Discussing the Move

Ierne Weyrhold - Celiketh's Sinking Ship

It's not late, though not early the sun is down the evening is cool and Niah is busy. She is in the little kitchen, cooking just a bit the place smells good and Celiketh is stretched out so that his head is near the kitchen area. A running conversation is going on between them, her voice happy and almost flowing. The sound hasa musical sound to it, obviously a very happy Niah. The place is lit up and her lights aren't just the typical white lite, but blue and red light which add a different look to the weyr. Her hair is back in a runnertail, Dawn her firelizard is following every move she makes in the kitchen and is rewarded with bits of food. On her frame is cotton like material, that is a violet purple and goes just past the knee. The top is sleeveless, and it makes her look just a bit bigger in the front, and flatters what little shape she has.

L'ton taps on the door, having apparently chosen to come check on Niah while M'iken is otherwise occupied allowing Meluth to coddle his eggs for the day. After a moment when there is no answer, he's ducking inside, pausing with a happy smile on his face as he takes note of her good mood and her sing-songy voice. "Hey there lil'bit." He offers just as cheerfully as he leans on the door, closing it behind him, with a nod to Celiketh.

Niah doesn't recognize L'ton before Celiketh does, turning Niah smiles giving a little wave and turning off the flame under her food. She puts it on a plate, but leaves the cooked fish there waving and going to see L'ton. With a pat to Celi she says, "What brings you here?" Smiling and she has a bit of a skip to her step. "Is mai with you?" Looking around, as if he could be hiding her and saying. "She said she would come with you." Eyes getting big and worried, "She has not changed her mind about coming to see me has she?" Celiketh now being ignored goes to his couch and stretches out.

"Nah, she's really looking forward ta it, but Meluth decided that he wanted ta check on the eggs again, just in case, so she's stuck at Xanadu with him." L'ton quickly reassures Niah, moving to give her a careful hug, before holding her at arms length, grinning at her. "Ah like the purple, Ah have ta say. Ya need ta talk Mai into wearing a dress more often ta. She didn't seem ta thrilled about it, when Ah was talking her into it." But then he's moving to tweak her nose, and he shakes his head. "Ah thought ya didn't want her ta know, though?"

"Oh, I forgot." Niah says, blushing and when she gets the hug she puts her head on his should, when he moves her out she giggles, making a bit of twirl but then shaking her head and saying "It's just until I get a new pair of pants that fit better, Celi picked the color. He only likes me in red, blue and purple." She twists a bit then asks the question that only really has one answer, "Does it make me look fat?" With him talking about mai not liking dresses she says, "But she has such long legs." Getting quiet as he asks her why she told mai, her lip biting is back and she says, "I though for sure you had told her, but you hadn't and I felt so bad when she asked me how I was doing and oh I'm so sorry." Moving back a bit and biting at her fingernails.

"Dun ya worry, little bit, and he jokingly claps in approval as she twirls. "Ah like the purple. And no, Ah dun think it makes ya look fat, Ah think ya look great. And then he's pulling her back to his side, resting his hand on her stomach with a grin. "Ah know, that's what Ah told her. That she has great legs, so she should show 'em of, but she said they're ta difficult ta get around in." He shrugs a bit, before smiling. "Its cool, Ah said something, ta but, she was like, Ah already know. And I was surprised."

Niah blushes as he claps covering her stomach a bit but when his hand goes on it she smiles, "He isn't slowing down much." She says with a little sigh, pushing the dress against her frame and showing the slight pooch that has gotten just a bit bigger. "I like the dress, flying in it is hard but I don't have any pants." Still chewing her lip, "I felt like she knew, and then what would she think if I lied to her."

"Well, Ah guess we're just gonna have a real big baby, hm?" L'ton teases her, patting her stomach for a moment, shaking his head as she seems to sigh at her expanding stomach. "Ah still think its sexy, not bad. Dun worry." He reassures her, before moving to steer her towards the couch, snagging her plate for her as he takes a rather roundabout way. "She says she just can't figure it out, but." He shrugs a bit, settling down. "She ain't upset at all, though."

"What can't she figure out?" Niah asks as she's led to the sofa and he goes and gets her food. Sitting down and smoothing the fabric so it sits well, and crossing her legs. For all her shyness she was taught how to be a proper lady. Her posture is good, and she says "Well you have to sit down, and it can not be all that short. The dress needs to fit, when you sit it has to go under you. If she had come I would have taught her." When he comes back she looks a little worried, pouting just a bit "I didn't even get a kiss."

"Ah ain't sure, but she said that it was hard ta figure out. She even had shorts on underneath, cause she was all worried." L'ton shakes his head with a softly sigh, though as she pouts, he grins, leaning to give her a slow kiss. "That better lil'bit?" He teases her, draping his arm over her shoulders as he pushes at a piece of food around the plate. "Ya need ta eat, lil'bit. Then ya can have another kiss." Blackmail? Maybe.

Niah kisses him back, a little smile and says to him, "Yes, thank you." Then as he mentions the food she looks at it and scrunches her nose up. But at his threat she takes a bite, and says "You hungry?" With a glance at the fish and vegetables on her own plate she moves it around a bit and says, "I would wear something if I was flying, but just in here? Who but you is going to see me." She scoots a bit, and takes another bite, though she seems to talk more than eat.

L'ton absently ruffles Niah's hair then, shaking his head. "Ah ain't hungry. And even if'n ya aren't, ya need ta eat." As she continues to talk, he shakes his head and waggles a finger at her with a sigh. "Ya're worse than a toddler, Niah, ya gotta eat it, or the Healers are gonna fuss, and then they'll actually poke and prod ya, instead of just taking a bit of blood." Gotta scare her into submission, maybe?

Niah shakes her head and takes a few more bites, eating fast and avoiding the vegetables but eating the meat. "How would they know?" It's almost obstinant, but she has a smile carrying a bit of mischief, which is something she doesn't tend to have. Getting quiet while she eats she finishes the meat, putting the plate on her lap and scooting a bit she asks, "Do I have to see a healer in ista?"

"Cause Ah'd make sure they knew, so they'd have ta poke ya ta make sure ya were all healthy." L'ton, mean? Never. As her plate is finally finished he takes it from her, returning it to the counter - apparently her eating anything is enough to make him not fuss bout the vegetables. "O'course ya have ta see a Healer at Ista. But, Mai or Ah can prolly go with ya. They ain't so bad, Mai goes ta talk ta 'em a fair bit ta, dun worry." And then he's settling himself back down on the couch, arm back over her shoulder, before giving her a kiss on the nose as promised.

Niah as he gets closer to her she smiles, moving to lay her head on his shoulder "I'll go, because I have to have the baby there. I don't want just anyone doing that." She's pretty firm with that, blushing and looking down, thoughtful eyes big. "L'ton?" her voice is suddenly tiny, and quiet. "Mai won't take my baby right?" It's a fear she doesn't seem to shake easily, and she is sitting and scooting a bit so she can watch tons face carefully. "I just feel like maybe when I get to Ista that, after the babies born you will want to take him because Mai can't have one." Her hands on her stomach, a little possesive. "I know you took one of your other daughters" She's heard rumors, she listens because she doesn't talk.

L'ton quickly shakes his head. "Mai ain't gonna take yar baby.. S'ya offered ta have one fer her, but she only wants her own. She's not gonna make someone else go through what she is." Putting his hand over hers, he shakes his head. "Ah took Zipalla from home, cause mah parents were gonna raise her ta distrust riders and their lifestyle, and ta just not know how anything really is. Ah didn't want her ta be like that.. it ain't fair fer a kid." Giving her a bit of a smile, he drops his chin to meet her gaze fully. "Ah ain't gonna take yer baby, or anyone elses, but Ah will help out when Ah can."

Niah smiles just a little, "I didn't hear about all that, I just heard you had taken one of the kids and I didn't want the next one you take to be mine." She leans towards his hand, moving to give him a kiss. "I hope I don't sound selfish, I really want M'iken to have a baby I just want it to be her baby and not mine." She scoots a bit closer to him with a content, relieved smile "I won't raise him like that, he will know Celiketh really well and he will grow up at Ista with you and I just want to be given the chance to have a baby that is all mine, to raise and love." She sounds happy near the end and moves to give his hand a little squeeze

L'ton grins and nods. "Most people dun even know, cause Ah've had Zip with meh at Ista since she was just a bit more than three. And, if'n it weren't the best fer her, Ah wouldn't have done it." Giving her a gentle kiss in return, he smiles at her, shaking his head. "Ah promise ya, lil'bit. Mai and Ah'll have our own, ya've no need ta worry. We've really been putting our minds ta it, fer when she's not going back and forth no more." As she squeezes his hand, he smiles. "Ah.. Ah just want ya to know that even though ya'll be at Ista with meh, Ah can't always be staying with ya, fer long times, cause Ah has Mai, ta, ya know?" And his voice sounds rather nervous, and he has trouble meeting her gaze at this point.

Niah gives a sigh, it might even be relief, and she says "It's ok, I was worried I would have to tell you. I love having you here, but I don't want someone around all the time." She explains, eyes all big and she says it all nervously, "Will you still see me sometimes? I mean not a lot but just sometimes." She seems to be nervous about this and then starts to cry, which can be blamed on hormones she cries and awful lot recently "I just feel like maybe you will wave me off as another one of your girls and everyone there will think I was stupid for getting near you, and that you will act like you never met me before." The she says "I don't need someone around all the time, I want you to be with mai but I don't want to be treated like I have been used."

"Of course Ah'm gonna come see ya still, sweetheart. Ah just can't promise ta spend every night with ya, though Ah guess ya didn't want that anyway, huh?" He tries to make her feel better, cupping her cheeks in his hands and using his thumbs to wipe away her tears. "Now lil'bit, there's no need ta cry. Ah ain't gonna ferget about ya, or our cute lil baby, dun ya worry yer pretty lil'head 'bout that." And then he's giving her a soft kiss, catching her gaze, and forcing her to look at him. "Ah'll be there as much as Ah can, ta match with how much ya want meh there."

Niah looks up, shaking her head "No, I like being with Celiketh and being on my own. I don't want you to spend nights with me, you should spend those with M'iken." She looks at him like she is suprised that he would mention such a thing, she is quiet but at the kiss she lets a very small smile slip, "I just want, I want you to be my lover and my friend and to love our baby but I want some space. Do you think I want to much?" As he wipes she says, "I do not need you to be around, I want you here but i don't need it." In a bit of a mood change that seems to be a niah thing she says moving to give him a kiss, "But I like having you around, so I keep you around."

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