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Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)
Large enough for a bronze to sun upon, this elongated ledge also happens to be fairly wide, providing plenty of room to accomodate a friend, provided that that friend is no larger than a small brown and doesn't mind being a little squished for room. Overlooking the southern part of Ista's bowl, there's always some sort of activity to be seen from here, whether it's people rushing about during their daily duties, or observing the arrivals of incoming visitors to the Weyr.

Its a beautiful evening at Ista and Dhonzayth is stretched upon the ledge as much as he's really allowed to by L'ton, snoozing contently upon the warmed stone. L'ton is in a quite similar position, having tugged the sofa around to catch the breeze from the bowl, and its there that he's sprawled quite haphazardly. Shoes have been left in the middle of the floor, and he's laying there in shorts and a partially unbuttoned shirt, one hand thrown up over his head as it seems that he has dozed off.

It's usually around this time that Meluth lets Mai get home after checking on the eggs. The brown lands in the place he's learned to aim for when Dhon is there, only long enough to drop his lifemate off though before he's back out of the weyr, not wanting to croud the room. Hopefully the whooshing of wings doesn't wake L'ton because Mai's ever so enjoying the view. She saunters on over, stripping her jacket off on the way and tossing it over the back of the sofa and stepping out of her boots before leaning down to kiss him on the forehead lightly.

Dhonzayth barely stirs as Meluth and M'iken arrive, opening the outermost of his eyelids to give a lidded look at the brown before he's back to dozing in the warmth. Of course, L'ton really isn't much better, for he's shifting slightly, rubbing the side of his head against his arm enough that his hair his ruffled more, and a smile appears on his face as he's kissed lightly. But, he's still dozing.

M'iken smiles to herself before going off to change into something cooler. The only thing about living in a warm climate is that you're sweating as soon as your not 'between' anymore. She pulls on a pair of loose flowy pants and a tank top; then she pulls her pony tail out only to replace it with a bun. She grabs the new book she got while in Ierne last and heads back to the sofa, somehow getting herself beneath L'ton's legs to relax on the couch with him and read. She tried not to disturb his sleep, but you never know, he didn't look like he was dozing very heavily.

Perhaps just the sound of someone else moving around is enough to cause the bronzerider to stir, for he's shifting enough to lazily open his eyes as M'iken meanders away to change. Shifting a bit, he continues to watch her until it seems that she'll be heading back in his direction. Quickly closing his eyes, he feigns sleep until after she's settled with him, and then he's yawning overly loudly, stretching his arms out over his head as he grins rather sillily at M'iken. "Ah though that Ah'd have only found such a pretty lady in mah dreams, but Ah think yer really here."

M'iken is startled to hear L'ton speak and jumps a little, but smiles none-the-less. "Nah, this is a dream still. In a few minutes you'll wake up and I'll be back to my normal less than beautiful self." She says with a half grin, leaning across the back of the couch closer to him. She holds the book to her chest, not wanting to loose her place and not quite feeling like putting the bookmark back. That was too much effort.

"Shards, Mai. Yer always absolutely beautiful. Ah dun think mah dreams could do ya justice." He offers, still smiling at her, reaching to pull the book out of her hand and set it down on the floor next to the couch, leaving the pages where they were. As she scoots a bit, he shifts to create a spot next to him before he's reaching for her wrist to give her a gentle tug.

M'iken blushes lightly and grins, "You're over exaggerating." She says, but then pouts when he takes her book from her. She does move so she can snuggle into him though. She sighs happily then before looking up with a startled expression. "Where's Carrot?" Shs hasn't seen her ball of fluff all day. "He didn't fall out of the weyr or anything did he?" She's sitting up slightly to get a good look around.

"Ah ain't exaggerating! If'n Ah was exaggerating Ah wouldn't have ta worry about that sharding brother of Ram's stealing ya out from under mah nose." He teases her with a tap on her nose, even he snuggles up with her, sighing as she looks around. "He was under the bed before. Xylaihl came by, cause Ah had a book fer her Zylan, fer his turnday, and he got scared by the boy. Ah bet he still is." Its an explanation that seems perfectly valid for L'ton, and he's trying to resettle her next to him.

M'iken actually laughs a little after he taps her on the nose. "How in the world is K'ael gonna steal me from you? I /rarely/ see him. Now, if I saw him everyday that would be a different story." She teases right back. The story about him being under the bed seems perfectly plausible to her so she's willingly settling back down into his arms. "You know, it's a good thing you have such a good job, or you'de never be able to keep up with all the turnday presents." She says with a grin.

"There's a lot ta be said fer the lil books and stuff Ah can get in trade fer just delivering a message somewhere Ah'm going anyway. And fer having a few good folks at the hold who'll sneak me that wool fer blankets." He offers his secret in a hushed tone, before he grins at her. "Though, Ah dun think Ah could keep spoiling ya, if'n Ah didn't have a good job." Giving her a content squeeze, he grins. "Though, ain't sure what Ah can do that's better than that ring."

M'iken chuckles lightly at his 'secret' ways of getting stuff for his miriad of children. "I see. That's a really good idea actually." She compliments him on his present gathering ways. "I /am/ pretty spoiled, aren't I." She makes it a statement rather than a question since she knows it's true. The squeeze makes her happy and she snuggles into him a bit more. "This right here is pretty darn good." She says with a smile.

"Bah, yer gonna get bored of meh.." He teases her, shifting to look at her with wide eyes, while his free arm absently rubs at his hair. "So, Ah figured ya'd be happy to know that Niah dun want me bothering her all the time, once she moves. Said that she'd like ta see ya, and Ah can help out, but that she dun want me ta be leaving ya alone, cause really all she needs is Celiketh. So, ya dun have ta worry about her." Perhaps it was the wrong thing to say, but perhaps its been bothering the bronzerider of late.

M'iken snickers and shakes her head. "No I'm not. I love just being here with you. You're sooo comfortable." She says, giving him a squeeze of her own. She nods a little at the information about Niah. "Well, that is good. It'll be fun watching her get all big and waddle around." She smiles lightly and presses the side of her head against his shoulder, hideing in his neck a bit. "Her and Celiketh remind me of me and Meluth." She's got a found tone in her voice.

"Well, Ah think Ah prefer the brown model, myself." He chuckles, squirming a bit, trying to catch her face so that he can give her a kiss. "Ah'd rather see ya get all big and waddly." He teases her, before giggling more. "Oh, but the lil thing thinks ya should wear more dresses ta, cause she says ya have such long legs, that ya gotta." Someone on his side, finally!

M'iken helps him out a bit with the kiss, gladly taking it and returning it to his neck once she's back to hiding there. "I'd rather see me big and waddly too, but yeah, that just /has/ to wait now. Darn that big brute and his catching Ella." She grouses a little, but in a playful manner. Its hard to be upset about that though since it makes Mel so ridiculously happy all the time. "I don't want to wear more dresses, it's a pain in the butt riding on Meluth in a dress." She says, a light blush creeping along her cheeks. "I basically show off /all/ of my legs when I'm up on him unless I put shorts on underneath and then that disrupts the lines of the dress.

"Ah dun care if'n yer showing off yer legs. Ah love yer legs." He murmurs as she blushes, shaking his head with a happy look. "And they look so good on ya, and they are so much easier." He leans to murmur the positives of dresses in her ear before nipping at it briefly, before leaning back to smile at her. "Soon enough, though, soon enough. Ah'll get ta enjoy my sexy Mai all round and sexier." He seems quite pleased by this, as he's brushing a thumb over her pink cheeks.

M'iken mutters a little. "You'd care if you saw people stareing." She blushes /brightly/ at the 'positives' of wearing a dress, and that alone gets her to seriously consider wearing them more often. The nipping at her ear blows the thoughts out of her mind though and ties a pleasant kind of knot in her stomach. "Humm, waht do you mean sexier? I never said I was changing anything." She's being obstinant but is nuzzling his jaw anyway.

"Maybe Ah would, but it would just make me more excited ta sweep ya home." And as her blush darkens, his grin widens, and he leans to give her a long, slow kiss. "Ah think ya'd be even sexier than ya already are, when yer getting all round." He comments idly, though as she nuzzles at his jaw, he grins, stopping his talking to give her a kiss on the tip of her nose.

M'iken feels like she might just die, it's only L'ton's wonderful lips keeping her soul firmly in her body. "I think you're full of it." She says softly, not really meaning it. "There's no way I'm going to be more sexy all round and waddley." Though her legs are so long, she'll probably never waddle.

"Ah think yer just self conscious…" He teases her, shaking his head. "Ah think ya'll be wonderful. Besides, Ah think that pregnant women are sexy, no matter what ya say." She does have that benefit, certainly. "Ah guess when the time comes, Ah'll just have ta prove ta ya that Ah still think yer beautiful, hm?" And then he's kissing her gently again, for proof of that at the present.

M'iken bursts out laughing for a moment. "Oh goodness, that explains /so/ much." Ah, pregnant women sexy, yeah, that just clears everything in her mind up for her. "Ah you silly bronzer." She sheakes her head then, accepting that kiss. Then, deciding she'll be a little playful. "Now, wait a minutes, I didn't say I'd be any /less/ beautiful than I am now." She flutters her eye lashes at him. "I'm just not goign to get /more/ sexy."

"Bah." He protests a bit, leaning away from her to make face. "Why'm Ah silly, hm? Cause Ah love ya?" He sticks out his tongue at her, but then she's fluttering her lashes at him, and he's grinning. "Fine, then Ah'll just have ta prove that Ah think yer even sexier then, hm? Though, Ah ain't ta sure its possible, considering yer unbelievably sexy just lying here with meh."

M'iken shakes her head. "No, because I was wondering why you keep fawnign over all your baby's mommas, and it's because they're even more sexy to you now." She says, chuckling still, especially when he sticks his tounge out at her. "Well, I wish you luck with that. I don't think there's much more I can do besides stiping and loungeing on the bed while I wait for you to come home one night, with my fluffy ball of fur sleeping against me." So her storytelling sense took over a bit with that one, comming up with something that she thinks would make her look more 'sexy'.

"Well, that and ya ain't got no idea what a woman spurned can be like. One lil mistake and the next thing ya know they're after ya fer nine months… And then some." He rolls his eyes with a soft sigh, wrapping his arms around her middle. "Ya, on the other hand. Ah'm keeping ya fer good. And Ah'm gonna spoil ya fer the whole time, and love ya, and everything else." He grins at her, arching her eyebrow. "Ah think Ah'd love the view of ya, but Ah ain't sure how Carrot would take ta me stealing his person and having mah way with her."

M'iken chuckles lightly, letting her eyes close when he wraps his arms around her. "I'm glad you've decided to keep me. I thought maybe I'd get thrown back out onto the street one of these days." She teases. "Though you don't have to spoil me. Spoil me and by the time a baby comes around you'll end up spoiling the baby too. Don't need it wanting it's own pony after all." She gives him a wink then. "And I'm sure Carrot's used to it by now." She says with a little grin. "I just have to becareful to have a blanket ready to throw over me incase someone else comes in. Don't really need to share all that with them."

"Bah, ya can just have Meluth there, chasing 'em off." L'ton dismisses that concern right off, before making a face at her, and leaning to give her a kiss. "How could Ah not keep someone who's so perfectly suited ta me? Someone who constantly has mah attention, that Ah can't keep mah eyes or my hands off, hm?" He winks back at her, even as his hand absently rub at her sides to prove his point. "Besides, by the time they'd want a pony, Ah'm sure Zip'll have outgrown hers. Ah can just pass it on." All planned out!

The little glow basket in Mai's head turns on at that. "Huh. You're right, I could have him over there, though he'd grumble at me all the while over how I'll catch a cold or something." She chuckles lightly at the face he makes at her. and nods. "I know, I just like hearing it." She says with a mischevious smile. "You know you're a little more calculating than I'd have ever given you credit for. Planning on how to pass gifts down to not even born children." She just can't help but laugh over it.

"Ya should tell him that Ah'll be there soon enough ta keep ya plenty warm." He offers with a helpful expression, arching an eyebrow at her. "Ah mean, if'n ya'd let me keep ya warm.." He teases. Her mischievous grin earns a more surprised look, and then he's grinning. "Well, they ain't born yet, but that dun mean that we can't practice fer when they're able ta be." Perhaps that didn't come out as awesome as he wanted, but, it works, right?

M'iken nods brightly. "True, he'd gurmble over it more, but he wouldn't be able to deny the logic." She admitts happily. And his less tahn fabulous line earns him a develish smile. "Humm, that's very true. They say practice makes perfect after all." Though she's not exactly in a position that would allow her to move off the sofa. "You're gonna have to move first though." She says, winking at him.

"Aw, why do we have ta move?" And L'ton is tilting his head, looking at her curiously. "Ah mean, if'n ya want ta, Ah suppose Ah could cart ya over ta the bed… But Ah'm so comfortable, and yer right here…" And L'ton's voice is a bit whiny then, as he looks at her with wide eyes, hand playing with the bottom hem of her tanktop, even as he's leaning to plant a kiss on her shoulderbone.

M'iken grins and blushes at L'ton, trusting Mel to guard the weyr from unannounced guests. But a snoozing Dhon, not as much. I suposse we could stay here. But I don't want to actually move here, and that kind of defeates the purpose." She does let her head fall back a little at his kissing of her shoulder. "That feels so nice though." She murmurs.

"No ones gonna come wandering up with Dhon sleeping out there. Ah mean, besides, if'n they do, that's their problem fer not asking first." L'ton is clearly not worried, for even as she decides that she'll stay put, he's pulling her tank top off over her head, returning to kiss her shoulder, and then her neck as her head leans back. "Besides, Ah dun wanna leave ya even fer long enough ta go over there."

M'iken pouts at him. He's probably right about no one comming to bother Dhon, except maybe Arin, but she doesn't want to be caught doing it on the sofa, particularly since it happens to be facing the entrance today. Ah, that would be embarassing. The loos of her tank top however, convinces her that staying pressed against l'ton is probably the best thing for now, especially with those wonderful kisses on her neck and shoulder. "Hummm, I guess here will be just fine then." She concedes. Her fingers go down his shirt, deftly unbuttoning the remainging buttons there.

Well, if Arin happens to visit, Ram can just get a good view of what he's missing? But they'll have the advantage of a nice breeze, right? As her hands go down the shirt, he grins, absently tracing his fingers over her ear, smirking at her. "Ah'm glad ya finally see the light mah dear." And then he's kissing her even as he shrugs out of his shirt.

M'iken chuckles lightly. "Yeah, wouldn't want to trouble you to go /all/ the way over to the bed." She says, teasingly. Her fingers, now free of the buttons, roam his chest, relishing in the feel of his body. Especially after that lovely caress of her most sensitive spot. A small happy noise escapes her throat at that. She does manage to shift a little so she's more on top of him. "Humm, I like it up here." She says with a wink

"That's important time, my dear. If'n Ah was moving over ta the bed, Ah wouldn't be able ta do this, now would Ah?" And he's leaning to nip at her earlobe, even as he runs nails over her back, before she's shifting, and he's shifting to get his shoulders flat on the couch, staring up at her, hand reaching up to gently rub her shoulders and neck. "Ah think the view's wonderful, Ah must say."

M'iken just can't stop the moan that comes flying up her throat. The nibbling on her ears plus the nails along her back are nearly too much for her. She just thankfull she's already in the process of moving. "Ah, you evil man." She manages to get out. A shiver runs along her spine then, when his hand runs along her neck. "No fair shelling out compliments when I'm nearly incoherant."

"What now, Ah'm not evil!" He protests quickly, even as he's still rubbing at her neck, smirking a bit at her. "If'n Ah was evil, Ah'd do this.." And then he's sitting up to replace the fingers on her neck with lips, nibbling slightly, even as his hand rest on her sides, and he pulls her against him. "But this is the best time ta compliment ya, aloud and otherwise.."

M'iken was going to argue, and then attempt to run.. maybe, but then he's up and kissing and nibbling on her. "Ohh yeah." Her breathing gets a little harder. "Completely wicked." She says as she lets her arms find their way around his ncek, gladly pressing herself aloong his body.

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