Pi Tries to Quit

Ista Weyr - Corral
A large expanse of more than a hundred acres, the fenced-in Corral sits on the plateau, half in the bowl, half out of it. There are entrance gates in the fencing. Half in the Corral, there is a watering pond for the animals that's fed by pipes from a set of underground tunnels. For an overflow, and to keep the water from stagnating, a little stream has been cut at the western end of the pond, that flows across the plateau, and down to the beach below. The nutrient-rich grasses are kept trimed fairly short by the grazing of the animals, and look like a rich, verdant carpet.

Let's see. What would Pi be doing out in the corral in the later evening? Well, wrangling ovines of course. The girl's got one rumped currently, and seems to be peering at it's side, sheerer in hand. "Aw shardit.. what'd y manage ta do?" Wool is carefully cut back from the questionable area.

And what would L'ton be doing at this time? Apparently stalking the eldest of his offspring, for he's backing out of the barn as Zipalla comes out, the teen looking quite disgruntled about L'ton's presence, and he's left to just sigh, choosing to meander instead of dealing with her directly. And so he's ducking into the corral, pausing as there's a girl, and a sheep. Uh-oh?

Pi has eyes on the back of her head, which raises as soon as someone joins her in the corral. Peeking over she gives a bit of a grin, which should be enough to make Pal worry. "Hey, give meh a hand!" Nope, that's not a question apparently, or even a suggestion.

L'ton is so, so abused. But, never the less, as Pi orders him to help, he's pushing his sleeves up, before moving to grab the offending ovine, keeping him tightly in place while giving Pi a silent look of surprise.

Pal is hardly abused, in fact he's not nearly as abused as he should be. As soon as the weyrsecond has a hold of the wooly one, Pi's crouching down and quickly clipping the area. Looks like there's some sort of wound there as the fluffy white is pulled back. "How the shards…" grump. It's a small looking scab but the area around is bulging out rather oddly. "Wait here." Oh yes, she's scampering off and climbing over the corral's fence leaving the rider there with a sheep.

L'ton is too abused! If not by Pi than by plenty of other people. At least, that's what he'll claim, particularly as soon as Pi is shaving the sheep's side, and he's left to oogle the wound, blinking a few times. "What the.." But then Pi is taking off and L'ton's left keeping a rather unhappy sheep still, a sheep which if he can't kick will bite. Thankfully, so far, its nothing serious - just his shirt sleeves.

Pi returns with a bag and promptly crouches down again, rummaging through it. Hopefully Pal's not eaten anytime soon. "So how've ya been?" She might as well have some sort of conversation with the man after drafting him, right? "Ya should be proud of meh, Ah talked ta V'gay 'bout the kid thing." So there! Not that she really gave him a whole lot of time to answer. She'll just scrub the area with some sort of soapy substance as the ovine squirms a bit.

L'ton has long since learned to control his stomach and keeps the contents inside, otherwise he'd never manage when Dhonzayth was feeding. As she washes the ovine's side, he tighten's his hold on the beast, bracing it against himself and shaking his head. "Did ya? What did he say?" L'ton asks absently, never looking up from his charge.

Pi finishes with the scrubbing and opens a package with a small blade in it. That quickly gets attached to a handle and she slowly and carefully cuts into the skin where she pulled off the scab. Yeah, it's oozing. "Uh.. well, uh…" right. She obviously doesn't know how to answer that question. "Ain't an issue till we move in tagether.. if'n that happens. Ah mean, ain't havin' his kid 'fore that."

"Wait, so ya changed yer mind?" He questions, flinching just a bit as she slices into the skin before shifting slightly to push at the bulge to cause the oozing to continue. Oops? "Ah guess that's good, right?" And so he decides to drop the subject - perhaps oozing animals wounds don't really lend themselves to good conversation.

Pi peers up at Pal momentarily at that question and can't help but grin when the 'big man' flinches. "Ah guess so." Sorta, maybe. We'll see? The extra oozing gets not complaint from her, in fact she presses gently on the sides to help eaze it along. On the other hand, the beastie gives a nice loud baa of complaint. "What 'bout ya? What's yer tally at."

Is it so wrong to feel a bit of pity for an animal? But, he's pushing at the wound again out of some sick need to cause it to ooze, before he's left to pin the baaaaing, squirming animal back in place. "Ah.. Ah ain't sure. None with Mai, though." Though that seems to cause a bit of a frown on his face. Not fair.

Pi can't help it, she really can't. "Serves ya right, but Ah feel sorry fer her, so Ah guess Ah shouldn' be smug 'bout it." If Mai didn't want one well, then that'd be a different case fully. Finally she's slipping on gloevs and a bit of tubing is slipped into the wound, stiches going around it to keep it in, and the wound mainly closed.

"We're working on it, but she's back and forth ta Xanadu, cause of Meluth's eggs there. The Healers said that they think if'n she avoids the chemicals we'll have a chance though, once she's able ta stay put. Ah didn't think Ah'd be so happy for them eggs to hatch." He still absently watches the minor surgery, absently shushing the ovine.

Pi finally sets the instruments back down and grins. Obviously /this/ is her element, not her actual position at the weyr. "Guess it ain't a good time ta be tryin' ta promote her then huh… well, she'd have a second ta go ta meetings but…" grump. There go her plans, foiled again. "Ah don' wanna leave Ista…" Oh yeah, that just came out as well.

"Then dun leave Ista." He states plainly, shaking his head, slowly moving to set the ovine back on his feet. "Ya should at least wait til after we get her pregnant, so that we dun have ta keep worrying about staying put." He narrows his gaze at her, arching an eyebrow. "Were ya gonna move and leave her in charge?" That ain't good.

Pi nods a little as she starts putting stuff away and then carefully wipes the ooze off of the ovine with a towel. "Ah ain't plannin' on movin'.. but Ah'd like ta be with meh boy too, ya know?" It's hard, she doesn't /like/ long distance. "That's how meh an' Gabi ended… least he's in one place an' got a dragon too, instead of travelin' everywhere and bein' hard ta find." Obviously someone isn't secure in her relationship this time around either. "Nah.. ain't leavin', Ah jus' never wanted tha' job, ya know tha'.. an' Ah ain't happy when Ah'm doin' it."

"Ya can just go back and forth, ya know. It ain't like it takes a long time ta go from Ista ta Fort." L'ton is the master of time management, with a string of girls to visit all around Pern, even while still adoring his M'iken. "Ah understand. Maybe it'll work out, once we has our kid? Ah mean, if'n ya think she'd be good at it.. We really just want a piece of us tagether." He shrugs a bit, absently rubbing at the ovine ears.

Pi wrinkles her nose and nods. "Yeah, but give hours.. tha' makes a big difference fer spendin' time together." She does have a point there, after all. It's not even dinner time there yet. "Well, good luck, an' Ah ain't gonna send her on lots of betweenin', how's that?" But that's a long time to wait. Oh well. "Ya can let 'er go now." is said with a motion to the ovine. "And.. why'd ya give meh this shardin' job, Ah should punch ya for it." Oh yes, frustration is apparent. "Ya and Lisle're evil."

"Ah think ya already did, since ya couldn't exactly hit Lisle fer it." He offers as the ovine is let completely go, and then he shakes his head, rubbing his hands on his pants. "Well, it dun matter until Meluth's eggs hatch, but after that, if'n ya'd keep her around her, Ah'd really appreciate it. Like, really really." He offers with a wide smile. "Ah do have ta say, the time different ain't no good."

Pi finally shuts the bag after getting all but the really cruddy stuff into it, the rest will be tossed. Standing up she brushes off her pants and peers after the ovine with a bit of a grin, more genuine than Pal would see very often. "See? This is what Ah do… not meetin's." That smile is turning into a smirk though, "So, what would ya do if Ah did this?" Even as she's asking she's working on detatching that knot of hers and finally holds it out to him with a little too cheery grin.

"Ah…" And L'ton is left staring at her as he stands up, and the knot that's being stuck in his general direction. "Pi.. Ah.. Ah dun think Ah can take it. Ch'tra already thinks Ah'm gunning fer his job, and if'n Ah take yer knot, he'll be after meh forever.." But he does give her what is probably the most sympathetic look that he ever has, chewing on his lip.

Pi rolls her eyes with a bit of a smirk. "Well, yer the one who gave it ta me.. well, ya an Lisle but she ain't really weyrwoman anymore, yer still what ya were." No, no sympathy from her at the moment as she tilts her head. "Really, Ah never wanted it Pal, it wasn' fair ya guys stickin' meh with it. Ah've been wingleader fer however many turns.. Ah dunno anymore. It ain't been nothin' but trouble." But the knot is slipped into her pocket with a face. She's not bothering to stick it back on. "Ah wanna me with meh beasties, an' spending time with meh boy."

"Ah.. Ah understand. But.. go give it a Ch'tra, er Sharix, just not meh? Cause, Ah dun think Ah could bring mahself ta talk you out of it, even though Ah should." He shakes his head slightly, giving her a bit of a smile, before moving to pat her shoulder gently. "Ah.. Ah can understand though. Trust meh."

Pi crosses her arms and can't help it, there's a little bit of a grin. "Then yer the perfect person ta give it ta… if'n ya ain't gonna talk meh out of it." Yup, he most definitly is abused, but Pi never /really/ feels guilty about it.

"Like Ah said.. Ah wish Ah could, Pi." Giving her shoulder another squeeze, he actually gives her a half hug. "Go talk ta Ch'tra. Ah bet he'll be happy with something real ta do, ta, since he thinks Ah'm stealing all the fun stuff from him." Winking, he rubs his hands once more at his pants, shaking his head. "Ah should go deal with Zip… G'luck with yer knot?"

Pi leans into the hug just slightly in acceptance. "Fine." There's a quick peck given to his cheek. "Nah, leave yer girl alone. Ah've already talked ta tha' boy. He ain't gonna make any moves on 'er, fer fear of his well…. ability ta make moves." Oh there's a cute little grin there as she shoulders her bag.

L'ton chuckles slightly, shaking his head. "Ain't bout that. Tis 'bout whether she wants ta actually go 'ta the craft or not. She says she does, but then she says she dun, either." He shrugs a bit, wrinkling up his nose. "Ah just want her ta be happy." And then he's giving her another pat before heading off in the direction that Zip went sulking.

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