Ethne's Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing(#9292RJs)

It's been a fairly beautiful day for weather around Xanadu Weyr and Ethne is coming up from the beach looking like she's been down there probably relaxing while Mellonath is looking a bit restless.

There is a group wandering out of the Tavern, a group that all wear rather similar knots for it seems that the Weyrseconds of Ista, Xanadu, Telgar, and Benden have taken to drinking together after whatever meeting they were all subjected to in one of the undamaged rooms of Xanadu. Of course, they're left to meander through the various cooking fires still in use, and L'ton pauses, separating slightly from the group as he pats at R'miel's shoulder, pointing at the meandering goldrider and her lifemate. Thankfully Dhonzayth is still happily settled upon the closest rock ledge, peering down from above.

Aoriya is coming from the direction of the workshops, having just finished visiting her parents. "Dad is getting /lots/ of orders Omasuth, looks like that fireworks display he did awhile back at Igen is doing wonders for business." She and Omasuth are walking along until she spots Ethne. The brownrider then spots L'ton. "Hey! Tonny!" Calls Aoriya, hurrying over with a friendly grin on her face.

Coming out around the same time as the Weyrseconds, from the same tavern, is U'nar. Old, haggard, and /drunk/ U'nar of Fort Weyr. He hiccups, blinks his eyes in the bright light, and groans. "Tsai… Tsai, where ya at?" Hiccup. The sunburst bronze was sunning himself, and he was as still as a statue as he watched the bright gold Mellonath. Just… still, and nothing else. His rider, however, was wobbling around on unsteady legs, bumping into a rider here or there. "'Scuse me," he mumbles. On to wobble some to the left now…

R'miel wanders out of the taven with L'ton and the rest of the group of weyrseconds. He's laughing a bit at some crude joke (about flatulance or some other bodily function) when L'ton pats him. He looks over in the direction of Ethne and her gold. Arinith is just arriving from overhead, apparently while Ram was cooped up he'd been visiting the sands briefly. "Nice. May as well keep the buzz going then." He chuckles a bit as his lifemate moves in a loose circle around Mellonath.

Ethne looks a little flusterred as she heads to peer at Mellonath. "You ok dear?" She looks a little concerned. "Oh." She realizes as the color flushes from her face. Mellonath gives a rumble as she notices the males around her. Too close get back.

"Ah should have had another drink yer ta, Ah think.." He murmurs to Ram before turning to flash a grin at Aoriya as she joins them, with a nod. "Hey there, Aoriya." He offers, even as he's shading his eyes to look upward at Dhonzayth. The Istan bronze is leaning further down from his overhead ledge with his wings spread wide for balance, keeping out of Mellonath's immediate way, but ready to hover like an eager hummingbird waiting for his chance at the flower's nectar.

Aoriya grins and doesn't notice Omasuth oggling Mellonath. The brown, as per his usual interest in females, is watching the gold intently. One wing lifts, as he shifts onto his hind legs to get a better look. "Well, I figured I'd catch up. Since a lot of stuff happened since we got to talk to each other last." Aoriya says with a grin.

R'miel peers a bit at Aoriya as she makes her way over to them. "Clearly." He says to L'ton, then moves over towards Ethne. "Hello there, weyrwoman. We're looking nice today." He smiles to her and pulls his flask out of his coat. "Care for a drink before things get messy?" He shakes the flask at her. After a few drinks it seems that Ram's loosened up a bit. Arinith meanwhile slinks away from Mellonath, hunkering down but keeping an eye on her.

Ethne steps back from Mellonath trying to stay calm but none the less cautious especially knowing the way Mellonath could lash out at the males. Mellonath stretches out her wings and eying the skies. When Ethne hears the voice, she turns around and replies. "No, I'd rather not." She says firmly. Her only concern is that of how well Mellonath will deal with the flight and if her Queen will be able to produce a clutch this time."

Tsaioth finally moves. His eyelids blink once, then twice, and he finally lies still again. He definitely wasn't going to be crowding around the gold just yet. U'nar grumbles under his breath some, reeking of whiskey, and tries to peer towards his bronze through red-rimmed eyes. "Couldn' wait for me ta be drunk?" He flops down to the ground, though, and stares towards the junior. There were no humble greetings this time, just grouchy bronzeriders.

"Ya have bad timing, lil'bit. Always wanting ta talk when there are far more interesting things 'bout ta go on." He shakes his head at Aoriya, still grinning as he's rather amused. And then he's nodding his head to echo Ram's words to Ethne, blinking at the drunken one, keeping his distance from the man. Dhonzayth, meanwhile, is getting quite antsy, for he's crooning back down at the gold below as she looks skywards, wings opening and closing from his ledge, weight shifting from hide limbs to front, keeping him ready to spring off the moment she does.

R'miel nods to Ethne. "Going to encourage her to blood? Mind if I stick close by? Gotta keep an eye on one of my own, afterall." It's possible he gives her a wink, but with those glasses it's impossible to tell. At any rate, he unscrews the flask with a good spin then has a long pull from it before offering it to Ton. Arinith warbles lowly to the gold, flicking his wings a bit.

Mellonath has never been quite the one to make the males wait and the gold beats her large wings as she takes to the skies rather suddenly with a loud almost shriek of warning towards the males. This is serious business and this time she will clutch… not like the last one where she failed to. She knows she has to keep her energy to make the flight last as long as she can. The gold's lustful violet eyes whirl as her only focus is on staying out of the clutches of any of the male suitors. Ethne on the other hand is standing rather tense and already trying to focus more on controlling her Queen than on what is going on around her and the only response she gives is a little bit of a mutter.

Aoriya laughs. "Got any to spare a hardworking wingleader?" Aoriya begs Ram. And then Mellonath rises, the wingleader gulps, turning towards Omasuth as he all but shoots skywards after the gold. A flaming arrow aiming for the sky, he powers his way after the honey gold, creeling and crooning affectionately. His wings pound the air until he reaches level altitude, then crack as he hangs suspended for the barest moment. Then streaks forwards after Mellonath, ducking and weavering around other males.

Though unmoving at first, Tsaioth was still in the game. He drops his maw to echo her warning in a challenging trumpet even as his bunched up muscles push off the ground and take off into the skies towards that… oh-so-sweet Mellonath. Not quite sweet now, but he won't be scared away just yet. The bronze's near-golden wings beat only once before he finds a good enough breeze to sail up on, voice calling out again, this time threatening the other chasers. U'nar groans again, shaking his head out of the stupor and glancing towards Ethne. He tightens his lips into a straight line, and then drops his head between his knees while he tries to compose himself and get lost in the flight at the same time.

L'ton is quick to snag the flask from Ram as soon as its offered, tilting his head back to take a long drag on it before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and offering it back to the Xanadu bronzerider. As the gold suddenly takes off, L'ton's tilting his head back up to watch her progress even as he meanders towards Ethne, leaving the other male riders to their own devices. Dhonzayth shrieks right back at Mellonath, like one bird to another, using it as his way to track the gold. And then he's leaning forward off the ledge, tipping and dropping towards the ground before soaring quickly upwards, his wings held wide. Finally, he's taking the first long downstroke to give him speed beyond his initial momentum, and to actually join in the chase for the honey gold as she takes off from the hive on her search for sweets.

Arinith takes off only after Mellonath is higher up in the sky. The gold was mean, and that usually meant Arinith would receive a stratch or two like normal if he got too close. This was serious business! He makes sure to leave a line of dragons separating himself and the moving gold tail. He wants to be close, but not that close. R'miel meanwhile blinks at Aoriya. "Hm? Ah. Sure, go ahead." He motions to the flask. As long as he gets it back, that is.

Mellonath is determined to stay in flight no matter what. The serenades and all from the other males are lost in her shriek as she dives and twists and turns. Ethne on the other hand is completely one with her lifemate. Both experience the panic, the lust, the excitement and all of the chase in the sky. Ethne though remains unaware of the men and all close to her. They don't matter… at least not for now.

Dhonzayth, meanwhile, is determined to once more woo the sugary sweet gold, perhaps to prove that the last flight was merely a fluke, and that she should once more allow him to dance with her in the sky. And so as she twists and turns, Dhonzayth does his best to keep up, breaking from his usual rule of no fancy moves, instead acting like a Vtol as it weaves and wanders this way and that. Each dive is matched with one of his own, as he seeks the flower that is Mellonath. L'ton continues stepping closer, though he's not ready to rest a hand on her shoulder yet. Its not close enough, yet.

Tsaioth liked shiny things, and Mellonath— with her honey-hide— was shiniest of them all right now. The determined bronze reaches high, keeping himself over the small gold even as he shadows her movements from above. She twists and so does he, though more minutely to keep his stamina, and all the while his voice is a mixture of pleasing warbles and croons and hisses as he snaps his teeth violently towards the other dragons. U'nar eventually has to get up, face set to a disrguntled look even as his eyes try to focus out of the flight and the alcohol and to reality so that he doesn't trip over anything (or anyone).

Arinith's sails sretch out below the gold as he pushes himself after her. There's a rumbling from the bronze that building up into a rather loud and sharp trumpet. He's content to stay at the back of the pack, but wants to make sure Mellonath realizes he's still back here. All he wants is a little taste of that honey gold hide… Then suddenly she turns and twists, and Arinith's slender body snakes around after her, trying now to get a front seat position amongst the brood. R'miel is just sort of staring off into space right now.

Omasuth has caught a billowing zephyr and is making good time after Mellonath. More manuverable than most browns, and definately the bronzes vying for the honey gold's attention, he tries to Mimic Mellonath's twisting and turning through the sky, like a bee turning lazily after a blossom.

Well at least this flight she's maintained her composure around the males much longer and as the flight takes its course, the honey gold queen weaves her way through the sky though the strain of maintaining flight for so long being chased is tiring her and she falters a few times almost losing her control and getting too close to others.

Arinith is deftfully moving himself through the thermals to stay right on Mellonath's tail. He gives a low rumble and slides himself over just a bit to block a small brown's view. Not worthy! Then he watches those lovely sweet colored wings start to falter. This was it! The moment of truth. The small thin bronze folds his wings in and shoots off towards the haunches of the beautiful sun covered hide stretched out before him. There's a gentle swoop down as he takes Mellonath in his grasp.

Mellonath gets caught when she least expected it and finds herself in an unfamiliar bronze's clutches. She doesn't struggle at all as she lets him guide her down out of the sky. Ethne on the other hand remains silent as can be…

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