A Promise to Help?

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Gathering Hall(#888RJ)

Lunch hour at Ierne has come and gone, but still a few people linger in the Main Hall, though L'ton seems to be just arriving there now, for he's meandering in, gaze drifting left and right to see who, if anyone he knows. Of course, searching is always better with a drink, and so a mug of chilled juice is nabbed before anything else.

After the lunch hour is the best possible time to eat, while avoiding the rushing of people and the possibilty of having to actually converse or socialize. For all of these reasons Niah sits in the north corner of the hall, her back to the wall and she has a decent view of the entire hall and eats quietly. Everyone who comes in gets a quick glance, and when L'ton comes in the glance is not so quick and she watches him before going back to her meal.

After lunch does leave the list of possible companions quite limited - particularly in an area that you don't actually live in. However, L'ton has never let that stop him before, and spotting someone who looks somewhat familiar in the corner by herself, that's the direction he heads. "Hey lil'bit.. mind if'n Ah join ya?" Even as he asks, however, he's pulling out a chair to settle down.

Niah looks back up quickly from her food, eyes dilating just a little as he comes to sit near her. Scooting to one side, as so there is a significant amount of space between her and L'ton she says, "Um, hi, yes I guess. I mean sure, if you want." Stumbling with her words, and with a blush whispering "I'm so very very sorry, but I kind of forgot your name." Looking down at her food and giving a nervous little chuckle.

"Dun ya worry about that one bit, lil'one. Ah'm L'ton." He reintroduces himself as he settles in his chair, scooting it towards hers even as she scoots away before leaning backwards in the chair, resting it on the back legs. Running a hand through his hair, he grins at her, with a tilt of his head. "How're ya doing anyway, hm?"

Niah watches him scoot closer, not moving again but glancing around the hall before saying, "It's nice to meet you again L'ton." The gangly woman watches everything he does carefully, sucking on her bottom lip and the tipping of the chair she quietly, and with the tone of one who has much more use to taking advice than giving it, says "If you fall you're going to break open your head. I'm ok, I mean nothing big or new and such."

"Tis wonderful ta see ya again ta, ya know?" He grins widely, shaking his head, even as he lifts his hands off the table to show that he's perfectly able to balance himself. Of course, then he really is losing his balance, and he's grabbing for the edge of the table again. "Woah!" He offers, before looking rather silly, shaking his head. "No new lil' boyfriends hm?"

"It's nice to see you to." Niah watches him tip carefully, though what she would do if he fell is a complete mystery. With the grab at the table she gasps and giggles, "Please don't fall, I couldn't catch you." Smiling, and taking a little bite of vegetables before going back to watching him, blushing fiercely she says "I don't date, or have boyfriends or things like that. I mean, I'm not against it but I just don't really have anyone around here who's around a lot and I have Celiketh."

"Well, if'n Ah had, Ah'm sure ya would have come ta see if'n Ah was okay, which means Ah'd have opened mah eyes to a beautiful sight." He tries to talk smoothly, arching an eyebrow at her with amusement, before shaking his head. "Aw, a cute lil'thing like ya? Ah still dun believe it. Ah mean, Ah'm sure yer Celiketh is precious, but it just ain't the same." He winks at her, scooting a bit more as he speaks.

Niah blushes fiercely, looking away in embarrasment. "That's nice of you." She smiles, through her red cheeks she watches him get closer and looks apprehensive, eyes never leaving him and waiting for him to do something unexpected. "I wouldn't know, I mean I have really only had celiketh as experience with males and he is protective of me. It's not like I go looking."

"Maybe ya should, once in a while. Open yer eyes and look around ya, and see what ya can see. Ah mean, if ya are even interested. Otherwise, ya might be able ta find a cute lil'girl, just like ya." He grins, drink left on the table as he turns sideways in his chair to face her, folding his leg over his knee as he does so. "Ah mean, ya've gotta at least have seen someone, right sweets?"

Niah is developing a permanent blush, at the mention of finding a female friend she turns a pale white, the idea itself shocking her and for a moment she's very quiet. "No, I mean.. how could I, not like it's wrong I'm just." Left speechless she drinks on what must be cold klah now, and then scoots a little closer to L'ton, just a little. "I just, don't have anyone interested." She is holding onto the table, fork moving in neat little circles in her food. "I mean.. if someone where to ask I just, no ones ever asked."

L'ton seems quite amused as the blood suddenly leaves Niah's face, and L'ton is quickly moving to pat her on the arm, shaking his head. "Nah, Ah just wanted ta make sure.. Ah mean, ya know." Don't want to bark up the wrong tree. As she scoots a bit closer, he nonchalantly drapes his arm over the back of her chair, with an arched eyebrow. "Really now?" He murmurs softly.

Niah allows L'ton to pat her, actually leaning into him for comfort. "It's ok, I mean you didn't know, some blueriders are just different." Letting herself relax, and eating the last of the food she asks, "What do you mean? I think I would know if someone was interested in me." Raising an eyebrow herself and shrugging. "I would hope someone interested would just come out and say it."

"Well, maybe they dun want ta come out and say it, cause they dunno how it would go over? Ah mean, maybe they dun wanna get hurt, if'n they dun think the reaction is going to be good." L'ton shrugs a bit, shifting his arm from her chair to her shoulders as she leans slightly against him. "Does that make sense, lil'bit?" And then he chuckles. "Besides, would ya come out and say it?"

"I get it, I do." Niah sits forward, rotating her body so he can look at him a little better. "I might come out, and say something but what if I where wrong. Then it gets all complicated, and lets say you didn't like me back." Niahs hands are shaking slightly as she speaks, eyes big, "If I was to come out, and say it to someone I know so little about them I could set myself up. But, but Celi says that sometimes it's better to take risks so, so I should probably just say something, right?" The little thing is shaking like a small canine, biting down on her lower lip.

L'ton drops his chin a bit to try and catch her eyes as she bites her lip, pouting a bit back, even as he drops his arm from her shoulders to reach and take both of her hands in his, giving her fngers a gentle squeeze as she shakes. "Aw, sweetheart. Just like yer Celi said, sometimes the risk is worth it." And then, being L'ton, his next move is somewhat ridiculous, for he's leaning to gently give her a kiss, before eyes lift for her reaction.

Niah examines his face for a reaction, and her shaking is a little better though her hands still tremble slightly. Slightly limp, she lets him take her hands and then looks suprised as he reaches into kiss her, "But.." Is cut off, and she lets him kiss her looking back.. "Are you sure? I thought, but.." She looks up a little confused. "What, I'm not very good at this." Replying with a blush.

No slap? Seems that so far L'ton is safe. Of course, that can and has changed in the blink of an eye, so its open for further debate. However, he doesn't let lose of her hands, still keeping her fingers in his grasp as he smiles. But then he's even leaning for another kiss, shaking his head after wards. "Dun ya worry about it one bit, lil'bit."

Niah allows him to kiss her, she's not one to resist much, instead leaning towards him and kissing him back. With a small whisper she says, "Should we be doing this in public?" Asking and squeezing his hands, "Do you do this often?"

"This ain't na problem in public, promise. But, if'n ya'd feel better, we can go somewhere else. Ah mean.." He grins at her, squeezing her hands back and resting his forehead against hers as she leans. "Nah, not ta often." He replies slowly, fingers idly folding with hers.

"If, it was ok with you I would like to be, less watched." Niah replies, she lets her head lean against his and squeezes gently, letting her hands become entwined with his. "Would you mind?" She still seems a bit nervous, but is rapidly relaxing. Moving to lean on him a little more, and glancing around to see who is in the hall.

"Tis fine with meh, lil'bit. Ah ain't got no reason ta be lingering around the hall anyway, so Ah'm happy ta follow ya wherever ya wanna go." Planning a kiss on her forehead, he's carefully straightening before getting to his feet, and offering her a hand up with a flourish, and a grin. "Just lead the way, mah dear."

Niah takes the hand, getting up quickly and blushing as he kisses her. "I don't know where we should go." Pondering and holding onto his hand tightly, as if he might just try to escape. "We could go back to my weyr, Celiketh is asleep and I don't know where else we'd go. Do you have any ideas?" She asks and looks around again, "But of course it's not really supposed to be appropriate I mean I barely know you and what would people say?"

L'ton moves to loop his arm around her waist as she stands, to escort her out, to wherever she chooses. "Wherever ya feel comfortable, mah dear. Besides, Ah'm merely escorting a lady, so she dun have ta wander by herself, what's wrong with that?" A crooked grin, and his free hand is messing up his hair, before he's motioning her onwards, though he keeps pace in whichever direction she heads.

Niah doesn't resist having an arm looped around, leaning into him a little and motioning towards the plaza though from there she heads towards the beach. "Alright then, come on." On a whim she moves away from him, holding onto his hand and leading him she moves at a fast semi skip that betrays her joy.

Ierne Weyrhold - Celiketh's Sinking Ship
You have entered a space meant to be airy, allowing nature to come in as it pleases. The skybroom frame has many windows, meant so you can view the beach from every angle when all the windows are open. Curtains hang so that when the windows are shut Niah can have some privacy. Sand has been tracked in, though she maintains a good deal of cleansliness for her space. The walls have been washed a light sky blue color, that brightens the space. Accented by darker blues and reds are shelves built into the wall on each are drawings, shells, and objects of personal value to the bluerider, a table and a set of chairs sits near a small kitchen. Past the entrance and living area is the personal chamber, located here is a bed draped in a quilt of crimson the bed is king sized and not made up, so one can see the red sheets and red pillows, at the bottom is a white blanket that appears very old but still in good condition. Right off this chamber is the bathing chamber, a soaking tub and sink with a larger mirror.
The farthest end of the weyr is another entrance, curtains of yellow and red can be moved to view the couch where blue Celiketh sleeps. The couch is very well kept, swept daily and a collection of objects which seem to have very little actual relevance are all around. Most of them are red or blue, though it appears all the objects are from nature, yellowed leaves make the collection seem bizzare.

L'ton takes long strides to keep up with the clearly happy, skipping bluerider who has his hand and is leading him on his merry way. However, he doesn't seem too upset by this sudden turn of events, however, once they've reached the bluerider's residence, he pauses to look around. "Looks nice, lil'bit.." He offers honestly as he stands just inside the door.

Niah walks in, releasing L'tons hand and looking around. "If I would have known someone else would be here I would have made the bed." Picking up a little, though it is not dirty. Then with a long pause she looks at him, and cautiously takes a step towards him. "I'm not sure what you want to do, or what is to do." She stands a few feet from him, looking puzzeled.

"Oh, lil'bit, it ain't bad at all. Ya should see mah place, ya'd think a cyclone went through, more often than not." He chuckles, before he shakes his head some, and extends arms to her as she steps towards him. "How bout we just sit, hm? Til ya can figure out what ya wanna do? Ah dun wanna push ya, er nothing." And putting actions to words, he's turning to lead her to the personal chamber, settling lightly down on the end of the bed, patting the spot next to him.

"That sounds nice." Following him, she sit on the edge of the bed. For the first time she gives him a small kiss, nuzzling his neck and scooting so that her outer thigh can touch his. "I'm glad my place isn't to much of a mess for you, feel like I barely know you. I mean, I know where you live and that you have a girlfriend. But I don't know if you have kids, or maybe a craft of some sort. What do you like to do when you're not working, what's your favorite color?"

"Ah'm in the woodcraft, though Ah barely seem ta have enough hours in the day fer meh, much less the craft. Ah've got a few kids - my eldest, Zip, she's just 'bout old 'nuff ta Stand now. Ah really hope she does well fer herself. And, blue. Maybe green, but usually blue." L'ton rambles, answering her various questions with a grin on his face, wrapping his arm back around her as she rejoins him, scooting up so their sides are touching. "What 'bout ya? What's yer favorite color?"

Niah listen intently, responding to each question as if she is mentally noting everything about him, "That's nice, I don't have any kids though Celiketh has always wanted one for me. I guess you could say that I don't have a craft, I can do just about anything but I never specialized and I guess that's just what they expected of me." Laying her head on his shoulder, she says "My favorite color is a darker purple, like the sky when it's dark and the stars are out. It's almost blue, but it can be purple."

"Dark purple? That's real pretty. Ah bet t'would look real good in here, ta with all yer light blue." Absently stroking her hair as she leans against his shoulder, he turns his head to give her a soft kiss on the top of her head. "Ah'm sure ya could borrow one of mah kids, if'n ya really wanted one. Though, Ah am surprised ya haven't had the chance, with flights and all. Ah know Ah've seen ya at a fair few of 'em."

Niah nods, "I think it would, and I don't think Celi wants me to borrow a child. It is just the thing, that well blues don't even have the option of clutching eggs while browns and bronzes at least have the option. So he thought that instead I should have an egg, that way one of us had a second generation." She leans into the kiss and leans back on the bed. "I don't think I'm ready for anything of the sort, and would you really lone me one of your kids?" At the flights mention she shrugs, "I have never been careful or anything, just hasn't happened."

L'ton shifts to lean backwards on the bed, propping himself up on one elbow to stare down at her, with a silly grin. "Well, that's at least a nice idea of him. Ah bet ya'd have a real cute kid, ta." Absently tapping a finger on her nose, he grins, with a nod. "O'course. Ya can borrow Zhein, since Ah have him most of the time anyway, cause Jheina dun want him around. He's real good, ta, dun cry er anything." He rambles a bit, finger tracing her jaw as he does.

Niah giggles as his finger hits a spot, and she's ticklish wiggling and then curling so that she can lay her head near his chest. "I'd not mind that at all, I mean I have never mothered anything but Celiketh." Though the colorful sound in her voice hints that he was a chore, she moves her body so it's against his "I can't imagine abandoning your baby, does that happen to you a lot?"

"Ah think she t'was upset that it t'wasn't her weyrmates, and dun want to hurt his feelings, by having him around him. But, he's the only one Ah got like that, but ya, ya can borrow him. Or, ya know, Ah can at least bring him so ya can play with him." As she giggles, he grins, finger changing to outline her ear instead, even as she scoots against him. "Or, did ya mean having one of yar own ta mother?" He suddenly realizes he may have misunderstood, and looks down at her questioningly, fingers paused.

Niah smiles up at him, nodding and listening and then saying. "That would be nice, I mean I use to have to nanny before I impressed. I'd also guess it makes your girlfriend uncomfortable, a strange baby hanging around. Are you sure he should go through between? I mean I don't know his age or anything it's just." At his mention of her own baby she gets quiet, eyes glazing in a silent conversation, "I would like one of my own, but it's not like you can just do that." Silence again, head titling before she grins, "We have Celi's blessing, and I really would like one of my own." In a mousey little voice she adds, "Do I sound crazy?"

"He ain't ta far from a turn, and he's been through before, just gotta make sure he's all bundled up." L'ton reassures her, fingers resuming their idle tracing of her ear and neck. Then as she gets quiet, he glances as the blue, and then back at his rider with a chuckle. "Well, here Ah was thinking Ah was about ta get chased out by one er both of ya." Though, as her voice gets quite, he shakes his head hurriedly. "Not at all, doll." And in what he hopes is a reassuring move, he ducks to give her a long kiss.

Niah glances at her dragon, who's happily messing around with his leaves and stretched on his couch like king of the weyr, which he is at least in this weyr. "He just thinks I should have put up more of a chase." Giggling as she falls into the sing song little trill repeating his words. "Why would I kick you out." Leaning into his kiss she lets him kiss her, relaxing and then saying "Ok, but I don't know if it'll work and well I don't.. very often." She leaves him to fill in the blank word trailing off.

"Well, its all 'bout how much chase ya wanted ta put up, really." He counters, grinning at the king of the weyr blue for a long moment before looking back at her, shaking his head. "Never know if'n ya dun try, right? And, Ah mean, if'n ya dun try, it'll never work." Moving his finger to rest it on her lips, he grins. "Ah understand. Dun worry, Ah'll be careful."

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