Weyrwoman Wooing

Ista Weyr: Main Beach(#3773RJa$)
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, emptiesinto a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

A blue towel is spread out on the black sand, rather obviously there as it's rather faded in color. Out in the water is Pai, well… up to her waist… chest… waist… you get the idea. She's in a blue one-piece suit, no skinny dipping for this holdbred girl.

Pallaton is, for the time being, girl-less, as he wanders down to the beach, a pair of faded shorts hanging rather low on his hips, and a towel thrown over his shoulder. Glancing from the towel on the sand to the girl in the water, he shrugs, dropping his own nearby and headed towards the water. "You look like a girl, you know."

Joining the people on the beach is the Weyrwoman Lisle and her lifemate Umniyath. The gold is starting to widen about the middle as eggs start to develop inside her from her most recent flight. She heads straight into the water, sliding in causing a bit of a wave as she displaces the water about her. Her lifemate remains on the beach settling a towel down for herself and her son she has perched on her hip. She finally settles herself onto the sheet and sets the son in her lap.

Paimida turns around as she hears that familiar and oh so annoying voice. "Ah /am/ a girl." So she looks like one, fancy that. Then the girl blinks as a rather large /gold/ dragon goes into the water. Okay… yeah, definitly bigger than that brown that was making her nervous.

Pallaton snorts softly, starting to wade in when the gold appears, and her human counterpart. Eyes widen and any idea of entering the water is abandoned while /she's/ in it. Instead, Pal shakes his head, trying to compose himself as he head back towards the sands, and in turn Lisle and her son. And, surprisingly, no futher comment is made to Paimida. For now.

Umniyath settles into the water until it covers her belly before looking over the humans that share the water with her. Whirling eyes look upon the people before she gives a warble in greeting. Lisle watches her lifemate for a moment before turning her attention back to her son, "Here you go Alix.." She comments as she draws a few soft toys out of a bag next to her. The baby grabs at the toys with delight as his mother looks across the beach again.

Paimida isn't done with Pal yet though… well, it's more of she'd rather not stay in the water which she isn't used to yet anyhow. I mean, the ocean is somewhat new to her as well. Heading up the beach where Pal is going. Better than staying in the water and it's an excuse. "What, no snappy comeback?"

Pallaton glares at Paimida, opening his mouth to say something before shutting it and moving to Lisle, glancing down at her and the baby. "Hey there…" And for a long moment after his greeting, he glances nervously in the direction of the soaking Umniyath, hesitant about what the results will be.

Lisle shields her eyes as she looks up as the Woodcrafter approaches. "Hello there, how are you today?" She notices the glance to her lifemate and she smiles a bit, "She loves to soak in the saltwater when she is eggheavy, she says it softens her hide so it will stretch better." She shrugs a bit, not too sure about the validity of the dragon's comments. Umniyath gives a warble up to the beach before finally turning about and settling down into the water, her long neck extending toward the beach.

Paimida raises an eyebrow at the glare and keeps following Pallaton over to where Lisle is, smiling down at the baby with a bit of a grin, she doesn't mind babies for the most part. Staying quiet, not exactly having anything to snap back at Pal makes things a bit more difficult.

Pallaton still gives Umniyath a nervous glance now and then, as he otherwise tries to act the gentleman - at least for now. After all, he needs to watch his step with that big, gold… dragon? out in the water. Sticking out his tongue innocently over his shoulder at Paimida, he inclines his head slightly. "Do you, uh, mind if we join you? Pai here absolutely adores babies of any sorts." Yes, that's it, use the cousin to get to the girl.

Lisle inclines her head to Pallaton and scoots over a little on her blanket, "Of course, please join us.." She motions her hand toward the blanket. She can not help but notice the nervous glances passed toward her lifemate and she gives a encouraging smile, "She will not bite anything but a herdbeast or a wherry when she is hungry." She comments, amusement in her eyes despite her soft spoken words.

Paimida isn't worried about the dragon anymore, she's over in the water, Pai is not, works well for this beastcrafter. The girl sticks her tongue back out at Pai and rolls her eyes. "Ah think they're cute… but I dunno if yah can say I /adore/ them."

"She's still far larger then is generally safe." Whatever /that/ means. And Pallaton settles down on the blanket next to Lisle, quite possibly close enough to be considered /too/ close, glancing up at Paimida. "Ya're always cooing over 'em, and such. Ah'm sure it'll like ya.."

The young weyrwoman can not help but laugh softly at Pallaton's comment, "She has never stepped on anyone either, dragons despite their size are quite aware of the area around them." Lisle explains as Alix starts to crawl across the blanket. She looks up to Paimida and gives her a nod of greeting as well, "If you wish to hold him I do not think he would be upset over it."

Pallaton isn't necessarily convinced by all she says, instead shaking his head and hurriedly getting back to his feet, making some sort of excuse as he starts to bolt back the way he came, leaving his towel on the beach for now. Eep.

Paimida glares at Pal, and then even more so when he darts, quickly shaking her head. "Nah… Ah'd rather not… Ah ain't so good with little ones…" Unless they're ovines, then she's fine.

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