Bluerider in the Rain

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach(#825RJs)

The sky is a medium gray and though it's midday one would not really know by how dark it is. Wind blowing from the southeast makes small designs in the sand, pushing it around and making the beach hilly and less flat. Walking along the beach, Niah is followed by blue Celiketh and she picks up the shells that have been uncovered by the wind, her hair is constantly being pushed out of her face and is all over the place as the wind blows.

L'ton has a jacket pulled tightly around him to fight off the constant wind, and he's constantly rubbing at his hair to keep it out of his face as he approaches from the other direction, doing a bit of shell searching himself. Ducking to grab an interesting one in shades of orange, he flips it over in his hand, before suddenly having to run partway up the beach to avoid a wave that comes higher than its brothers had been.

Niah is very oblivious to any other presence, at least at the moment. Walking and stopping to move the sand one way or another with her foot. Then out of her own little world she looks up, spotting Tonny and giggling slightly as he runs away from the wave. Raising a hand as if to wave to him then quickly putting it down, anxiously her knuckles go in her mouth.

L'ton pockets the first shell, before picking up another damp one that was just washed ashore, keeping both safe and taking that moment to look down the beach, pushing his hair out of his face as he determines his next point of attack. Its then that Niah and Celiketh are spotted, and he's grinning, jogging down the beach to meet them even as the girl seems to be trying to swallow her own fist. "What's up, lil bit? Find anything pretty?"

Niah glances back at the ground, just as Celiketh who is closest to the water gets his feet a little wet. The blue moves snorting, Niah pats him gentle stroke. Pushing her hair all back, she grabs it as if to pull it back and puts it under her jacket and shirt so that it stays a bit better. Smiling just a little at L'ton she says, "A few, one was a little bit of a redder color." Pulling it out, the shell does have a pinkish red hue.

"Aw, that's real pretty. Ah haven't found ta many, yet. Ah figured Mai might like 'em, though, so Ah thought Ah'd take 'em home with me anyway." As her hair is tucked back, he moves to wrap an arm around her shoulder, giving her a squeeze even as he inclines his head in greeting to Celiketh. "Looks like yer gonna get some rain, lil'bit. Dun wanna be ta far from yer home, though. Ah think ya might melt!"

Niah nods a little, still slightly on edge though she lets him wrap his harm around her shoulder. Celiketh has little interest in L'ton, he's moving towards the weyr entrance. Looking around and staring at the bank of clouds coming towards Ierne, lightly shrugging. "I hope she likes them, she's really nice." Her voice still quiet as the rain lightly starts to come down. "Well I guess we'll find out." She says, almost playfully as it starts to rain.

"She is real nice." L'ton agrees, before he pauses, turning to take half a step away from her so that he can look at her with a rather confused expression. "Wait, how do ya know that she's nice? Did ya meet her?" He shakes his head some, sighing and contemplating his own death, before wrapping his arm around her, and staring up at the falling rain. "Ah'd hate ta see ya melt away in mah arms.. waste of a pretty girl." He winks.

Niah grins just a small grin at L'tons reaction. Then a shadow comes over her face, "Was I not supposed to tell her?" Crossing her arms in front of her chest as if it suddenly has gotten cold, looking up eyes big she says. "I am sorry, she did not find a problem with us and she even wished me luck with having a baby." Turning a little so she can look up into his eyes as the rain suddenly gets much harder, the sand at there feet now all wet and Niah giggles. "We're going to get soaked, want to go inside or at least find some cover?"

"Nah, its okay sweets.." He shakes his head, water dripping off his face as she shakes his head. Wrinkling up his nose as he gets soaked further, he moves to usher her in the direction that Celiketh just went. "Well, at least she didn't get angry.. that's good news." But then L'ton's pausing just outside the door to turn and pull her towards him, giving her a long kiss despite the downpour. "Though, Ah can't complain about the company, despite the weather."

"I do not want to have misinterpreted but she said she would not deny me a cute baby." Following him easily enough as she now looks like a wet rodent, her hair plastered to her face and dripping. The fabric turning a darker almost black blue, yet the smile on her face she's enjoying the weather. With the kiss she leans in relaxing and holding on to him, moving to loop her arms around his waist. "You're to nice." She says, blushing and then letting Celiketh into the weyr. But she doesn't make a move to go inside, instead smiling up at him and enjoying the moment.

L'ton shifts and pushes her hair out of her face, giving her another long kiss as she continues to hesitate. "Well, then, Ah think its all good then. Ah'm that we dun have ta hide." And then he's ushering her inside, finally, out of the rain, dripping inside the door, as he grins at her rather sillily. "Have ya had any signs yet sweets, anyway? Ah mean… Ah guess though it might be ta early…" He looks at her questioningly.

Niah follows him inside, placing her shells down on the table and at his questioning she looks like her eyes are welling up, "Not this month." She says, shaking her head and saying, "I did everything I was supposed to, I mean I eat right and we haven't been between at all." Her weyr floor is getting pretty wet, and she asks, "You're not disappointed are you?" She goes to a cabinet and get two towels.

Ierne Weyrhold - Celiketh's Sinking Ship

"Not at all, sweetheart. Not at all." He reassures her, following after Niah to grab a towel from her, rubbing at his hair first, before draping it over his shoulders. "Besides, gives me an excuse ta keep coming ta see ya and enjoy yer wonderful company." Leaving the towel over his shoulders, he reaches for the other to pull it around her with a grin. "Ah mean, if'n ya haven't changed yer mind, and still want meh."

Watching him carefully, a bit nervous about his reaction though with reassurances she smiles. At the spontaneous wrapping with the towel she giggles, squeaking a bit and moving to wrap her arms around his neck. "So you're saying that /when/ I get pregnant you're not going to visit me anymore?" Niah's never been a pouter, but she puts up a little bit of a pout then blushes looking down. "I still really want to have a baby, and the more your around and the way M'iken talked about you the more I am sure I want your baby."

"Ah didn't say Ah wouldn't come visit anymore. Just that Ah get ta enjoy yer company whenever, since we're trying ta accomplish something, ya know?" He tips her chin back up as she blushes, leaning to give her a gentle kiss. "Aw, sweetheart. Ah was just teasing. Ah'd love ta still, since ya'd like it. Dun pout.." And he gently pats at her hair with the edge of the towel, drying off her face.

Niah gets a little smile on her lips and shivers a bit at the kiss, or the fact she is still soaked wet. "That makes sense." She says, with the patting she grabs her hair into her hands, wringing it out and then frowning at the puddle that she's standing in, then suddenly as if just remembering something she says. "Does yours mind staying out in the rain? Celiketh isn't to protective of his space." The blue snorts, having a different opinion of sharing her weyr with another. "I should probably get out of these wet clothes, it can not be good.. for what we're trying to do if I get sick." Smiling fondly at him.

"Dhonzayth said he's found himself a pretty lil green ta curl up with, so Ah think he'll be fine fer a while." L'ton reassures her, continuing to gently dry her off, before shaking his head. "Sick ain't good at all. Ya need ta get all dried off, and inta some warm clothes." He agrees with her quickly, before he rubs at his hair, trying to dry off his own self at least a little bit.

Niah smiles, quirking an eyebrow "Does he do that a lot?" Looking over at the lump of blue she has who is comfortably curled up. "I guess bronzes probably a bit different then blue." Shrugging and then taking off the wet jacket, the shirt leaving an under shirt that's only a little damp, underneath the clothes she's mostly bone and doesn't really have curves. "You need to dry off as well.. I mean if we're going to try and such.. unless you have plans?" She asks pausing and sucking at her bottom lip.

"He likes someone ta curl up with, usually, and them greens are usually the most willing. Some of 'em are real friendly." His own jacket is pulled off as hers is, and he shakes his had. "Ah ain't got no plans other than enjoying some time with ya." The jacket is left to hang over the nearest chair, thankfully somewhat dry underneath it as he moves to pull her into another hug. "Dun pout baby…"

Niah stops pouting, smiling and sitting down on the bed. "I'm glad, so how many kids do you have?" Asking, but just out of curiousity she doesn't seem to be mad, though with her it'd be hard to tell. Wrapping herself up in the towel, and patting the bed. "Umm, are you just going to stand there or." Blushing again and hiding her head in the covers, with a little giggle of embarrasment she looks up at him.

"A lot.." He offers simply with a grin, shaking his head. "Mah cousin said Ah can't look at her anymore, cause she's afraid she'll get pregnant ta." He winks, before he's moving to give her a gentle push backwards as he settles down on the bed with her, kicking off wet boots before stealing a kiss. "Ah had ta admire the beautiful girl before me, silly." And then he's giving her another longer kiss as he stretches out next to her.

Niah isn't through with questions yet, but smiles as he pushes her back, "What are there names?" Blushing again, and mumbling "Sorry if I am being nosey I really do not mean to be." Laying down and rolling over on her side, "I have just never had a family, I had a nanny." Explaining with a shrug, "My babies going to have me all the time." Pushing her hair to the side.

L'ton is more than happy to ramble a bit, with a grin, resting his hand lightly on her side as she rolls over, pillowing his head in his other hand as he grins at her. "Well, there's Zipalla and Zalla… Zsriston.. Zerissa and Zvelton.." He trails off, thinking for a moment. "Zaresa and Zalyu and Zee.." And those are all that he lists for the moment, shaking his head. "There's a lot of lil'girls.. Ah hope that's what ya want." He teases her with a grin. "They'll be real lucky, ta have ya all the time."

Niah catches on, tilting her head and asking, "Are they all Z's?" She inches closer to him, "I do not mind either way. What do you like." With the list her eyes get big, and she kisses him on the neck, "Will mine have to be named with a Z?" Quietly whispering in his ear. She moves to lean her body on his, she's trembling just a little, and glancing out the windows where the rain is still coming down. The pitter makes it peaceful, and makes the weyr darker.

"Yeah, they're all Z's.. tis a family thing. Like, me and mah cousins are all P's. Mah parents, their group are all A's. That kind of thing, ya know?" As she scoots a bit closer, he shifts his arm to wrap around her, keeping her head close. "Ah'd like it if'n ya were willing, but.. Ah mean ya dun have ta." He replies, before gently kissing her jawline, with a grin, glancing to watch the direction of her gaze, before kissing her nose to get her to look back.

"I am fine with a Z, I guess. If it's a family thing." Leaning into him, she smiles wiggling a bit at his kissing her jawline. Niah wrinkles her nose a bit as he touches it. "I do not think you get pregnant by talking." Taking a bit of a leap and moving to kiss him, nuzzling into his neck.

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