Adoring M'iken

Its early afternoon Istan time, and L'ton has apparently just returned back from a long day helping the continuing cleanup at Igen, for his jacket is quite dirty, and there are a variety of smudges on his face. Dhonzayth has a similar set of dirty smudges, and as soon as L'ton is off his back, he's taking back off, apparently for a soak in the water. Jacket is tossed over the back of a chair, and he's pausing at a mirror to rub at his face.

Mai's been with the healers since morning and she's only just getting away from them. Meluth is happy to deposit his rider before taking off on his own. "Looks like you've been working hard." She says as she walks over to stand behind him and hang her arms over his shoulders. "How are things going in Igen?" Even though she knows her parents are alright, she's worried they'll still be in trouble if no one can buy from the store they work at.

"Its getting a lot better. Ah think they'll be okay pretty soon. Its looking a lot better, Ah was really surprised." Giving one more rub at his face, he wrinkles up his nose before swiveling to wrap his arms around her, giving her a hug. "How're ya doing, sweets? What the healers say, hm?" He offers her a smile, stepping back to rest his hands on her shoulders, looking her over.

M'iken is glad for the hug and the news. "I'm glad. I was really pretty worried." Her brows furrow together for a moment, but then pull back again so she can smile. "I'm doing fine and the healers say there's nothing else they can do for me for now. They said it's up to us now to do what we do. If still nothing happens, then I'll need to come back and they'll try to figure out something else for me."

"Ah understand, with yer parents and all. Ah mean, Ah was worried fer 'em too." He reassures her, though as her forehead wrinkles up, he brushes a hand lightly over her cheek, shaking his head. "Well, then once Mel's eggs hatch at Xanadu, we'll have ta see what we can do, won't we? Ah mean, if'n yer still willing?" He teases her lightly, turning to walk the rest of the way into the weyr, throwing his hand around her middle.

M'iken grins wryly at L'ton. "Humm, yes, it'll definately have to wait untill Mel's content to be away from Xanadu for an extended amount of time." She lets herself be lead along even as her not so little kitten goes running aross the wear, caling after a fluffy-tailed ball the brownrider had made for him. "I don't know if I want to add to your horde though.. you know I asked around. Seems you have over twenty kids and a few on the way it would seem." She sticks her tounge out at him and smiles. "How /do/ you keep up with it all?" She asks playfully.

"Ah lot of notes demanding a decent turnday present." He grins as he swivels back to her, sticking his tongue out in return. "Ah can't help it if'n they manage ta find a way ta stay out of between after their flights. Ah mean, the way Ah'm back and forth, ya'd think it would fix it, but." He shrugs a bit, before pout, and going as far to kneel down to look up at her with puppy dog eyes, idly grabbing at Carrot's tail as the feline goes running by. "But, Ah love ya Mai… Ah'd like ta have a bit of us, together." Cue the pathetic look?

M'iken laughs. 'That would be the way I suposse." She shakes her head a bit, then he's down on his knees giving her the face. Why can't she resist that face? Carrot flips over onto his back, batting at L'ton's hand for grabbing onto his tails, purring at the attention. Mai goes to pull L'ton back up onto his feet. "Come on now, don't go looking at me like that." There's a light blush on her cheeks from the cuteness of that look." She leans in to kiss him lightly. "You know I want a little one or two of us running around as well."

L'ton would have given in and tried to rub Carrot's stomach, but then he's being pulled back to his feet and he's grinning widely, returning the light kiss. "Ah mean it Mai.. And Ah'll do whatever Ah can ta make sure that Ah get a lil' you." He beams. Glancing down he wrinkles up his nose. "Ah'd pull ya close, but Ah dun wanna get yer things all dirty." Brushing at his shirt absently, he leans for another kiss, this time for her cheek, before going to pull a cleaner shirt out of a drawer.

The feline looks up as L'ton is pulled back to his feet, flicking his tail a thte lose of a hand to play with and suddenly takes off running again, jumping up into their bed. Mai smiles at Ton, shaking her head lightly. "I'm sure you /would/ do everything you could. Not like I'd mind though." The kiss to her cheek has her smiling. "You're much less dirty than I am after working in the tannery." She doesn't mind if he's a little dirty, but then he's getting a clean shirt, so what does it matter?

"Still. Ah just feel like yer so pretty, Ah shouldn't mess ya up with mah mess." He grins, his dirty shirt tossed at the hamper, as he turns to look back at him, sighing absently at the cat, before his gaze flicks back to her. "How're yer and Mel's eggs doing, anyway? Ah think his eggs look real nice… How're Ysa and Ram, anyway?" Since she'll get to enjoy their presence more, at least for the next while.

M'iken just chuckles. "Well, what ever you say." She goes over to him and slides herself on up against him, slipping her arms around his neck. Carrot is content to take a bath on the bed, liking the comfyness. "The eggs are doing fine. Meluth checks on them everyday, making sure they stay plenty warm and being a good ear for gossip for Ella. As far as I know, Ysa and Ram are plenty fine. Ysa wasn't pregnant the last time I talked to her about that." She looks like she wants to say 'drat it all' but doesn't. "I haven't gotten a lot of chance to talk with Ram, since he's about as busy as you now."

L'ton arches an eyebrow, the new shirt left on top of the drawers as she wraps her arms around him, and he's quickly returning the favor pulling her close. "Ysa ain't pregnant yet? What is that man doing?" He jokes softly, shaking his head, before tilting his head to look at her with a wide smile. "Ah have ta say, Ah do miss getting ta sneak back here randomly ta catch ya, with y'all at Xanadu fer them eggs. And Ah expect Ah'll be bouncing between Western and Fort soon enough ta do the same, which Ah have ta say, ain't no fun." Stupid little girls and scary women.

M'iken shrugs lightly. "I /don't/ know, but apperently Ysa's being real careful about notletting him near her on days where she can possibly get pregnant." She's envious of her friend, but she understands that she doesn't want another child just yet. "I miss being here too. I liked being here when you got a bit of time to sneak back up here." She rubs her nose lightly against his. "We'll just have to find some other time to roll around in the bed."

L'ton actually snorts in amusement, shaking his head. "Ah have ta give Ysa real points fer that. Its good ta know that she's keeping Ram in line." For whatever reason, it seems that L'ton gets great amusement out of this fact, though he's rubbing his nose gently against hers. "Well, maybe Ah'll just have ta make time ta come see ya at Xanadu, hm?" He teases her, giving her sides a bit of a squeeze.

M'iken laughs a bit and nods. "Yeah. You know Ysa's totaly got Ram under her control, kind of like how you do me." She smiles a bit at the squeeze. "You know I wouldn't mind you visiting me where ever I am." She messes with the back of his hair a little, quite happy to just always be touching his hair.

"Ah dun mean ta, ya know, right? And.. if'n yer ever unhappy, Ah want ya ta tell meh, so Ah can make it better." As she plays with his hair, he sighs contently, dropping his chin to her shoulder and leaning into her. "Ah want my Mai ta be happy, cause she makes me happy." He murmurs softly, relaxing.

M'iken smiles at that. "I never said that was a bad thing." She nuzzles her head against his then. "Come on you, you know I'm happy. And I just can't resist that face." He knows the one she's talking about. "How dare you have such a face in your arsanal." She says playfully, curling some of his shaggy hair around her fingers.

"Ah just want ta make sure. Ah mean, half the time Ah see Ysa or Ram they're fussing at meh about how upset ya are, and how yer not happy, and Ah dun want that. Ah mean, Ah got ya ta come ta Ista, when they went ta Xanadu, and Ah want ya ta be happy here, even though they're there." He's rambling a bit more, but then as her tone turns playful, he lifts his head to look at her with wide eyes. "What face?" He's innocent!

M'iken shrugs her free shoulder lightly. "What can I say, I manage to get to see them on my bad days. Though honestly, when ever you're not around that's the bad part of my day. Getting to see you is the good part of the day." She's not exactly sure how to explain things to him without making it sound bad. "And I stayed behind ar Ierne after they moved to Xanadu, it's not like I had any plans of moving out of my comfortable little nest untill you asked me to." She smiles brightly at those wide eyes. "You know the face. That kicked puppy face that just makes me want to hug and squeeze and kiss and give you what ever it is you're wanting to make it go away."

"Aw, sweets…" And then he's moving to pull her onto the end of the bed with her, careful to avoid the sprawled out Carrot, keeping her close. "Mai, Ah love having ya around. And Ah wish Ah had more time ta spend with you here." At he explanation of the face, his wide eyes are morphing into the sad puppy face, and he's pouting at her. "Ah love ya Mai.. Dun leave me?"

M'iken is glad to go anywhere he pulls her right now. "I know you'd be around more if you could, but you know I wouldn't want to pull you away from work. You don't exactly have an easy position in the weyr. I never knew quite how involved it was untill moved in with you. I grew up in Igen after all." She smiles lightly then there's the face! And just as she said before she's slipping her arms back around him and leaning into him. "I love you too. Why would I leave you?"

"Who knows, maybe Ch'tra'll get pissed at meh at some point and Ah'll find myself out of a job, and ya'll get yer weyrmate all to yerself.." He jokes lightly, before he's scooting her close as she leans, kissing her jaw absently, before shaking his head. "Ah dunno.. Ah'm.. Just afraid ya will. Cause ya make meh so happy, and Ah dun wanna lose ya cause Ah did something." And his fingers are curling possessively into the back of her shirt, keeping her there with him.

M'iken snickers lightly. "Ch'tra wouldn't do that. You do your job too well." Granted he does skip out on a lot of meetings, but then, who doesn't? And he's always at the important ones unless there's a flight that happens right at the same time and no one would hold that against him. The kiss to her jaw has her smiling. "I wouldn't ba able to leave you even if you did do soemthing to make me want to. You'd use taht face of yours without realizing it and I'd be back in your arms in a heartbeat." She grins happily at his hands in her shirt, she really does like feeling him be possesive of her.

"Ah hope not. Ah think the kid really hates meh, though." He comments idly, but then she's smiling at him, and that conversation drops to the wayside, and he's happily moving to slide his hands under the back of her shirt, pressing fingers into her back to keep her there with him more clearly. "Well, Ah still dun wanna make ya. Yer mah Mai, and Ah think Ah've loved ya since that night at the bar in Ierne. Even if'n Ah was a fool and didn't realize it, when Ah went home with ya, and just got ta lie there with ya."

Those hands on her skin send a little shiver up Mai's spine and she's content to stay as close to him as he likes. "I still find it amazing that you didn't just charm your way into my pants that night. It wouldn't have been difficult given my inebriated state at the time." She runs her fingers down his neck and to his bare back, delighting in the feel of his skin. "I was determined to ignore you untill that first time you came to me after losing a flight. The first time I saw that face, and there was no turning back after that."

L'ton gently rubs her back, burrowing his face in her shoulder once more as he pulls her back to stretch out on the bed, giving Carrot a gentle nudge to relocate him even just slightly. "Ah couldn't have done that ta ya… Ya were just so sweet and innocent.. Ah didn't want ya ta regret anything, er ta hate meh fer taking advantage of ya." Nuzzling her neck slightly, he leans back to pout at her. "Aw, ya wanted ta ignore meh? Was Ah really that bad?"

Carrot get's up and moves to a different part of the bed before continuing with his bath. As long as he doesn't get kicked off the bed, he's a happy cat. She laughs a little at the sweet and innocent remark. "You ahve a thing for cute, innocent girls don't you." She says, half pursing her lips half smiling. "I probably would have definately avoided you if that /had/ happened though." She snuggles against him, swinging a leg over his. "And yeah, Ram told me to watch myself around you, and you know wanted to listen to him even though he was kind of with Ysa." Sore subject to bring up, but it's too late now.

L'ton reaches to gently brush his fingers through her hair, twirling bits around his finger tips, before sighing softly, shaking his head. "Ah'm sorry love. Ah didn't mean ta bring that up.. Ah know it ain't so good." He gives her a tug as her leg ends up over his, settling flat on his back trying to arrange her so she's balanced atop him. "Well, it dun matter no more, cause Ah haven't managed ta scare ya off now, and now Ah've totally fallen fer the innocent lil'Mai." He grins.

M'iken shrugs lightly and makes herself comfortable on top of him when he moves so that she's on top. "Don't worry about it." She says with a little smile. "Ah just let myself get ridiculously happy with you. Totally takes my mind off R'miel." She gives him a wink and laughs a bit at his falling for the innocent Mai. "I think the innocent me is all but gone thanks to you. We've actually done it outside." She blushes scarlet at the memory. "That's the most outrageous thing I've ever done in my life. And it was in broad daylight!"

"Well, yer still my lil Innocent Mai, deal?" He teases her, chuckling as she blushes, moving a hand to wind it in her hair, pulling her down for a long kiss. "Yer absolutely beautiful when ya blush like that, M'iken. Ah love seeing ya so.." He seems at a loss for words, but it would appear that he's no where near as bothered by their minor… indiscretion as she is. "Least t'was in the middle of nowhere. Though, Ah think Ah prefer beds." Winking he's kissing her again, fingers of his other hand pressing into her back.

M'iken grins lightly. "Deal." She says lamely. She's smiles though when she's pulled down for that long kiss, mmmming lightly. He's apperent loss of words just makes Mai grin more brightly. "Thank you? And yeah, at least there was that." She blushes again then. "Yeah, I like beds better too." She agrees, kissing him more deeply thanks to the pressing on her back.

"In fact, Ah think yer doing a wonderful job of reminding meh how much Ah like beds, mah love." He grins, murmuring softly, nipping at her earlobe for a moment, before shifting enough to try and dislodge her shirt, even while kissing her again. It seems the for Ton, at least, the conversation is over.

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