Aftermath of Celimoth's Flight

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns(#10592RJ$)

Early morning seems to be the most appropriate time to make ones way to the living caverns. The third of the weyr's riders have gone up on the beginning of their wing rotations and others are still in beds save for the few that like less of the rush. Kadesh is settled back with her feet resting upon the small table she resides in by the hearth, her large mug resting upon her chest as she takes one sip after another as those narrow eyes watch who come and go at this predawn hour. She sighs, gloved fingertips brush away those discheveled raven strands that didn't make it into her quick runnertail as she left her own weyr and heated bed along with it's current occupant. He can sleep longer should he choose, she couldn't get another minute with the itches of a half asleep lifemate.

When its early morning in Fort, its considerably later in Ista, and L'ton would have long since started his day, and so is rather cheerful as he heads into the living cavern, finding a mug of juice rather than the klah that most currently present are favoring. Feeling slightly out of place, he hesitates, taking a moment to sort out the various occupants of the cavern at this hour, crossing to rest his hand on Kadesh's shoulder as she's leaning back by the hearth, careful not to tug on her hair. "G'morning sweetheart." He offers rather cheerfully before sliding into a seat next to her.

Kadesh tilts her head back, sending those honey hues towards the owner of that hand before letting the look of confusion melt into something more of a relaxed smile. As he takes a seat, she merely slides her feet to the side rather than off of the table, she's comfortable! "Glad to hear atleast one rider say that, we all just say 'morning' here. Not a good thing til after we've seen what we're up against work wise. I don't go up on rotation for another six hours or so." She tilts her large mug back, taking yet another sip before placing the glass down on the table with a thud, wiping her mouth with a handkerchief rather than her sleeve for once. If only Elara were here to see her use SOME manners. "Tell me, did you sleep well? I hope I didn't hurt you too badly now." Smirk.

"Well, Ah think its always a good morning, 'ssuming Ah ain't awake cause something horrible happened." A chuckle at her actions, and he shakes his head hurriedly. "Besides, the morning can still be good, before ya see yer work, that's when it goes bad." At least he's not screaming and running the opposite direction right? "Ah did sweets, though Ah dun think Ah could have done much else." A wink and he shakes his head, fingers absently touching one shoulder, before grinning. "Nah, not ta bad. Though, Ah might have ta say some beast got me, ta save some face, if'n anyone asks."

Feet are slid free from the table and left to fall onto the floor with a thud. The wooden chair the goldrider sits upon squeals as it's slid with her weight still well upon it across the floor to a more suitable position for conversation. Kadesh clears her throat, pulling her mug closer to her before taking yet another sip of the still warm broth within it before sending her gaze to L'ton. "A beast, eh? Well, it's better than saying a cat did it. That's been well over done and over used. I've heard firelizards once. That one was almost passable." She grins, tilting that mug back one more time and taking draining the last of it's contents before letting a drudge take it away. "Work…got to find the wingleader and tell him it's his turn to take up his daughter for the sevenday. Buh, I got lots of paperwork to catch up on and heels to kick. Suppose it could be worse, I could ride the desk more than I ride Celimoth like the other goldriders do. Wouldn't trade Search and Rescue duty for anything. Everything else is so…/boring/." Course til she tries out L'ton's desk.

"Well, Ah certainly dun mind, but if'n they got word that it t'was ya, Ah dunno if they'd let meh come back to Fort, case Ah disappeared forever." He comments idly, stick out a hand out out of habit to catch the back of her chair, in case it happens to overbalance one way or the other while she's getting it to the ground. "Nah, not even a firelizard would work, cause they ain't the same. And, dunno about them few bite marks." He chuckles slightly, shaking his head. "Ya mean ya ain't just gonna drop her off, and let him deal with it? That's what Ah'd do.. let it ruin his fun from last night." His juice is sipped at slowly, before he tilts his head. "Ya actually ride Search and Rescue?" He does look a bit shocked, even as he absently reaches to tug at a strand of loose hair, to replace it over her shoulder.

"Yeah, I go yup with the midday rotation, participate in drills and go on missions just like everyone else. Just because I ride gold doesn't mean I can't get my hands dirty with some real work. Besides, the weyrleader's responsibility is to maintain their lands and the goldrider's is to her people. Can't exactly do that from behind a desk all day. I don't know how the other junior's do it. Lazabouts." Hrmph. Kadesh does grin a little bit towards L'ton, the looks tend to vary from one another when she says what she does for her duty. "I'm not the Senior so I have time to participate in such things, why not? I'm still young. Got to keep the blood going somehow."

"Ah'm just impressed that yer willing. All of 'em seem ta afraid ta do anything. Ah mean, half of 'em Juniors seem like Ah can't even get 'em up from their desk when their gold's about ta go up." L'ton rolls his eyes slightly, though as she grins at him, he grins. "Though, Ah have ta say, ya dun have that problem. Maybe Ah should encourage all them golds ta be in that too, so that they're awake, ta." Leaning back in his chair, he grins. "Ah bet ya enjoy each day ya come back and everything is okay, then hm?"

"Yeah, theres a sense of satisfaction you get from actually being there and doing something rather than reading it in a report, leaving a note to someone else to do it and being proud to be the one to announce it to someone else. Come on now, goldrider's are still riders, if they don't hold a position, they need to do work alongside everyone else." All said with a little wave of the hand to all of the residents and crafters, craftriders and retirees that still mill about throughout the caverns in search of food and work. Kadesh reaches over and brushes aside the bronzerider's hair just a little. "They learn to be more appreciative towards their weyr if they know what they have to go through as a rider and as a real worker. I hate it when the new girls think they don't have to do squat cause they sit on a gold. Just my biggest peeve. I didn't let it go to my head and screw with my sense of pride and dignity." Much. Though she wouldn't admit it does give her a slight advantage to the weak minded but that's a story for another day.

"Well, half of them gold riders are too pretty and prissy fer anything else. Ah really prefer ta Search the ones that seem ta have a good head on their shoulders. Then, when they get the gold, Ah know that they'll pull their weight, wherever they go." Sighing softly, he leans his head against her hand for a moment, before wrinkling his nose. "Ah should get back ta Ista. But, Ah'll be seeing ya soon enough, Ah'm sure. Celimoth too. Keep yerself safe up there, though." ANd he's thwumping her shoulder firmly before excusing himself and ducking out towards the bowl, to detach Dhonzayth from his find.

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