Seeing S'ya

Xanadu Weyr - S'ya's Weyr
When one first enters this Weyr it becomes obvious that the fairer sex rules in this domain. A large area rug in snowy white covers the floor in the center of the Weyr, the texture plush against ones barefeet. And they'd better be bare because a cubby for ones shoes is placed right next to the entrance in the same shade of white. A long U-shaped couch is placed in the center of the rug, the seats facing towards the entrance of the Weyr. The couch is covered in a satin like material and has been dyed a shade of violet. Various pillows are placed neatly on the couch, all different shapes and colors but matching nicely with the bright couch which can easily seat six people. In front of the sofa is a clear glass table held up by a single white base.

Behind the sofa on the left corner there is a mini bar, the table top color following the pattern is the same white. Behind the counter is a glass cabinet stocked with various wines and wine glasses. A set of four bar stools are neatly tucked under the counter, each topped with violet colored seat cushions. Off to the right is a large white table held up by four steel legs and placed precisely in the center is a large fish tank. It's been filled with water and holds captive a large koi. A small plaque is placed on the right corner of the tank reading 'Pudding'.

The riders sleeping quarters are sectioned off by a violet curtain decorated with different shapes in the same fun colors that her couch pillows have. A large bed, dresser and nightstand make up the belonging that have been sectioned off. A large area has been left empty near her room so that her lifemate may sleep near her.

L'ton leans against the door for a moment, listening to the occupant, a grin on his face, before stepping inside, waggling his fingers at her. "Hey sweets.." He grins, though it seems that he's unburdened today - no presents for S'ya, yet. Despite his lack of gifts, however, he's moving to pull the violet-clad S'ya into a long hug once his fully inside. "How're ya holding up, hm?" He asks somewhat worriedly, tilting his head to watch her.

S'ya giggles as she's taken into the bronzers arms, quickly giving him a kiss on the lips. "Oh love I am doing wonderfully! Sophyrinth and I have been discussing the babies room, we were thinking of having a beach theme. You know, have shells and fish and all. What do you think?" She certainly doesn't look as exhausted as she did during the first trimester, her face a glow with excitement. Without warning she slips away, moving towards the bar, almost skipping really. "Oh, come sit! Let us get you comfy. I have some wine if you would like? You may need it after the long day I am assuming you have had." She turns, mischief plain to see in her face as she waggles a finger at L'ton playfully.

L'ton smiles widely, returning the kiss, with a grin. "Ah think that sounds awesome. Ah bet Ah could find ya some pretty beach stuff from Ista too, if'n ya'd want me too." He offers, as she darts away, and he moves to plop down on the couch. "Ah could.. And Ah did. Blasted meetings." He wrinkles his nose, stretching an arm along the top of the sofa, watching her with a smile. "How about ya babe? Ah hope yer day wasn't ta bad?"

S'ya sets to pouring a glass of red wine for the rider, grabbing up a glass of juice for herself, before moving over to the couch. "I can imagine, I am always so thankful I did not get gold or, as impossible as it is, bronze. I can not /stand/ meetings." She makes a bleaching face before handing him the drink. "Me? Well, it was alright. Our lesson was a bit rough, my mentor is not very happy that I am expecting. At the start of each lesson now she says," She clears her throat a bit, adopting that of an elderly sound hag and liberally waggling her finger at L'ton. "'First the Hatching, now you have been knocked up! You have no respect for your discipline!'"

L'ton leans forward to take the glass of wine, before patting the spot next to him, as he takes a slow sip, a sip which is almost lost as S'ya mimics her mentor. "Ah suppose ya haven't told her that ya want a whole bunch of them, huh sweets?" He chuckles softly, shaking his head. "As long as ya are still trying, why is it so bad, hm?" He seems rather baffled by the annoyance of the old hag. "That ain't no good, though, if'n she's mad at ya."

S'ya catches the mans lose of composure, smiling broadly at him. "I have failed to mention it. She is clever though, I am guessing after the first four she will realize my intentions." She raises the glass up to that thought before taking a drink herself. "Oh, Eeva is rather easy to soothe, at least when it comes to me it is. I know Ysa and here do not get along too well but she /loves/ me." She flicks a strand of hair back before leaning against L'ton, swirling the contents of her drink around. "So, how is M'iken? Are you two still trying? Did you tell her about my offer?"

L'ton takes another slow drink, nodding slowly. "Ah have ta say after the first two in a row, Ah'd probably start ta question it." He winks at her, looping an arm around her as she leans into him, gently rubbing her arm. "She's good. Ah think the stuff the Healers told her ta do is gonna help.. She seems ta be looking a bit better already. But, Ah ain't letting her between, til we see if it helps." He grins, tilting his head. "Didn't yet. Figured Ah didn't want to make her panic that this wouldn't help yet."

"Oh, makes sense." S'ya says when the rider discloses that the offer had not been vocalized yet. She nuzzles his chin a bit with her head, much like a cat would do, obviously enjoying the rub down. "It will be fine, I know it will. It may just take longer with her. Some girls are like that." She taps her finger lightly on his chest, lost in thought before tilting her head a bit in order to better watch the man. "Have you been to see the eggs at Fort yet? I heard it was an interesting clutch. So and I were thinking of going soon, care to join us?"

L'ton chuckles, leaning his head away a bit to grin at her. "Ah'm sure it'll work out. The Healers know what they're talking 'bout, usually. Ah just feel bad, cause she ain't able ta do no tanner stuff, til they see if'n this helps, so she's real idle, and ain't so sure what ta do with herself." As she taps his chest, he grins, shifting his hand to absently rub the back of her neck instead. "Ah haven't been there ta get a real good look, but if'n y'all are going, and let me know, Ah can try my best ta be there ta."

S'ya bobs her head quickly, seems his promise to try is enough for her. "Maybe I should go over and visit her? I have some free time in between lessons and I stop by Ista now that I can between again." She says slowly, seeming to dwell on the idea. "Tanner? Maybe she can work with fabric while she waits? It is not that far off from her craft, is it? We can knit together maybe." From her corner Sophyrinth huffs, obviously aware that M'iken rides brown which means a /boy/ dragon. The green finally leaves the tank be, moving close to the pair and placing her head down in order to better watch them, eyes whirling with curiosity.

L'ton turns his head to watch the green as she huffs and settles down nearby, chuckling softly and bobbing his head at her in a belated greeting before looking back at S'ya with a smile, giving her a slight squeeze. "Ya know, Ah think she might enjoy that. 'Specially if'n she gets any good news from them Healers, in the next few days. Cause, then she'll really not be able ta go nowhere, and Ah can't be there all the time, even if'n Ah wish Ah could." Ignoring of course that he's still here, and not there.

S'ya claps her hands together at the affirmation that it is a good plan, not that she didn't know that but still. "Excellent! I will make it a point to do so then. I do not have too many girlfriends as it is, I should get some more." Sophyrinth seems pleased with the greeting, throwing herself over on one side as she paws the air above her. Gotta keep yourself entertained when your rider is. "We can knit scarves or blankets. Maybe hats?" She runs down the list of things she knows to make, purposefully avoiding baby items. "Just you wait love, before you know it you will be clad from head to foot in brightly colored knitted things!" Oh joy!

"And Ah'll keep them just fer when Ah have ta go to High Reaches or Telgar, so that Ah dun freeze, even when Ah'm bundled from head ta toe." L'ton promises, even as his attention is stolen by the flopping and pawing Sophyrinth, chuckling loudly and shaking his head, his wine glass set on the table before he absently pets S'ya's leg, with a grin. "Blues and greens are the best, though, Ah just ask ya ta keep that in mind. Though, if'n ya mention it ta her, Ah bet Zip'd love something in real pretty pink or purple." A loose strand of hair is absently twirled and he rests his head against hers for a brief second.

When High Reaches is mentioned S'ya perks up even more. "Oh, you can visit Or'un while there! You know he is the Weyrleader now, well until the senior rises again but still." She waves away that little complication, bouncing a bit in place. The greens antics, which she continues, are noted with a giggle. She is used to it but always makes her smile. "I bet he would like to meet you, he did say that if he ever met you he would be sure to give you a very special welcome." A finger goes up to her chin, tapping at it idly as she ponders the meaning of those words. "He never did tell me what he meant by special but well, he is rather secretive." Back to knitting! "Blue and green? Got it! Wait, who is Zip?" As he rests his head against hers she strokes his leg sweetly.

"Ah.. Ah think Ah'll avoid that, if'n Ah can. At least… unless its fer official stuff. Ah've run inta him a few times, and Ah really dun think he likes meh much. Prolly dun help that Ah knocked up his lil sister, even if she was willing." Winking, he absently plays with her hair a bit more before running her neck as she strokes her leg. "Mah lil'girl. She's real nice, but she's growing up, ta." He shakes his head a bit, before absently planting a soft kiss on the top of her head.

"Aw, I am sure you misread him love! How could he not like you?" S'ya says before giving the rider a quick peck right under the chin. "You are sweet, cute and fun! That is all a man needs to be. And, he got over the pregnancy thing." She waves a hand to further emphasize her words, waving away his fears she hopes. "Zip is your daughter? Oh, I would be glad to make her something! Maybe put some flowers or dragons on it. I can make her a little hat and some matching gloves, yes, that would be lovely."

"Ah dunno, Ah just dunno if'n it'd be such a good idea." L'ton repeats, slowly shaking his head, making a face. Though, that face does disappear when she gives him a quick peck, and his attention is back down on her, and he grins. "Well, he may be over this one, but the way ya were talking earlier, Ah might want ta avoid him just ta make sure Ah'm safe later on, ya know?" At the offer for Zip, he grins. "Ah just got her a pony, fer her thirteenth turnday. Ah'm sure she'd love anything, though, specially if'n she could wear it when we go out."

S'ya pats the mans leg encouragingly, smiling up at him all the while. "Do not be scared of Or, he likes to act mean but he is actually a big teddy bear!" Sophyrinth finally ceases pawing the air, now on her feet again and moving towards the entrance of the Weyr and hunkering down. "A pony?" S'ya wrinkles her nose at the mention of the beast, clearly not a fan of them. "Well, I know most girls like runners, especially when they are Zip's age. I am sure she is thrilled with it. I can make her something for when she is riding then, maybe put a runner on there or something related to them?" Before she can continue her lifemates ear splitting trumpet fills the air, the green motioning her head towards the outside. "Speaking of Or'un, seems he just arrived! So wants to go meet them, want to come with?" She moves over quickly to her room, changing in the blink of an eye.

"She had her heart set on it, so Ah couldn't say no.." L'ton explains, attention following Sophyrinth as she heads towards the outside, and L'ton blinks at the explanation, quickly shaking his head. "That's okay sweets, ya can go see yer brother in peace. Ah should get back ta Ista 'fore Ah fall asleep between. Then ya'll have ta find someone else to father yer brood." He teases her lightly, gathering up his own belongings, though he makes sure to finish off his glass of wine, offering her an arm for a final hug. "Ah'll come see ya again, soon, kay sweets?"

S'ya pouts a bit when the rider turns down her offer but takes advantage of the hug either way. "I will be expecting you as always! Tell Dhon I said hello! And M'iken too!" Sophyrinth seems unable to wait anymore, the bronze pair no doubt having touched ground already. The green sets out, bugling to Aslianth, the only male she seems able to stand. "Take care love!" And with that S'ya follows quickly, leaving L'ton to flee.

"Ah'll be back soon, sweets," And then L'ton is returning the hug, and watching her head out, before fleeing himself. To Ista.

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