Shellie Visits

Ista Weyr - Southern Bowl(#3560RJ)

Its evening at Ista, and the sun is setting over the bowl's rim, casting the various residents into shadow. Amongst them are L'ton and a young teenager, a teen who looks quite angry, as she's getting quite the talking too, and L'ton is there, arms crossed over him. "And what do ya think ya were doing, huh? Ya go back ta the weyr right now. We're gonna have a long talk before this is over." The girl starts to protest, but as L'ton snaps his fingers at her, her mouth closes, and she just sulks, stalking off.

Rieselth backwings to a landing, a rather unusual load attached to her straps. Behind her rider is what looks like a hide case, designed to fit snugly between the green's neckridges. Shellie quickly unstraps herself, then opens up the case, and takes out a blanket wrapped bundle. "Here we are love. Do you want to see your daddy?"

L'ton glares after Zipalla as the teenager stalks offs, shaking his head and sighing softly. But then there's a greenrider appearing in the bowl, and L'ton is quite distracted watching her. Of course, then he's distracted further as the greenrider is actually recognized as is the girl's name. "Shell?" He offers as he moves towards the green's side.

Shellie slides down from Rie's neck, carefully holding the baby. "Come over here and get your daughter from me, mister can't keep it in my pants, so I can get this jacket off.

"Ya didn't seem ta mind it ta much sweet-thang." He offers cheerfully, putting Zallie quickly on his hip with a practiced hand. "Or, was Ah missing something." He winks at Shellie, bouncing Zallie a bit and giving her a grin.

Shellie sticks out her tongue, teasing you as she slips off her jacket, then she gets up on her tiptoes and kisses you. "You weren't missing anything, dear. I just have to give you a hard time."

L'ton shifts Zallie to his other hip, giving Shellie a kiss in greeting in return, before draping his arm over her shoulders and pulling her to his side. "How ya doing lil'bit, hm? Zallie looks great." He offers with a large smile to the Xanadu rider.

Shellie shrugs. "Keeping busy, believe it or not, even though it's been quiet at Xanadu. Only one patient in the infirmary, and she's very well behaved

"Is she? Maybe Ah should come annoy ya more, if'n yer bored. Ah mean, if'n ya want meh." He teases her, absently brushing fingers over Zallie's head and grinning at her.

Shellie giggles. "Well, the problem is, since she's four months younger than Zallie, I got tapped for wet nurse duty. Can't really come do that when I've got one baby with me, much less two.

"Shards. Here Ah was thinking Ah might get some time with the beautiful Shellie again." And he's pouting at her, puppy dog eyes put into use even as Zallie takes it upon herself to tug on his hair as he keeps her on his hip.

Shellie laughs. "Get in line, dearie. Right after T'maz.

"Well, ya let me know when ya have some free time, ya know?" He grins, pausing to face her, ducking his head to give her another kiss, winking.

Shellie grins and returns the kiss. "Well, I have some now, but there's the little matter of our daughter being here.

"Ah'm sure the nannies wouldn't mind another." It would certainly seem that L'ton has a response for everything, even as he lets go of his hold of Shellie to detach Zallie's fingers from his hair, turning her around so that she can't grab at him anymore.

Shellie shakes her head, and sticks her tongue out at you. "You're just not going to give up, are you?" Still, she smiles. "Let's find a nanny then.

"How could I ever bring myself to give up on such a pretty lil'thing like you, hm?" L'ton winks back, before shaking his head. "Ya shouldn't stick it out unless ya tend ta use it." And then he's patting her shoulder lightly, wandering off for a bit before returning sans child. Who knows, he might even have saddled Zipalla with her half sister.

Shellie smirks. "Oh, I fully intend to use it, silly, although frankly, I'd love to use it on another woman as much as on you.

"Is that so sweetheart?" And then as he returns he moves to wrap his now free arms around her, pulling her close. "Ah'll have ta keep that in mind… Ah can't say it t'would be a bad thing." And then he's tugging her slightly towards one of the shadowy entrances.

Shellie grins, as she allows herself to be tugged. "Mmmmmm. No it wouldn't be, although it's been ages since I've been with another woman…"

Shellie settles down on the bed. "Hmmmm. I've never really liked guest weyrs. They seem so impersonal at times.

"Ya should let me know when the next time happens, sweets." Typical guy. And then as Shellie is settling down on the bed, L'ton is joining her, leaning his shoulder into hers. "It only matters if'n yer looking around, dun it?"

Shellie shrugs, as she starts to unbutton the blouse she's wearing. "I might do that. Or you could join T'maz and I some time.

"Ah have ta say, Ah prefer ta not have ta share with them other guys." He admits, even as his absently traces the outline of her collar as it becomes deeper, and then he's moving to help her unbutton it further, before he's leaning to kiss her neck.


Shellie mmms, as she closes her eyes, and nuzzles against your shoulder. "You know, dear, I'd forgotten how good a lover you are.

L'ton shifts a bit, wrapping his arm behind her shoulders and keeping her close, leaning down to kiss her forehead. "Ya ain't bad yerself, greenie." He teases her, absently tracing a finger down her arm with a content sigh.

Shellie giggles. "Well, I've had a bit of practice, m'dear.

"Ain't nothing wrong with that." L'ton is certainly no better, and has the trail left behind him to prove it. "Ah hope ya aren't disappointed by yer change of plans?"

Shellie shakes her head, a smile on her face. "Honestly, not a bit. Shards, I came up here half intending to get you into bed anyway. Otherwise, I'd have fought a little bit harder."

"Did ya now?" He chuckles, grinning as he leans to kiss her as she smiles. "Ah'm not used ta getting seeked out, Ah must admit.. Ah'm Impressed Ah left such an impression." Winking, he gives her shoulder a tight squeeze.

Shellie rolls her eyes, even as she cuddles in even closer to you. "One of these days, Bronzie-dear, you're going to run afoul of the wrong woman, and end up either dead or weyrmated." She kisses your nose. "Hopefully the latter.

L'ton chuckles softly. "Ah am weyrmated. Thankfully my dear Mai likes ta forgive meh my occasional problems." He grins. "She's ta busy watching them eggs at Xanadu all the time though, so." Not that it has stopped him in the past.

Shellie giggles. "Well, I'd love to meet her at some point. I'm sure she and I would have a lot to talk about…" She kisses you again. "Of course, that might not be the safest thing in the world for you, now would it?"

"Ah have ta say, Ah've gotta worry 'nuff about her running inta everyone else. Apparently she met S'ya, and was all wondering." Shaking his head, he gives her another kiss, chuckling. "Prolly ain't so good, Ah gotta say."

Shellie laughs. "Still, as far as your girlfriends go, dear, I'm one of the more easygoing. Faranth help you should she meet Senkyou!

"Shards. It just ain't good fer them brownriders ta get tagether. Brownriders Ah think are gonna be the death of meh, in the end." Darn him for always getting caught up with them. He shifts a bit, trying to get her to roll over onto her side so that can lean against her.

Shellie smirks as she does roll onto her side, and cuddles back against you. "Oh, not all brownriders are like that. Just Senkyou, at least in my experience." She rolls her eyes. "I swear, that woman has a whole egg's worth of shards on her shoulder.

"L'alie's scary ta. And even Sris could be scary if'n she wanted ta be." Shaking his head slightly, he wraps his arms around her stomach, keeping her in place. "Mai ain't like most of 'em, Ah'll give her that much. Though, Ah can't say Ah have any complaints 'bout ya greenriders." His favorites? QUite probably.

Shellie giggles. "Oh, L'alie is scary, but she's only technically a brownrider. I swear that Adinaeth spends more time pink than he does brown." She sighs, and reaches up to stroke your cheek. "I'm glad you like us greenriders too. I tend to be a bit partial to Greenies as well.

"Ah dun think Ah've found one of ya Ah haven't liked." Then, however, he's pausing a bit, leaning against her hand with a soft sigh. "Ah lied.. that scary one with the knife. Ah could leave her." And then he's burying his face into her neck, with another soft kiss.

Shellie mmmmms even as she raises an eyebrow. "Oh? Who would that be?

L'ton absently nips at her ear as he thinks, fingers tapping against her stomach. "She was at Ierne. Something with an R… Repa.. Rapa.. Rupa maybe? Whatever, she had a big knife. Ah dun envy Ram that win.." And then he's propping himself up enough to grin down at her. "Though, Ah have ta say Ah do envy the lucky souls ta get ya and yer green."

Shellie laughs. "Well, one of these days, it may even be you.

"Well, Ah can't do much else but keep trying, hm?" He chuckles, giving her a kiss before settling back down behind her. "And hoping that Ah'm stuck in Xanadu when it happens."

Shellie smirks. "Here's a scary thought for you, dear. Eiriana and I?

L'ton chuckles slightly. "Now that's one Ah'd have ta get in on. Took meh long enough, but now that Ah've had her.." He shakes his head, before smirking at her. "Kinda like ya, Ah must say."

Shellie laughs. "I'm not quite as silly as she is, but she and I are a lot alike.

"Ah do have ta hope that Ah'll manage ta come out uninjured. And that she will ta, Ah will admit that." He adds absently, shaking his head. "What does T'maz have ta say about that one?"

Shellie smirks. "T'maz and I have a lot of things in common, including the fact that we both like men and women.

L'ton grins, shaking his head. "Well, Ah'll leave him ta the men, then, and keep ya lil'things ta myself, when Ah can." He declares, as he squeezes her against him, nipping the shoulder infront of him.

Shellie giggles, and kisses you gently. "You're just going to have to settle for sharing me with him and the girls, Bronzie-dear

"Ah can share, just not at the same time, dun worry." Since anyone he 'has' has to do plenty of sharing of their own. Then, he's suddenly groaning, and giving her a kiss before reluctantly rolling over to look for his clothes. "Ah hate ta just leave ya like this, but Ah gotta go take care of stuff. Ah guess the parents of that badly hurt weyrling just showed up, and Ah get ta calm 'em down." Finding his pants, he pulls them on, before leaning to give her a kiss. And then he's rushing out even as he's tugging on the rest of his clothes as he goes.

Shellie presses into the kiss, then lays back into the bed, eyes closing.

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