Revisiting Western's Sights

Emerald Isle - Sunset Beach

It is a peaceful place - this pale pink beach - free of the normal comings and goings that plague the lagoon's sandy stretch. It seems that someone L'ton and Dhonzayth have managed to find it - perhaps from word of mouth, or possibly by flying over it again and again - but either way it is where the pair have spread out. And so, as the sun is settling over the ocean, the bronze and his rider have settled themselves comfortably on the sand.

As the sun is setting, another pair is out and about, but more so on a wind down before it's time to return to the weyr for other activities. Mevalonath glides low over the water, practically skimming its surface with her talons, as she heads back to the weyr. She angles up once more with a push of her wings before she glides back down over the water, her flight path almost like a set of waves itself. And of course, there would be that rider of hers on her back, enjoying the easy and relaxing flight at the end of the day.

Dhonzayth lifts his head to gaze at the green that's skimming back and forth across the water, large muzzle swiveling from side to side to watch each sweep. In time, there's a loud croon reverberating from his throat, and L'ton is muttering as he sits up. "Dhon.." He mutters, before he too is left to watch the pair on the wind, attention caught.

The attention of the pair is easy to catch, is it not? Just show them a female and they're distracted. Mevalonath's path catches just a little at that greeting, though she offers her own reply in response. Not long thereafter the green swerves back, turning towards the beach to land on the shoreline a wee bit from the rider and his dragon so as to not cover them in sand. And then Mevalonath is padding across the beach towards them. When they get closer Rhelia leans forward, leaning on the green's neck, and smirks. "Didn't think I'd see you around here again."

L'ton continues to watch the progress of the pair across the sky, particularly as they double back, and then land. Remaining propped up on his elbows, he watches the padding green quite contently from where he is, while Dhonzayth feels the need to get to his feet and start to close the distance. At the greeting, L'ton grins, shaking his head. "With a darlin' like ya here, how could Ah dare stay away?"

Rhelia quirks a brow at the bronzerider and looks faintly amused by his reply. "That so? Then what're you doing all the way out here?" Certainly he knows that the weyr itself is a more likely place to find this greenrider. But perhaps his reply is enough, for she's soon unbuckled from Mevalonath's straps and sliding off onto the soft sand. Mevalonath eyes Dhonzayth and shifts away testily.

"Ya weren't there, so Ah figured Ah'd come out here ta relax, until it seemed like ya'd be back. Ah didn't wanna get in the way, ya know." Or get put to work by one of the weyr leader types. Dhonzayth eyes the shifting Mevalonath, crouching down but letting her shift away even as L'ton is patting the spot next to him, inviting the dismounted Rhelia to join him. "And, my luck must be good, cause here ya are!"

Mevalonath eventually settles down on the pink sands, folding her wings in close as she wiggles her body in the sand to get it into the right shape for her comfort. "Here I am," Rhelia agrees as she lowers herself to the sand next to L'ton. A lady doesn't plop or drop down, after all. "Lovely evening," she comments idly, though her attention really isn't on the sunset, as beautiful as it may be, it's just not as fun as a bronzerider.

Dhonzayth remains settled where he is, content to just stare at the green, nestled amongst the pink sands, while L'ton has been doing some more staring of his own. So, as Rhelia settles next to him, his attention is completely pulled from his surroundings and to her, grinning and moving to try and smoothly loop an arm behind her. "Lovely view, really." He agrees, with a bit of a smile. "How're ya doing, mah greenie?" He questions, gaze never leaving her.

Once that arm goes around her Rhelia scoots closer to L'ton and leans into him. She's about as easy as he is, really. "I'm doing much better now," she replies. "And how about yourself?" Clearly he's not overworked if he has time to seek out a Western greenie again.

"Better, now that Ah've decided ta let that boy dig himself out of his own holes. Ah am done with cleaning up every one of his mistakes." So, perhaps he's done doing the double job of Weyrleader and Weyrsecond. He grins, sliding a bit closer, tightening his hold. "What happened ta make it better now?" He asks with interest as he's leaned against.

Pah. The boy need not be mentioned. Besides, it should be more than clear the type of man that Rhelia prefers to enjoy time with. "Well," she starts with a grin, "I'm completely free for the night." The tightening of his grip prompts her to press in against him and tilt her head up to nuzzle at his neck before she fairly coos into his ear, "And I seem to have found some excellent company."

"Ah think Ah was quite lucky ta be discovered by such a pretty gal, 'specially one who has the whole night free." He murmurs in return, resting his chin on her head lightly. "Ah'm sorry that Dhon didn't do good, that other day. Ah was hoping he would, cause yeah." He stops his rambling, shaking his head and looking back at her. "Not that Ah minded before that, though." He grins broadly, free hand rubbing at his hair a bit.

And if he keeps it up, lucky the bronzerider really will be. "Quite lucky," she agrees, nuzzling her head beneath his, though all this moving around prompts her to retreat just a bit, though she's still pressed against him. "Mmm, yes, before was better," she comments idly, "But all the same, that's over." And hardly bears mentioning, right?

L'ton shifts, leaning back to rest his head on his other hand, tugging her with him as she retreats a bit. "What were y'all doing out there, hm? Ya were all over the place - were ya chasing something?" He asks idly, even as he keeps his head lifted up to watch her for a moment. Dhonzayth seems resigned to the fact that he'll have no corresponding cuddling, and so he's settled down, wings dropping a bit, stretching out again.

Rhelia could just sit in L'ton's lap, if he prefers? Clearly she's the more physical of the green pair, as Dhonzayth isn't about to get snuggles from Mevalonath. Distance and respect, bronzie. "We were just enjoying being out and relaxing," she replies, placing her cheek against his shoulder. "It's nice to be so close to the water," she murmurs idly.

L'ton is content with any sort of snuggling it seems, for he's not that particular. "Ya'll looked good up there. Ah was impressed. Dhon, he was ta." After all, it was the bronze that noticed the acrobatics first. Absently stroking her hair, L'ton steals a quick kiss before grinning. "Tis. Better with the company ta share it with."

"Did we now?" Rhelia asks softly, tilting her head up just slightly to glance at L'ton and receive that kiss as she wiggles her rump in closer to him. "Good thing we caught your eye, else we might not have such pleasant company tonight." We is perhaps not so accurate, for Mevalonath could care little about Dhonzayth's company, that's really just all Rhelia speaking there.

"Of course ya did, lil'bit. How could we ignore such pretty girls?" He shifts his hand to give her rump a squeeze as she wiggles it closer, winking at her. "Well, if'n ya'll hadn't stumbled across us, Ah definitely would have wandered in ta find ya in a bit anyway, or at least tried ta. Though, Ah doubt the rest of the view'd be as nice, even if ya do make anywhere wonderful." He grins slyly at her with a tilt of his head.

Rhelia jumps a bit at the squeeze and suddenly looks at the bronzerider. He caught her off guard with that. Recovering slightly, she smirks at L'ton. "Is the view out here distracting you?" she teases. And well if it is, perhaps for not much longer when she cranes herself forward to kiss the bronzerider. That's one way of drawing attention to yourself, hm?

"A'course the view is distracting meh. Such a pretty one, and right here at mah fingertips? Ah'd be a fool ta not be distracted by the view." A view which only gets better as she leans forward for a kiss, and his hand rests on the back of her neck, fingers fiddling with her hair for a moment. That certainly is the best way to draw attention to yourself.

There are multiple views out here, though the one that is literally right in front of L'ton had best be the focus of it. He can watch the sunset any day, after all. Encouraged by the bronzerider, she suddenly makes a move to throw that outer leg over L'ton's lap, effectively straddling him. "I'd say that makes a better view," she whispers, smirking at the bronzerider.

"Ya won't hear me complaining, love." L'ton smirks right back, resting his hands on her thighs as she shifts to straddle him, looking up with wide eyes. "Ah definitely thinks its the best view Ah've seen in a long time." Fingers pluck idly at her legs, tilting his head. "Now what, mah dear?" He asks with amusement.

Rhelia lifts a brow at L'ton as she scoots in and settles on the bronzerider. He has to ask? Shouldn't the course of action be, well, obvious. "Ohh, I can think of a few things," she says off-handedly, hands slipping towards his shoulders before one sneaks to play with the hair at the base of his neck.

"As long as we're on the same page.." He winks, hands shifting to her waist, pulling her up a bit while he lifts his head to catch a long kiss, even as she's playing with his hair. "Ah mean, wouldn't want ta lose mah wonderful company."

Rhelia presses against the bronzerider for the duration of that kiss, her fingers at the base of his neck moving up to twirl some of his hair into her grasp. Was there any doubt that they /weren't/ on the same page? "That'd be a shame, wouldn't it?" she replies in the space between that kiss and the next one she leans in for.

"T'would be a shame. Ah mean, ya are such wonderful company, and Ah enjoy each moment Ah have with ya." Of course, she makes it hard not to, considering how she continues to twirl his hair. And so, as she leans for another kiss, he moves to weave fingers through her hair, keeping her close. "Did ya wanna move, or stay?"

And the fact that she doesn't play hard to get and tease him, or try to lure him somewhere, would have no bearing on the fact that his time with her is well-spent with good pay offs. The question causes a small hitch to occur in her thoughts and she pauses, scooting just a bit off the bronzerider, ready to get off him. "Move," she decides, waiting for his confirmation before doing so. Sand is, after all, not quite so fun at times.

L'ton is suddenly sans greenrider, and so he's shifting over to his side, then to his feet, nodding in agreement. "Fine by meh." And then he's moving to wrap his arm around her waist. "Ah'm following ya lil'bit. Ya seem ta have the best ideas." And so stealing a few kisses while they move, he lets her lead the way to.. somewhere else.

It's for a good cause that L'ton doesn't have a greenrider on his lap at the moment. Rhelia grins as his arm moves about her waist, giggling just lightly as his hands graze a ticklish spot. Yes, somewhere elseā€¦ if they can't make it to the weyr, then at least someplace less sandy and perhaps a little more sheltered from prying eyes.

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