Rupa's Flight, Take 2

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach(#825RJs)

Sayn was just gliding down for a landing, glowing ever so prettily too. Rupa unbuckles herself and drops down, shouldering a heavy pack as she does so. "Give me a minute and I'll take off those straps," the woman says to the green, who was anxious to leave her lifemate's side. Her wings were stretching out and closing, and her legs would not stay still. When a bag on her straps is removed, she nearly takes off, if it weren't for a stern glare from the blonde woman and her hands firmly around the leather. Rupa tugs down, grumbles, and works them off of her at a slow pace.

Dhonzayth is settled upon the beach, having fled to the sandy stretch of Ierne Weyrhold while his lifemate deals with some business or other that has happened to bring the Istan pair to Ierne on this day. Of course, Dhonzayth's silent and settled attitude evaporates almost immediately as Saynth glides, glowing. With a croon, he's straightening, stretching out and spreading his wings, slinking as much as a bronze can slink, towards the green as she loses those blasted restraints.

R'miel often found himself traveling the weyrs as Xanadu's newest public relations guy. And Ierne was always one of his favorite spots, as the bronzer had spent two turns here, and got together with his weyrmate here. And Arinith just liked the beaches at Ierne, so when they visited he always insisted on a swim. The bronze and his rider stroll over to the beach. R'miel offers a wave to Rupa as Arinith heads over towards something that isn't the water: the lovely green Saynth. He offers her a warble.

Aoriya has simply planted herself with her brown on the sand to tan, a sarong wrap around folded to the side. Her wingleader's knots have been pinned to her tankini top. Omasuth is watching Saynth with the air of a cat watching his prey. If anything, the newly minted wingleader has become more brawny, gotten a bit of a swagger to her step. And when Omasuth croons a greeting to Dhonzayth and an even more affectionate croon to Saynth Aoriya sits up, blinking. She sighs. "Go ahead loverboy, strut your stuff." Aoriya makes her way towards Rupa with a casual step and a twinkle in her eye.

In a flash, Aeskath and Chet arrive. The young Bluerider quickly dismounts as soon as the large Blue lands. "Go get 'er, Aes." Chet heads over to the group. Aeskath moves forward, watching the green closely. He offers a quick bugle of greeting, but he is not as vocal as the other males that have gathered. Chet flops down in the sand, watching her dragon's interaction with the Green. Seeing Aoriya there, she waves to her superior, smiling.

Saynth barely allows the straps to leave her body before she takes off! Towards the water, that is. Rupa gets knocked back, startled, and over her bag which spills out several maps and books from her recent trip. The green is quick on her feet, bounding into the waves, though she gives a loud warbling call towards all the boys that have suddenly gathered around her to follow. A chase on the ground? The rider stands up, cursing at the mess before glaring up towards her green. "You don't wait a sharding minute, do you!?" She glares at the approaching riders before squatting down to gather her stuff before she loses her mind. Because the moment that Saynth has touched the shallow waters, she pushes back against the ground and takes to the skies.

Of course, despite L'ton's business here at Ierne, the precise nature of it is.. rather up for interpretation. Particularly as its not the central plaza that he comes running from, but instead one of the beach weyrs. At least he's fully dressed, and not in total disarray, so perhaps it was an innocent visit after all. Ether way, he's stopping to stare as Dhonzayth stalks Saynth to the shallows, just a few steps behind her. As first Saynth launches herself skywards and shortly after Dhonzayth follows, L'ton's jaw drops and he just turns to stare at Rupa and her pile of lost items, while Dhonzayth's wings push air downwards, quite possibly making the recovery even worse, while he fights for the skyward-bound Saynth.

R'miel takes out the flask right away! Apparently he doesn't have much time, as Saynth was already up in the air. And he knew Rupa, even if she'd claim that she didn't know him. And he's chugging away at the flask before offering it to the golden-haired rider. The female one. He knew she liked the drink. Arinith meanwhile barely has enough time to get out a warble to the green before she's lifting herself skywards. The slender bronze hops up after her, unfurling his wings and taking off after Saynth. Upwards and onwards! He tries to stick close to the lovely green's tail.

Omasuth leaps gleefully into the sky, roaring like a Weyrling in excitement, eyes ablaze with Amathyst as he chases after Saynth. Aoriya stays on the sidelines for the time being, this is Omasuth's party. She does turn to L'ton and lean in very close and whisper. "Afternoon, Weyrsecond." She says with a mischievious gleam, and she preens for L'ton, turning so that her new wingleader's knot is visible where she pinned it to her tankini. Omasuth is oblivious, taking every sea breeze under his wings, twisting back and forth in joy after the glimmering green Saynth.

Chet doesn't have any real business here. She was busy working on a Wing project when Aeskath decided they were coming to Ierne, with or without her. She came. Aeskath is among the first in the air behind the green, just behind a smaller blue. He is keenly aware of the others, almost paying more attention to them than the green. Almost. He deftly edges up along side the other Blue, and uses his length to his advantage to out maneuver him. That male taken care of, just the rest to take care of now. He can do it. He's one of the more experienced ones, and he intends to take advantage of that fact. Chet pulls out a flask of her own, and approaches R'miel with it. Might as well not drink alone, right? Then she sees L'ton, vaguely remembering him from somewhere, and smiles at him, too.

Saynth moves straight into barrel rolls and twirls, bringing her close to the mad pack of males instead of putting her away from them. So when she catches sight of an eager dragon getting to close, she bugles out in surprise and turns tail to actually move higher into the sky. Beating her wings, the jungle green darts higher and higher until she was satisfied that it was good enough distance. She folds her wings back, and mimics the waves, diving and rising back up in sharp movements that only her little body can make. Rupa, on the other hand, was not having as good of a time as her lifemate, shoving bags here and there. When a movement out of the corner of her eye catches her attention, she jerks a dirk out from her bag and brandishes it towards R'miel with a glare. "I can never understand where in the name of flaming Faranth all of you show up from, but you make sure that you keep enough distance from /me/," she growls out. Her amber eyes do catch the flask, though, and her free hand jerks out to snag it from the bronzer before she grabs her bag and drags it away. He might not see that again…

L'ton looks sidelong at Aoriya, arching an eyebrow as she preens and shows off the knot, grinning and offering her a pair of thumbs up. "Yer following in my footsteps, like a good li'bit.." He offers completely good naturedly with a wink, even as he's suddenly glad that he wasn't closer, as the dirk appears seemingly from no where and is brandished at the other bronzerider. "Watch out, man.." L'ton warns rather needlessly, taking heed of his own words. At least for now. Dhonzayth, however, has no intention of keeping his distance from Saynth, and so as she slips into the various rolls and twirls, the Istan's energy is devoted to his upward motion, sliding into an Ierne thermal to aid him in his advance, saving just that much energy in reserve as she still beats her wings to gain distance. Then, as she mimics the motions of the waves, Dhonzayth remains as a seabird overhead, gliding above the ever-shifting ocean waters, dodging left and right as the winds take him, but never straying far his particular wave of choice. And its there he continues to hover, despite the smaller green's sharp movement.

Omasuth makes a ballsy, daring move. He moves into position above Saynth and dives. It is most unlike him, the brown has simply decided to be a little bit different. Unfortunately this costs Omasuth the flight, and the brown is forced to make a hasty landing in the water. Aoriya sighs and whispers to L'ton. "We catch up later, flyboy." She smirks and strides off down the beach to meet Omasuth. "HOnestly Oma dear, you surprise me."

Arinith pushes up and… then Saynth is barely above the water and already doing loops. He watches her closely, before pushing his sails down to rocket himself skywards after her. He'll let her get a bit of distance, but isn't going to let any of the smaller dragons push their way between him and the green. It's been a while since he's flown, and he has no intentions of letting her slip though his claws. There's a snap at a smaller blue who tries to sneak in, a rather agressive reaction from a usually passive bronze. R'miel blinks as Rupa pulls a knife at him. He just holds his hands up in defense. "Whoa! Whoa there… I'm just offering you a drink." Oh he'd make sure to head back to get his flask. Even if it was the next day. But he's making sure to stay close to the greenrider, trailing behind her. He wasn't going to let her just walk away with one of his prize possessions.

Aeskath hangs back just enough to give the Green her space. He watches her diving and surging higher, and quickly calculates where he believes she will dive next. He moves quickly, positioning himself below her, ready to catch her if she should decide to fall towards him. Chet watches him, giggling uncontrollably and sipping from her own flask. "Don't worry, miss. I won't touch you. I'll touch someone else instead." Any takers? She looks around for volunteers. Aeskath croons towards Saynth, beckoning her downward to him.

Saynth couldn't keep up the rhythm forever, especially as she heads further out to sea and the waves were small ripples in the ocean below her. Instead, she tilts down a wing, veering sharply to parallel the coast, only to be thrown off by a sea breeze and cirling around, trying to find a direction she wished to go in, and thoroughly confusing the blues, browns, and bronzes… hopefully. Spinning again, this time using the wind to her advantage, the lithe little green darts in the direction of the setting sun, allowing it to brighten the glow of her body tenfold. Rupa is making more of a direct path to her weyr, half-distracted from the flight and by dragging the bag along behind her. Not to mention taking long swigs of whatever harsh liquor the bronzer had. By the time she makes the entrance of her place, Saynth has flared her wings back, having glanced directly into the sun. She hovers a moment, hesitating in her decision of where to go, before she simply falters and begins to fall in place. Spiriling down! That ground was going to hurt without any help.

L'ton is never one to complain about touching. Unless there is a dirk that happens to be what's doing the touching, cause that's just painful. As Aoriya disappears, L'ton blinks a few times, before watching the close-standing trio with amusement, though only partially closing the distance. Any thing else would just be stupid, at this point. As the greenrider continues to flee the scene, he continues absently heading that way, though without any fortifying alcohol to accompany him. Dhonzayth has been gliding on the sea breezes since shortly after he took to the skies, and so as she's thrown by a sea breeze and forced to circle, Dhonzayth is already amidst the moving gusts of air, his heavier weight causing less random movement for him. Then, as she darts towards the setting sun, the Istan's path straightens and he puts on a final burst of speed, crucial once the green begins to spiral downwards, and its all the bronze can do to try and close the distance and pull her - neck, talons, and wings - out of her fall and back to the sky.

R'miel raises a brow as Omasuth and Aoriya make their exit. It wasn't often you see a dargon give up during a flight. But then his attention is pulled towards Chet. He grins at her. "Oh?" Then he looks to Ton. "One for you one for me, buddy." R'miel only carries Igen firewater in his flask for flights and other opportune moments to drink. All straight from his weyrmate's collection, of course. He follows Rupa and her bag to her weyr. Arinith meanwhile is trying to follow the slightly erratic flying of the green. The thermals didn't affect his larger body like it did hers, and it was impossible for him to follow her movements. The bronze is glad when she heads off in a more straight and narrow path. His wings gold in and he zips towards her, his thin body forming an arrow-like shape. Arinith attempts to move in close, and then tries to harpoon the green.

Aeskath has been waiting for this moment. He feels that he's positioned himself just right, and that this is just about to pay off. It must. He twirls in the air below her, showing off the product of generations of desert dragons. He may not be quite as agile as the smaller blues, but his stamina is far greater, even up against some of the small browns The sun shimmers over the supple hide that blends so easily with the ocean blue. See? He's handsomer than the rest, Saynth. He croons to the lovely Green, inviting her into his grasp. «You musn't fall alone.» Chet isn't following Rupa, but rather L'ton and R'miel. She grins invitingly towards R'miel. "Yes!" She continues to sip from her flask, keeping it far, far away from the Greenrider. "We could always share…" she says, looking from L'ton to R'miel. She doesn't seem fully aware of just what she's suggested, but is ready to go along with it.

Saynth tries to catch one last gust of wind to help her keep altitude, though she doesn't put up much of a fight. She was exhausted anyways, so might as well give the opportunity to those charging boys. And might as well let them do all the work for her from then on. She didn't fall too far before a thin body suddenly slips in to overtake her. Nearly knocking her out from the sky completely, too! She bugles and straightens out just in time to meet Arinith's talons, twining her neck and tail fast with his. Hah! She caught him, right? Now do the work, big guy. Rupa's blonde hair swings out as she leaves the bag at the entrance of her weyr and disappears inside. Somewhere along the way, that threatening knife had been lost.

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