Drinks and Darts

Western Weyr - Recreation Cavern(#3157RJs$)
A large cavern with gaming tables, dart boards and other sorts of things to keep people amused. There is a bar on one side of the room that will provide liquid amusment as well.

L'ton is plopped down in the Rec Cavern at the bar, despite the hour being barely past lunch. A drink in between his hands, and a set of darts is sitting within easy reach, but he seems relaxed enough, talking absently with the bartender as he enjoys this place out of the way of the bustle of afternoon drills, chores, and work. And apparently avoiding whatever meeting he's suppose to be at. Oops.

Meetings are boring, drinks and darts are far more entertaining. And whatever Rhelia should be doing is perhaps pushed aside for now, or maybe N'bis has already gotten a headache from her today and is relishing the fact that she's shirking off to somewhere or other. With so many other places that people should be at, it's not too hard to pick Tonny out of the meager crowd in the rec cavern, and once she's done so Rhelia immediately pads over to him. "Afternoon," she greets, taking up a stool next to him. "Fine one, isn't it?"

"Hey sweetheart." He replies without turning around, offering an automatically reply before he's sipping at his drink. After a moment, he's finally turning to eye the person next to him, his face quickly showing a grin as he recognizes the greenrider. "Hey there babes, how've ya been? Ah ain't gotten ta see ya, lately…" He pouts a bit with those words, trying to scoot her stool closer.

That must have been his generic 'female is talking to me' reply that Rhelia got at first, though when he turns to grin she brightens as well and beams back. "I've been quite well," she replies, "Though I've not seen you about here lately to spend any time with. Been keeping too busy to come to Western?" Of course he's got to come to her.

"Ah ain't been able ta get back since Dhonzayth caught Bennueth." Of course, there may be a very good reason that he's been avoiding Western, given the age of their newest gold rider and the awkwardness that has arisen, at least in L'ton's mind. Moving to pull her into a hug, he grins. "But, ya ain't come ta see me either, ya know." He teases her, winking.

"Ohh, I see," Rhelia replies, nuzzling into the hug. Tilting her head up she grins, "I suppose I /could/ make the long trip between up to Ista to see you," she replies in a similar tone as his. "But no matter, now you're /here/ and I'm sure we can catch up now?" There is, after all, a whole afternoon and then some ahead of them.

"Of course we can catch up baby-girl." He offers with a wide smile, rubbing her back as he ducks to give her a kiss, keeping his arm tightly around her. "Ah mean, Ah should make the best of what Ah got, right? How's that green of yers?" He teases, while absently lifting his fingers for a pair of drinks, unwilling to relinquish his hold on her.

Rhelia leans into the bronzerider, quite content to be held close. And this time she behaves, for now, and doesn't wiggle. "Of course you should," she replies with a grin and laugh, resting her head against his shoulder briefly. "Mevalonath is doing quite well, thanks for asking. I hope you and yours have been the same."

"Dhonzayth's been fine. Ah think Ah could have done without him catching that gold at Fort, but. Ah mean, the first was ta young, the second was just dangerous." And the neckline of his shirt is shifted enough to reveal still healing scratches over his collarbone. "How's yer lil Istan Weyrleader?" He asks with a wink, even as he's stealing a kiss from her, sliding the drink towards her as it arrives.

Rhelia lifts a brow at L'ton's battle wounds and shakes her head just slightly. "Sure looks like she's dangerous," she agrees. The kiss is, like all the others, accepted and she takes the drink in her hands. There's a laugh out of her at the mention of Chai, and she shakes her head while smirking, "I've not seen or heard from him since. Not that it's really a shame or anything…" Poor thing is probably sick of her abuse, too.

L'ton pouts a bit, though as she's shaking her head at them, he tries to look more pathetic. But then he gives up that route, snickering as she smirks. "Aw, ya haven't seen mah favorite Weyrleader? Ah think he's avoiding meh too, since Ah stopped doing everything for him. Ah'm just glad that Ah have my freetime back. Ah think ya should be ta." He chuckles a bit more, leaning into her.

Oh, but it's not L'ton or anything remotely tied to the man directly, save that Chai is his immediate boss, that Rhelia is laughing about. But there is a renewed little giggle at the mention that he's avoiding Tonny. "I am quite glad that I've got so much free time to spend with you, rather than him. After all, he's always been a rather dull boy." She takes a sip of her drink and then looks over at L'ton, grinning broadly at him, almost sappily even.

"Well, Ah wouldn't want his job if'n Ah could help it. Ah plan on making sure that Ah dun end up with it. Even if the boy is sad that we dun wanna trust him with anything." He shakes his head slightly, before leaning back to arch an eyebrow at her. "What's that look fer, lil'bit?" And he's looks slightly concerned for a moment. "Ya have something ta say, er something?"

"Why wouldn't you want his job?" is Rhelia's query. Then again, she's somewhat of a power hungry crazy, so in her mind there's usually something higher to be attained. She grins and nuzzles up to bronzerider again, "Nothing in particular to say, no, I'm just pleased to see you again." It was a happy look, really. Does Rhelia seem the type to /actually/ be all sappy and mushy?

"Cause then Ah'd be stuck with just Sharix, and Ah couldn't have a pretty greenie like ya ta come visit all the time." He grins with a wink, giving her another kiss as she nuzzles into him. Maybe L'ton is just scared when she gets all sappy and mushy, for he's still peering at her now and then, even as he cuddles with her at the bar. Well, hopefully with out people around, they won't get some much crap for inappropriate behavior anyway. Either way, L'ton is thoroughly messed with from her looks, for he's still sitting rather nervously. "Ya ain't gonna like.. ask meh if'n Ah'll give ya a baby er anything, are ya?" Perhaps that's happened too much lately?

The question thoroughly catches Rhelia off guard. The greenrider freezes in her cuddling of L'ton, and then peers strangely back at him. It's a look of 'what the hell, man?', nothing all mushy or sappy. "Why would I want a baby? What would I even /do/ with one?" They're time sinks with little reward or payoff, really.

"Ah dunno, Ah just wanted ta make sure. Seems ta be a popular question, and it always seems that they start by cuddling all up ta me out of nowhere." L'ton replies rather warily, before shrugging it off, relaxing again, and settling for the fact that Rhelia is just being Rhelia. "Just ferget Ah said anything, kay babe?" He offers with a grin, giving her a squeeze as she freezes.

Indeed, Rhelia is nothing more than herself, however odd she may be in some ways. "If you'd like I can stay all on my own seat?" she says teasingly, and even makes the beginnings of a scoot away. But of course it's aborted quickly and she shakes her head with a grin, "Besides drinks and a bit of fun, I don't want anything else out of you." Literally, figuratively, etc. "So, what else shall we talk about?" Or not talk about… elsewhere.

"Ah just wanted ta make sure, baby doll." He grins, shaking his head, draining the rest of his drink, and pushing the empty glass towards the backside of the counter along with the darts before he's turning to face her, resting his hands on her thighs as he faces her. "Ya're the one with only a few things ya want.. which is it? Another drink, er some fun?" He offers, quite amused by the simple arrangement.

Well, Rhelia has other wants, but there are other people to exploit for them and they don't all apply to L'ton. From him she wants hardly anything. "Hmmmm," she says, resting her hands on top of his own and lightly drawing circles on the tops of his hands. "I'd say it's a bit too early in the day for any serious drinking." Sometimes simplicity is best.

"Ah'd have ta agree, though if'n we were at Ista it'd be more than late enough ta be enjoying as much alcohol as we wanted." He teases her, flipping his hands over to catch hers, fingers absently rubbing at her palms and wrists, even as his eyes drop slightly. "Ah guess then we'll be taking the other option, hm?" Winking, he runs his nails lightly on the insides of her forearms, with a tilt of his head.

"We'll have to bounce back and forth between weyrs, then. When it's too late at Ista we can just come back here." Also said in a non-serious tone. "Sounds like a plan," Rhelia agrees, one of her hands leaving his to finish her drink and push it back. "Shall we?" she queries, sliding off the stool and waiting for her bronzerider toy to follow. Perhaps they might even make it to her weyr instead of a closet?

Her weyr probably would be more comfortable and less questionable, though with the two of them who really could expect much else. Leaving a partial mark piece for a tip, he's sliding off the stool to follow along, trailing a few steps behind to look her over as she leans, grinning widely then as he catches up. "Ah'm at yer beck and call, mah dear greenrider."

There's no proddy green being stubborn, and they're not too far from the weyr that it's impractical to head to someplace more comfortable. For his viewing pleasure she throws in a little wiggle for his oogling efforts. "Here, or shall we go to Ista?" she teases, leaning into him as they head out of the rec room. "Or rather, your dragon or mine?" Heh.

"Yers. Ah ain't sure Dhon'll leave that girl's gold 'lone, now that he's caught her. He dun understand why Ah'm so bothered by it, ya know?" As she wiggles, he reaches to pinch her, grinning widely. "Besides. It ain't mean ta make me go between, not when ya've been so cuddly." He pouts a bit, as he wraps his arm around her shoulders to walk the rest of the way.

"Of course I'd not make you go between quite yet," she replies. That's for afterwards when it's time for him to go back and she's sick of him for the time being. "They don't quite understand everything, do they? But at least they're dears despite it," Rhelia eplies, wrapping her arm around his waist as they get out to the clearing where there's dragons and a Mevalonath. It's like they're attached at the hip or something.

Though, its just as likely that by the time Rhelia's ready to get rid of him, he'll be ready to get rid of her, too, and go back to someone else. "They dun. Ah know he tries but.. Ah like mah women a bit older." He winks before following her out to Mevalonath. Of course, if they weren't already attached at the hips, they will be, likely in short order.

Yes, indeed they are far too much alike in some regards. "A bit older than our Rea, hmm? Well, she is a bit young…" Rhelia trails off and must, unfortunately separate from L'ton as she climbs up Mevalonath to take a seat at the base of her green's neck. Come along now, toy, and follow her so that the fun can begin.

L'ton could hardly do anything but follow, and so he does, offering Meva a nod before joining Rhelia on her back, wrapping his arms around the rider even for the short flight. "Ah'd say. A bit young. Maybe she'll be better in a few turns, though. Then Ah won't mind." He grins, before quieting less his words be lost anyway.

Rhelia wiggles back slightly into the bronzerider, and then Mevalonath takes off. The green flies up high, aiming for one of the weyrs located up high, and finally touches down on her ledge. She crouches there, waiting for her cargo to slip off and make their way inside so that she can sprawl out in wait for the time that she's called upon again to ferry her rider and guest. Rhelia slips down and waits for L'ton before she leads him inside. And strangely, it would be his first time there.

Well, they might have made it back there in due time if Dhonzayth had managed to catch rather than his weyrleader, but then again, they may not have ever come out of the closet if that had been the case. He's following after Rhelia as soon as possible, joining her inside though he does pause for a moment to glance around, absently sending Meva a thank you.

Why would they have left the closet if Dhonzayth had caught the lovely Mevalonath? There would have been no need to, and certainly no time or means to make it up so high to Rhelia's weyr. At the pause in L'ton's stride she peers over her shoulder at him, "Something wrong?" Remember, the scenery isn't as important as the company!

Western Weyr - Mevalonath's Domain(#8050RJh)
Outside on the ledge is a single dragon's couch, the stone worn smooth from turns of use, and padded with rushes to accomodate to Mevalonath's specific form. A thick curtain hangs down in the entryway to the weyr, a means of providing some protection from the weather. An additional buffer to the outdoors is that the entryway curves sharply before emptying into the rider's domain. Along this short hallway are a few pegs and items for care of dragon and straps as well as other utensils and at the end of it is a soft gauzy curtain of pale blue and cream. Inside the small space is transformed into cozy and inviting space. To the right is a plush off-white couch situated next to a pale yellow rug and a brazier to provide warmth in the room. In the other corner there is a large bed decorated with several pillows and a dark blue comforter. More pale yellow rugs are scattered about in areas commonly tread upon so as to protect the occupant's feet from the cold stone. Here and there are shelves carved into the wall in a nearly random pattern upon which several personal items rest.

"Not at all, Ah was just taking a look around. Making sure there ain't na brownrider who's gonna be jumping out and trying ta skewer me fer coming home with ya, cause they're jealous er something. Ah've heard stories.." He grins, but then he's joining her and moving to pull her into his arms. "But, it would seem that Ah'm safe, at least fer now."

Rhelia laughs at that and shakes her head, "I would certainly hope there's not some brownrider lurking about in my weyr." The one that might be hiding ninja like in the shadows isn't the type to skewer necessarily, nor does he know where exactly Rhelia lives in Western. Rhelia fairly melts into his arms, pressing herself against him and leaning in for a kiss. "Quite safe," she agrees.

"Ya never know. Ah'm sure ya've been breaking hearts left and right, and Ah'm sure that they've noticed meh following after ya like a puppy after a bit of meat. Ah mean, how could ya avoid it?" Of course, then she's melting into him, and he's wrapping his arms more tightly around her, snagging her for a kiss in order to effectively end the discussion.

And in the privacy of a weyr, away from the eyes of others that might be looking for a drink rather than play witness to kissyfaced riders, there's really no need to be all modest. Or proper. Indeed, the conversation is effectively over, there's no further need to talk about the suitors that might have it in for L'ton were they to kow of him. Instead Rhelia is enjoying kissing L'ton, while feeling him up of course.

Again, they really are too much alike, for L'ton is doing much the same, pulling away only enough to size up the room, before moving to steer Rhelia backwards towards the sofa, even as his hands are sliding under her shirt, rubbing her back as he ducks to give her another long kiss. Thank good there are no more closets either, but proper couches instead.

There's a couch, and a bed. But if L'ton has already chosen the couch then Rhelia's not about to argue, or steer him off in another direction. Either piece of furniture is bound to be better than a closet, though that's not to say that a great deal of fun can't be had within one. Rhelia easily 'retreats' with L'ton's urgings towards the couch and takes the 'hint' to remove her shirt. At least if they
're on the same wavelength misunderstandings can be avoided.

L'ton gives her shirt a bit of a tug even as Rhelia helps, pulling his over his head for good measure before flopping down on the couch and pulling her with him even as he stretches out, burrowing his face in her neck. "Maybe Ah should just come and wait fer ya here, from now now.." He murmurs softly, even if he has no intention of looking anywhere else in the room for the remainder of his time here.

"You could…" Rhelia agrees softly, wiggling gently to get situated, though there is perhaps just a bit of excessive movement on her part there. But it's really just for her bronzerider's enjoyment, or simply to tease him. "But what if I wasn't in, you'd have to come looking for me," she points out, reaching for one of his hands to bring to her lips. "That'd be a waste of time, hmm?" And slightly stalkerish, perhaps.

"Maybe Ah'd just wait fer ya ta get back. Or have Dhonzayth tell yer Meva that ya're needed back here, than Ah could pounce ya the moment ya came in." He murmurs, nipping at her ear as he loops his leg over hers, keeping her close, particularly after she wiggles. "Ah mean, Ah would enjoy getting ta randomly surprise ya with a pounce."

His attempts to trap her cause Rhelia to try and half-heartedly 'escape.' Of course, it might help if in doing so she weren't conveniently rubbing against sensitive areas and giving the bronzerider a wee bit of a show. "I think I'd like that," she replies with a grin. She tilts in for a kiss, nipping at his nose to get his attention. Less talk perhaps?

As she halfheartedly tries to escape, he shifts a bit, leaning to half roll towards her, keeping her between himself and the couch, before leaning to nip at her ear, and then inresponse to the nipping at his nose, her collarbone, though he counters it with a bit of a kiss. At least he gets the message though, since he's settling in for a long kiss, fingers pressing into her back, keeping her pressed into him.

Rhelia is trapped, but could care less. It's such a nice one, at that. A long kiss, eh? Rhelia is certainly game for that, arching her back slightly against him in response to the firm hold he's got on her. Truly thinking alike is really just a benefit in these instances.

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