Chatting Children

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands(#3306RJM)

With the night being a gorgeous one, the majority of the patrons of the Sands have retired to the patio to enjoy the clear, starry sky and the cool breeze. Yet, with most of the people out there, L'ton has been forced to settle for a table near the patio entrance instead. And so, there's where he's settled, tilting back and forth on the back two legs of his chair as he sips at his drink, relaxing.

It is not often Lisle finds her way to the Sable Sands but tonight she looked to be having dinner with her eldest, Alix. Her eldest is perhaps the one most like her, reserved and soft spoken. It seems now the dinner is just finishing as Alix starts to yawn a bit more, "Go on to bed Alix…" She reaches out to squeeze her son's hand and he leans over to kiss her cheek before heading out of the pub. Lisle watches him leave with an odd expression on her face. The look of someone saying goodbye. As he passes through the exit she finally notices L'ton and waves at him, nodding over to his table. A silent request.

L'ton had been nodding to those here and there that he recognized as they passed by, though he's settled happily at his table, making no move to follow any of them here or there. As the young Alix goes walking by, L'ton waggles fingers at the boy, before his gaze trails back to the table he came from. Catching Lisle's motion, he grins widely, waving at her, and motioning for her to come over as he pushes the chair next to him out, turning his chair some even to face it more directly.

Lisle sets some marks on the table for the dinner before moving over to sit with L'ton, setting down into the seat with a sigh. She reaches out a hand to her friend and gives a tired smile over to him, "They grow up too fast L'ton.." She says softly as she looks to the doorway her son just left through."He has been offered an apprenticeship at Woodcraft hall." She finally says as to the meaning behind her odd sadness. That bittersweet sadness of a mother whose fledgling is leaving the nest.

The offered hand is taken, and he gives it a small squeeze, even though he doesn't immediately abandon the hold, perhaps for his own comfort as much as for hers. "Ah know, Lis.. Zip's almost ta that age.. if'n she wanted an apprenticeship, Ah think she'd probably already be gone. But she's dragon mad, so Ah expect she won't be going anywhere, if'n she can help it." The boy is watched for another moment, before Lisle gets another look, and a half smile. "Least the woodcraft tis the best." He winks. Not partial at all, nope.

She lets her hand be held with a small smile to her lips, "I had hoped it would be a while longer, but I would probably hope that should he be fiften..or twenty." She gives his hand a squeeze before laughing softly at at his words, "Of course you a woodcrafter like his father, I nearly forgot. I am sure he will be happy there, but Woodcraft Hall seems so far away even if I am only a between away." Her shoulders sag a bit before she looks over to L'ton as she notes he has not released her hand, "How are things with you L'ton?"

L'ton gives her hand another squeeze as her shoulders sag before shifting to give her a half hug. "Sweets, Ah promise ya, he'll be back here before ya know it. Master Varien has quite a brood of his own, Ah'm sure he'll get yers back as soon as he thinks a senior crafter here can handle it." He tries to reassure her, with a bit of a smile. "Who knows, maybe he'll get Searched back here, and Impress, and then ya'll get ta watch him grow up, and continue his craft at the same time." Finally he lets his contact with her drop, reaching for his drink.

Lisle leans into the embrace for a moment as he reasures her, "Thank you L'ton…I am sure he will be ok…it is just a mother's folly you know. He is a good lad.." She leans over and kisses him lightly on the cheek before releasing him, "I should get some sleep. Thank you L'ton.." She says as she rises to her feet. She smiles at the suggestion he may get searched, "Perhaps someday. You take care L'ton?" She says gently to the man, to her friend.

"Whenever ya need a bit of reassurance, lemme know darlin'. Ah might be going through the same thing soon 'nuff. We can go through it together, then." And share all the kids projects, and such. "Get some rest, and Ah'll see ya tomorrow Ah'm sure." He waggles his fingers at her with a smile. "Night, Lis.." He murmurs, giving her arm a quick squeeze, before leaning back on the back legs of the chair to watch her go.

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