A Black Eye

Ista Weyr: Northern Bowl
The three remaining walls of the weyr caldera rise upwards towards the tropically hued sky, the tightly packed floor black with the volcanic sand Ista is well known for. This is the quieter end of the bowl, narrower - it's certainly no perfect circle - and somewhat more sheltered, even with one wall missing, the bowl floor spilling out into the plateau. To the west, just at the edge of what is left of the bowl wall, the feeding grounds are located, the braying of animals audible at all times of the night and day, chimed in by the sound of movement from the training grounds to the south west, and the weyrling barracks to the east.
The plateau spreads forward, northwards, greenery reaching the edge of the black-sanded bowl floor, allowing a remarkable view of forest and ocean, spreading as far as the eye can see downwards from the weyr bowl. Above, the Star Stones are visible just behind - towards the west, and far above - as are the pockmarks of ledges and weyrs that line the bowl walls.

Lisle smiles gently and nods, remaining standing by Paimida, "I imagine you will get used to her over time. At least promise you will come and see her eggs once they are lain. From the size of her it promises to be a good size clutch." She comments to the woman as she slides her oil stained hands into her pockets. "How are you lessons going?" She continues perhaps to get the woman's mind off the jumbo jet sized gold standing across from her.

Paimida grins a bit. "Ah will… jus' gotta get used ta her." The pair is standing across the bowl from the gold actually, because Pai isn't planning on getting any close at the moment. "Classes 'r good, learnin' bout more than jus' ovines an canines…" The gold is eyed a bit longer.

Pallaton is unfortunately girl-less, at least for the time being (Aw :( ) as he wanders across the bowl, away from the beach. A piece of driftwood is in one hand, a small knife in the other, and he walks with his head down, more focused on the object in his hands then his surroundings. If everyone else is paying attention like they're suppose to, nothing bad'll happen, right? Its his lack of care that brings him significantly closer to the gold then he'd like, which still isn't very close mind you, teenager stopping as he hears voices. Freezing, he glances from gold to the pair over there, silent.

The gold half closes her eyes in bliss as the weyrbrats continue to oil her itching hide. As the young man approaches her eyes open a bit more as she gives him a warble in greeting. Yes she is quite content today. Eggs on the way, bevy of kids oiling her hide, what else could you ask for. Lisle nods to Paimida, "May try to get some lessons sent over myself while I am sand bound. Good as time as any to work on some weaving. I know I can't take classes proper, but I do not want to lose my hand at it."

Paimida can't help but giggle as the big bad Pallaton freezes when he notices the Gold closeby. "What, Pal,ya sceered?" Not that she wasn't, but shhhh. Definitly a mocking tone as well. Then she glances back at Lisle with a bit of a grin. "What kinda craft were ya in?"

Eyes widen at the warbled greeting, Pallaton standing there for a long moment, before inclining his head slightly and stuttering a g'day. As he straightens, he shoots an annoyed glare at Paimida. "If ya're not bothered, Ah'd like ta see ya over here, then." That's only a fair deal, right?

Lisle tries not to smile at the interplay between Pallaton and Paimida, just tucking her hands in her pockets and remaining quiet for a moment. As she is questioned of her craft, "I was a weaver before I impressed. Quite an enjoyable craft, for now though it remains a pasttime." She looks over to her gold and the young man standing nearby, "Hello there Pallaton."

Paimida nods a bit to Lisle with a grin. "Ya told meh that before." Then at the challenge she gives a little shrug and walks over to Pallaton. Sure she's a tad bit tense but she's doing it. "An' Ah'm here…"

Pallaton waves his hand around a bit, flipping the knife blade into the handle as he does so, to avoid being taken as a real threat. Though, it might be fun to try and scare Paimida even more. "Ah bet ya wunt go any closer. Not by yaself, anyways." And then he turns his gaze on Lisle, a wide smile offered to her - She's not related, after all. "G'day Weyrwoman.." Its all about starting on the right foot.

Paimida gives another shrug and walks a few yards close to the dragon, turning around to glance at Pal with a shrug. Just ignore the fact that one of her hands is clenched tightly from her nerves. "Yer point?"

Pallaton drops his voice as he takes a few nervous steps closer, glancing over his shoulder at Lisle as dismissing her for a moment. Piece of driftwood is waved erratically. "Ah bet ya won't go up and /touch/ her.." Not that the gold isn't thoroughly distracted anyway.

Paimida smirks a little bit a Pal. "Ya know, Ah'm closer to her than you, ya scared?" And with that she turns her back on Pal and goes closer to the dragon, there's a bit of hesitance but she goes around and to the side where the weyrbrats are oiling.

Pallaton spares Umniyath a nervous glance before trailing after Paimida. "Why wou Ah be scared? If she eats either of us, it'll likely be ya first." And he shrugs, only managing to continue to close the distance as a result of his distraction.

Paimida touches the Gold's side with a smirk. "Nah, Ah smell like manure, ah doubt tha's very pleasin'." Even if Pal touches the Gold now, she did it first, she had the guts to first. "Speakin' of which I've gotta go wash m'face."

Pallaton shakes his head quickly. "Don't ya know? They eats herdbeasts, and thas what ya smell like. Might think that's what ya are.." And he stays a good arms length away from the gold, all the while. "Might wanna wash more then that, hanging 'bout boys like ya are."

Paimida smirks slightly and shrugs a bit. "What's wrong with hangin' out with boys? Did that all the time back 'home." And with that she's heading back away from the gold. Why? To get cleaned up a little, remember?

Pallaton remains where his is for a long moment, glancing sidelong at the gold before a few fingers idly touch her near a weyrbrat, before he's quickly striding away from her, after Paimida. "Ya're gonna be in trouble, ya know. Dancing, and spending time close to them, and all. Ya're dad ain't gonna like it."

Paimida blinks and turns her head to Pall. "M'pa don't gotta know, it ain't like Ah'm doin' anything bad." And she keeps walking with an eyeroll. She doesn't seem to think much of Pal's comments.

Pallaton lengthens his stride to catch up with her, making an attempt to loop his arm around her waist, manure-smelling or not. "Ya see, dancing leads ta other things. And, ah dun believe ya ain't doing anything bad, the way some boys were talking.."

Paimida slaps at the arm as it tries to go around her waist, she's not having that. She even sidesteps slightly. "Well Ah ain't, don' care what /they/ think. Ah'm perfectly able ta take care of m'self."

Pallaton tries to cover up the failed maneuver, failing miserably at doing so, and glances at her. "Ah know ya aren't serious. Ah bet one bit of a drink, and 'e'll have ya wherever he wants ya.." And come on now, its Pal, he'd know.

Paimida rolls her eyes. "Yah think Ah'd drink with a guy? Ain't no way /that's/ happenin'." Remember, she doesn't really trust guys that much. "The one Ah danced with ain't very nice, Ah'll mostly avoid him anyhow."

"Ah bet Ah could get ya a drink, and ya'd not even know." And Pal pauses, reaching to grab at her upper arm, trying to turn her towards him. "And ya'd betta, or ya're pa's gonna hear about it. 'im and anyone else."

Paimida turns and raises an eyebrow. "Why'd /you/ care anyhow, yer beddin' girls left an' right." Which is said with a rather well.. disgusted tone. "An yer not threatin' me." Are you? Is pretty much implied and almost like a threat itself.

Pallaton rolls his eyes quickly. "Cause they at least wanna. Ah doubt ya want 'im." Pause. "And, 'hey dun have ma's and pa's who wanna marry 'em off right quick." A shrug and he starts walking past her. "o'course not.."

Paimida glares at the the boy as he walks past her. "Ah cin take care of myself." is spit at him as she follows. "Ah don' see how it's any of /yer/ business anyhow."

Pallaton shrugs. "Fine then, Ah wun't care anymore, if'n ya like. And when 'e has you drunk and doing what'ver 'e pleases, dun say Ah didn't warn ya." Though, no real explanation is given.

Paimida grabs at Pal's arm to turn /him/ around to look at her this time. She's able to do that, right?

Pallaton resists for a moment, before stopping, turning to face her, yanking his arm away to fold both of them over his chest. "Wha do ya want, then?"

Paimida tilts her head to one side, jaw set. "Ah /ain't/ like those dumb girls who ya somehow convince ta let ya bed them. I /ain't/ gonna let some guy do whatever they want, got it?"

"Firs' off, Ah dun have ta convince 'em. They gotta convince meh. Second, ya never know what a girl might think or do. Flighty things. Y'all make stupid choices, cause y'all think its love. Or sommit." And Pal shrugs, not really understanding it, or even sure of what else to say, and so turns to continue the way he was headed.

Paimida follows still, pretty much stamping after him. "Ah ain't /dumb/ like 'em. An' yer jus' a jerk, Ah can't see why /anyone/ would think yer worth havin'. Les they're jus' usin' ya back."

Pallaton shrugs. "Ah'm still enjoying mah-self. Which ya ain't. At least ya best not be, in that matter." And he glances over his shoulder. "Ya're still a girl. All lovey dovey ya get, at least ya will."

Paimida smirks slightly at that. "Ah /am/ a girl. An Ah enjoy mah-self, just AH ain't perverted like yah, sleepin' with anyone."

"Ya're loss. Ya dunno what ya're missing." Wait, now is he trying to convince her of it, or isn't he? Whatever, its not like Pal generally makes a lot of sense anyway. "Ya'd better stay away from that boy, though, ya hear?"

Paimida smirks slightly. "He'd better not try anythin' or he's have a broken nose." See? She doesn't particuarily like the guy. "An what if'n Ah find a rider Ah like, what's it ta ya?" She's still curious about why he's saying these things.

Pallaton shrugs. "Ya do realize ya're gonna have to go back, at some point, no? Might not wanna get to attached, having to leave and all. And ya being a girl, and all." Marriages and such.

Paimida blinks slightly and shrugs. "Yeah, Ah know, but Ah might as well 'ave fun while Ah'm here." What she means by 'fun' is debatable. "Still, what's it ta ya, yer not answerin'>"

"Is outta mah hands, then, ya hear? Ah dun wanna hear no more 'bout it." Pal still refuses to answer the question, lengthening his stride in an attempt to put distance between himself and Paimida.

Paimida does a little hop thing and catches up again, planting herself in front of Pal. "Answer meh." She'll even grab his arm again or try. She /wants/ to know.

Pallaton pauses long enough to look at her, shaking his head. "Ya dun wanna know." And he attempts to give her a push to the side, to clear the path infront of him

Paimida plants herself where she is, not planning on moving until he answers, or to block him again of course. "Ah do. Tell meh." She's got that stubborn look in her eyes, the one where she's /not/ going to give up. Her jaw has that set as well.

Pallaton just looks down at her, pausing for a moment before one hand rests on her shoulder. "Just cause Ah am, okay?" And then he's ducking trying to plant a quick, awkward kiss on her mouth, despite her being a mess.

Paimida blinks as he places a hand on her should, eying him. Maybe he's answer… then his answer isn't very good and she opens her mouth to say something, instead getting kissed. Of course, her fist if flying straight for his face.

Pallaton wasn't sure what he was expecting her reaction to be, but it /certainly/ wasn't a punch. As such, he doesn't duck, catching her fist directly in his right eye. And so he drops to the ground, on his knees, both hands going protectively to his face, as he starts to swear. "Why'd ya do that?"

Paimida doesn't even look concerned, crossing her arms over her chest. "Why'd ya /kiss/ me." And why is he even suprised. "Yer no better than those others Ah punched back home, in fact yer worse… ya shouldn' be suprised." No sympathy, at all.

Pallaton leaves one palm plastered over his right eye as he glares up at her, staying on his knees. "Ah told ya that ya'd not like mah reason. But ya /had/ to know.." And his lower lip quivers a bit, as he practically pouts. How /could/ she?!

Paimida just glares down at Pal. "Ya don' even like meh." is stated with a rather assured town. How could he, she's a grungy hardly-a-girl girl. "That's not why." She's pretty sure of that. "Nobody kisses meh, got tha'? Only if'n /Ah/ say they can."

"Ya're such a stupid girl, ya don't even realize what's going on. That boy ain't gonna just dance with ya cause. He's either bad, or likes ya, or both. And he'll try and kiss ya." Though, if he gets a similar punch, all is fair. Pal doesn't say anything else - even if he does, she's not going to believe him anyway. Might as well save the words for mumbled curses.

Paimida shrugs slightly. "An if he does, Ah'll punch 'em." is stated rather simply, that is how she deals with guys kissing her, Pal should know that by now.

Well, he has just discovered that, anyway. And getting slowly to his feet, he goes to push her out of the way, heading towards the caverns without another word to her, just muttered swears, and one hand pressed over his eye.

He should have known, what with all those guys back home. She rolls her eyes and heads off a different direction. No sympathy, at all.

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