A Proddy Twin

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Gathering Hall(#888RJ)

Maybe L'ton is looking for someone in particular. Perhaps he's just wandering around there trying to make it look as if he seems to fit in. Either way, L'ton is in the relative empty main hall at mid-afternoon, weaving his way through the tables, nodding to a few people here and there as he goes.

Suraiya was taking a break from the kitchens. Or probably kicked out again, who knows. Either way, she's pushing the door with her back, carrying herself a plate of normal food and another of bubblies of dessert. To firelizards squabble on her shoulders, eager for their meals even as the greenrider heads towards a table. "Oh! Oh, hey! It's /you/!" Suri calls out, grinning when she looks up and spots L'ton weaving around. "Come join me?" She sits down at the closest table, setting her plates down so that she can wave enthusiastically to a spot next to her.

L'ton is caught? Pausing in his weaving, he tilts his head for a second before a wide grin crosses his face and he's making his way towards her in a much more direct manner, leaning over as he gets there to wrap his arms around her the best he can with the squabbling firelizards there. "Hey there babes.." He offers cheerfully, sliding into the offered chair and leaving one hand resting on her thigh while the other reaches without an offer to the bubblies. "How're ya doing, mah dear Suri?"

Squabbling firelizards decide that a bronzer wrapping an arm around their human was going to be a problem, and they find a perch along the table instead. Suri tosses them some bits of wherry meats before turning to grin up to L'ton. "I'm doing /great/. Even better with some company, now. How about you? How's Ista? How's your… what's your bronze's name?" She giggles and sits up a bit to peck him on the cheek. "It's a surprise to see you again over here. What are you in Ierne for? My bubblies, I hope," she quickly adds with he gets one. They were actually the one recipe she rarely made a disaster out of, and were actually good. She moves straight to them first, too, instead of her real meal.

L'ton glances at the squabbling 'lizards as they are masterfully distracted, grinning at her and giving her leg a bit of a squeeze. "Ah'm good, Ista's good. Dhonzayth's good ta. Said he likes the greens here, better, cause he doesn't have ta share 'em so much." He winks at the greenrider before half the bubblie disappears in short order. Lifting the bubblie, and then patting her leg, he grins. "Ah had ta come and enjoy the sweets that Ierne has ta offer." Winking, he scoots his chair a bit closer to her for good measure. "How about ya, lil'bit? How're ya doing?"

Suraiya's grin falters, and then completely disappears. "He likes more greens here than Ozzy?" She sniffs, insulted by that, and turns her head towards the bubbly. She takes a big bite to stuff her mouth. She clears out her mouth and huffs. "Ozzy's got plenty of other bronzes around her, anyways." She can't help a bit of a smile when he pats her leg. "I can bake more for you later, to take back home. If that's what you want." She finishes up the rest of her pie and licks off the filling that had fallen on her fingers. "Oh, me? Ozzy and I, we're proddy. And I've been busy baking, and baking, and baking. I feel like there's never enough sweets out here, you know?"

"Goofy. He's watching Ozzy while he can. Says she's real pretty. Ah thought ya'd have realized." He leans against her, bumping into her shoulder, with a chuckle. "In fact, Ah might have ta find a big stick ta pry him away, when ya decide ta get rid of me." His grin widens, and his laughter echoes as she mentions being proddy. "Ah noticed dear. Trust meh, Ah noticed." He grins, giving her a pat. "And, Ah have ta say, the bubblies are good, but there are other good sweets ta. Sweets with the sweet!" The rest of the bubbly is lifted in her general direction.

"Well, Ozzy's just completely grumpy lately," Suraiya says with a bit of a dry giggle. "She gets all grumpy about the bronzes and browns and blues whenever she's like this, do I don't hear anything about how Dhon watches her." Nope, it's all negative on the other end. "And he watches the /other/ greens too, I bet." She shakes her head a bit and sticks her lower lip out at him in a pout. "Now why would I want to get rid of someone like you? Stick around, stick around for as /long/ as you like. I've got room." She winks to him, giggling again as her mood returns back to normal. "You're just saying that cause I'm proddy." She opens her mouth though, for the rest of the bubbly as she tries not to laugh.

"Not at all, mah dear. Ah'm saying that cause yer ya, and Ah adore ya." The rest of his bubblie disappears, and he's leaning to give her a kiss as soon as its gone, quite amused. "Dhonzayth says he ain't doing nothing of the sort. That yer Ozzy's all the green he needs, if'n she'd just pay attention ta him. And that he can be all the bronze she needs." L'ton chuckles, shaking his head, and wrapping his arm around her shoulder. "Room, hm? Ya really do want meh ta stick around, don't ya?" He chuckles, giving her a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

Suraiya kisses him back without hesitation. She then lifts her thin brows high on her forehead. "He says that? Really? Well… I guess that can calm Ozzy down. Silly green, she's always so paranoid when she's proddy. 'Dhonzayth just turned his head and glanced at Saynth! No fair!'" She rolls her eyes. Obviously, Saynth was no where near where Ozzy was sunning herself, as it was just an example. She giggles again at him, bobbing her head. "Oh, yes, definitely. What's the fun in having such a big place and not sharing it from time to time? Of course, unless you'd rather sit around on the beach or something… I guess I can go look for someone else to share with in the meantime." She wiggles her brow to him.

"How could Ah ever turn down that pretty lil'face, hm?" He chuckles, rolling his eyes at green's response, before tapping her on the nose lightly with his finger. "Ah'd much rather spend the time with ya then the beach. It makes fer a much better view, Ah think." And then he's trying to steal another kiss, distracting her as he steals another bubblie. "Ah just hope that Dhon and Ah can be here, when Ozzy goes up. He's entranced, and Ah can't say Ah blame him, though Ah think Ah enjoy the rider half more." Winking, he's making quick work of the bubblie once he can.

"I guess there're too many beaches at Ista to care for Ierne's," Suraiya comments with a wide grin. "Though I won't argue you wanting to be with me. I can /make/ the view just as good as the beach." As if she would care if he took a bubbly. Especially when he was kissing her! That just made all the grumpy feelings from her lifemate go away. "We can call for you. If I remember," she adds with a wink. "There aren't as many nice bronzers around here like there were in Reaches." She looks at her food, at the firelizards that were picking off of the plate, and glances back to L'ton. "Well, how about I show you where you can stay, if you want?" Her bed, of course. "I think the bubblies filled me up." There's a snort and a giggle as she pretends to pout. "I'd be really jealous if you preferred Ozzy to me."

"Ah definitely think ya should call fer us, ya know. If of course Ah've even managed to pull myself away from ya by that point. Ya do make it a hard thing ta do." The firelizards are just stared at, and he shakes his head in surprise, wrinkling up his nose. So much for stealing anything else. "Ah'd love ta see it, mah dear." He agrees, carefully getting to his feet, and offering her an arm. "Ah promise ya love, Ah can't ever say Ah'd prefer yer green ta ya." He reassures her.

Suraiya bobs her head enthusiastically. "Right, I'll make a note. Call for L'ton and Dhonzayth." She pretends to write in midair, her firelizards pausing to glance at her confused. Their human was mad? But immediately the young things go back to picking at the wherry bits. "Oh, I don't mind at all. I'm quite hospitable and like long company." She gets up as well, head nodding still as she loops her arm around his, holding tightly. "Well, you must at least like my Ozzy, so long as you like me more." She leans a bit to give him a quick peck, definitely a lot different than her own sister throwing herself on the men. "Oh, Esmi? Can you tell Miala I won't be back in the kitchens?" The young girl that was cleaning up a table nearby glances up and nods, not quite surprised.

There is definitely a difference between the two sisters, though L'ton can't really complain about the actions of other, for both seem to make him equally as happy. Letting her pass her message onto the younger girl cleaning the tables, grinning. "Ah think Ah have at least the afternoon ta spend. Longer, if'n ya can persuade me." He chuckles loudly before turning to escort her back towards the private residences. "Ah do like yer Ozzy, but Ah like ya more." He agrees with her, looping his arm around her waist.

So long as he liked her, too, why would Suraiya complain? She beams when the message is passed, turning to look up at L'ton and giving him a squeeze after wrapping both arms around him quickly. "I took the time off, so can you! I'm sure we can come up with an excuse, since the afternoon is half-gone already." No, she wasn't going to let go so soon. She quickly leads him out, giggling. "And I like you more than your Dhonny." As if she ever met the big bronze… "Come on then, let's hurry on down to the beach!" And she twirls away from his arm to grab hold of his hand instead, nearly running out the door in her impatience.

L'ton is left to jog after Suri as she takes off, keeping a long stride with hers. "Fine, fine, Ah'll take the whole rest of the day off." He promises, giving her a wink, as he heads towards the beach with her. He definitely can't complain as it seems the affection in returned in all forms, and Dhonzayth croons at the green himself, just to mimic his lifemate.

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