Seeing S'ya

Xanadu Weyr - S'ya's Weyr(#6263RJ)
When one first enters this Weyr it becomes obvious that the fairer sex rules in this domain. A large area rug in snowy white covers the floor in the center of the Weyr, the texture plush against ones barefeet. And they'd better be bare because a cubby for ones shoes is placed right next to the entrance in the same shade of white. A long U-shaped couch is placed in the center of the rug, the seats facing towards the entrance of the Weyr. The couch is covered in a satin like material and has been dyed a shade of violet. Various pillows are placed neatly on the couch, all different shapes and colors but matching nicely with the bright couch which can easily seat six people. In front of the sofa is a clear glass table held up by a single white base.
Behind the sofa on the left corner there is a mini bar, the table top color following the pattern is the same white. Behind the counter is a glass cabinet stocked with various wines and wine glasses. A set of four bar stools are neatly tucked under the counter, each topped with violet colored seat cushions. Off to the right is a large white table held up by four steel legs and placed precisely in the center is a large fish tank. It's been filled with water and holds captive a large koi. A small plaque is placed on the right corner of the tank reading 'Pudding'.
The riders sleeping quarters are sectioned off by a violet curtain decorated with different shapes in the same fun colors that her couch pillows have. A large bed, dresser and nightstand make up the belonging that have been sectioned off. A large area has been left empty near her room so that her lifemate may sleep near her.

It's early morning and S'ya has already been up for a few hours taking care of her newborn son. The greenrider still has her nose bandaged up from her altercation with Ysa but besides that she looks fine, thrilled even as she tends to the child. The baby is currently getting a diaper change, Sophyrinth watching curiously as the process goes on. "He is a bit squirmy, is he not?" The rider asks the green, giggling as Zallesh balls his little hands up and moves them about.

"Just make sure that ya use his old diaper as a shield. Trust meh, ya'll regret it otherwise." L'ton offers in greeting as he arrives in the early morning, otherwise unannounced as he nods his head to the watchful Sophyrinth. However, he remains lingering near the door, well away from the baby, the diaper, and the possible mess that could occur, should S'ya's luck not hold. "How're ya holding up with yer first lil'one… S'ya." Seems that lil'one doesn't work, in that situation.

At the sound of L'ton's voice the greenrider turns towards the entrance, smiling at the bronzer. "I have yet to be showered." She says with a giggle, quickly fastening the new diaper and grabbing up the baby in her arms. Zallesh coo's happily as he watches Sophyrinth bob her head for his amusement. "Well enough, he has been keeping me up at odd hours but nothing I cannot handle. If anything, it gives me more time to work on my project." She gives the baby a kiss on the cheek before moving towards the wary father, planting one on his own lips. "What brings you here so early?"

"Ya should keep it that way. Ah promise ya, it ain't no fun. And, it'll always happen when yer all dressed up and ready ta go somewhere important. Ah know." Personal experience? Perhaps Zsriston was anything less than the model baby. As the diaper is changed and the boy picked him, L'ton's wariness seems to evaporate, for he's leaning to give S'ya a kiss in return before all his attention is on the little infant in her arms. "Though Ah'd come check on ya, before Ah head ta the dolphineers hall. Them and their shardin' early meetings."

S'ya shifts the baby slightly in her arms, before smirking at the bronzer. "Sounds like you have had some interesting expriences, Tonny. With all the babies I have looked over I have never been sprayed." Sophyrinth continues to entertain the child, Zallesh follow the greens antics with a faint smile. "Poor Tonny, waking up so early for silly meetings. Too bad you cannot stay and play, Zal /loves/ peekaboo, is that not right, love?" But the little boy is all focused on L'ton now, eyeing the man curiously. "That is your daddy, Tonny." S'ya says slowly, hazel eyes moving over to the bronzer with a sparkle of mischief to them.

"Ya clearly haven't had the same… pleasure of 'em that Ah've had." L'ton replies rather amused, shaking his head. "Besides, when they get older, they'll spit up all over ya ta. On the shoulder with the knot, always, before they shove it back in their mouth. Ain't so good." As Zallesh's attention is solely on him, L'ton proceeds to begin making faces at the newborn, puffing his cheeks up and crossing his eyes, before grinning at S'ya. "Ya know, Ah have just taking yer word all along that its mine.. Maybe yer just trying ta get me ta stick around, cause ya like having meh around, hm?" He teases her, even as he's reaching for the boy.

S'ya hands over the baby carefully, shaking her head slightly as she takes a step back to take in the two. "Of course he is yours, just look at the similarity! He has your nose after all." And it's true, that crooked nose of the bronzer has found a new home on the newborns face. While in his fathers arms the baby coos, looking slightly confused by his new surroundings. "But I /do/ like having you around, all to my self." S'ya gives the bronzer a wink, before moving to grab up a fresh bib for Zallesh. "It can get awfully lonely here sometimes, it is a shame I have to share." She teases back now as she rummages through a box of baby things.

"Ya'd get bored with meh, if'n Ah was around all the time. Ya know ya enjoy the surprise." He winks at her over Zallesh's head, even as he very lightly touches said crooked nose, all the while supporting the boy rather expertly. "Of course, ya know mah visits won't be fun fer at least a few weeks… And then we'll have ta worry about Zallesh and his waking up and crying and all." He teases S'ya lightly, even as he carefully rocks the boy back and forth, looking now and again to see what S'ya is doing.

"Bored? Of you? That is simply impossible." S'ya says with a giggle, finally grabbing up one of the things that started the whole fight with Ysa, a Harper blue bib. She moves over to L'ton rather swiftly, seeming more graceful now that her womb was empty. "Oh my, what a handsome pair! He is going to be a lady killer when he gets older." Zallesh starts nodding off from the swaying, his head falling slowly as the motion continues. "L'ton you are too good at that, put him right to sleep!" She doesn't look very shocked, though, obviously aware that the man has had plenty of practice.

"Well, ya never know. Even Ah hear the rumors about the great S'ya…" Winking, he continues the careful rocking of the boy as he continues to doze, even while trying to duck his head and steal another kiss from S'ya. "Maybe sometime later ya'll have a pretty lil' girl who'll set all the boys hearts a'flutter, just like her mama." L'ton replies, even as his gaze is back on Zallesh, and he's shifting him ever so slightly in his arms, continuing the slow back and forth sway.

"Rumors? What kinds of rumors?" S'ya says before moving quickly behind the bronzer in order to hug his midsection lightly. She rests her head against his back, letting out a long sigh. "Rumors about me getting decked by a Junior Weyrwoman or about people not liking me?" When L'ton mentions the possibility of a daughter being just like her she chuckles a bit, swaying with the man as he rocks the baby to sleep. "That might be a disaster, poor thing would have all the girls of Pern running after her with pitchforks. I think it'd be best if she was a chaste and modest little thing, boring even."

"Oh, just that ya like people, and that people like mah dear S'ya. And Ah've heard enough bets that ya'll never settle down ta any one of us." L'ton chuckles softly, trying to peer over his shoulder at him, but content to have her leaning into him, holding Zallesh against his body to press his arm over hers, fingers squeezing her wrist briefly. "She's still be lovely, if'n if she was all modest, and the boys would just hope for their chance ta change her mind, Ah'm sure."

S'ya can't help but smile at the bronzers words, shaking her head slightly. "You sure do have a way with words, love." She finally moves back around to face the man, looking up at him with a smirk. "No wonder you have gotten so many into your bed." She teases him before giving his neck a light kiss. "And I guess we will just have to wait and see if my future daughter turns out to be like me or not. In looks or character." Zallesh is fast asleep now against his fathers chest, breathing softly as he drifts into deeper rest with each sway. "So, there are bets about me never settling down?" She cocks an eyebrow at the bronzer, motioning him towards the crib.

L'ton doesn't say anything else until his slow steps have carried him to the crib and the sleepy infant is settled and checked over. Only once he's returned to S'ya's side does the bronzerider finally speak. "Well, could ya ever pick just one of us?" He questions her with amusement, smirking back down at her, even as he leans to give her a kiss without an infant between them. "Not that Ah mind ya letting meh come and visit ya and all… Unless ya ain't willing ta continue that, no more, with the lil'one."

S'ya leans against the crib and watches as L'ton settles the child in for his nap. She takes a moment to fix the blanket over Zallesh before tilting her head to watch the man. She takes in his form silently, a faint smile playing on her lips as she thinks on his question. "I think that is something that will remain a secret, love." She gently taps his crooked nose with a finger after he kisses her before moving away from the crib and plopping down on the sofa. "And of course you can still visit, shards I would hope you visit more so you can help with the baby." She giggles as she stretches, making a rather interesting noise before just falling back. "Unless you are too busy with your other girlfriends?"

"Ya okay?" L'ton questions as he hears the interesting noise, arching an eyebrow at her before joining her on the sofa, moving to drape his arm over her shoulders with a smile. "Trust meh, Ah ain't ta busy fer ya lil'bit. Though, if'n Mai gets pregnant, that will take a bit of time away, but Ah figure ya can understand that no?" Glancing at the baby, and then back at her, he grins. "Of course Ah'll come ta help out, when Ah can. Ah ain't gonna be scared off just cause of a lil'thing like him."

"Yes, just stretching. I have not done that for a while it seems, felt awfully nice." S'ya moves closer to the bronzer, taking full advantage of his open lap. "Of course, Mai comes first love. She is your Weyrmate after all." She moves her head so that she can better face the man, smiling up at him. "And you must let me know if she does get pregnant, I want to send her something. Hopefully it will be soon so Zallesh can have a playmate with hers." With her left hand she sets to smoothing out a crease in his shirt, her eyes fixed on it. "And I certainly hope Zal does not scare you off, I mean, I know he can be rather intimidating…"

"Ah bet it does.." And then as she's taking advantage of his open lap, he's grinning, reaching to rest his hand on top of hers as she's smoothing out a crease in his shirt. "Ah will.. Shards, Ah think when it happens, everyone'll hear her shout all happy." He chuckles slightly, tilting his head to watch her as she looks down. "What's on yer mind, lil'bit? Ya seem all distracted.." He questions slowly, moving to try and tilt her chin up so he can meet her gaze.

"Well, even if she is screaming at the top of her lungs I doubt it will reach Xanadu." S'ya says with a faint smile, her attention still fixed on the crease. When the question comes however she continues to work on smoothing out the wrinkle, moving a bit in order to evade having their eyes meet. "Nothing love, just a bit tired is all. I have not had a goodnights rest every since Zallesh joined me." Her voice does crack a bit at the start of the sentence but she regains her composure quickly enough. She closes her eyes now, resting her head on his lap silently.

"Sweets, ya shouldn't be afraid ta give him ta the nannies once in a while, so that ya can get some rest… Ain't no one gonna blame ya fer it, Ah promise ya." He murmurs softly. As she rests her head on his lap, he gently strokes her hair, brushing a strand out of her face before giving her a slow smile. "Ya should get some sleep, S'ya, while he's sleeping. A nap might help. But then, tanight, let him stay in the nurs'ry, til ya sleep yerself out, promise?" Though, he's not yet trying to catch her gaze again, so she's at least free from that.

S'ya nods her head slightly at the suggestion of sending the baby to the nannies. "You are right, I should send him off to them whenever I need to." Her voice is a bit off though, but it's not longer shaky, just a bit dull sounding. She moves away from the bronzer moving to hug him and nuzzle into the crook of his neck. "Thank you love for coming to visit, I think I will be taking your advice on catching a nap while Zal is asleep." When she pulls away she flashes him a smile before giving him a quick peck on the lips. "Enjoy your exciting meeting with the Dolphin Craft." She teases lightly before brushing a few stray strands of hair from her face.

L'ton mimics her, brushing the hair away from her face and giving her a soft kiss in return. "Ya can be sure Ah will. They have nice seats ta nap in." With a wink, he's giving her a careful hug, and then another kiss to her cheek. "And, ya know that ya can call me whenever ya need meh, even if'n things are just a lil' overwhelming and ya need someone else there. Ah'll be here as soon as Ah can." The look on his face says that he promises to never break that bit of trust. And then, he's carefully getting up, putting a pillow back where he was, and patting it for her. "Sleep, it'll help sweets." Turning to leave, he hesitates at the door to make sure she complies, before ducking out to go start the day for real.

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