Niah, After the Flight

Ierne Weyrhold - Marketplace(#9795RJ)

Niah is out in public, this is a shocker. She is wearing slightly nicer clothes then she normally does when sitting on the beach, she has on a pair of jeans and a shirt tha just sits on her shoulder. The little bluerider is looking alright, the day is breezy and she walks along quickly looking around and avoiding people. It's later in the evening, though sunset is still a few hours away. On her shoulder sits a little gold firelizard that is asleep, or close to it.

L'ton is meandering through the marketplace, alone and unburdened by any purchases. Perhaps he's been unsuccessful in his search, or perhaps the packages are already packed up. Either way, he's meandering along the store fronts, glancing here and there when he spots Niah, moving to gently rest her hand on the shoulder without the little gold. "Hey ya, sweetheart.."

Niah has been content, though she watches everyone around here a little anxiously. She doesn't carry anything but looks a lot, at the touch on her shoulder she jumps squeaking and going "Don't!" An automatic reponse as opposed to being upset at L'ton, she moves away her little tremble that usually comes with nervousness just barely there. "You have to scare me." Her voice being sweet, though the fear has an edge of upset to it.

"Woah now, Ah'm sorry lil'bit! Ah didn't mean ta scare ya, Ah'm sorry.." L'ton apologizes quickly, moving to turn her around and pull her into a gentle hug. "How're ya doing? Ah really didn't mean ta scare ya.. Ah'm sorry again…" He shakes his head, and reaches to absently pat at the little gold, before giving Niah a wide grin.

Niah lets him hug her smiling inspite of her earlier reaction. Glancing up at him, she says "I think I am doing alright." Then with a sigh she asks, "Did.. did you see that greenrider." Shivering a bit, and sighing "I did not wanna go back with her L'ton." First complaint she's probably ever made, and it seem more like a plea then an actual complaint. Dawn makes a little noise, but ignores L'ton for her nap. "All those people, and.. she was really." Running out of words and lapsing into silence.

L'ton ducks his head to give her a quick kiss, grinning all the while. "Ah saw her. Ya really shouldn't worry hon, Suri, she ain't gonna hurt ya. She really is harmless." He tries to reassure her, before shaking his head. "Ah'm sorry, Ah didn't mean ta just leave ya, but Ah… And Mai…" And really what else can be said?

Niah shrugs a shoulder, and takes the kiss with a tiny smile, "I understand, the greenrider was alright I guess." Her face saying otherwise, perplexed biting on her bottom lip, and then saying "She said something about wanting a baby to." Just mentioning it with a blush and taking a step, and looking back at L'ton as if expecting him to follow. "I mean. I don't know yet, but." Shaking her head.

L'ton chuckles softly, moving after her and wrapping his arm around her as he catches up, shortening his stride to match hers. "She wants a baby too?" He questions, tilting his head and watching, shaking his head. "That dun surprise meh though. She came ta waylay meh the next day, and yeah." He grins, giving her a squeeze. "Ya still feeling all heavy, er whatever ya said?"

Niah tilts her head, moving so she can get closer to him. Dawn has scooted and gives what is an attempt at a snort, though it looks silly and settles so that she's farthest from L'ton. "I think that is what she said, I was a little confused." Tiny shrug,and she stops looking at a dress and running the fabric through her hands. "Still heavy, and I think I'm wider." Niah does have a bit of a curve to her, at least slight in comparison to how hipless she was a few sevendays ago.

"Wider, hm?" He grins a bit, pausing and putting his hands on her upper arms to turn her this way and that, tilting his head to look at her, before putting a hand on her abdomen. "Ah dunno, maybe." He winks at her, before letting her getting back to examining the dress before her. "Though, if'n its true, Ah guess ya have yer baby, and are gonna wanna be getting rid of meh, huh?"

Niah moves back just a step as his hand gets on her stomach, and giggling while looking around and saying all while he looks at her "L'ton, we are in public." But going along with it, and moving to put her hand ontop of his. "I have been worried about that, that you would just stop visiting me after the baby." Shifting so she can look at him, eyes big head craned to the side without the firelizard as if a look could as a question, "You will still come see me right? I-I do not wanna lose you." Embarassed she looks at the ground, foot scraping the ground.

"So what?" He murmurs softly with a grin, shaking his head. "Its normal fer a man ta touch a woman's stomach, if'n she just told him that she thinks he's fathered her child." He rations a bit, shaking his head more. "Besides, ya should get used ta it, everyone'll wanna touch." A wink, and he moves to pull her into a hug, tilting her chin up. "Sweetheart, as long as yer willing ta put with meh coming ta see ya, Ah'll visit ya in whatever way ya want. Simply a father ta yer kid, a friend, er yar lover. Ah ain't just gonna disappear, until ya tell meh ta."

Niah has nevr smiled so big, especially where other people can see her. Hugging him tightly and saying, with a nervous chuckle. "I would rather people not just come up and touch me, you can but I don't think I will let others… Maybe M'iken." She adds, a tilt of the head and she looks up at him, "I would love that, you can come see me and the baby, and I want you to be my lover and my friend." Shying just a little at what she just said, and then saying, "I am thinking of moving to Ista.."

L'ton ducks to give her a long kiss at her request, wrapping his arms around her tightly as he grins. "Ah think Ah can manage that, as long as ya realize that Mai is my weyrmate, and she's gotta come first, even if'n ya do move ta Ista. Which, Ah think ya'd love." He quickly amends, still grinning. "Maybe Mai'll have some luck soon, ta, and then ya can have lil'ones tagether." Seems like a perfect idea to L'ton at least, no?

Niah nods, shaking her head just a bit and trying for a change to abate his fears. "I understand that, you have to know.. I mean I hope you get that Celiketh only tolerates you, and even if we could be together he would not like it. I know M'iken is your weyrmate, and I do not want a weyrmate." Kissing him and laying her chin on his shoulder, "I want a friend, I don't want a weyrmate." She states, one of the things she's solid on, no shaking of the voice there. "I really hope she does, I was worried that if I moved to Ista, that maybe." She's not wording it very well, stumbling then saying "That maybe somehow my baby would see you as father, but if the baby spent to much time with you he would like you and M'iken more than me." She doesn't even know if there is a kid yet, and already she's worried about it liking her.

"It'll be yer baby, hon. Yer baby ta take care of, and while Ah'll be there ta help, we ain't gonna try and take yer baby away, Ah promise." And he grins at her, giving her a gentle squeeze while he rests his chin on top of her head. "And, Ah dun blame Celiketh. Seems that most of 'em'll tolerate meh, but would rather keep their pretty girls ta themselves." He teases her, giving her another bit of a squeeze.

Niah just sits, letting the moment sink in and saying, "Ok, then.. I will see about Ista." Just letting it be quiet, well as quiet as it can be or maybe just a quiet between her and L'ton. "I will have to wait, and see what the healers say. Tell they give me the ok to between." Shifting and squeezing back, gently and moving to run her hand along his back, she is content before saying "He has never stuck around after flights, always wanted me and him back to our weyr. The other rider rarely wakes up with me there."

"Well, as long as he dun chase meh out before we're done, Ah think we'll be okay." He winks at Niah, before turning to gently steer her at a meandering pace along the outer edge of the marketplace. "Ah'll come and see ya until ya can between. And, if'n ya want, Ah'll see if'n Ah can't find ya a nice place at Ista, since well, yer mah friend." He offers with a grin.

Niah nods, and walks with him, asking. "Do you think it's to early.. I don't like to wait." Motioning to her stomach and moving along with him, but stopping every few steps to look at this or that. "Do you have weyrs on the beach? I've grown really use to having a weyr near the water, or at least near it so that when I get big I can walk over to it without to much problem." She is happy to follow him along, "He wouldn't chase you out, he would ask me to do it." It's not even a joke, her tone is serious.

"Ah think we could probably see. There are some up overhead, Ah think. Mine's in the Bowl, though." L'ton explains, shaking his head. "Ah think it'd be too early ta tell, but not ta early ta give up." He chuckles, before rolling his eyes at her comment. "Ya couldn't just chase meh out, ya like it ta much." He teases her, suddenly stopping and moving to pull her back into his arms with a kiss, even as he tries to sweep her off her feet, though who knows how much success he'll have.

"As long as it's no trouble, really, I just.. there are stairs right?" She is cautious with the next question, Niah frowning. "Because I've seen people who are having babies and they get to big and getting on Celiketh to get down." Veyr fast ramble, and before she really get the entire thought out she's swept off her feet. A squeak, and the firelizard on her shoulder pops between in disgruntlement. Niah doesn't seem to mind and says, "I do like it." Blushing through a smile and looking a bit unsure, "Don't drop me.. please."

"Ah bet that ya could get a ground weyr, when ya get ta big, so ya dun have ta try and get up and down." He offers with a grin, before shaking his head. "Ah ain't gonna drop ya baby. Then ya probably would throw me out, and Ah'd not have my cute lil bluerider ta love no more." He murmurs, giving her a kiss while she's in his arms before turning to look around him, seemingly pondering what to do now.

Niah gets back upright, moving her body so she can look around. "Where do you want to go?" She asks with what might, if read correctly be mischievious grin. She beams, saying "Maybe we should get somewhere with less people, somewhere nice and quiet." She hints, but stil has a problem with coming out and saying it. "Though you probably have things to do."

"Ah dun have anything ta do but ya, baby." He winks, having absently no shame, keeping his hold on her even as she shifts, swiveling a bit to give her a better look before seemingly making up his mind. "Ya read my thoughts, Ni.." He murmurs, before heading in the general direction of the beach, taking the shortest route.

Niah grins, holding onto him as he moves around and acting a bit suprised. "Alright, but if we have to go somewhere make sure." She cuts off her sentence and follows him, trying to keep ahold of them as they go. "But, we have got to let Celi know." It's like showing up for a date with a chaperone.

"Tell him that we're coming home, and he might wanna go for a swim." He replies quickly, turning to look at her with a grin, before jogging a little faster, seemingly in a rush. "Ah mean, if'n ya dun mind. Besides, there's something there fer ya." He offers with a sly smile and a wink.

Niah perks at the thought of something being at home for her. Shaking her head a bit. "Ok, he is grumbling just a bit." Shaking her head, but following still reluctant. The little bluerider is in good shape, and she has leg on her so she keeps up alright. "I do not mind, really." Still slow, but excited to see what L'ton is talking about.

Ierne Weyrhold - Celiketh's Sinking Ship

L'ton pulls her into the weyr, as if it was his own, before turning her around and stepping out of the way to reveal a pretty blue navy sofa that is now residing in her weyr with a soft baby blue blanket and matching pillows set on it. Giving her a moment to investigate, he grins, looking quite proud of himself. "So, whatcha think lil'bit?"

Niah looks around, and spots the sofa smiling big and running to check it out. "Oh Tonny!" First time she's ever used his nickname, she runs her fingers over all the fabrics and then in what might be a bit of a scary move lets herself fall back on it giggling, and laying on her back with a smile, "It's perfect, wonderful!" Running her hands down it, feeling every seem and smiling at the feeling of the new fabric.

"Ya want meh ta leave ya alone to get acquainted with it, lil'bit?" He teases her, as he folds his arms and leans back against the doorway, watching her reaction with a large grin on his face. "At least Ah think ya like it."

Niah giggles, still feeling over the sofa and even sniffing it. It's just then that she notices the blue blanket, sitting up and smiling "This is so pretty, thank you so much. It's just perfect." Still leaning into the fabric and getting a feel for it. Bouncing just a bit, like a kid would. "I love it, thank you. You wanna sit next to me?" Patting the cushion.

"Ah dun wanna intrude on yer private time with yer new friend…" L'ton continues to tease her, even as he crosses the room, stepping out of his boots as he goes and leaving them behind him as he flops down next to her, stretching and looping his arms over her shoulder. "Ah had ta have tried half a dozen of 'em but Ah thought ya'd love the color of this one the best."

Niah blushes, shrugging her shoulders, "I like fabric. The way it feels under your fingers." She explains, then relaxes watching him as he comes and sits down with her, "Well it's just perfect, and it's got a blanket. Celiketh always thought I didn't need a sofa, sofa's where for people who had people over. Now I have someone over." Just smiling at the perfect placement, and saying "It wasn't any trouble was it."

"Not one bit of trouble. T'was the least that Ah could do, ya know, since Ah invade yer place all the time. Need some where ta sit, 'specially when ya have everyone over ta see the baby. Women love babies." He chuckles softly, pulling her close to him to him, with a grin. "As long as ya like it… Promise its okay?"

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