Pi's Flight and an Encounter

Ista Weyr: Star Stones
The Star Stones of Ista Weyr are extremely worn and aged with the rigors of almost two thousand turns of existence. Set higher then the actual Rim the landing area can host two or three dragons but no more and the stone floor isn't as worn as some areas of the Weyr from generations of dragon talons. A small tunnel leads into a narrow alcove cut into the living stone that has a few stone benches cut into the walls. A small wooden table has been left in this small roofless room and that coupled with the odd dice and cups left about shows that this area is still kept in use by the odd riders as a secret spot for gaming and drinking. Off to one side is a narrow tunnel that leads into a narrow set of steps up to the promontory where anyone can still rest their chin on the curved piece of rock and look through the now defunct stone circle.

Pi has been left up on the stones.. yup.. Psy decided to go off flirting with some dragon or something. Either way the girl happens to be up here, without a dragon or a way down. On the other hand she seems entirely content with the situation. She's settled in on the ledge, her back resting against a stone wall. It's morning still, maybe around eight or nine.

Dhonzayth backwings to land carefully on the ledge, far enough away from Pi to ensure the young woman isn't disturbed by the drafts. Crouching, his rider is allowed to dismount, before the bronze slinks off to settle in a choice bit of sunlight. Pal glances around, starting to head for the small alcove before he spots Pi, pausing. "Ya seem ta be stuck, lil'one."

Pi smiles as she watches the bronze wing down, ooh, company. Wait.. does she want company? At the moment she doesn't seem entirely sure. There's a bit of a grin and she hops to her feet. "Ain't really stuck, she'll come back." Pause, blink. Did he just call her lil'one again.. by now he /should/ realize she hates it. Or at least argues it every time. Maybe that's why he keeps repeating? There's a flash of annoyance and a "Ah /ain't/ lil'."

Its a term of endearment! He /could/ call her brat. Crossing over towards her, he offers her grin in pleasant greeting. "Dhon don't think she will. Least not for a while." Settling on a bench in the alcove, he glances up at her, brushing his hair out of the way. "How're ya doing?"

Pi keeps glaring for a moment, she doesn't seem to care that it's a term of endearment. She's not little. So now she's grumpy. Before she was doing fine. But suddenly (yay mood swings) she smirks a little. Quick leandown and landing a kiss on his lips, that, without intervention would last maybe… five long seconds. Then with a step back the smirk is still present. "Ain't little."

L'ton lets his gaze linger on her face as he waits for a reaction, and so the kiss lands on its goal, and he's shocked, just looking up at her as she steps back. Glancing at his dragon, and then back at Pi, he stands, and takes a step after her. "Ah guess ya have grown up…"

Pi smirks a little bit more. Hah! She made her point. Finally. Probably not a great way of going about it but who cares when you're proddy, right? "Yeah, ya think?" At least she's not pissy anymore, right? Right. No retreat is made though, she'll just stand there smirking at him as he gets closer.

L'ton tilts his head to look down at her slightly as she smirks, stepping within an easy arm's reach of her. "Ah do think." Folding his arms in front of him, he smiles back at her, arching an eyebrow. "Though Ah gotta ask what's so funny.."

Pi gives a little shrug. "One, yer face was." Yay for reactions to being unexpectedly kissed? Better than Pi's reaction to Pal doing so a long time ago. Crossing her own arms over her chest she raises an eyebrow back as she looks up at the other.

But Pal doesn't hit girls, so.. she's safe. And then he gives her a series of firm pokes in the shoulder, should she let them land. "Mah face is never funny, at least not like yars all the time." Yay for reverting back to weyrbrats.

Pi just get's poked in the shoulder, shoulder twisting slightly away due to the pokes. "Fine, yer /expression/ was funny." There's an eyeroll as sadly the insult is ignored.

L'ton turns with her as she twists from the pokes, stepping up to look down at her from a hand-breadth away. "Ah doubt ya woulda reacted any different." And to prove his point, he ducks, giving her a firm kiss - assuming of course that she doesn't move out of the way. Or remove him from the way.

Pi already kissed him though, so reaction of /course/ will be different after all. And remember her last reaction? Yeah, that was different obviously. There isn't a punch this time, but there /is/ a slight push away from hands on his shoulders. "No, Ah reacted differen' when ya did it. Remember? Yeh had a black eye fer it." Adittedly the pushing back was slightly belated and would require him letting himself be pushed as it wasn't a /shove/.

L'ton is pushed just enough to give her breathing space, as he continues to look down at her. "That was when ya were still lil' - Ah can't believe ya'd act the same now, all grown up."

Pi smirks a little bit. "Ya'd be surpised." But she kissed first so she can't exactly punch him… right? Right. She's back to smirking again as well. Her hands stay on his shoulders but… don't exactly push anymore for the moment, he stopped kissing at least. But they're there as…. a backup or something.

L'ton doesn't move, since with her hands on his shoulders, she's not explicitly telling him he has to, right? And so he stands there, cautiously moving one hand to rest it on her waist, perhaps. "Would Ah? Ya seem much more.. open." However he means that. Probably better then the other options he had in mind.

Pi blinks and peeks down at the hand on the waist and suddenly seems to change her mind about things. L'ton is given an /actual/ shove from the hands on his shoulders. "Take me down." it's not so much a request as well, an order. Yup, moodswings. "Ya got yerself a girl anyhow."

L'ton stumbles back, glancing down at his hands, and then back at her. "And why should Ah? /Ya/ kissed /meh/ first. It didn't seem ta matter than Ah had a girl." Glaring, his arms are once again folded over infront of him.

Pi glares right back at the other. "Ah was makin' a point! Didn' mean Ah wanted anythin'." And she did stop his kiss, didn't she? Just… not as quickly as she should have. And… without saying any more she stalks past him and down the little tunnel that leads to the little room with table.

"Ya can't just /kiss/ someone to make a point. Its not fair. In fact, its just mean." And he stalks after her, glaring as he goes. And then he starts to pace back and forth outside the little room, effectively blocking the hallway.

Pi flops down on one of the stone benches the scoots back, pulling her legs up and hugging them. The ranting is ignored and she just buries her face against her knees. Yay more moodswings, aren't they fun… especially for those having to deal with it.

L'ton continues to pace, muttering to himself for a while before during one of his direction shifts, he looks up, and realizes that Pi has curled up on a bench. Biting his lip, he starts to head over towards her, tilting his head to one side. "Hey.."

Pi doesn't look up as he actually says something non-angry at her. But at least she does respond. "If ya ain't taking me down, go away." it's a bit muffled but other than that still somewhat foreceful.

L'ton narrows his gaze at her, seeming to seriously consider the effectiveness of telling her to suit herself and leaving. But, with a soft sigh, he shakes his head, leaning a bit closer. "Hey."

Pi glances up with a glare, though it seems to be a bit more upset then angry at this point… she's trying for angry. "Ah said take meh down or go away. Ah don' wanna be here with yeh." Aw.. poor Pal.

L'ton narrows his gaze at her in return for the glare. "How do ya even know that Ah wasn't gonna offer ta take ya down? All whiney and pouty like ya are." And he offers her a hand. "Come on, lil'one." He offers softly.

Pi manages a somewhat less vehement than any of the other times "Ah ain't lil" Actually it was a good deal so. So the whole reason of kissing him and proving that she wasn't little not only backfired but didn't do any good anyhow. The hand is peeked at for a moment but she finally takes it.

L'ton helps her up before motioning her back down the hallway infront of him, and towards Dhonzayth. "Lets go get ya something strong ta drink." Adding under his breath, 'ya definitely need it.'

Pi just gives a little bit of a nod. Not that she really needs something to drink, that'd probably be a bad idea really. But as long as she's getting down from the stones she's happy. Climbing up takes a bit of effort as the bronze is just a /bit/ bigger than Psy. But she manages it without taking any help.

L'ton makes sure she's all the way up before carefully climbing up after her, hooking the straps for good measure before the bronze tips, gliding down to the ground, L'ton silent the whole time.

As soon as the bronze lands in the bowl, Pi has unbuckled the straps and half hopped, half slid to the ground. And with that she's running off towards the northern bowl. Without even as much as a 'thankyou'. Nope, getting away.

L'ton is too surprised by her sudden departure to do much other then blink, and then he's sliding down, headed after her, Dhonzayth doing the same.

Ista Weyr: Main Beach(#3773RJa$)
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, emptiesinto a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

Psylenith is happily laying sprawled on the hot black sands, even more happily with a nice bronze curled partway around her. The bronze's rider isn't anywhere around noticably. Either is Pi at the moment, though that's quickly fixed as she runs onto the beach. The girl comes to a stop as she spots her dragon where she thought she was… but with the bronze. So instead of running to her dragon she just… flops down in the sand looking visably upset. Not crying though possibly near that.

L'ton tears in after Pi, sliding to a stop in the sand as he, also, spots the green and the bronze together on the beach. Looking from Pi, to Psy, and back to Pi, he just stares, swallowing visibly before slowly starting to approach the spot where Pi flopped on the beach. Dhonzayth meanwhile, rumbles a challenge of sorts to the already present bronze, spreading his wings wide.

The bronze cuddled around the rather radioactive lime green dragon stirs and gets to his feet, offering a rumble at the bronze who /dares/ to disturb him and his girl. Except.. 'his' girl is also getting up and sauntering down the beach. A bugle is set out to any dragons in the area, as well as the «I need more boys, these ones are… boring.» Pi ignores Pal's approach for the moment, it's entirely possible she doesn't notice him. She'll just sit there, staring ahead at nothing for the moment.

"What? No I don't think…" The dark haired Xanadu girl gives a huff as it appears her brown has her very much hostage. She's quite the unwilling rider as he jogs down the beach, his darkened head snaking side to side in visual pursuit. "Well at least put me down! Watch, it'll probably be a female rider too!" The brown stops and Lor hops nimbly down. So much more graceful than her brother. He lowers his muzzle to butt it against her stomach gently and croon. "I know… I know." She giggles softly and scratches his snout. "You go have fun then. Silly boyo." Liberated, the brown takes off at a runner-like lope down the black sand. Aha! He catches eye of the bright glowy green and drops his haunches and flares his wings to a skidding stop. He lets out a croon. « Why, greetings there, ma'am. Aren'chu just the most dazzlin' sight. » Lor giggles as she wanders closer to the slope. If she were a dragon she'd certainly enjoy Lo's cheezy croon. But she might be a bit biased.

Aesarth glides overhead, descending only to drop off one suddenly pasty-faced I'lius, and then glides closer to Psylenith, dropping to a smooth landing. « You called, lady? » the brown asks, just as smoothly. I'lius's eyes widen as he recognizes Pi's form in the sand. "Shards, Aesarth, we gotta leave!" he hollers. "I refuse to let you chase this one again! My nose looks misshapen enough!" He could get more than /that/ broken this time, and by his rapidly shifting gaze, he probably knows it.

Dhonzayth spreads his wings, rather disgruntled as Psylenith both begins to move, and other males begin to arrive. « None of you could ever be good enough. » Shouldn't it be Psy deciding that, not Dhonzayth? L'ton glances at the other riders, a smirk crossing his face at I'lius's reaction. He hasn't gotten off /that/ badly. Glancing down at Pi, he chews on his lip. "Dontcha wanna… move, er somethin'?"

Zerounth casually walks down the sands, darkened feet getting swallowed by the incoming waves as they pour in. He rumbles his approach to the others, just passing through. His rider is not too far behind, walking with hands shoved into her pockets. She holds her face into the wind letting the breeze blow those short raven strands out of her sights. "Ye gonna tell me what you really want? I doubt that a simple 'walk on the beach' is what ye want." The brown turns his head towards her and nudges lightly while turning back ahead on his way. Ryadian lightly pats his leg as he saunters off, laughter coming from her lips. "Aye, we shall see, Zer. I know it when ye fancy something."

Lorena looks around at the new rider and then to the group there. Oh my. No… no this was -not- cool. "Lo!" She calls suddenly from her seat on a rock. "No Lo… not this green." This was -Pi's- green. But her brown is busy, trotting towards the electric lady with more croons. Oh Ae'ran's gonna have a heart attack.

Psylenith called for more males… and more males she's gotten. Blues, Browns and Bronzes, who could ask for more? Well, especially since no more exist. She's already called both of the dragons who were initially on the beach boring though, that'd be Dhon and her previous cuddle-partner. Either way she surveys the growing number and seemingly satisfied gives a croon as she crouches down and seconds later springs into the air. Back on the group Pal gets something of a Look. "No." Then a moment later something occurs to her. "Except now /yer/ here, which is what I /didn'/ want." And she starts stalking off down the beach.

"Ya're the one who wanted meh ta bring ya down! Maybe Ah /should/ have left ya there, while that green of yours took off, and left ya there all night. Would have served you right." And he stands there on the beach, throwing his arms up in exasperation, and turning to leave. Yet, he glances over his shoulder, staring at her, eyes widening as Psy actually takes off, and moves hurriedly after her. Dhonzayth was too busy acting disgruntled at the presence of the others, and being called boring, to really be paying attention to the bright green. And so, when she springs into the air, its a very long moment before he gathers himself to take off after her.

I'lius grimaces and shrugs at L'ton. "This one's vicious. I'm not going to try to charm her anymore, believe me." Yeah, he learned his lesson. And so, although he follows Pi, he does his best to keep a wary distance between himself and the greenrider. Aesarth, however, springs into the air scant seconds after Psylenith does, quickly catching one of the familiar air currents with ease. There's an advantage to knowing the Istan currents and being a small brown. Perhaps he'd be cackling, if dragons could.

Lorena squeaks. It's too late. Loyauth, though mostly ignored, is not deterred. He rock back on his mahoghany haunches and wheels to spiral up wards. His hind legs leave the ground. One might expect him to plunge back to earth and provide a buck-like action, but broad wings catch the sky and grip it with each beat to bring his body upwards after the green. « Ya know, dahlin', I understand yeh. Them bronzes can be a boring type. Oh sure, bet they're good now an' then… but I'll betcha need a lil more excitement in yer life, eh? An' I'll bet I know jus' ths brown-er… dragon to provide it, fer ya. » He takes swooping cups of air beneath taught dun sails to rise quickly after her. She's a green though… climbing won't last long. Lor meanwhile is torn between her dragon's playful flirting and agitation. Her eyes slip from her brown's ascent to Pi stalking down the beach. Maybe she won't notice her? However it's probaby not worth hoping as soon Lor'll be noticing -Pi- more and more. Oh bother.

Ryadian glances up and sees nothing but a blur shooting high into the sky, nearly blending into the scene. She shakes her head and begins to chew on her bottom lip. "Just a walk, eh? Go, go on and chase already. The sooner it's over, the sooner we can get back to business. Still gotta go eat, dontcha know." She sighs, arm reaching up and rubbing at a tense spot behind her neck, waiting silently then turning to continue on her way to good hiding. "Ye can find me when it's over." With that, Zerounth bugles as he rears up on his haunches and takes to the skies. What dragon with a sea faring rider could possibly /not/ know the currents beside the sea? Well, none whose never danced in the invisible waves within the skies overhead. Wings snap open wider and let's the updraft carry him up.

Pi pauses to turn and glare back at the rider. "Ah wanted yeh ta give me a ride down so Ah didn' have ta be stuck with ya!" And she goes off walking down the beach again. She can ignore the stupid males, yes she can. And at least she ignore I'lius sucessfully. And nope, she doesn't notice the girls either. Psylenith may not last as long as Golds going up, but she definitly is going for as much height as she can get. It's only logical if you want to have more time to enjoy yourself on the way down. Not too much effort is put into acrobats quite yet, she'll use up her headstart first. «Bronzes may be boring, but so is all the chitchat, if you want to woo me /catch/ me.» By now Psy isn't managing the walking so well anymore and staggers slightly, so instead she'll just stand there for the moment, at least she's still on her feet.

Aesarth puts a little more muscle into his wingbeats, and croons toward the still-ascending Psylenith. « And so I shall, lovely. » With a snap of his tail, he, too, keeps climbing. I'lius looks very, very relieved as Pi appears to not notice him, and continues to keep to himself, even if his gaze strays occasionally from the waves to the wavering Pi. She's a pretty little thing, really. Just - a vicious, pretty little thing. Must protect his nose at all costs.

Lorena grumbles to herself as Pi happens to stop not far away from her rock. Which she now clutches. Loyauth's jovial laugh flts through the green's mind as he drifts a little to the left and catches a lovely skyclimbing thermal. So far so well, he supposes. « Chit chat, dahlin? Soun's like sumthin' flitters do, hones'ly. Naw, dahlin, I like ta' call this playful banta'. Somethin' mo sophisticated-like… fo such a sophisticated lady as yerself. Ifn' you wan' to prove me wrong sky-climbin' shur as shells won't do none. Actin' like one o' them aristocratic lady-golds, ya know. I imagin' yer a wilder type than that. » He drifts back and forth in the thermal much like a stock car warming it's tires. Not that any pernese would know that analogy. He mentally hums a tune as he does. Oh yes, he's the incouragable sort. « Ya know, dahlin. I can' say I mind too much fer the view yer providin… so you jus' keep climbin. » After all, it's her lovely lime green hind end against the bright Istan skies that's placed in his line of view. Why would he look elsewhere?

L'ton throws his arms up in exasperation again, continuing to stalk after her. "Then Ah should have just left! Then ya would have been by yarself, and ya wouldn't have ta worry about this, huh. Maybe Ah should just go get a weyrling to take ya back, and let ya give over it by yarself. Ah don't think any of us wanna be around ya!" And the sand is kicked angrily up in the air, as he looks anywhere but at her. Dhonzayth can go up! His giant bronze wings continue to push him upwards, gaining altitude and more altitude. Limbs are pulled close to his body to streamline, catching a bit of a current for a speedup.

Talking? Who has time or the patience for talking? This brown silently strays higher into the chase, wings assisting with the climb as little as possible. He's going to need his strength. There's no such thing as an easy green…flight. Zerounth tilts his frame from side to side, best to take advantage of any warmth he comes across. The bronzes are not even within his attention span, they may be quick but it's their empty head which gives way to the lightness. Though, the other brown will make for an interesting adversary. He bugles his challenge to the others as he closes in on the last.

Pi manages to notice Lorena, though it seems the girl would prefer /not/ to be noticed. But L'ton distracts her yet again and she spins around. Obviously that was not a good idea as with another wobble she's sitting on her butt in the sands. Not to perturbed the girl glares at Pal. "Then leave me shardin' well alone! Ya don' /gotta/ be by me! Yeah, go find a weyrlin'… go find Ves an' stay away from meh."

Psylenith ignores what she still considers to be chitchat, she's stated her thoughts about it once, no more thought will be spared. After all, the males are getting too close for comfort, and off she spins. Now it's time for the green to really show her true color. The climb was tiring but she's now in her element, high above the ocean. I'leus does get noticed by Pi as well, but all he gets is a glare.

I'lius grimaces a little as Pi glares at him, although when she turns away, he does send another appreciative, if edgy, look in her direction. Aesarth growls low in his throat at a blue that draws near, and with an angry swipe of a talon, he shoves the small contender aside, and keeps shooting after Psylenith, bugling his admiration. What height, what strength!

L'ton turns and glares at Pi as she falls over. "Ya know? That serves ya right! Ah bring ya down, and all ya do is yell at meh, and tell meh ta go away. Ah wouldn't a bugged ya at all, if'n ya hadn't of kissed meh to begin with. Besides, Ah /can't/." Otherwise, he probably would have gone off, the way Pi has frustrated him. Dhonzayth flicks his tail at a blue who gets too close to his side, a growling rumble shaking his body as he folds a wing, attempting to follow Psylenith's maneuvers with sweeping ones of his own.

Now that's more like it. Loyauth gives a wild yell amid the thrill of a desert gallop into the minds of those around. The other males aren't given any thought as he spirals after her. Lorena watches the bronzer and greenie riders in the sand. She suddenly feels a protective streak and slips off her rock, looking at the bronze rider pointedly. Lor's the sort who's relatively akin to sisterhood, and perhaps that influences her actions along with Loyauth's honest and protective nature. "Stop it, bronzer! Let her be! Of all the times to be on her case, hormones or no!" She looks to Pi and offers her a hand up. "Men." She mutters. The thoughts of Ae'ran suddenly return in a flash and her demeanor changes. She withdraws her hand an backsteps a pace or two. But that passes away as Loyauth continues his wooing. « Ya know, dahlin… S'hard ta say whether I'm mo a fan of tha' view or of this sorta fun. Tho I mus' say, keeping up afta ya gives me reason fo' both. Don'chu think? Infact this is tha perfec' place fo it. Chasin' a han'some green likin to ya self ova sand and surf… » He drops a little low of her, resuming his humming. At this angle his facetted eyes are shaded slightly by the figures of other males and she appears to glow ever brighter, outlined by the rays of the sun. « Verra' lovely, dahlin. Neva seen mo han'some a lady likin to yerself… 'Specially them haunches o' yers. »

"Good thing I'm over this way, wouldn't want to be in on tha' mess," Rya mutters as she walks slowly behind the others. No touching that tension, even with a dragon-length pole. Though it's bound to happen eventually. Maybe if she stays quiet, the greenrider won't be bothered by her..much. She sigh and tilts her head up from watching the sand, specks above barely noticable. Some glints off the light from the bronzes stand out. Now, wheres her mate sneakin in? Zerounth continues his stalking behind the green, quiet and in consentration. Long wings take themselves against his brown body briefly, maneuvers should be made quickly and without hesitation. He prepares… He spots the younger brown, quickly coming in behind the young one. « If your skill is as big as your talking, best to show it. »

Pi is obviously done with the glaring as Pal starts up again and instead goes for curling up into a ball as she sits, her hands over her ears. She doesn't want to listen, or hear it, or anything. Covering your ears only does so much though and as the the female rider comes to 'protect' her she peeks up slightly with a blink. The hand is eyed and but when the other back up she just sighs slightly. Yeah, proddy is fun… who ever thought /that/ is crazy. Eyes widen slightly "Aw shardit." and with that she manages to get to her feet and head towards the waterfall, though it's taking a good deal of concentration to stay upright. Psy's been doing her acrobats for awhile now, and they're starting to become slower. Obviously her muscles are starting to give up on her, but she doesn't seem to want to admit it. The next wingstroke definitly falters though, and she can't fully disguise it in her barrell roll.

I'lius raises an eyebrow as Pi begins to make her way toward the waterfall, and peers upwards, mouthing something indiscernable. Aesarth gathers himself, and as Psylenith falters, his wingsails snap and billow with the sudden movement he makes toward her, neck, wings, and tail outstretched and curving toward the lovely, extremely bright green. He'll help her down.

L'ton is derailed by Lorena's interference, glare turning to her before he simply curses, kicking sand up once more, and muttering to himself as he paces back and forth, though each turn brings him slightly closer to the waterfall. As Psylenith falters in the air above, Dhonzayth folds a wing, moving to drop towards Psylenith, limbs and neck outstretched, wings ready to steady them both, should he manage to make the move.

Loyauth was waiting for that. Sure, he's a dragon of many words but unlike -some-, he can multitask. « Weelp, my good brown, I mus' say at least i spen my words for good, like wooin' this lovely lass than incitin' ahrgument likin' yerself. I believe that does a lady dishonor, spending yer words on other lads rather than on her. Should be ashamed, shouldn't he dahlin'? » But Psy's at her end it seems. « Woah there, lass. Ima comin'… » He draws his folds of dun and golden brown against his smokey sides and shoots at a downward angle towards the rolling green, dipping low to avoid the big lumbering bronze and at last endinging one wing to catch air and wheel him in haf a cartwheel right into her path. Wings snap open, talons extend. His banter is abandoned in concern for her dismount from the skies. Just a soothing and supporting murmur… « Easy ther' dahlin'… » Meanwhile, his lifemate below, resumes her concern for the greenrider, stepping forward again and crouching down in the sand. "You all right Pi?"

Catching her shouldn't be this easy. The brown rumbles as he pulls in beside her. The other dragon closing in on the swift green is nothing more than another current to ride over on and he wont hesitate to do it if need be. Wings snap shut, letting his position drop beneath her before opening them wide. There's no where to go but up, ahead or down. Zerounth keeps keen eyes on his prey, wings easing into shallow wingbeats to keep him afloat. He stretches out, using what space he can claim near her to his advantage. "Ye be all talk and have what to show!? Come on now!" Ryadian calls out, so much for quiet. She has her back to the others at the moment as she peers up towards the chase. Should I now? seems to be repeated to the brownrider every few minutes. "Not my issue, not flying up there towards her, yer doing that. Ye do whatcha gotta, I'm not going to see it…And ye better not show me if ye do! Walking in on people be bad enough!" Hrmph! « Then, as a gentleman, you should know that actions speak louder than words. » Such a manuever peaks no interest in this brown's attentions. « And all your talking must mean you are compensating for the lack of something. » Ha! To all who can hear. Talons of his own reach out, his tail poised and ready as he forces his way through the draconic masses towards Psy. Let the best win.

Pi manages to stumble behind the waterfall, though she's not able to do so /without/ going through it… she probably ended up soaking wet on the other side. There is a way, but not when walking takes all your concentration. Way up above Psy is getting crowded in by the guys, not entirely a bad thing in her opinion. Ah, oh so many to choose from, just a little flick of her wings and she could run into one of a couple that are all right there. But which way to flick the wings? Either she makes the choice now or she'll no longer be in control of the situation and not have any say at all. So the descision is made then and there, what does she really care? The green rolls into Zerounth, managing to just avoid the talons as she does so, but happily letting the tail entwine with her own. There's a definite bugle of… triumph? Sure, why not.

I'lius releases a breath he didn't even know he was holding as Aesarth spirals back down to the ground after Psylenith makes her choice, rumbling rather sadly. Ah, well. His rider, however, apparently relieved, hastily makes tracks back toward the Weyr proper, muttering something that sounds like, "Thank Faranth." He'll live to see another day. Hurray!

"Good riddance!" L'ton calls after Pi as she stumbles through the waterfall, and its obvious that Dhonzayth failed to snag the green, the bronze circling down lazily, more disgruntled then he was to begin with. L'ton meanwhile, turns to stumble back towards the weyr itself, hands rubbing through his tousled hair anxiously as he goes.

Zerounth answers her bugle with his own as he wraps himself about her form tightly, posessive in his downturning glide. He opens long wings, sending them both in a lazy downward spiral…Ryadian shakes her head and peers about, this is about to get ugly. She begins to stomp off in the direction of the waterfall. Whether or not she spots the greenrider is another story. "Aye, there ye go. Now I have to hide. Couldn't ye've…bah!" Better hide rider, better hide.

Loyauth misses. Ah well. He spirals upwards and glides neatly towards the shore. Lorena moves away from Pi to go meet him. She scritches his snout which is thrust into her stomach. 'I'm sorry Lo… but maybe that's for the best… you know who she is, right?" The dragon rumbles brightly and Lor chuckles. "Yeah… well maybe you're right. Maybe it would serve Ran right. It's a wonder tho… what he sees in her. Like you chasin that green. You and him are alike ya know?" Her voice shakes and the brown croons low. "I know. I know, Lo…" She sniffs. "Lets go see what able bodied sailors we can find…" Rumble. Giggle. "Well, yeah… for that too." They walks side by side along the beach, Lor's fingertips running along her dragon's forarm.

Ista Weyr: Lower Caverns(#4761RJL)
Twin caverns stretch off from each other, wide and bustling - this is the workshop for the weyr's support staff, filled with people at work in a variety of occupations, throughout the day. The bubbled caverns are huge, breaking off into a warren of different tunnels and passages, leading off to a variety of places within the depths of the weyr walls. The walls are smooth with use, as is the floor beneath, although it becomes more jagged deeper through the tunnels; the ceiling arches high above, almost rounded in high, spacious formation.
Tendrils of steam creep through the wooden door that leads towards the hot springs, to the north west, whilst the Records Room door - often locked - is located down a passage to the west. A smooth staircase leads uptowards towards the living caverns, to the south west, whilst other rambling passages lead to private offices, and the quarters of the weyr's residents.

Vesvesris, mumbling under her breath, is just making her way out of the storage cavern, still wearing riding leathers, although her gloves are stuffed into her pockets. "At least we've seen more places, Odeleth, " she says, aloud, adding more quietly, "and apparently, we had good timing. Hopefully Aesarth didn't take it into his head to chase Psylenith again." Despite herself, the weyrling smirks a little. "I have to wonder if his nose got broken again … "

L'ton has stumbled into the lower caverns, though what his actual goal was can be anyone's guess. And he's there, leaning against a wall, muttering softly to himself as he rubs at his face with his hands, when Vesvesris exits the storage cavern. Lifting his chin, he pushes himself away from the wall, moving towards her with an outstretched arm. "Vesvesris…" And then again, "Sris.."

Vesvesris glances up as L'ton comes toward her with an outstretched arm, and stares at him for a long moment, before slowly reaching out to touch his arm. "Odeleth told me about Psylenith, " she says, slowly. "Dhonzayth's - alright, I take it?" She fidgets a little. "Shouldn't you be - drowning yourself in wine or something?" she adds, tentatively. "I'd imbibe with you if I were a drinker - and not a weyrling, but circumstances being what they are … " She permits her voice to trail off, and shrugs slightly.

L'ton moves to wrap his arm around her, should she stay put, and rest his chin on top of her head. "He'll be fine. He's always fine." L'ton, on the other hand. Pulling away he looks at her for a long moment. "There are other things ta imbibe in besides wine, ya should know that…" He murmurs under his his breath, before his chin is rested back on her head.

Vesvesris's eyes widen gradually. "Other — oh, L'ton, " she murmurs. She's quiet for a moment, and when she next speaks, her tone is regretful. "L'ton, I - you know I can't, " she says at last, quietly, casting a quick look around to reassure herself that the space just outside the storage cavern is still mainly empty. "We haven't had our lecture on flights yet — and, well, you're not fully in your right mind, are you?" Despite her protests, she reaches up a hand to gently touch his cheek, concernedly.

L'ton clutches at her a bit more as she begins to talk, to protest it even though its quiet, fingers curling. Looking at her with wide eyes, "Ah'm always in mah right mind.." Perhaps just almost out of it, between Pi and her dragon. He ducks his head to kiss her firmly without thinking, though how successful it will be depends on her.

"No, L'ton, you've just lost a flight, " Sves points out, gently. "I've never seen a rider in his or her right mind directly afterwards - perhaps with just enough self-control to — " And then she's abruptly cut off as his lips firmly plant a kiss on hers, and the girl squeaks, barely permitting her own to brush against his. "L'ton, I /can't/!" she repeats, startled, and begins attempting to remove herself from his firm grasp. "No matter how much I wish to comfort you, I just can't. I'm still a /weyrling/ with restrictions. You're not in your right mind!" she repeats. "I'm sorry, L'ton, really!"

L'ton is firmly pushed away, and he detaches himself from her reluctantly, looking rather shocked at her as she protests more loudly, backing away from her. "Sris…" And with one last pleading look, he backs out the way he came from originally, looking for something else. Or, depending on the circumstances, someone else. Which would only serve to make things even /more/ difficult.

Vesvesris watches him momentarily, expression clouded. "I'm sorry, " she whispers again, more quietly, and pressing a hand to her head, returns to the storage cavern, posture slackening once she's relatively certain that L'ton's left the lower caverns.

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