Ista Weyr - Sable Sands(#3306RJM)
The Sable Sands, Ista's place for relaxation and entertainment in a child-free environment, stretches out before you. Once an old ground-access weyr, the place has been turned into a nightclub catering to riders and weryfolk alike. Dark shadows drift over booths that line one wall, the conversations and actions of the booths' occupents afforded some small sense of obscurity and privacy from the rest of the bar. Glossy black tables and chairs are scattered across the middle of the floor before the stage that sits opposite the main doors, while a long bar lines the opposite wall from the booths. The bar is a fine piece of furniture, its brass fittings shining bright and wood polished to a fine sheen. Brass-legged barstools covered in soft black leather are pulled up to its counter, often crowded as still other patrons push up to it to make their orders. Tropical plants fill in the corners, their huge pots set on rollers so they can be pulled outside during the day. A discrete sound system can be found recessed in the walls, piping either recorded or live music as the day dictates to every corner of the club.

What better place to be serving her new recipe but in her home Weyr's bar? Suraiya was covered in flour, licking some dough off the corner of her mouth as she skips in with a tray of what one might hope are round jelly rolls… With spices flaking the top of it. Or something. "Snacks! Snacks! Anyone know Rasia from the kitchens? I just improved one of her best snacks!" She red hair bounces along with her, recently let lose, as flecks of white are left in a trail as she moves in, hoping to entice clients to try her creation. Though by the look of fear on some of the patrons, they might have recently been victims of her invented recipes.

Sarisia is drinking, heavily. Four empty bottles are littered on the counter and a mug of some dark brew rests before her. She's not drunk, yet, but she is very buzzed. When her sisters voice comes into range she turns her icy eyes towards Suri, eyeing the food. "Shards, Sur, yer scarin' half ta crowd." She says with a chuckle before eyeing the newest creation warily. "What'd ya do ta it?" She doesn't make any indication that she's going to grab one up however, her hands firmly holding the mug.

L'ton seems to recognize the pair of girls that are causing various disturbances in the Sands, and it is to them that the Weyrsecond heads. Resting his hands on Sarisia's shoulders without hesitation, he looks over his shoulder at her, and then to her sister. "Ya ain't trying ta poison my weyr, are y'all now, sweethearts?" He questions, with amusement, quirking an eyebrow. However, with one hand still on Sari's shoulder, he's reaching for one of the sweets offered by Suri, just as a sign of good faith.

Suraiya pouts when no one seems to be taking her treats. And the one person that did, ran out really fast… But it doesn't last long, seeing that her twin was in the bar as well. She beams brightly, skipping that way, and shoving the tray at her tipsy sister. "Try one, Sari!" Her voice is loud enough for anyone in the bar to hear, as she giggles. "I changed the filling. My own special /and/ secret recipe." Her head snaps up towards the arrival of the bronzerider, no sign of recognition on her face though. "Of course not, sir!" She giggles nonetheless, and raises the tray up. "Have one! Or two! There are plenty left!" All but that one, actually.

At having a hand placed on her shoulder Sari glares, turning to see who dared touch her with introducing themselves, and more importantly not buying her a drink! When the vaguely familiar face of L'ton comes into view she grins however, turning her whole body to face the bronzer. "Suri's always tryin' ta poison someone." When her twin shoves the food in her face she waves it away with a frown, nose crinkled up as she does so. "Shards woman, wanna send me ta the Healers?" Back to the bronzey! She takes a moment to leer, getting in the mans features with no shame. When the rider actually takes up a treat however her face pales slightly and she sets to shaking her head. "Best if ya don't, yer gonna be vistin' the latrines after it if ya do."

L'ton looks rather worriedly at the treat in his hand then, hesitantly setting it down on the bar on a free napkin. "Ah'll just save this one for myself, fer a little later, just so Ah can be sure Ah get one." He grins widely at Suri, before smirking back down at Sari. "Thanks, Ah think.." He shakes his head, a bit. "So, what makes 'em so special, mah dear?" He questions the baker-one, with a tilt of his head, fingers absently tapping on Sari's shoulder as she continues to leer, as if acknowledging the look.

No matter how much her sister insults her food, Suri continues to grin widely at the pair of them. While Sari is all full of leering looks, Suri simply giggles and waves her hand. "No, they aren't. No poison, I promise. I'm a baker, after all!" She manages to pout just a little bit when the bronzer doesn't take a bite of it right away. "No worries, I can bake more later if you want another!" She giggles again and waves the tray about, hoping to get her twin's attention. "/I/ made them, of course, silly." Suri answers the bronzer with a wink. "But I can't tell you just /why/ they are special. That's why it's called a secret recipe." Duh.

Sarisia snorts a bit as L'ton puts down the treat, biting her lip a bit in order to keep from howling with laughter. "Bet it goes good with some tea, eh Sur?" She says, her voice a bit sarcastic but not blatantly. The bronzers finger tapping earns him a wink, a finger working its way over to one of his hands and interlacing them. "Shards, I've got ta wors' back pain. Think ya can give me a massage?" She asks before turning her attention to her sisters tray. "I'll have one later, Sur. It'll upset me if I eat now." She lies, trying her best to make it come out naturally. "The secret is tha' Sur managed not ta burn anythin' down this time, bronzer."

Winking at Suri, L'ton just grins at her, shaking his head. "Ah'm sure ya can. Ah'll have some just in a bit, though, once Ah figure out what Ah want ta drink with it." He reassures her, before looping another stool to pull it out, indicating that Suri should join her sister, rather than waving around the tray. "Ah'm sure that they are just as special as ya are, mah dear." Then Sari's lacing fingers through his, and his attention is back to her, and he grins, with an arched eyebrow. "Ah might could do that.." He offers, his hand untangling itself from hers, to gently rub her back along the spine for now.

"What a /wonderful/ idea, Sari!" Suraiya giggles. Just in time to answer L'ton's question about what to drink. "It /does/ go good with tea. Tea, please!" That's shouted to a passing waitress, as she grins back to the pair. "Now you can eat your treat." She doesn't seem to want to move away and offer anymore, though, as she sets the tray down and bounces over to the offered seat. "Why, thanks, love," she says with a giggle to L'ton. She leans closer to Sari to whisper. Or, well, pretend to whisper, one hopes, because it's just as loud. "Isn't he charming? And hot. I bet he likes me." She sits back to watch the pair, waiting on the tea now.

Sarisia pats the newly added stool, obviously hoping her sister puts that tray far away from them, even if that means having her twin interfere with her game plan. L'ton's spine rub is greatly appreciated, the slightly dopey eyed look a testament of that, at least she's not drooling. "Shards, those fingers were made ta do that!" She says, shooting the rider a smirk before taking down the rest of the mug. Suri's call for tea however wipes the smile off her face and she ducks her head a bit, only recovering when her twin sets to 'whispering'. "Yer right, I think he likes ya Sur. Better be careful though, big bro ain't gonna like 'im."

"Well then, tea it is." L'ton offers good naturedly, shaking his head a bit. "Ah'm sure they'll go great with it." As the treats are settled down, and the pair is settled side by side, his other hand is resting on Suri's shoulder as well. Smirking at the 'failure' of her whisper, he shakes his head, looking from one to the other. "Ah think yer both wonderful sweets." He looks from one to the other, before going back to gently rubbing Sari's back.

Suraiya flicks a few flecks of dough from out under her fingernails, shaking a bit more flour off of her clothes. She was trying to look more presentable in front of the bronzer. "Course they will. You can tell everyone here to eat /my/ rolls with their tea, then." She smiles up to L'ton, flipping back her head hair. "Really? We both are? But you like me better, right? Cause I cook." Giggle. Sari gets a quick shake of her head. "Which brother? R'aul? I don't care if he likes him or not. I hope he doesn't, cause then I'd have to share."

Sarisia is pelted by dough, an annoyed look crossing her face. "Shards Sur, watch were ya toss that stuff." She near growls, rolling her eyes at her twin before trying to straighten up a bit, the drinks already taking a hold of the girls motor skills. "He likes us /both/ Sur. Every guy I met likes 'em in sets. Two eyes, two legs, two boobs, two girls." She points to each as she speaks, chuckling a bit at the bronzer. The renewed back rub gets her to lean a bit closer to the man, even being so bold as to run a hand through his hair. "Shards, ya sure are pretty."

L'ton can only laugh as he looks first at Suri, then at Sari, shaking his head a bit, though there is an amused grin on his face as Sari rambles. "Well, Ah do think that two is better than one. Particularly two such pretty girls as yerselves." As Suri giggles, he shakes his head a bit, fingers continuing to gently rub the back of her neck, while ducking his head for Sari's own fingers to play with it. "Ah mean, t'wouldn't be fair of meh ta say either of ya were prettier, cause Ah dun think Ah could pick.. Ya both are wonderful, too, just the way ya are." Copout excuse indeed.

"Some guys just like one… well, no, you're right. One boob is silly." Suraiya looks at her own pair, bobbing her head when satisfied that both were still there before turning back to her sister and the bronzer. "You're so nice. Nicest guy ever." She bobs her head, giggling. "Pretty? He's a /man/, Sari. Men are handsome." Her blue eyes find L'ton. "Which you are, of course… But if you like both of us, why is she getting a massage and I'm not?" Time for pouty-Suri, even if it is brief.

The brownriders fingers continue to smooth L'ton's hair back, enjoying the feeling of his hair between her fingers no doubt."Shards, Sur, promise they're still there!" Sari exclaims in a fit of laughter at her Suri's examination of her cleavage. "Nah, handsome don't work 'nough. Look at him, blonde hair, pretty lil' eyes. He's /pretty/." She nods her head curtly, firm in her word choice. When her sister starts pouting she snorts, she moves from playing with the riders hair to caressing the side of his face just for a bit though.

"Well my dear, Ah didn't want ta take any liberties. Ah mean, Ah didn't think a lot of ladies liked men randomly starting ta rub their backs." He grins a bit, but then his other hand is put to work, rubbing her back even as he's been rubbing Sari's. "Though, thank ya both. Pretty, handsome, Ah suppose they both work." A wink, and he settles himself a bit lighter on his stool, attention going back and forth. Which one to look at? But then as fingers touch the side of his cheek, he's tilting his head into them lightly, eyes closing for a second.

"Are you sure?" Suri asks, in all silliness, about the confirmation of her boobs still both being in place. She grins back, though, at her laughing sister. "Just had to make sure. Or else this charming bronzerider can make sure that they are there, too. So we're not both just seeing double. It's important, you know." She wiggles back into the hand, laughing. "Well, a lot of ladies do like back rubs. Many times. I never complain!" She giggles to him, only to stop when her sister's caressing his face. "Aw, Sari, you're completely plastered, aren't you?"

Sarisia can't stand having to share the bronzer, frowning when L'ton starts giving her sister a back rub as well. When Suri says 'plastered' her attention drifts back to her. "No I ain't, only had a lil' bit!" Not like Suri could tell from the four empty bottles and large mug right next to the brownrider. "Hey pretty boy," She says suddenly, getting up from her stool and moving right in front of the man. "Why don't ya take me over to the groun' weyrs? I don't want ta get lost ya know?" Without warning she gives the man a kiss full on the lips, maybe even some tongue action going on.

"Ah'd be happy ta, but Ah think we'd have ta go somewhere else, ta make sure no one is ta upset about it." L'ton winks at Suri, but then he's giving her a gentle squeeze. "Ah course, Ah hardly think these stools can be comfortable fer ya ladies. If'n ya want, Ah'd be happy ta show ya ta-" And then Sari is mentioning the ground weyrs, and he grins. "Ah'd be happy ta.. Ah was just gonna suggest that." But then there's a kiss, and L'ton's fingers freeze on Suri's back, even as his other hand squeezes Sari's shoulder. Oh, further confusion indeed, as it seems that the bronzerider has fallen to the whims of not one, but both of the girls.

Suraiya looks startled by the bronzerider's comment. "Too upset about my one boob?" Because who would be upset about her flashing everyone all of a sudden? She gives one last peek at them, bobbing her head to the bronzer. She was a bit distracted to notice Sari making her move, though, and when L'ton or Sari doesn't continue, she looks up. Her mouth drops open and she stands up, tugging at her sister's arm. "Hey! What happened to sharing, Sari! You're gonna scare him away like this!" She pouts at her twin, grabbing ahold of her arm tightly. She wasn't going anywhere like that. "She's drunk," she manages to say finally towards the bronzer.

"I ain't drunk!" Sari protests, trying to free herself from her sisters grasp. But it's done, L'ton has been assaulted and left in confusion. "We can share, ya can have 'im later!" All the yelling however gets the bartenders attention. The plump redheaded woman frowns at Sari before yelling at her to get out. "Fine," She barks back, finally getting out of her sisters hold and stumbling towards the exit. A man is hit by accident on her way out, the drunken rider having stumbled onto him, but she finally makes it and disappears.

L'ton suddenly looses the brownrider that had been attached to him to the tugging of her sister, and he's just left standing there to blink from one to the other, and then he's turning to peer at the grumpily departing Sari. Starting to protest to stop her, she's gone, and he's left to peer back at her sister. "Ah.. Ah'm sorry 'bout that.. Ah really didn't mean ta cause no trouble fer ya ta." And it seems to be a genuine apology, as he's attention is now solely on the remaining twin.

Suraiya just didn't like her sister kissing and taking without even the thought that maybe she wanted a few kisses, too. "Don't be like that, Sari." But it was too late, her sister was already being kicked out of the Sands by an angry woman. Suri hesitates in chasing after, turning her head around to look at the bronzer. "It's not your fault. She's always like this." She smiles slowly back to him, and then points towards the snacks. "Be sure to eat that! Where's you tea, anyways?" She glances around, but she was anxious to chase after the brownrider, so she was starting to retreat. "Sorry about all the commotion, too, Weyrsecond." But she's already heading for the exit.

L'ton seems to want to chase after both of them, but then at the greenrider's words, he decides that perhaps its better to just let the sisters work it out, and so he settles on the stool, watching her go, blinking as he's suddenly alone.

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