Half the Duo

Ierne Weyrhold - Marketplace(#9795RJ)

When one goes to the marketplace, one tends to buy things. And one especially tends to buy things if they have a number of people to cheer up or make happy, and so L'ton is meandering across the courtyard to Dhonzayth's side, a large number of packages and bags in his hands. For a moment, he blinks at the afternoon sun, before shaking his head and continuing on his ponderous pace.

Suraiya was on a mission from the kitchens. A mission that required her to be completely confused, and kept /away/ from the kitchen at all costs. There was a brown little flit on one shoulder, tugging at her ear, and a bronze on the other that was trying to stay on. "I… I don't think I can read this. Sir, can you help? Does this say a flat pan or a flop pot." The paper was all scribbles, completely incoherent, and the poor man she caught stares at the tall greenrider in confusion and wanders off, needing to get to a store. "Sir? Sir?" Yup, L'ton was spotted, and the paper was being waved, and a firelizard was shrieking… Ozriadasoth was in a sunny corner, minding her own business with a few trundlebugs.

Dhonzayth seems unwilling to just sit though, given the noise of the marketplace, and he's been doing some creeping of his own, towards the corner that Ozriadasoth happens to be occupying. L'ton, meanwhile, is waylaid, purchases in hand as he turns his head at the calling of Sir, before he blinks at the paper, the firelizard, and then the young woman. "Lil'bit?" He replies as he stands frozen where he was.

Ozriadasoth's head lifts up, noticing the big bronze moving her way. How can she not? She gives him a welcoming trumpet, loud enough to silence the entire marketplace for a moment. She swings her tail out behind her happily, nearly forgetting about the trail of bugs she was following on the floor. Suraiya doesn't seem to immediately recognize the same bronzer she met at the bar, and before that. She probably wouldn't, either, seeing that her attention was completely on the paper. She nearly shoves it in his face, frowning for a brief moment. "Lil'bit?" she repeats, shaking her head. "No, I think it definitely starts with an f…"

Dhonzayth trumpets in return to Ozriadasoth's call, barely letting hers echo away before adding his own voice to the marketplace. As she swings her tail, he attempts to move inside it to nudge her gently with his muzzle. Bugs? Oops. Leaning back a bit, L'ton attempts to blink at the paper and focus on it as its far to close. "No, no, lil'bit, Ah can't read it if'n ya hold it that close to me." Shaking his head, he tsks slightly, though there is a grin on his face. "Ah think despite yer sister drinking, she at least remembers a handsome face." With a wink he's grabbing at the paper to attempt to get a better look at it.

Ozriadasoth is happy to make room for the bronze, though his answer just makes her warble and rumble loudly to continue the greeting as long as possible. The bugs, forgotten, were suddenly squished by the arrival of the bronze! Not that Ozzy notices… yet. She's happy to bounce of her front legs happily. Suraiya's brow furrows, and she pulls the paper away to look at it herself, before placing it at a better distance. "Okay, well… You know Sari?" She grins widely, and then decides to squint her eyes up to the bronzer. "Wait, I know you, don't I?" She seems to think of it a moment before clapping her hands together, removing the paper. "Oh! You won Ozzy's last flight, right?"

Dhonzayth continues to creep closer to Ozriadasoth until he's settled next to her, moving to drape his neck over her shoulders, having smooshed the unlucky bugs, still rumbling quite happily. Green cuddles? Of course, as the green continues to bounce, Dhonzayth snorts some, trying to get her to stay still. As the paper is pulled away from him, L'ton just gives up, shaking his head. "Ah do, and Ah know ya ta Suri." He teases, shaking his head as her hands are clapped together. "Ah wish Ah'd been lucky 'nuff fer Dhonzayth ta catch yer Ozzy. But, nah, we met in the bar at Ista." He ruffles his hair a bit, trying to do something to remind her.

Ozriadasoth can't keep stay, even with the bronze trying to get her to. She's just so excited. Except the next time she looks down, hoping to show the bronze her little marching bugs, she bugles in surprise, and then keens lowly. Suri, of course, doesn't look away from the other rider, tilting her head this way and that. "Oh, I guess we did. Sari was drunk, wasn't she?" Of course, her sister was always drunk. She beams up to him, shrugging one of her shoulders back thought. "You don't have to be too lucky to get your bronze to catch her. Ozzy likes him, anyways." The green was mourning over her squished bugs by the bronze's feet, though, her snout on the ground..

Dhonzayth automatically joins in Ozriadasoth's mourning keen, though he's not exactly sure what its for, peering this way and that to determine waht's causing this reaction from the green. Then his muzzle is joining hers near the ground as he awkwardly shuffles backwards. L'ton girns a bit, with shake of his head. "Ah wouldn't say she was totally drunk. Tipsy, maybe, the way she got kicked out." He shrugs a bit, leaning to bump his shoulder into hers with a grin. "Does she now?" He glances at them before back at her. "If'n only a rider could have that sorta luck ta."

Ozriadasoth whines a bit longer, before the unmoving trundlebugs lose her interest and she turns her head back towards the bronze. Where was he going? Suraiya giggles a bit. "Yah, well, Sari's usually drunk anyways. I still haven't figured out what to do with that one." She shakes her head in a motherly way, or sisterly… whichever. She peers at the paper a moment before waving it back towards her lifemate. "'Course she does. She likes them all. Bronzes the most." She says the last bit with a wink, though, before arching a brow. "Oh? What sorta luck?"

"Ta have such a pretty lady liking him." L'ton replies without blinking, shaking his head. "Ah'm sure she's not always drunk. Ya just are taking it out of context, Ah bet. But, Ah mean, she is yer sister ta take care of." He shakes his head a bit, trying to stare at the paper as its waved around again, giving up with a soft sigh and a shake of his head. Lost cause that. Dhonzayth stops moving once the keeling stops, attention shifting back to her with faceted eyes whirling slowly.

Suraiya pouts immediately after L'ton's answer, shaking her head at him. "Are you saying that I'm not a pretty face at all? I mean," she starts with a sniff, looking away in mock hurt, though one side of her lips are twitching upwards. "I guess it you prefer my sis. She can be mean and all, and drunk half the time, but she's still nice inside. And probably likes you." Ozriadasoth looks happy again when the bronze returns, reaching out to touch snouts with him. "She pretty much is drunk, though. A lot. It's why we're down here in Ierne instead of back in High Reaches."

"Aw sweets, ya like meh? Here was Ah thinking Ah'd just be stuck ta wishing Ah was as lucky as Dhon after all. Ya definitely count as a pretty face." And an arm is draped over her shoulders as she sniffs a bit, and he's shaking his head. "Ah think yer both wonderful in yer own ways, Ah promise." Not as if he could chose if he had too. Darn twins. "Ah'm sure there's another reason, though, that yer at Ierne.." Its always important to give siblings the benefit of the doubt, right? Dhonzayth croons at Ozriadasoth as they touch noses, preening a bit.

"How can I /not/ like you?" Suri questions him right back with a giggle, grinning widely once he says that she was pretty, afterall. She leans in close to his shoulder, bobbing her head. "Oh yes, but I'm the cute one of the two. Right? Right?" She's putting a bit of pressure on the bronzer, now. She shakes her head just a bit, but purses her lips out as she thinks about it. "Well… I'm where cause of Sari. Sari's here cause of drinking. I guess that makes two reasons at the end, huh?" Giggle. She looks around the marketplace and then at his items. "What are you here for, anyways? Long way from Ista and all. I should know, I grew up there." Ozriadasoth is a complete chatterbox to the bronze, both mentally and vocally, as her loud voice hasn't stopped since he approached.

"Ah dunno, maybe ya dun think Ah'm rugged and manly enough." He teases her, shifting the bags that are now dangling over her shoulder before just giving up and settling them down on the ground. Easier to deal with them later. "Shopping, what else would bring ya ta Ierne?" And then he swallows a bit, looking embarrassed. "Ah guess other than yer slightly.. less cute sister's drinking problem?" Dhonzayth is just as content to put up with the chatter as his rider, however, for he's crouched, watching and listening every fiber of his being.

Suraiya pulls back just enough to look up and down L'ton, and then again just in case she missed something. The third time is a bit more subtle as she slips back into his arm. "Well, you're a man, and you're nice. I don't have any complaints there." She stares down at his packages for a long moment, confused by his question. "I guess… Other stuff? Ierne's a big place. Maybe you came cause you heard about my baking." Which suddenly reminds her about her errand with an "Oh!" She lifts it up, glances at it, and then stuffs it in her pocket. Ozriadasoth pauses in her chatter to welcome the two firelizards that flew off of her lifemate's shoulders, allowing them a perch on her before showing off the pets to the bronze.

"Well, that's good at least, right?" He chuckles, glancing at the various bags, before back at her. "How about we go, Ah find someplace ta store these, and we have a nice glass of juice, and ya teach meh a bit about yer special baking? And we'll figure out what's on that note of yers sweetheart." He tries to regather his purchases and steer her somewhere less out of the public eye, while Dhonzayth tries to drape himself over Ozzy even as the firelizards settle. Adore him too?

Ozriadasoth not only adores the bronze for the attention, but everything else around them, too. She just spends more time on Dhonzayth. Suraiya giggles again, bobbing her head. "Of course it's good." She looks around the crowded marketplace, barely considering the suggestion before she nods again. "Of course! Oh, would you like to try some? We can pass by the kitchens, too." Forget that she was on an errand for them. She already starts to move off, directing him elsewhere. "You can help me shop for whatever a flop top is, later. We just finished baking some rolls I'm sure you'll love."

"Ah look forward ta it, mah dear." L'ton offers honestly, shifting the stuff around to be able to keep a hand on her elbow her to wherever it is that she deems appropriate, while Dhonzayth merely sits contently with the green. Purr.

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