Rainy Day with Mai

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)

There is only so much that can be done with pouring, unrelenting rain, and so it seems that L'ton has decided to take the remainder of the afternoon off, even though the lunch hour is barely psased. Unfortunately, however, given his desire to return home, there's no way to completely avoid the weather, and so as L'ton and Dhonzayth land on the ledge, they are frantically moving inside, L'ton not even sliding down until Dhonzayth is out of the deluge. Only then is L'ton on the ground, soaked leather straps and jacket pulled off and tossed at the nearest surface.

Mai and Mel have the afternoon off anyway since there was only a quick errand to do for the wing earlier that morning, and not being down in the tanning area has left a lot of time open for her. Doesn't mean she didn't get caught in the rain however. She's loungeing on the couch, hair wrapped in a towel and dressed in a loose pair of pants and a longer sleeved shirt, with Carrot curled on her stomach when L'ton and Dhon get home. The little feline's grown a good deal and looks more like a full grown cat just about, makes for a very good tummy warmer. Mai waves a hand over the back of the couch to the bronze pair. "Welcome home! Didn't expect to see you two so early." Her voice is nice and cheery.

"Hey babes.." L'ton offers cheerfully, though his words are muffled as his soaked shirt is tugged over his head and dropped on his way to pull a dry one out of a chest, and pants are exchanged for lighter weight pants in quick order. Only after both a short sleeved tunic and a longer sweater are pulled over his soaked self is he ruffling his hair up, and moving to flop down on the couch with Mai, careful to not disrupt the napping feline. "How're ya doing sweets?" He questions, reaching to gently pet Carrot as he stretches out next to her.

M'iken smiles brightly. "Hey. I'm doing good, how 'bout yourself?" Carrot lifts his head to have his chin scratched and start purring. Yes, he likes the chin scratches. Mai's pretty relaxed today, probably that tea the healers had given her the last time she went in for a check up. Supossedly it helps relieve stress. If you asked Mai about it she'd say it's the rain though, not particularly one to promote goign to the healer unless she's got a gash that needs sewing up.

"Ah'm better now that Ah've got ya." He smiles widely, continuing to scritch at Carrot's chin, moving to slide his other arm under her. "How's our lil project going sweetheart?" He asks idly, moving to rest his head on her shoulder, relaxing himself as he cuddles with her and the much larger kitten. "Ah mean.. if'n ya feel we're making progress, Ah can ask Pi if'n she'd keep ya stationed locally.."

M'iken grins and leans over a bit once he's closer to give him a kiss before he's resting on her shoulder. "Ah, well. I feel fantastic. Those pills and shots and now teas they've given me, make me feel.. light." She muses over it a bit before continueing. "If we are making progress, I can't go about grounding myself untill Ella's next clutch hatches. I could never keep Meluth from going and watching over the eggs and visiting with Ella." He's kind of an extention of herself now kind of, and she knows if it were her, there's nothing that could keep her from willing going to see those eggs. "So this thing will have to be put off for a while." She leans her head over to lay on his lightly and runs her fingers down the orange back laying on her tummy.

"Ya okay with that, though, baby? Ah.. Ah know how ya want one. Ah mean, Ah bet he could go, and Ah could stay around ta take ya here er there most of the time, and then ya wouldn't have ta worry…" He rambles a bit, turning his head to give her a quick kiss, curling his fingers in Carrot's fur. "Ah am glad that yer feeling better though. Ah mean, Ah want ya ta be happy no matter what, and Ah think this is a good thing fer ya." Fingers shifting to absently touch her stomach, before going back to the cat.

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