Suraiya's Flight

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Gathering Hall(#888RJ)

L'ton meanders into the Central Hall, walking backwards as he goes, both of his hands carefully holding M'iken's, giving her a wide smile. "It's weird ta be back here, ain't it?" He offers cheerfully, before pulling her closer and moving to wrap his arms around her and twirling her a bit before turning to wander further into the hall, gaze sneaking back to M'iken now and then.

Dhonzayth> Ozriadasoth glow glow glows. Look at that bright pretty hide of hers! /Look at it/! The normal happy green is lounging around on the ground of the plaza, her eyes glaring back and forth at all the other dragons around, snorting at that one, grumbling at the other. There were too many, and that little blue wasn't even paying attention to her! Instead of jumping and raising a fit, she just sulks instead in her shadowy corner.

M'iken grins and shakes her head a bit. "It would be if I weren't just here not to long ago." The pulling and twirling erns him a bit of laughter. "Ah, you're gonna make me fall over or something." She manages to step over her feet instead of on them and follows on along beside L'ton. though her gaze is more for the hall than for L'ton. "It's nice to be back for a visit though."

K'nan has stepped in to take a break after getting together with everyone she needed to for some supplies, and since it'll be awhile before they pack it up to shjip via dragon, she might as well take the time to relax. She gives a nod to those she recognizes, some better than others of course.

Coming out running in a flurry from the kitchens is Suraiya, sporting that one very rare look on her face. A full-blown glare at the staff as she twirls around behind her. "I just put a pinch more of sugar. A /pinch/!" Which usually meant a handful. "Wasn't /me/ that ruined it." She sweeps back around, dusting flour off of her apron and hair as she stomps off towards the food table. There was one last bubbly pie she was aiming for.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth couldn't do anything but pay attention to Ozriadasoth. After all, he has been stalking the green for ages, since he first started noticing that the green was heading towards glowish. Flailing his wings back and forth, he croons happily to the green, pacing the courtyard now that his own has left, and he's allowed to do what he wants.

Dhonzayth> Phailinugoth is lounging, trying to be good, but you know how it goes. It just gets so boring and oh wait would you look at that. His eyes swirl as a sulky green is spotted and he's after her « Why so glum, my fairest lady? Shall I ravage a wild beast for you and bring you it's head back?» He asks with all the hyperness of child. He can't even stand still, and is actually trying to wiggle closer and cuddle. No matter how many times he's been bit and clawed, he never learns.

"Ya couldn't possibly have ruined anything!" He offers cheerfully to Suri, shaking his head hurriedly even as he pulls M'iken close and steers her to the table as well. "Well, its werid ta be back here tagether, then, ya agree?" And then he's moving to rest his hand on Suri's shoulder, shaking his head. "Are ya really gonna take the last pie? That ain't ta nice.."

Dhonzayth> Meluth is content to watch the pretty green without being showy. A polite rumble is sent her way as he settles down in what used to be his home. Since his has gone off with Dhonzayth's again, there's nothing in particular from him to do but wait and enjoy the sights. The hyper blue gets a shake of the head. «Carefull she doesn't snap at you. She doesn't look like she's in the mood for cuddling.»

Dhonzayth> Omasuth is lazily lounging in the plaza when Orzriadasoth makes her appearance. His flame brown head perks up, looking over at the green. «Awww, little green, will you come out to play? Its too beautiful a day to sit and sulk.» He croons charmingly to the glowing green. «And you are too beautiful a green to sulk.»

Dhonzayth> Igen's largest, smartest Blue is here, and has been already for a while, as Chet seems to find something interesting about bars. Aeskath was sunning himself until the ever so lovely Ozriadasoth. He doesn't go overboard with his attentions, but he makes his presence known well enough. He offers her a light, friendly warble, but makes no attempt for conversation with her. He's the strong, silent type, you know.

M'iken blinks a bit at Suri's glareing and yelling back at the kitchen staff, but nods to L'ton. "Humm, yeah it is weird to be her together." She gives him a bop on the shoulder. "It's even less nice to try and talk someone out of the food they're intending to eat." She purses her lips at him.

Suraiya jumps, a bit startled by the hand on her shoulder. The bronzer's offer before was not heard, and her icy eyes swirl around with a set glare. Only for it to smoothen out to a bright grin. "L'ton!" M'iken or not, Suri squeezes her way in to give him a hug, only to quickly release him as she leaps to the rescue of the bubbly pie. "Yes, it's mine! It'd be /really/ mean if anyone else took it from me." And it's in her hands before anyone else can say anything about it.

K'nan can't help but grin a little "Ahh yes, one can't do a lady out of her bubbly, it would be very chivalous or well, nice." she notes as she snags a seat and sprawls in it. "Course, bubbles are sometimes something worth fighting over."

Dhonzayth> All of Pern could have been assembled and watching her and Ozriadasoth still wouldn't have been satisfied. She gives a snort to those that were giving her greetings. She /knew/ that they really were distracted with something else. Like that little firelizard perched nearly on the edge of a short building. She moves her head over to it and huffs out, causing it to wink out :between: in surprise. She growls back towards the other assembled dragons and gets up, pacing around and in the way of the residents running around, hoping to get out of the flight's way, most likely.

"Ah won't take it, Ah won't take it!" He quickly reassures Suri, with a shake of his head, quickly returning the hug as she squeezes him, before moving to pull M'iken back to her side. "Ah wouldn't do that ta ya, at least not with Ozzy glowing like she is." Waving from the brownrider at his side to the greenrider, he grins. "Mai, Suri. Suri, M'iken." He lets the two take it from there.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth couldn't dare be distracted by something else. Not the presence of all those other familiar males, not the presence of that stupid little firelizard, not nothing. Faceted eyes are set only on Ozriadasoth, and he spreads his wings wide to keep the space around him free. And he follows pacing after Ozzy, crooning with each step, actually going as far as to snap at a poor resident in the way.

Dhonzayth> Phailinugoth scrambles back a little as she growls and then when she starts pacing he purrs softly at her, his voice a soft rumble of dancing rainbows and waterfalls. He lowers his head a little and looks up at her with his soulful eyes. Well, more like jewels as they can't quite get that bottomless look, but he tries. Really he does. A little warble and a little tilt of his head and then he's sitting up, his tail curling around him and he lets out a breathless sigh.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth cocks his head curiously at Ozriadath. He walks over to the green, crooning curiously at her. Slightly awkward, the brown warbles eagerly. Oh he's paying attention, firelizard? What firelizard. He oggles her left, and he oggles her right, crooning melodically the entire time.

M'iken gives L'ton a look but grins anyway. "Well then good." She gives him a mock stern look then rolls her eyes lightly at the hugging. She suposses she should just get used to that. She does manage to smile brightly when she's introduced. "Hello. Nice to meet you." She grabs herself a meatroll.

Dhonzayth> Meluth would gladly keep his attention on this pretty little green, she's such a lovely color after all. Though the parent figure in him can't help but watch the other males as well, his concern that this pretty lady might just strike out at one of them is the only thing that keep his undivided attention from her.

Dhonzayth> Gabranth slips through the weyrhold easy enough. He was here the whole time, right? His eyes whirl gently as he pads his way towards the congression. He stays a bit farther back than the other males. His eyes remain solely on the prize as he follows step by step in their wake. He he keeps his pace steady and light to keep the distance from her from getting any greater.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh lands in the plaza, watching his rider go into the main hall before his attention is split towards the shiney green. Keeping his distance he watches the other dragons, his eyes whirl a deep blue and he raises himself making sure that he's got his chest pushed out. Wings slightly open, just waiting for flight though otherwise he stand fairly still.

"M'iken!" Suraiya says, repeating it with a giggle, which quickly disappears as she turns serious. By tomorrow, she'll forget who M'iken was. Just as she didn't remember who L'ton was until their third or forth meeting. She was in a bit better mood as she has hold of her bubbly. K'nan gets eyed. "I hope you won't fight /me/. Cause I fight dirty when it's for a bubbly." She takes one big bite immediately, finally turning to eye the bronze and brown rider couple. "You two together, too?" She asks in between bites, waving a hand from one to the other.

Niah walks in, eyes darting around and then back outside. The little brunettes sighs exasparatedly, each of the people is glanced over and she moves quickly away from the people. A set of faces appears slightly familiar, and she takes a step or two towards where M'iken, L'ton and the other young lady are standing.

K'nan holds her hands up in surrender "Don't worry, I tend to never make it an issued to get in a fight with a pretty lady. I value me sking too much lovey." she states as she pushes her chair back playfully, as if backing up. "Sides, if I eat one, then I want another and another and I swear I'm still trying to get rid of my stomach from Zafi."

L'ton is just in more trouble with each passing moment, it seems. For Suri's all cheerful and bubbly, and Mai is giving him that look. Then, when he's glancing around for some sort of distraction, he's spotting Niah, and realizing that K'nan is infact the mother of one of his children. It just gets better and better, doesn't it? Suri's question, and he nods, even as he clings more tightly to Mai, as if using her as protection. "Yep, she's mah weyrmate."

Aoriya enters the main hall, slightly tipsy from the Green Dragon's ale. "oye, where's the party?" She asks sarcastically as she heads over towards the group of riders and sits. "Oh hi there L'ton. What's up?" She appears to be ignoring Omasuth until. "Romeo, that's cutting it a little fine. Don't crowd her ya goose."

Dhonzayth> Ozriadasoth digs her nose into a doorway that was left open, snorting at the people inside. She gets shoved out immediately, though, and she's left to turn her head around at the male dragons instead. That was your all fault, she seems to say in the glare to the men. With a flick of her green glowy tail, she slowly turns around. The small green hunches down, as if stalking the biggest group of the dragons, only to suddenly bound forward, warbling and bugling and all and taking off to the skies right above their heads. She shoots over and up. They could've grabbed her then, but where's the fun in that? She'd just slam right back into the ground.

M'iken is nibbling on that meatrolls when she gets pulled closer. "Yeah. At least I think he is. He's probably slept with everyone in the room though." She mutters that last bit, but any thoughts on the negative she would have had get cut off when Meluth watches Ozriadasoth take off into the skies.

Chet enters, still carrying her ale in one hand, following Aoriya inside. "Get 'er, Aes!" She spots L'ton quickly, momentarily smirking. She seeks out a seat before her knees become weak. Her grasp of the ale never loosens, though. She happily sips at it, shouting out, "Hi!" to everyone within range of her bubbly, happy, voice. Too bad that Weyrling retreated upstairs, she could've had more fun..

Dhonzayth> Omasuth springs into the air, one minute he's watching the glowing green with amusement, the next he's springing straight up and laboring for altitude. He catches a thermal and levels off, circling higher and higher to get a good foot, er…. winghold, ahead of the other males.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth rumbles at Ozzy, trying to dissuade her from peeking through random doorways, even going so far as to try and nudge her, to get her attention back to the dragons that are outside rather than the little people that are hidden away within. And then the green is flicking her tail and flipping around, and he's crouching to watch her, bugling in return. Only after she's a good ways off, the air space above his head cleared of the glowing green, does Dhonzayth take off, sending a burst of dust through the open doorway that was so recently assaulted by Ozzy, each downstroke of his wings pushing him skywards to make up the ground that the smaller green's quicker takeoff allowed her to gain.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh has been watching Ozriadasoth carefully, though the distress coming from his rider inside distracts him and he misses the greens launch into the air. As a result he is one of the last to leave the ground, though just by moments. A bad start, the blues wings swishing the ground as he takes after the green. Stretching his neck out to streamline flight, and sweeping his wings as fast as they'll move, alot of his speed and energy being used up quickly as he doesn't seem to have a plan other then to follow. As the green bugels his answer to the challenge.

Dhonzayth> Gabranth crouches as she assaults the humans in the building. He remains silent through the trumpets and springs upwards to meet her in midflight. He was the last on the scene after all. His gaze lowers to the beaches before his wings beat the wind to keep up with the glowing prize ahead of him.

Suraiya finishes up the bubbly in record timing. She heaves a great sight of relief as it hits the spot, nodding her head towards K'nan. "I can't have more than enough, but that one… that one was /superb/. /Perfect/. And it doesn't matter how many I eat, I lost all that baby fat months ago." She pats her flat belly with a giggle. "Weyrmate! You didn't tell me you had a weyrmate. And a cute one, too," Suri adds with a mock pout before grinning at M'iken. She catches the mutter, though, and blinks as she looks around the crowd. "Well, /I/ did. But there're lots of people here." There are a few giggles that trail off as her eyes start fading. "Oh, and there she goes! /Finally/." Proddy Suri starts swaying a bit happily to her flying green.

Dhonzayth> Aeskath is up in the air the same time as his wingmate, Omasuth. He doesn't seem unhappy to be chasing alongside the Brown, taking but a moment to bugle at him as they get going in the sky. He edges in, getting what he feels is a good position behind a clumsy Bronze, drafting the larger male for a few seconds before moving down and forward, speeding up to pass the Bronze, with not much effort. He checks again to make sure he has the Green in his sights, and settles into his spot, awaiting her next move.

Dhonzayth> Meluth watches Ozriadasoth carefully, smiling in his mind as she bothers people through doors. Once she's taking off and bugling though he's is up and off the ground as soon as there's room to take off after that pretty green gem

Niah is just watching, but as Celiketh chases she gasps hand covering her mouth with the unexpected twist in her evening. She moves to stand near enough to L'ton, M'iken, Suraiya and the others so that she can at least be sort of counted as a member of the group. Waving to M'iken, just a tiny wave and then eyes glazed over. After a moment she shakes her head and says in a tiny, shakey voice "Hi, M'iken." Not saying anything to L'ton, but giving a somewhat sympathetic look.

Dhonzayth> Phailinugoth watches the green curiously as she picks into the doorways and blinks at her. Nothing could be interesting there. At least at the moment he can't think of what might interesting, after all there's a damsel in distress. And then she's off. He bugles out his glee and then he's off in the air after her, beating the wind with his wings and carrying himself up into the air.

It is a rather worried look that L'ton gives Mai as he catches her mutter, before looking at Suri with wide eyes, as if urging her to not say anything. Unfortunately its too late, and he's left to just try and look innocent, moving to steer his weyrmate and the proddy greenrider to the closest chair, ushering the quiet Niah towards a chair as well, settling to hover over them. This is never the place a man wants to be. Those women need to stay separate.

K'nan gives a nod "Yeah, lots around here." she murmurs and then eyes L'ton. "Don't you be takin' too much advantage of the situation." she says with a grin as she hears the comment about him likely sleeping with everyone here.

Aoriya watches L'ton's moving of weyrmate and proddy rider and starts laughing. "Oy….. Tonny. You're forgetting Kohana and Zahrah." She says with mildly tipsy delight as she follows Suraiya, eyes wandering over the greenrider. "Darling." She says silkily. "He has many weyrmates. And as many children." She supplies helpfully. "Now I, I'm single, easy, and willing." She purrs. "Well, easy for you, he's another story." She inclines her head at L'ton.

Dhonzayth> Ozriadasoth didn't expect the chasers to recover so fast, as she glances behind to find a few right on her tail already. There were a few stragglers, but not enough. She trumpets back to them, a playful call, as she picks up a breeze and goes soaring up straight into the skie, over some of their heads before starting to straighten out. Her small body sways the same way her lifemate's does on the ground, though hers were more pronounced, tipping one way and the other, and finally sweeping her wings back to dive down in a barrel roll straight for the ground.

Chet slurps the last of her ale, and seeks out Aoriya. "I guess I got off lucky. I just had sand stuck in a few odd places afterwards," she winks. "But I think he likes that one, better." She says, gesturing towards M'iken. So, where were those bubblies…she quickly hunts one down and seems more interested in it than in L'ton or any of the male riders at the moment.

M'iken just lets herself be ushered over to a chair. Niah gets a small smile and a wave in return. "Hello there." At least she kind of knows this particular blue rider, even finds her pretty cute, in a platonic kind of way.. As more and more women recognize L'ton, the bronzer gets a sly smile from this brownrider. She was going to have fun with this one when they got home.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth crows eagerly as he takes after Ozriadasoth. He's not as agile as the green, but he mimics her barrel roll. He's less manuverable, but his endurance and larger wings will ease recovery from the dive. Creeling eagerly he continues, glowing violet eyes rippling with desire and fully focused on the flying green, a bogey on the glowing female's tail.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth has no desire to be a straggler. He has spent far far too much time at this point, watching and waiting for this particular green to go up, finding any possible excuse to spend his time at Ierne lurking as close to Ozzy as the dear female would allow. And even now, he's as close as he can be, always hoping to be closer, hoping to finally be able to entwine himself around her. But, for the time being, he's stuck trying to keep up with the limber green's moves, spiraling around after her, shooting straight upwards after her, only diving half the distance of the green. He dares not fall into the barrel roll, less he be unable to rescue himself from such a move, much less the dear Ozriadasoth.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh bursts forward, energy conservation not even a thought as the blue follows the green beauty with all of his strength and speed, she matches each of his tricks and even adds a few of his own. As Ozriadasoth moves forwards and barrel rolls so does Celiketh, not being sly but following and adding his own tricks to impress the lady. Each little movement is watched and her playful call is answered by a warble.

Dhonzayth> Phailinugoth may not be the strongest, he may not even be the fastest, but he's tenacious. He's like a child with a video game, engrossed and determined and his whole attention is on the bright and shiny green. Or maybe he's a raven after a shiny? Either way he's bugling and dipping and diving and swerving and pushing his way through the ranks.

Really, L'ton shouldn't be held to blame for K'nan knownin' him so well. He was sorta dragged along with that flight. She smiles as she watches the others. This is the best part about flights really. Every thing is so interesting.

Dhonzayth> Gabranth watches the beautiful glowing emerald before his whirling eyes. He rises and falls with her, though keeping enough distance between them so he can monitor her movements efficiently. He stays above her lowest altitude, figuring she can't go any lower than that, and soars above like a bird of prey on the hunt. Those in front of him are considered fools. He started as the lead, now he's pulling back. She's not ready yet.

Dhonzayth> Aeskath was expecting something like this. Those tricky, tricky little greens. They're always up to something, aren't they. But they wouldn't fly if they didn't want to be chased. He easily shifts his length towards her new direction, taking care to dodge a few other chasers in the process. He actually manages to improve his position behind her with this turn she's made. Thank you, Oz! He flicks his tail in satisfaction, smacking a shorter Blue in the neck. Oops. Oh well. That other one didn't need to win, anyway. He surges up a little closer, but tries to stay ready for any more tricks and twists. He likes these sly ones. Especially when the Bronzes and Browns can't keep up with them as well as he can.

Dhonzayth> Meluth trumpets back up at the green, working to get up at least with Dhonzayth. Being a bit smaller, he can at least handle the diving and rolling a little better. He hits a nice draft then that helps him shoot forward a bit, rumbling as he goes, intent on being faster than the others.

Suraiya's eyes dart from Aoriya to L'ton, half focused on the rider side of things as she was being led to a chair. Not that she noticed much. "Babies? I /love/ babies! Do you want one of mine?" That was turned up towards L'ton. "Cause I have three… But I want more, so I can have one of yours later! It'll be a switch! My baby, for a newborn." A trade for a newer model? She's all giggles, though she wasn't sure if she was really looking at L'ton or something else over his shoulder. She shakes her head a bit, flopping into the chair. "That'd be so much fun…" She's getting lost, a big grin on her face as she sways to and fro.

Niah sits down, looking up at Tonny and then just shaking her head. Eyes in and out, as if half of her is here and half of her is a thousand feet above them. With M'iken acknowledging her presence she gives another little wave, but has nothing to add. Biting down on her bottom lip, just caught up in all of the activity and watching Suriaya closely, but then going back to L'ton. With nothing left to say she says to M'iken "Sorry."

Aoriya laughs at Suraiya. "Dear, darling, L'ton doesn't need anymore newborns, trust me on this. Aaaaah, but you should meet Kohana and Zahrah, /my/ little babies. My mother fosters them though, I'm all alone in my little weyr, with no company to ease the boredom." She says longingly. "I wouldn't mind a pretty guest, and I'm sure Omasuth is always a willing host for a green lady." Aoriya is intent on the greenrider, her expression and tone one of lonely longing.

"We'll see, we'll see.." He mutters, patting Suri absently on the shoulder before ducking to whisper in Mai's ear, "Have Ah mentioned how much Ah love ya lately?" Even as he's murmuring the words, his gaze is flicking to the other women there, finally straightening up and reaching to pat Niah reassuringly on the shoulder as she apologizes to M'iken. And then he's left to shift nervously. Who /does/ he look at?

Dhonzayth> Ozriadasoth's wings snap out, beating back to avoid hitting the ground as she straightens from her steep dive and skims some rooftops. The people get a trilling call, higher pitched than most of the other dragons can make and resembling almost a firelizard's song. But it stops once she's focused on gathering height again, beating her wings when the wind wasn't enough. There's a peek towards the dragons, slowering her down a tad, but she felt confident that she can still outlast even the strongest of the beasts, or the most agile. She turns sharply out towards the forests, adding a twirl in every so often but keeping it to a minimum to conserve energy.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth barely growls an apology to the humans below as he snaps open his wings after the green. He whirls after her, carefully building more altitude as he blazes after her like a shooting star. This is where brown endurance and Omasuth's split second timing come in handy, as the flaming missile awkwardly plows after the beautiful green Ozri. He jigs left, jigs right, gathering speed along with altitude.

Dhonzayth> Phailinugoth floats, he falls, he twists and then he's off after her. He ain't gonna try skimming over peoples heads, although that one did have a pretty ribbon, maybe he could.. no. He mustn't tally when his maiden needs his savin. And off he goes again, skimming along the belly of a brown and bugling at someone else who beats him with their tail. Hey now, play fair.

He looks at his weyrmate, that's who he's supossed looks at. Mai kind of just sits there and pouts a bit, but Niah's 'sorry' gets a comforting smile from the brownrider. "Stop apologizing. He is how he is." She's frowning again though when her eyes unfocus for a moment, none too pleased with the route the flight seems to be taking. She manages to snake her hand into L'ton's, wanting to keep ahold of him.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth quickly changes the direction of his flight after the green terrorizes the rooftops of the Weyrhold much like a dragon out of myths and ledges, wings opening wide to transfer the momentum from the downward fall into a soaring arch. When it becomes obvious that he's on his own for height, having no helpful wind or thermal to propel him upwards, his large wings catch the air, boosting him further with a bobbing motion. His flight stays steady, despite her occasional twirls, and he continues to pursue the green over the green treetops. Finally, as she peeks back at them, he puts on a bit of speed, encouraged by the green.

K'nan watches the proceedings and just grins as she kicks up her feet onto an empty chair. It just gets better and better. She does eye L'ton curiously and then she looks over at Mai, the poor girl. Must be hard loving someone like L'ton. Well, he makes it easy, but it can't be easy.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh is very easily distracted, while following Ozriadasoth he looks at the rooftops and comes out of the dive just as she does, though his talons touch the ground. All the noise she is making is music to his ears, and he responds warbling and even humming as if in an attempt to add to her tune. Each wing beat he surges forward, he is going on the rush of the flight and isn't at the front of the pack nor towards the back.

Dhonzayth> Gabranth carefully watches the green. She terrorizes the locals but he pays no attention to them. It's her he's after, after all. She changes course so suddenly it might trip up some of the larger of those that are following, but not him. He turns on a wingtip and finally swoops downwards to fall into line of the other males. He's probably the smallest of the chasers here, so he uses that advantage to zip and twist between them.

Dhonzayth> The big Blue is still going strong, shifting trajectory every so often. Or when the beautiful Green makes a move towards forested lands. He narrowly avoids smacking a human passerby's head with his lengthy as he swings back up into the sky. This Green certainly is an exciting one. Another Blue gets too close to his head, prompting an uncharacteristic snarl-growl from the normally quiet Aeskath. Gotta protect the goods, though. He glides low over the treetops for only a moment, before surging quickly upwards again, closing the gap between himself and the pretty, pretty green. Soon, he's right back where he was. He continues his fight to win the Lady Green, entranced by the echoes of her melodious song over the forest.

Dhonzayth> Meluth manages to not hit any of the rooftops when they start their acsent again, a rumbling bugle making more of a warning to the people rather than an aplology, there's going to be more than a few dragons nearly hitting their homes. He pulls out smoother power stokes when he catches an up draft, swimming through the air almost.

Niah is paying more attention to her surroundings, just a bit more and shifts eyes big and she shrinks in her chair shaking her head. At the reassurances she looks back at him, then at all the people. Her attention is just back on M'iken, "But, it's" Not explaining but shaking her head again, she is looking at the ground and scoots back just a bit so she isn't as close to the others.

Suraiya pouts a bit at L'ton. "But they're so cute, my babies. Who wouldn't want them?" There's another half-distracted giggle. She leans back in the chair, getting vertigo from all the flying and twisting of her lifemate. She shakes her head a few times, trying to blink back into reality and failing. "Everyone needs more babies," she says in answer to Aoriya, not quite focused on anyone in particular anymore as she starts bowing down to silence, encouraging her little green mentally in the rest of her flight.

L'ton has his attention pulled quickly back to Mai as she holds onto his hand, and he's crouching down next to her chair, shifting to put his hand on her knee, giving it a slight squeeze while he balances himself on the balls of his feet, settling for staring at the ground in front of him. That can't get him into any trouble right? Although, he probably does help his situation any, for his other hand is absently patting at the greenrider as she sits there as well, not actually listening to her words anymore.

K'nan frowns a little. More babies? She's not so sure of that. Two in abnot sixteen turns should be enough, right? Hmm. Course that does tend to be a reason to win flights with female riders. Which generally works. Usually. Her eyes are on L'ton, or his hands are at least. Depending on the outcome of the flight, it could be interesting.

Aoriya starts laughing, eyeing Suraiya appreciatively. "Perhaps I could, but trust me, he does not. Look at him? He's placating how many women here?" She sounds amused, her expression as she regards Suraiya warmly. "Perhaps you could take me to meet your babies sometime? I'm a good mother when I need to be. Omasuth is sad that my weyr is empty." She croons.

Dhonzayth> Ozriadasoth eventually grows too tired of the aerial tricks, either because of her own stamina leaving her or because her lifemate back in the hall was getting really dizzy. She'll blame it on the latter, if asked… Her voice has trailed off as well as she settles for humming. Another look at the dragons behind her has her startled at the vast number of chasers. She had to give up, she can never outfly them all! The flight hadn't even been going on for too long, and Ozriadasoth was preparing to surrender. She gains as much height as she can, twists 180 in the air to face her foes, the males, and starts a falling glide towards /them/ instead. Incoming!

M'iken finally joins in the bit of conversation that's going on. "He could use at least one more baby." She's referring to one of her own, but then, if anyone knew how long they've been weyrmated, it would probably look rather strange that they still didn't have a child between teh two of them. The patting of the greenrider gets a look, but she just slips her hand over the one that's on her knee, holding onto him.

Dhonzayth> Phailinugoth is working to keep up, dodging some of the fiester males and then all of a sudden he's bugling as the green is coming back their way. He back flaps, his feet coming up and the tail swishing as he attempts to slow himself as well as keep height and even gains a little as he aims for her underside. Yes, it'll be an inverted dive for him if he can manage it. If not. It was fun while it lasted.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth has been waiting for this moment, matching Ozriadasoth sway for sway, dive for dive, jig for jig. The brown croons in time with Ozriadasoth's humming, paying attention to her and to her only. His endurance has allowed him to remain strong even as she surrenders. Crooning a song he reaches for her as he pounds through the sky at top speed, pushing brown endurance and lightning reflexes to the limits. His song is coaxing, soothing, assuring, matching her wingbeat for wingbeat, the glowing star his only thought.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is glad to see the end of the aerial tricks, for no longer is he required to swerve back and forth and hover while she shows off for him. After all, Dhonzayth is the only one she could possibly be showing off for, right? The green is startled, and as she suddenly shoots upwards, he does as well, pale wings lifting the Istan towards her, before she's suddenly shooting at them, like a firecracker from a cannon, and he's left to trumpet in surprise before attempting to match his descent with hers. Wings are held wide to keep him aloft, while talons and neck are extended. Now is the time to get close, now after all this time, here is his chance. The lurking in the shadows can fade into oblivion as he tries to take her in the open sky instead.

Aoriya gets annoyed at L'ton, face twitching. "You should be chasing her." She says sidelong, quietly, to the bronzerider, meaning M'iken. "Before she flies off and leaves you behind." Before she kneels in front of Suraiya, looking up into her face with a warm smile. "Aaah, green one, perhaps if you need help babysitting, I could swing by your weyr sometime?" Just as much Omasuth as Aoriya.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh has used most of his strength, all of his aerial manuevers not well thought out. He seems to fly with his heart instead of his head, watching the green gain heigh he moves towards her, having to this point mirrored most of her acrobatics. Moving between the males he uses his size to his advantage. The surrender gets a happy warble from the blue, who was rapidly losing the ability to continue chasing. With a final surge he moves to turn so that he might catch the green, if not well he's got a rider on the ground who will be very relieved.

Niah isn't really paying attention, as the flight has her firmly in it's grasp. The shy little thing is shaking a bit and watching all the people, it's a but much for her to deal with and she has backed herself into the corner, she seems to be waiting for the bomb to drop. Eyes glaze, but she manages to say to L'ton "Please don't let one of them take me." Looking at all the women in the room.

Dhonzayth> Meluth banks in surprise when the green is turning back on them. Though really it's a lucky chance for one of them, maybe him, as he attempts to cut through the croud of males and catch the pretty lady diving through them all. Ready to wrap himself around such a lovely gem he's almost flying upside down if that'll do the trick of catching her for himself.

Dhonzayth> Gabranth slips between males and catches a sight of a falling star. Whirling eyes double in speed as he gives one last beat of his wings before extending his arms trying to save the beautiful gem from plummeting to the ground. He hums gently, a song of love and sincerity, trustworthiness and faithfulness. With arms and neck outstretched, his backlegs come up and he's now curled to offer what he hopes to be a soft landing and warmth and protection from certain demise below.

Suraiya's small connection remains, but she had no eyes to look at any of those with voices. "Sure, you can babysit. Go ask the nannies sometime, you don't have to look for them in the weyr," she says with a giggle, nodding off somewhere in the deeper halls. Or at least where she thought they were. Babies? In her weyr? Yah right… She bites her lip hard when her dragon decides to take the fast way out, falling to the dragons, and she gets up quickly for her chair, knocking it back. She doesn't move far though, simply standing.

Aoriya stands, moving with the greenrider, slowly moving to right the chair before extending a hand warmly in invitation. With her back to L'ton and M'iken, the brownrider croons remarkably like her dragon, eyes never leaving Suraiya's face.

Dhonzayth> The Desert Blue is still moving upward when he observes the tight turn manuevered by Ozriadasoth. It seems there is some advantage to being near the bottom of the pack, after all. He trumpets at her, letting her know that his attention is hers and only hers at this moment. He rockets forward, aiming right for her, still calling. It's quite unlike him, but there is something about this particular Green that has got his curiosity piqued. He must reach for her. His long, watery blue wingsails carry the lengthy Blue towards her, awaiting her acceptance or denial of him. At this very moment, it is only the beauty and wonder that is Ozriadasoth that matters to Aeskath. Will she, won't she, choose him?

Chet still has a bubbly partway in her mouth when she senses a change in the air. She practically inhales the sticky morsel and surveys the room, spying any unattached males to use for her own amusement. She snatches another bubbly before approaching one of them. Unfortunately, she trips while headed towards him. The bubbly stil safe, she quickly stands up, hoping that her trip doesn't affect her lifemate's final approach. She brushes herself off, and looks around again for someone to play with. Something is said by Suraiya about everyone having babies, which seems to make her nervous. The next words, babysitting, relax her, though. That's much more doable. "I'll make some cheese for them.." She says to Suraiya, not entirely aware of what she's saying. She's still mentally hurdling through the air. Not quite there, but enough there to talk about cheese. "Cheese is good."

Dhonzayth> Ozriadasoth makes sure that it wasn't so easy for the boys below as she glides down, twisting left, twisting right. Once she's in the fray, she tries her best to dodge talons, her voice muted as she focuses on that task. Maybe, just maybe, she can fly out of the mess and head to clearer skies! There's a strangle warbled, cut off, when someone snags her out of the air though. The last of her strength, the last of his! She gets pulled into Celiketh, not daring to even struggle free from his talons. She needs /some/ energy left, afterall, for the rest of the fall.

Dhonzayth is unable to snag the green - it seems the bronze will be left to stalk the green once she returns to the ground.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth manages to save himself at the last second from collision, finally reaching the ground in a clearing abandoned in Ierne's forests. The brown droops, taking a breather to calm down.

L'ton seems to have had the choice made easy for him, as Niah is the one left to deal with a proddy Suri - perhaps he's better off not in that bed again - while he's left to handle a M'iken. At least, that's what his intention seems to be, as his hands go to cling to hers as he straightens, starting to pull her off.

Dhonzayth> Aeskath swoops upwards and curves around upon realizing he's missed. Oh well, there's always Keelath or Shemsuth to catch.

Dhonzayth> Phailinugoth continues rising then looping back downwards having basically done a backwards summersault and heads back down to the Weyr.

Aoriya sits back on her butt, falling to the floor. "Oma, good job." She mutters. Sharply coming back into herself, she watches L'ton try to lead M'iken off. "Omasuth? You're joking. He's never WHAT?" Omasuth seems to have supplied something irritating. "STupid jerk. Hey Chet, lets go get blasted." She suggests.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh catches her as best he can, the blue tired but wings out and he gets lucky and catches a thermal, wrapping his form around his green ladies. Carefully steadying them, and using the very last of his strength so that they remain safe.

Dhonzayth> Gabranth falls back and glides home to rest, down, but most certainly not out. There are more out there.

Dhonzayth> Meluth makes a full loop around before moving to dive for the familliar Ierne waters he used to roam.

K'nan doesn't think she'll envy L'ton if Mai wishes to be tempermental, herself, she'll think she'll find some poor person who's feeling hard up and waste some more time while her cargo is packed.

Niah looks very caught up but also extremely scared, looking over to L'ton and then shivering she looks at Suriaya not sure what to do or who to go with. She's partially glued to the spot.

M'iken lets herself get pulled off by her weyrmate, only mildly registering that shes being pulled off. Meluth surrounding himself in water after a lost flight tends to put her mind in a funk. She's just lucky it's L'ton dragging her off, at elast she'll count herself lucky when she's back to her own mind.

Ozzy falls. Falling, falling. Poor swaying Suri was going to topple backwards! She doesn't get far, though, since Celiketh caught and her scan the room. They seem to lock one moment too long after the bronzer making his escape before she heads towards Niah instead. Follow the greenie! It was no fun, either way. She makes her way stubbling past, still giggling, towards the inner hallways to look for a room.

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