S'ya Gives Birth

"A worthless Harper, then," Ysa growls out. "If ya think ya have half the talent of some of the Harpers I grew up with, I doubt it. One thing ya should learn in the craft is modesty. And Eeva's had countless apprentices under her, so I'd stop considering yourself so special. You're pretty worthless to Eeva, too, when ya have a dragon to care for and won't be advancing in the craft at all." She grits her teeth a moment, leaning forward on the balls of her feet angrily towards the greenrider. "Don't ya talk to me 'bout my family relationship when ya don't know anything about it to begin with." (re)"

"Worthless to Eeva? No love, that would be /you/." S'ya finally gets to her feet now, obviously having had enough of Ysa's insults. She stares at her, standing taller than her without any effort. "And I happen to know a lot more about your 'family' situation than you would like me to, you see, Eeva told me everything. And I must say, from what I heard, I can tell why she is so sore." There's a smug look on the greenriders face for a moment but it's quickly replaced with a hiss as she clutches her side.

"At least I never pretended to be a Harper," Ysa grumbles back, unable to pull away from glaring at the woman yet. She goes still, though, her jaw tightening. She was moving before she was really thinking about it, her eyes locked on that smug face. Thankfully, there wasn't /that/ much weight behind her fist. Of course, nothing to be thankful for when a said fist connects to that heavily pregnant woman's nose before the goldrider can even realize what she was hissing all about. "Shit!" Ysa immediately realizes what she's done, finally pulling her eyes away in a panic. "Ella! Call someone!" Too bad the caverns were just too empty that morning.

There is a handy advantage to dragons - they can talk across vast distances within a blink of an eye. Of course, there is only so fast that a person can actually move, and so minutes have passed since Sophyrinth sent a silent call to Dhonzayth, before L'ton is actually in the caverns. Of course, he's still looking quite confused, rushing to a stop in the middle of the entrance way, looking hurriedly left and right. Only then is the pair noticed, missing their words however catching the punch to S'ya's, and he's quickly rushing to S'ya's side trying to steady her and pull her close. "Lil'bit!" And even as he wraps his arms protectively around the greenrider, he's interposing himself between her and Ysa, glaring at the goldrider in shock. "How the shards could ya /do/ that?" He hisses, before his attention is pulled back to the pregnant young woman.

R'miel gets a distress call from Ella through Arinith. The two were busy elsewhere, probably at a meeting or some such thing, but soon the bronze is backwinging into the clearing. After Ram pratically falls off his dragon he's running into the caverns as fast as he can. Thankfully he's missed his weyrmate's fist connecting with S'ya's face, but he does run over to the two women and L'ton. Out of breath, he blinks at everyone. "What's happened? Are you alright, Ys? What's the matter with S'ya? Do we need a healer?"

S'ya /might/ have been able to evade Ysa's fist but the increasing pain of the contractions and her lifemates buzzing in her head are enough to make her drop her guard. As the fist connects with her nose she lets out a yelp of pain, stumbling back into the table. That's a broken nose alright, blood gushing out of it at an alarming pace. Her eyes start to water and her breathing becomes rapid and shallow. Her waters broken. "Ton, the baby!" She manages to say, trembling in the bronzers arms. "W-what? What should I?" Her tear filled hazel eyes fall on Ysa now, clearly asking the woman for assistance. As another contraction hits her hand goes to her stomach though and her body crumples up in pain.

Ysa couldn't really move much, staring at the pregnant greenrider. Suddenly pregnant again to her eyes. When L'ton rushes forward, she shakes her head furiously, tears suddenly in her eyes and her hands balled at side. "I… I /wasn't/ thinking! Shells, 'm sorry," she cries. Her instinct to turn and run is strong, but with R'miel there she really didn't want to suddenly bolt anymore. "It's my fault! 'm sorry." Her wet eyes turn to stare at S'ya in surprise, jaw dropping. It was ten times worse now. "The b-baby?! I didn't do anything to it, did I?" She was starting to wobble on the legs she was firmly standing on just moments before. "I… I don't know. I can't think straight." She drops her hands to her head, reeling. She just punched a pregnant woman and broke her nose. With blood everywhere, how can she think probably about childbirth?

L'ton keeps his arms around S'ya, supporting her despite the blood from her nose and everything else. As she suddenly sags, L'ton quickly moves to support her, pulling her back up and keeping her close against him, keeping her weight against him as he looks rather pathetically to R'miel and Ysa. "Ya'll need ta help me get her somewhere.." He looks like he's about ready to absolutely flip out, even as he squeezes her tight as a contraction racks her body, and he's dropping his voice. "Ah'm here, S'ya.. Ah'm here. It's gonna be okay.." He tries to reassure her, even as he looks rather beseechingly for help.

Lexalea slips into the caverns, having followed Shellie in. She continues to blush, but its fading fast. "Well, I appreciate it." she comments. Her eyes turn to the scene in the room and she stops in her tracks and simply… stares. Uhm, wow. Not really what she was expecting to see. Stare.

Shellie comes in, smiling as she talks to Lexalia, until she turns. A grin starts to appear on her face at the sight of L'ton, but it immediately dissappears as soon as she sees S'ya, and rushes over, immediately going into Healer mode. "L'ton, help me get her to the infirmary. What happened to cause the bloody nose?" She moves to help support the greenrider's other side.

R'miel blinks at S'ya. "T-the baby!?" The bronzer blinks at his weyrmate's hysterical explaination of what's happened. "Ya broke her nose? Shells, Ysa!" He takes a few deep breathes and runs his fingers through his hair. "Okay! Okay. Okay…" He gives S'ya a handkerchief from his backpocket and then turns to L'ton. "Okay. She… needs to go to the healers. We need to take her there. You grab her arms I'll get her legs! Or something! Ysa, go find some cold meat or something she can put on that nose!" The bronzer moves over to help L'ton with S'ya's weight.

S'ya is crying uncontrollably now, her eyes flashing from one person to another in a plea for help. "I-I don't know what," But another contraction ripples through her body and she's left to moan in agony. "Tonny!" She manages finally, her grip stronger on his arms now. There's a wild look in her eyes, an immense fear flooding her mind as she realizes that she is in fact in labor. The slightly familiar form of Shellie brings a bit of relief as she recognizes her from the Infirmary. She lets herself be directed by the riders, still in complete shock.

What a welcome. Lexalea stares, still simply standing out of the way, against a wall and watching, her hazel eyes wide. THe girl simply stands there and stares. Quite an interesting way to begin, but definately not completey unexpected. All that stuff. So she stands back and watches. She knows that she can't help with anything even remotely medical.

Ysa winces when R'miel shouts at her like that, looking about just as panicked as the rider with the broken nose and going through labor. "'m sorry, 'm sorry," is all she really manages to say. Directed to everyone in general, since she couldn't really decide on who. Shellie's question gets another wince but she doesn't provide any answer. Anything to get herself out of the picture for the moment, after all, as she stumbles towards the clearing to R'miel's order. She peeks back behind at the riders carrying S'ya, but she was going in search of meat.

L'ton winces just slightly, just for a moment, as S'ya's fingers assault his arms, but then he's left to respond to Shellie, even as she helps with the younger greenrider's mass. "A fist.." He mutters, glaring briefly at Ysa, before shaking his head. Then he's jerking his haed at Lexalea as she just stands there. "Go with Ysa, help her out. Tell the healers we're coming." And he's supporting S'ya as much as he can, for the sake of the smaller Shellie, and trying to usher her towards the infirmary as fast as he can - which isn't particularly fast, given the situation.

Shellie lets R'miel take S'ya's other side, instead leading the way out of the caverns. "Come on. I'll fix the nose once we're in the infirmary." She glances at her watch, starting to time the contractions.

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

S'ya goes quiet once they reach the Infirmary, having set to whimpering as softly as she could on their way there. She says very little to the bronzers helping her walk, clinging to them tightly and squeezing whenever another contraction hit her. "Tonny, what do I do?" Her voice is shaky as she eyes the Infirmary, not a fan of the place. She watches Shellie now, waiting for instructions before letting out another yelp of pain. Her face wrinkles, her knees buckling a bit. She doesn't fall however, managing to keep herself up by means of the men.

Shellie makes a beeline for one of the beds. "Ok, get her up onto the bed." She reaches into a drawer, and pulls out some gauze packing. "I'll stop the bleeding first, then we'll concentrate on the baby." She turns and smiles to S'ya. "You're going to be fine, dear. Just trust me." She pulls a screen towards the bed.

R'miel helps carry S'ya into the infirmary with L'ton. Hopefully Ysa's already cleared a path for them. Either way, Ram starts barking orders as soon as he's inside. "Get this woman a bed! She's in labor already and is having contractions! She's also got a broken nose!" He'll help L'ton lift her onto a bed, but will then let the healer staff take over. Now he's looking around for his distressed weyrmate. "Ys? You still here, love?"

Ysa would have kept walking and walking and walking. Probably hitch a ride somewhere really far for awhile if it weren't for her lifemate stuck on the sands of Xanadu's hatching caverns. So she was stuck. And eventually she follows the trail of riders to the infirmary, with that raw piece of meat in her hand. It looked really silly about now. She was crying since she left the caverns, and she was hesitating not far from the main group bustling around the pregnant greenie. "'m over here," she calls back to R'miel, her voice breaking.

"Just stay with me lil'bit… Ah'm here, Ah'm here, dun worry. Just try and breath, and focus on the contractions. We're gonna get ya lying down, and Ah'll be right here.." Looking for Shellie for further directions, he's nodding at Ram, timing it with the other bronzerider to get her into the prepared bed, and he's still hovering close, not even straightening all the way as he grasps at both of S'ya's hands. "Just try and breath. Ah know that it hurts…"

S'ya looks slightly dazed, all the action going on around her seeming to puzzle her. When the next contraction hits however she is brought back to reality. This time it's a full on scream, her face beading more and more with sweat. "Bed? No, I can't!" She stays firm in her spot, resistant to any change. Her breathing becomes quicker, a panic attack seeming imminent. Her body is stock still, well, as much as it can be during labor. She looks ready to just plop right down onto the floor, her eyes wide as she continues to hyperventilate.

Shellie glances to R'miel. "I'd appreciate it if I were the one giving instructions, Bronzerider. You should see to your weyrmate." She's calm, polite, and civil, but the tone is unmistakable. She's the Healer here, after all. A glance is shot to L'ton. "Dear, you might want to start coming up with more nicknames for your lovers." She can't help smiling though, even as she turns to S'ya, the screen coming completely around the bed now. As she starts to roll the gauze, and carefully put it into the greenrider's nose, she continues. "Go ahead and get her clothes off, please. I know you've got lots of experience doing that." She can't resist the dig at L'ton. "There are gowns for the patients in the drawer at the duty station.

R'miel puts S'ya in the bed whether she want to go or not. The floor was no place to be dropping babies. The weyrsecond peers at Shellie, but doesn't say anything. He was already concerned about Ysa's whereabouts, and was fine with not bearing witness to the birth. He starts wandering off in the direction of Ysa's meek voice. When he finds her he's quick to relieve her of that raw meat, tossing it into a trash can. Then he pulls her in close to try and comfort her. "Shh, Ys. It'll be okay. The healers will take care of her."

Ysa tilts her body as the screen starts closing around the bed, keeping her eyes on S'ya and the mess of labor. She worries her lower lip, squeezing the meat in her hands until they were out of sight. R'miel's appearance actually makes her wobbly again and she shakes her head. It's a little battle to remove the meat from her hands, but then she's clutching at her weyrmate. "I /punched/ her! It's not going to be okay." She buries her face against him a moment, shaking, before pulling away. "I got to do something. Don't know… I- Shells, 'm just so dumb for not thinking."

Unfortunately for S'ya, L'ton isn't going to give her the chance to be overly stubborn, for as soon as she seems distracted, he's scooping her up, squirming self and all, and depositing her upon the bed with R'miel's help, to be subject to Shellie's surely tender care. He catches Shellie's comment, with a wink. "Ya just know yer good if'n Ah actually call ya something right, Shellie." He offers, before he's left to deal with S'ya, and he's leaving her quite hesitantly to grab a gown before returning to offer S'ya a hand once more. "Hold mah hand, S'ya.. We've gotta get ya out of 'em.." And so its done, as awkwardly as it is with only one free hand, before the greenrider is covered with the patients gown.

S'ya flinches slightly when Shellie comes at her with the gauze, her heightened reflexes coming into play now that she's already been decked. It's because of her focusing on the Healer that she misses the bronzers heaving her up onto the bed, only managing a squeak of complaint before the next contraction hits. She lets out a long scream, grasping the sheets tightly, her face red with the strain of it all. She lets L'ton garb her in the traditional Infirmary gown, taking the offered hand with a whimper. "Tonny, I'm scared." She says, forgetting about everyone else in the room for now. "The baby, I'm not ready." She's using contractions freely now, a clear sign that all her composure has gone through the roof. "I made Ysa do it! I made her mad, it's my fault!"

Shellie smiles at S'ya again, as she gently packs the younger woman's nose, trying to keep the pain at a minimum. "You're ready dear, trust me. And it's too late now." Her voice is soft and pleasant, reassuring. "You're doing just fine." She sighs as she turns to L'ton again. "I need you to get me a glass of wine, watered down, dear. I need to give her a little fellis so I can set the nose.

R'miel blinks down at Ysa. He refuses to let her pull away completely. "I know, sweetheart. There's nothing we can do now, we've got to let the healers take care of her. Just relax, okay? I promise she'll be just fine." He blinks as he can hear S'ya screaming about Ysa. Soon he's trying to lead the goldrider away. "Come on, Ys. Let's head out to the waiting area…"

Ysa winces when S'ya screams, hopefully because of a contraction and not the nose being mended. She vaguely remembers her own son being born, afterall. "I /can't/," she answers, breathing just a bit heavily as she tries to concentrate now with the younger woman screaming in the other room. "I didn't kill the baby, did I? She's going to be alright, right?" She was starting to get a panicked look to her face, trying to pull away from the bronzer when he leads her. "No, I… /should/ do something," she whines, tugging more when she hears her name. "If that baby isn't healthy…."

L'ton quickly squeezes S'ya's hand in his own, shaking his head. "Ya dun need ta be scared S'ya, Ah promise. Ah'm here and Shellie's here and she's gonna take good care of ya. Yer gonna be okay…" Absently rubbing S'ya's arm with his other hand, he's looking to Shellie for more directions, forgetting about those beyond the curtain. Reluctantly he's leaving S'ya's side, squeezing her hand tightly before he goes to fetch the watered down wine, returning at as much of a run as he can to avoid spilling the drink everywhere. "Here ya go Shells.." And then he's turning back to S'ya, giving her his hands back for support. "She's gonna fix yer nose.. just try and breath through yer mouth… Try and count between each contraction…" Maybe something will help? Anything?

Shellie takes the glass, and adds a few drops of Fellis to it. "Ysa, R'miel, I'll want to talk to both of you in a bit, so if you could just stay around please?" She turns back to S'ya. "And it's not your fault, dear. As far as I can tell, Ysa panicked. No one meant to do anything." She hands her the glass. "Now, drink this. I'm going to have to set your nose so that it'll heal all right, but it's going to hurt, even with the fellis." She looks down to check on the progress of the baby, assessing it. "You're doing well, dear.

S'ya pauses in her hysterics for a moment, watching Shellie silently. The woman's mannerism seems to calm her a bit, her breathing becoming slightly normal again. She whimpers at the mending, the downtime between contractions letting her feel the pain she'd forgotten about in all the commotion. Yup, it was broken alright. "Tonny!" She cries as the bronzer moves away, looking like a lost child without him, a bit of relief found when he rejoins her. She takes the glass shakily, nodding before downing its contents hastily. "I-I am? Is the baby gonna be okay?" With her glass drained she does seem to calm a bit, either the stuff was working or just the fact that she'd downed it was enough to calm her.

R'miel looks down at Ysa. "Ysa, you can't kill a baby by punching the mother in the nose. I'm sure the baby is just fine, it just wants to come out now. What are we going to do in there? We'll just crowd the place and the healers won't have space to work." He sighs a bit, and watches L'ton run off, then come back with something in a glass. "Can we please go sit down, Ysa?" He nods to Shellie, but is still trying to drag Ysa back out to the waiting area.

Ysa doesn't look quite convinced by her weyrmate's reassurance. She tightens her hold on him, shaking her head. "I… I just don't know. Don't know why I didn't think 'bout it, just reacted." Watching Ton appear, though, scares the goldrider just a bit more. Watching her old friend glaring at her was not fun, either. So she falls back into Ram's arm and allows him to pull her to the waiting area for a bit. "But… But I gotta go apologize. Do something in there." As if she didn't already apologize, or try to. Her eyes don't leave the curtain, even though she was moving the other way.

"Yer gonna be fine and the baby's gonna be fine, Ah promise, Ah promise." L'ton continues to reassure the greenrider, though he settles for looking at her stomach rather than her face as it seems obvious that the time is coming for Shellie to reset S'ya's know - seeing the breaking was bad enough, he'd rather not watch the reversal too. "The baby'll be fine. Ya just gotta breath.." You would think, however, given the fact that its L'ton he'd look particularly less perturbed than he does now.

Shellie takes a breath. The fellis has had time to take affect, and she dares not use more because of the baby. "Ok, S'ya, I'm going to pop your nose back into place. I'm not going to lie, this is going to hurt. But it'll be over soon." And with that, she doesn't even give the girl a chance to protest, instead reaching out, and quickly popping the cartilige back in.

The drug is starting to take affect and S'ya is growing steadily calmer. Her grip remains on L'ton all the same and she tries to flash him a smile. "Okay." When Shellie announces that she's going to 'pop' her nose back into place she goes wide eyed again, her mouth open to say something but instead letting out an ear piercing scream. She's not one for pain and it's /very/ obvious. The waterworks start back up again and she slouches back a bit, panting from the pain. Another contraction hits and she yelps, moaning before moving to grab Shellie. "The baby, coming!" And without any direction she sets to pushing on her own, her instincts kicking in. All those breathing exercises as a Harper will sure come in handy today.

R'miel strokes Ysa's hair comfortingly. "I know, love, I know. You were upset and you took a swing at her. I'm sure the healers will get her back in working order. She'll appreciate the apology more after she's given birth." He sticks his head in past the curtain for a brief moment. "We'll be in the waiting area." He tells the healer, before leading Ysa away. Of course, then there's that scream. Followed by S'ya baby announcement. Even the bronzer winces and stops. He looks down at Ysa like 'o.o'.

L'ton is deserted by Ram and Ysa? Even if they were behind the mysterious curtain they were there, but now they aren't. However, that point is now the least of his worries, for S'ya's first screaming and then making an announcement that has him looking at Shellie with a hint of panic. But then he's squeezing her hands, leaning against the bed some. "Just.. uh… When you feel one coming ya gotta push, kay?" He tries to tell her, squeezing her hands again. "Ya can do it, S'ya, yer gonna do just fine."

Shellie nods, and takes the other hand. "Yes, dear. The baby's coming. It's time. And you're doing just fine." She smiles again. "Now, just push when you feel like you need to." She drops the hand, and shifts position. "It's not going to be much longer. Have you two thought of a name yet?

Ysa seems to be calming down. Just a tad. Her breathing returns to normal, she she bobs her head when R'miel actually starts making sense to her. Her eyes, still tearing up, turn towards the curtain briefly. And then the screaming happens and she clutches on to R'miel. "Faranth! It's /killing/ her!" But she doesn't have much desire to go tearing off the screen and run into the room. At least, not yet. She stares right back at R'miel. "Was… Was I like that?"

Yup, that baby is coming and it's waiting for no one! S'ya tries to get into a rhythm, breathing while keeping her eyes focused on the curtain. She nods to L'ton, sparing him a glance before the sudden urge to push causes her to do so. She's a mess, bandaged nose, face damp with sweat and hair flying everywhere, let's add her face contorting and the groans of her pushing to all this mess. Her chest heaves in time with her pushing, her hazel eyes shut as she concentrates. Her hand squeezes the bronzers whenever she does push, certainly causing him a bit of pain, but then again S'ya isn't very strong so it's likely to be minimal.

"Ah.. Ah ain't sure. Zalesh, or Zyle, or.. Zya, it really just depends.." L'ton supplies somewhat helpfully as S'ya is left rather incapacitated. He does wince as his hand is squeezed, but nevertheless, he's making no move to move away, instead merely moving his free hand to gently rest on her forehead, brushing at her hair what may or may not be soothingly. And then he's counting softly under his breath between her pushes, bracing himself each time for the next squeeze.

R'miel and Ysa don't get far before he's heading back towards the curtain, curious to see what's going on in there. He pulls Ysa along with him, not wanting to be separated from her, either, now. "Er… Maybe! I don't remember really. All I remember is you squeezing my hand until I thought it was broken. And then a thing coming out the end of you." He sticks his head in to get a peek at the happenings. "Oh Faranth! It's freaking normal…ish! There's a bloddy… thing popping out her just like when you had yours! Oh shells, S'ya! Push it out of you!" Such a big bundle of support this one is.

Shellie looks up and smiles at S'ya again. "The baby's starting to crown. Go ahead and push again." She moves closer, ready to get the baby as soon as he or she arrives.

It was about time for Ysa to get traumatized watching some live childbirth. Even if all that screaming had her shaking in her boots and thinking the baby died half-way out her body because of her punch. "Normalish? Normalish is good?" She pokes in, and then stares in horror at it all. Scarred! "Shells! That thing is… is ugly!" She clings close to her weyrmate, making a disgusted face even with her crying and her face paled as it was before. "Can ya tell if it's alive?" she says to Shellie, even if she's busy preparing to take the baby off of S'ya's… hands.

S'ya pauses in her pushing in order to stare at R'miel. "Bloody thing! Is it alright?" She stares wide eyed at Shellie but the smile is reassurance enough. Scratch that… She sets to crying now, crying and pushing, thanks to Ysa and R'miel's comments. "Deformed!" She manages to squeak before giving a final push. She can feel it, it's over, and she falls back immediately. Huffing she closes her eyes for a moment before realizing what she just did. "The baby, is it alright?" She frantically pushes herself up to try and get a look.

As soon as it seems the baby has arrived, L'ton is moving to settle on the edge of the bed next to S'ya, moving to sit her up and support her against him, even as he glares at R'miel and Ysa at their outbursts, though his true attention is on Shellie and the little boy that has just arrived in the world. "Shards" He mutters.

R'miel is pointing to the baby as it's finally freed of S'ya's loins. "That's what Lyram looked like, too! He looked exactly like that only not as big! Lookit him, Ys! He's not deformed! Count his toes and fingers and things!" Ram was pushing into the room now. At least he was done panicking and was looking more excited now. New baby! He squeezes Ysa. "He'll be cuter once he's cleaned off."

Shellie glances back at the other riders. "No. He's a perfectly healthy, although very big, boy." She grins at the new mother and the….not so new…father. "Congratulations, S'ya. L'ton, do you want to cut the cord?

Ysa was holding her breath actually, only breathing out when it's confirmed that he was healthy and fine. Her shoulders still shake a bit from the stress, sticking close to R'miel even as she stares at the bloody baby… thing. "Oh, shells… I don't remember Lyr looking like that at all. Ugly." She sniffs and wipes at her face, unable to look over at the mother and father, especially whens he knows one of them would probably be glaring.

S'ya is waiting for the tell tale scream but without it she grows frantic. It comes soon enough however and she beams, glowing with pride as the sight of her newborn is had. She's at a loss for words, simply nudging L'ton a bit. "Zallesh, two L's." She says before calming down a bit. "Big and healthy." She repeats Shellie's words in a bit of a daze. Ysa's not so sweet words fall on deaf ears it seems, now that the greenie knows the baby is fine she doesn't care about the comments. "I can hold him after?"

L'ton is no longer glaring, it seems that the arrival of yet another member of the future Z army has been enough to erase any ill-mood, at least for the time being. Instead, he's nodding slowly at Shellie, moving to take the carefully sterilized tools, cutting the cord, before retreating to S'ya's side. "He's perfect, sweets. Just give 'em a bit.. Ya done good." Glancing at the bystanders, he grins, and then looks back at S'ya. "Sure ya wanna do this seventeen more times?" He teases the exhausted woman lightly.

R'miel blinks at Ysa. "Well, he didn't look quite so… compressed, I guess. Maybe his head was smaller." Or it was just compressed a different way. The bronzer takes his notepad out of his pocket, and jots the name down. "Zallesh, two L's… Er… can we do anything to help?" He scratches his chin a bit and then squeezes Ysa.

Shellie shakes her head as she deftly ties off the cord as soon as L'ton's cut it. "No, thank you, R'miel. She just needs to rest." She takes little Zallesh, and cleans him quickly, then wraps him in blankets before handing him back to S'ya. "Here you go, dear. You just rest now

"Lyram was tiny," Ysa agrees with a mumble, still staring at Zallesh now. She finally looks away towards the couple on the bed, flushing a bit and looking away completely. A safer spot, her weyrmate, most likely. "I don' think we're really needed much here 'nymore. S'not our baby." Apparently she was ready to run away again. It was her turn to tug him away from the small enclosed bed, towards the curtain.

"He /is/ perfect." S'ya says with a sigh, obviously happy that was over with. When L'ton teases her about her hoard of desired babies she grins. "/Seven/ not seventeen! And yes, so long as they are not all brought into the world in the same way." She looks over at Ysa, a bit serious but not saying anything. "Two L's." She makes sure to repeat to R'miel, obviously it's important to the greenie. She lets out a little squeak of excitement when the cleaned and swaddled baby is handed to her and she sets to tending to her Zallesh instantly.

Shellie leaves, returning about half an hour later, her hair damp, and wearing her healer's scrubs. "S'ya? You still awake, dear?

S'ya has drifted off to sleep, Zallesh sleeping peacefully on her chest as well. When her name is called she stirs opening her eyes groggily and smiling at Shellie. "I must have nodded off." She says before moving higher up on her pillow, careful not to wake the baby.

Shellie smiles. "I'm sorry. You need your rest. How's the nose feeling?

S'ya looks down her nose as if to asses the damage. "Well it hurts, a lot." She says frankly with a grin, settling back into the bed. "I have to thank you, love. You were amazing. I was not expecting to deliver today, it was all very shocking." Zallesh stirs slightly but settles back against his mothers chest, the brown skinned baby still looking nice and wrinkly and with a funny shaped head.

Shellie giggles. "You're welcome dear. Besides, we mothers of Tonny-spawn need to stick together." She sighs, as she settles down. "Just remember, no matter how tempting he manages to be, no sex for six weeks.

"That we do!" S'ya says happily, seeming to like the idea of the bond. "Six weeks? That is not /so/ long, well not with little Zallesh to keep me busy that is." She fawns over the baby happily, taking a moment to adjust the blanket he's swaddled in before moving her gaze back up to Shellie. "Is there anything else I should do? I am rather new to all of this."

Shellie smiles as she reaches over to gently push the blanket away to look at the baby. "Well, just make sure you feed him and change his diapers when he needs you to. I can help with that, if you'd like, since his sister's only about eight months older than he is, and I'm still nursing her.

"Nurse and change? Sounds easy enough." S'ya beams as Shellie examines the newborn, moving him so she can get a better look. "Eight months? L'ton sure does like to keep them coming at a nice pace." She jokes, pushing back a few strands of her messy hair. "Oh, I think I can manage it all but if I need help I will come in straight away. Oh, and when he is older we should have playdates! What is your daughters name?"

Shellie smiles. "Zallie. Of course, you could fill an entire crafthall between L'ton's kids and J'vry's/

"Zallie, cute!" S'ya says, becoming more animated as the conversation continues. At the remark about the large amount of Ton and J'vry kids she smirks, nodding her head. "That you could, but he is such a wonderful guy. Tonny that is, I do not know who J'vry is." She lets out a long sigh before settling back.

Shellie smiles. "J'vry's my weyrmate's older brother…and until L'ton came along, he was rumored to be the most prolific Bronzer on Pern." She grins. "I'll have to bring Zallie by to meet you, dear. Best that they get to know each other all their lives.

"Oh, now /that/ rings a bell." S'ya says before letting out a yawn. She blushes slightly as she covers her mouth. "I think I should take another nap, this day has really taken a lot out of me." Getting punched by a goldrider and then having your first born, yup, that's a pretty eventful day. "Please feel free to bring Zallie over whenever you like, I love visitors!"

Shellie nods. "I will, dear. You have a good rest now…

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