The Other Half of the Duo

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns(#9756RJ)

It's mid day and the Caverns are rather full. People are bustling about, searching for their meals and talking about the days events. Seated nearer the kitchens is a rider that doesn't really fit the mood, obviously a bit moody. Sari shifts in her place a bit, icy eyes watching as the residents of the Weyr go about their business. As a child starts to shriek she cringes, grabbing her ears and trying to shield them from the sound. "Shards, shut that thing up 'fore it makes me deaf!" She barks out at the nanny tending the child, the young girl throwing the rider a frown before dragging the little one out.

There is something to be said about a shriek - it tends to draw all sorts of notice. And, those who respond, tend to draw notice too. And so L'ton, who was busy weaving his way through the crowded caverns, is drawn towards the kitchens and the rather familiar, moody woman. "Aw, sweets, what's wrong?" He offers as he slides into a seat next to her, moving to rest his hand on her shoulder momentarily. "Ah thought ya would be used ta 'em, with yer sister and all."

Sarisia shoots L'ton a dark look but it falters quickly enough when she recognizes the rider. "I ain't got nothin' to do with brats, Sur's or any of 'em." She says to the bronzer before placing her own around around his waist. "'m just feelin' a bit put out today. Ain't had nothin' to drink and it's killin' me." The last is said in a near growl, her eyes watching a passing drudge as she takes a pint of beer to an awaiting man. "What ya doin' here? Catchin' something to eat too?" She unglues her eyes, placing them back on the man with a toothy grin instead.

"Aw, why do ya need something ta drink when ya've got meh around? Ah mean, Ah'm better than alcohol, right?" L'ton teases her as he wraps his arm around her shoulders with a squeeze. "Ain't no good fer ya ta be all moody, though." At her question, he shakes his head. "Had a bit of lunch at Igen, but Ah figured Ah deserved my break just like everyone else." As she grins, he risks stealing a quick kiss. "But, why do Ah get ta have some a lovely lady with meh, hm?"

Sarisia gives the rider a smirk, eyeing him before shrugging her shoulders. "Dunno, a bottle of Benden's best is hard ta beat." She says with a chuckle watching the man a moment longer. "Igen? Been vistin' other girls? An' 'm sure ya get enough breaks as it is, I've heard rumors of ya 'round here." When he steals the kiss however she smiles broadly, moving in to give her own much more intense one. "Ya sure do know how ta make a girl smile. I'm jus' vistin' today." Is said once she removes herself from him, licking her lips slowly with a grin.

"Nah, Ah had ta go drop some supplies off, fer that storm that's getting 'em pretty good. They ain't prepared for them hurricanes like we have ta be here, so. Needed ta do it before it got ta bad, though." As she leans against him, his fingers tighten, and he's left to smirk at her. "Well, Ah have ta say, yer just as intoxicating.." Wow, big word for the Istan. "Ya come ta visit some boy then? Or yer dad?" His chair is moved to sit directly next to hers, though. No reason for a gap.

"Ah, off workin' then? Yer a good rider." Sari says with a nod of the head, her mood falling slightly. When L'ton moves his chair closer however she seems to regain her vigor, leaning against the table and watching him curiously. "Maybe, lots of old friends here. Dad's one of 'em but I like to see more than jus' family. Gotta make the most of the time, ya know?"

"Ah understand, Ah understand." He grins, leaning his shoulder into hers as she leans against the table. "And, dun ya feel like ya have ta sit an entertain me, if'n ya have a bunch of other people ya'd rather see, while yer here. Ah'll keep, Ah think." He winks, before nudging her again, finally arching an eyebrow. "Why ain't ya having nothing ta drink anyway? Ya get in trouble fer it, or something?" Poor, oblivious Ton.

"I've got some time to kill, best spend it with a cute bronzer than alone." Sari says to L'ton before stretching out a bit, letting out a very unlady like yawn before plopping onto the counter. At seeing that L'ton has no idea why she's staying away from drinks she just stares, frowning as well. "Uh, kinda got in trouble for that a while back. Kicked out of 'Reaches for it." She informs the man, nodding her head slowly.

"Ah. Ah wasn't sure if'n it t'was something new, since it hasn't seemed ta stop ya before." L'ton murmurs softly, shaking his head, before she flops on the table. "Aw, at least ya ain't dealing with this alone.." He offers, before moving to tug her towards him after she yawns. "Aw, come here babydoll. Ya look so sad over there.. Can Ah do anything? Gotta make sure ya enjoy yer time at mah weyr."

"It's old news, some old bats jus' lose their heads over stupid things." Sari says with a wave, dismissing the severity of her revelation. But it's too late, the riders reeling her in and she looks back in surprise. "I ain't sore over it anymore." She says with a amused expression before snuggling up to the rider. "But I could be if ya promised ta make me feel better." It's almost a pur as she nestles against the man's chest.

"And what would make ya feel better my dear girl?" He questions, clearly enjoying the attention as she snuggles into him, for he's wrapping her up in his arms, and stealing another kiss. "Ah mean, how could Ah dare say no ta such a face?" Glaring at someone who passes by them for their public affection, he shakes his head before pulling her closer.

"Oh I don't know, bronzer." Sari says before getting to her feet abruptly, leaving the man without someone to cling onto. "Somethin' involving a bed an' some wine?" She leans over to give him another amorous kiss before departing, shooting him a wave before heading for the door. "You comin'?" She asks over her shoulder, peeking back once she reaches the entrance to the Caverns.

"Ah can do that.." And then as she kisses him and walks away, its all he can do to catch up, stealing a skin of wine from another table despite the groups' rather loud protests, and he's jogging after her, wrapping his arm around her as he meets her. "Ah think that sounds awesome." He agrees fully.

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