, and despite all his attempts to focus solely on that spot of wall, he's having to fight the urge to not look back at Mai as she moves around behind him. And then, it seems that he's losing the battle, for he's stealing a quick look, quickly looking back at the wall. However, the damage is done, and its only another moment before he's rolling over to grab at her wrist, pulling her down with him into a long kiss, other hand winding itself in her loose hair. Mai wins!

M'iken is still pretending not to notice what L'ton is doing when he rolls over and grabs her wrist. The book is quickly discarded, she'll find her place again later. She smiles into that kiss, moving to intertwine her legs with his and press herself against him. Ah, this was a fun game, and she likes very much that she won it. But this time she had the element of not announcing ever trying something like this, and a good deal of resolve instilled in her from reading the book. Romance novels are doing wicked things to her mind, but then, L'ton isn't complaining too seriously.

L'ton could hardly complain when his Mai is willing to play along, as long as he gets her in the end. As he keeps her held close, it seems that's all that matters, for all sulkiness is gone as he showers her with various kisses. Definitely will have to find M'iken some more of those romance books.

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