Aftermath of Ysa's Flight

Somewhere to haul M'iken? It seems that one of the closest guest weyrs is what L'ton has decided on, for he's backing in, arms wrapped around her, before she's swinging her around and depositing her quickly on the bed, before crawling down with her, burrowing his face, and clinging. "Thank ya, Mai.." His brain is at least starting to clear, as Dhonzayth's link becomes a bit weaker.

M'iken's mind's all aflurry with trying to stay on her feet as she's drug off who knows where and with the fact that she's basically is assaulting L'ton the whole way with touches and kisses where ever she can get them in. When she's basically flung on the bed, she blinks a bit confused at not being /right/ on L'ton. She's made happy again though when he's burrowing into her and clinging. She pets his hair lightly before rolling them over andlooming above L'ton a bit. "Hummm, thank me all you like afterwards." She says with a bit of a predetorial grin on her lips. Meluth's influence over her apperently hasn't eased off enough yet to leave her as herself. She leans down and kisses him deeply, very much needing his kisses and more right now.

"Mai…" He offers, sighing contently as he's suddenly flipped over, and as she looms, he's wrapping his fingers in her hair, pulling her down for a keep kiss, even as his other hand attempts to undo her jacket and push it off. "Wow.." He offers as he finally breaks away from the kiss, reacting quite pleasantly to her predatory actions. Fingers are pulled across her neck, tracing her ear, before he's shifting to kiss along her neck, pushing her collar away to nip at her collarbone. There is nothing wrong with this, at all.

The attempts to get her jacket off are aided by M'iken as she takes a moment to pull the garment off and throw it off someplace. The traceing of her ear and the kisses and fingers on her neck leave Mai shivering pleasantly and a low sound pulls from her throat. She lifts up enough to start trying to get L'ton's jacket off as well. "We wear too many clothes." She complains. Reluctantly she pulls away from him so she can sit up, straddeling his hips, and pulls off her shirt and tossing it away beofre reaching for L'ton again so she can get his clothes off as well.

L'ton is capable of helping, as he pulls his arms away from her to awkwardly tug each arm out of his jacket sleeves, throwing it after Mai's even as she complains. "Only fer a second, mah love." For as she sits up, still straddling him, his hand are helping push at her own shirt before his is tugged off as well, and then he's pulling her against him again, fingernails running along her back and sides.

M'iken is much happier once there's some bronzer skin in her sight and gladly lets herself get pulled down. "Hummmm, why was I mad at you again?" She wonders outloud. His fingernails on her skin set her on fire, or at elast it feels like he does. A sigh escapes her before she's looking to press her lips against his again, even as she presses her body firmly against his.

"Ya couldn't be mad at meh, ya love meh ta much.." He murmurs softly in her ear before nipping her earlobe, fingers pressing into her back, keeping her pressed against him, before he's shifting, lifting a shoulder to roll her over onto her back, stretching out next to her and keeping a hand on her chest so she can't move, even as a leg is thrown over hers and he's once again biting her neck and collarbone, even as his hand lets up enough to rub at her stomach and sides.

M'iken 'mms' weakly at the nibbling of her earlobe, any and all thoughts flying out of her mind. "Ah, L'ton.." She breathes when she's rolled back over and is pinned to the bed. Her hands find their way up his arms and down his back, her fingers squeezing any bit of him she can get to. A moan escapes then when he's biting her, oh how she likes that. She starts to write beneath his touch, wanting more of everything.

L'ton shifts to keep his weight on her, pushing at her pants, the rest of his clothes go the same way as hers before he's pulling the sheets over them, pulling her close, completely lost to the dragons, continuing to nip and kiss and touch the whole time.


There haven't been may mornings where M'iken has woken up in a bed that's not her own. And this morning leaves her completely disoriented. She doesn't even /recognize/ where she is. She sits up a bit, blinking around at her surroundings. Nope, she still doesn't know the place. She /does/ however, recognize who she was curled up on and she smiles lightly down at L'ton before settling down to snuggle back into him.

"Maiiiiiii…" L'ton actually whimpers, not yet really awake, as the brownrider shifts away from him, even if its only for a second. And then she's snuggling back, and he's shifting to pillow his head on her shoulder, fingers lightly going around her wrists, keeping her there. "Ah love ya sweetheart.." He murmurs with a content sigh.

M'iken chuckles lightly. "You don't have to keep me restrained to keep me down." She jokes softly, though she does like the way he latches on to her. "I love you too, you silly bronzer." She kisses his forehead lightly, and snuggles her head into the pillows. The brownrider reaches out to touch her lifemate breifly, just to make sure he's alright, before she sighs, quite content to stay like this for a while.

"Ah ain't trying ta keep ya down. Just snuggling. Like the way ya feel." He murmurs, shifting himself enough to be able to look up at her face, even if its more her chin than anything. "Ah'm glad ya decided ta come with meh. Ah.." He shakes his head, burrowing in to her as a finger idly traces the various marks on her neck. "Ah can't say it 'nuff. T'was… Ya were…" And then he's just trailing off contently again.

M'iken humms a bit and finds herself running her fingers through the back of his hair. "I like the way you feel too." She says softly. Then she chuckles a little. "I can only imagine the morning I would be having right now if I'd pounced Ysa last night." She shakes a bit with silent lafter. The tracing of marks on her neck makes her blush a little.

"Ah dun think even then that Ah could have pounced R'miel." L'ton jokes, shaking his head, continuing to trace her neck, apparently amused by his handiwork. And then he's propping himself up on an elbow to grin down at her, giving her a quick kiss, and then a shake of his head. "Ah think Ah'm more enjoyable, fer the record." And then he's stretching back out next to her.

M'iken laughs brightly at the thought of R'miel and L'ton waking up in eachother's arms and freaking out. "Ah, that would be pretty darn humorous though." She says, still smiling when he's leaning in to kiss her. "I'm sure you /are/ more enjoyable. I kind of have this thing for you. Even though you've kind of got a thing for most of the women on Pern." She's quick to snuggle back into him though, just teasing him for now.

"If'n Ah could only have one woman, it t'would be ya Mai." He replies, even though she's just teasing, fingers trailing through her hair and twisting it a bit here and there. "Ah am glad ya still love meh, and put up with me though. And, Ah can't wait til we have a lil piece of each other ta have." Dropping a kiss but missing her lips and ending up on her jaw, he snuggles her in return.

M'iken chuckles very lightly. "You know, you /could/ stick to one woman. At least one woman who isn't a green or gold rider." She says softly, the kiss to her jaw makes her smile a little. "I don't think I could stop loving you unless you insanely cruel." She says softly. And we all know L'ton is not the cruel type. She doesn't have anything to say about a little one of them running around, she's still afraid to let her hopes get up on that point.

"Ah try real hard, Ah promise Ah do. Ah've been doing mah best ta make sure it ain't 'side from flights, one way or another." Of course, he isn't perfect. And he does fall victim to the pouty puppy dog eyes of little blueriders. "Ah never wanna hurt ya, my Mai. Never." And then he's burrowing into her again, "Ah just want ta make ya happy.." And so he's kissing her again, resting his legs over his, and clinging tightly, falling silent. Has he managed to doze off again?

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