Flowers for Niah

Ierne Weyrhold - Celiketh's Sinking Ship
You have entered a space meant to be airy, allowing nature to come in as it pleases. The skybroom frame has many windows, meant so you can view the beach from every angle when all the windows are open. Curtains hang so that when the windows are shut Niah can have some privacy. Sand has been tracked in, though she maintains a good deal of cleansliness for her space. The walls have been washed a light sky blue color, that brightens the space. Accented by darker blues and reds are shelves built into the wall on each are drawings, shells, and objects of personal value to the bluerider, a table and a set of chairs sits near a small kitchen. Past the entrance and living area is the personal chamber, located here is a bed draped in a quilt of crimson the bed is king sized and not made up, so one can see the red sheets and red pillows, at the bottom is a white blanket that appears very old but still in good condition. Right off this chamber is the bathing chamber, a soaking tub and sink with a larger mirror.
The farthest end of the weyr is another entrance, curtains of yellow and red can be moved to view the couch where blue Celiketh sleeps. The couch is very well kept, swept daily and a collection of objects which seem to have very little actual relevance are all around. Most of them are red or blue, though it appears all the objects are from nature, yellowed leaves make the collection seem bizzare.

Niah's finally gotten around to cleaning the place up, it was never actually dirty but the bed is made and she has flowers on the table in a blown glass vase of light blue. The shelves have been dusted, and the small kitchen area is cleaned up. Everything looks a little to clean, but the bluerider has nothing else to do. The windows are all open, letting in the breeze and given a great view of the beach. Today she sits next to Celiketh, the blue standing to be oiled and Niah flitting around uncharacteristically.

L'ton comes bearing a gift. Unfortunately for L'ton, it seems that the bluerider already has some flowers - though it doesn't stop him from stopping in her doorway and presenting them in her general direction. "Lil'bit, what's the matter?" He asks suddenly, pulling his hand back towards him as he watches her flit around.

Niah shakes her head, and Celiketh leans down so she can get a rougher patch of his hide high up on his shoulder. With L'tons entrance she startles, jumping a bit and making a small squeak of suprise. Then in the same quiet nervous tone she never seems to lose, "Oh, I am sorry I just was oiling, nothing wrong." Looking at the flowers and then taking a step forward, head down, small smile on her lips she asks. "Did, did you bring me flowers?"

"Of course Ah did. Ah can't just keep showing up here, and enjoying it, without bringing ya something too." It seems perfectly logical to L'ton, and so he's tilting her chin up to grin at her, before offering her the flowers again, and then bowing to the partially oiled Celiketh. "Ya just looked all nervous, like someone important was 'bout to walk through the door."

Her eyes linger over the flowers, little smile and she looks up at him as he takes her chin. "You are to nice to me, wish I would have know you where coming. I would have made us some lunch or something." Fretting a bit and glancing back at Celiketh who is contently waiting for Niah to finish her job. "No one important, just a bit cooped up. I am not going anywhere, no one really visits me. I mean besides you of course." Taking the flowers, she does the natural female thing and sniffs them.

L'ton reaches to gently ruffle her hair with a grin on his face. "Ah'm good lil'bit. If'n Ah was hoping for food Ah would have made sure ta bring something with me, ta not put ya on the spot." Sparing Celiketh another glance, he looks back at her, giving her a bit of a sad face. "Aw, why're ya all cooped up? Ya have all of Ierne ta wander."

Niah reaches up after the ruffling, smoothing her hair back and then making a face as the oil on her hand transfers to her hair. "I just thought it would be nice if we could have something to eat." As his face gets sad she moves to lean against him. "Well you should not look upset, I just do not like wandering Ierne. Especially with all the people around, they make me nervous and Celiketh can not follow me everywhere." Explaining with a little sigh, and moving away from him to continue work on the dragon, she puts the flowers on the table.

"Aw, that ain't no good, lil'bit. Ya should be proud ta be Celiketh's hon." He shakes his head a bit, giving her a squeeze before she wanders away, and moving to pull a glass out of a cabinet, filling it up idly and sticking the flowers in it. "How're ya feeling, though? Ah mean, aside from feeling all couped up?"

Niah turns, a little suprised and said. "I am proud to be Celiketh's, just female blueriders have this reputation." Blushing fiercely, and twirling on piece of her hair idly. As he gets the glass she sits down, shrugging. "I feel ok, I mean kind of heavy but it could all be in my mind, I don't want to get my hopes up or anything." Washing her hands and getting the oil off she says, "Do you know where I could find a sofa? I have been looking for one but me and Celiketh can not possibly move a sofa all by ourselves."

"Ah think Ah know just the place. Ah'll check, though, and if'n Ah can get it, Ah'll bring it ta ya, the next time Ah visit, okay?" There are definite advantages to being a Weyrsecond. As she washes her hands, he moves to wrap his arms around her, standing behind her and peeking over her shoulder. "Kinda heavy?" He questions, not really sure what she means.

Niah turns her head to looks up at him as he wraps his arms around her. Moving to lean her weight on him, trusting that he's prepared to hold onto her. "I am not sure how to exactly describe it, it is just a feeling." Frowning, and a little shake of her head to get her hair out of her face. At his reponse to her sofa question she smiles, looking up and seeming content "Oh that would be so wonderful, I try and furnish the place but none of the men around here help me very much."

L'ton wouldn't dare let Niah fall, and as she leans into him, he shifts his stance lightly to keep her steady as well as himself. "Ah.. Ah'll take yer word on that one, then, sweets." He shakes his head slightly, moving to tuck her hair back a bit as well before planting a kiss on her cheek. "Ya need a good sofa. After all, where'll Ah sit, when Ah come ta visit, if'n ya dun have a sofa?"

The kiss planted she moves to lay her cheek on his chest, her face a little cold and she moves her hands to stroke the top of his fingers, her hands are a bit cold as well. "Alright, it probably means nothing." Sighing, looking up at him and then asking "Any chance I could get to see zhein?" She asks with a hint of reluctance, "You said you would bring him and I would really not mind taking care of him, I mean who takes care of him while you are with me?" Her voice with a bit of concern for the child.

"Ah'll bring him next time Ah come from Ista, kay lil'bit? Ah had a meeting here, a bit earlier, so Ah haven't gone back yet. But, he's with the nannies, mostly. He's a good kid." At least, what L'ton sees of him. As Niah leans into him, he gently squeezes her fingers, rubbing his thumb over them before giving her a gentle squeeze and another kiss.

Niah nods just a bit and tilts her chin to look into his eyes, "That would be nice." She exhales, relaxing but with a snort from behind her is reminded that a half oiled Celiketh has been very patient. Moving towards him but loath to leave L'tons arms she asks "Is yours this demanding? You had said he curls up with greens and such." Celiketh still leaning down waiting to be finished.

"Give ya a bit of preparation, ta, for when we're finally successful." HE winks at her, before giving her a squeeze, and following along a few steps behind her. "He can be, but mah Zip like ta oil him, so he's generally satisfied. But, he does prefer ta curl up with a green or gold that'll let him."

Niah chuckles a bit at his comment, starting to oil Celiketh, Celi stands nicely but watches L'ton carefully. Looking up from her work she says, a little concern but mostly a giggle in her voice "He thinks that you invade into /his/ time." Rubbing him gently, and then going back to L'ton. "So when we finally do get a baby, I have never really planned after that. I mean, I have hoped to move to an actual Weyr. But then where would I move? Then babies need a lot of time, I know that."

L'ton shakes his head at Celiketh's comment, chuckling slightly but moving to offer a palm up to the large blue. "Do forgive me, Celiketh." He offers formally, before shaking his head and looking at Niah curiously. "Well, where would you like to live? There is always Ista. Its not too different from here." He reasons a bit, with a smile. "And, the nannies are very good at helping."

Celiketh raises his head, sniffing L'tons palm the blue stretches out standing and moving towards his couch. Turning slightly he sniffs at L'ton again, snorting and going to his couch with a plop. Niah giggles, shaking her head "He says he isn't sure about forgiveness, but you can stay." Twirling just a bit and asking him "Is ista nice? I mean I have been there before, just I did not stay long." Sitting on the edge of the bed she asks, "I want to live somewhere warm, always liked being near the water. I do not like nannies, they are not a replacement for parents." Laying back, "Do you think we should just be talking, when, well I mean." Blushing and hiding her face a bit, chin down..

"Sweetheart, Ah have plenty of time, dun ya worry yer lil'self 'bout it, kay?" L'ton replies cheerfully, bobbing his head once more at the blue before moving to settle lightly on the bed next to Niah, wrapping an arm around her back. "Ah really like it. Ah dun think Ah could actually live anywhere else, ya know?" He chuckles a bit. "Nah, but once in a while ya might want ta go out, and having good nannies ta watch 'em while you are is a plus."

"That's good, I really love spending time with you." Niah says, quietly scooting closer to him. "Do you think I could have a glass of wine? Or would that be bad." Grimacing and letting her hand wonder to her stomach, "I don't think I can stand all of this waiting, you have all of these kids. When did they know?" Then eyes getting big she asks him, voice getting quiet and nervous "When do you think I would /have/ to go to a healer."

"Ah think that a single glass of wine would be fine." He nods slowly, giving her a squeeze before getting up to attempt to find it and then two glasses, pulling them down and setting them on the table to fill them up before returning to offer one to her. "Prolly in a few weeks, once yer pretty sure. Just ta make sure that everything's gonna be alright, ya know?"

"Ah think in a few weeks would be best, cause ya dun want anything ta go wrong, ya know?" He reassures her, taking a sip of his own wine as he settles his arm tightly around her. "O'course Ah'll go sweetheart. Ya just have ta let me know when Ah need ta come, and Ah'll go to the healers with ya, and be there when ya find out its all good."

Niah moves to lay her head on his shoulder. "I have not seen a healer since candidacy, and I only went then because the Weyrwoman made me go." Shaking her head, and looking suprised she says "So you will go with me?" Smiling as he reassures her, "Then I will go, can I have Celiketh tell Dhonzayth? Dawn is to little to really send messages."

"O'course. Just have Celiketh call, and Dhonzayth and Ah'll come as soon as we can." He reassures her once more, smiling at her, planting a kiss on the top of her head, giving her a squeeze. "Ah'll go whenever ya have ta go. An, whenever ya need meh, Ah'll come, promise." His wine glass is set down nearby, and he gives her a careful hug.

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