Extending an Offer

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands Patio(#4652RJa)

So Mai's been banned from the tanner area. No, that's not a happy look on the lady's face. She grumbbling to herself while she sips on her juice. The patio's so nice and sunny, and the day is so nice, yet here sits this little ball of semi gloom. "Man, I should be happier about all this." She tells the little paper umbrella in her hand. "But I'm just so much more bored now." Maybe she should go and have a talk with Pi about taking on more responsibilities in the Wing.

L'ton is a cheater, and tends to ask dragons where their respective people are. And thus he's strolling onto the Patio, glancing left and right for a moment before locating the one he's looking for. And so, its almost straight to Mai that he's going, hands resting on her shoulders as he waits behind her. "What's wrong, Mai-dear?" He asks questioningly.

R'miel has just been wandering from weyr to weyr since he let himself off of work. He actually stops for longer than ten minutes at Ista to look for his brother. But then can't find him, so he instead heads off to the Sands. Yep, he looks terrible, like he was up all night drinking, then went straight to work in the morning. But the fresh air on the patio seems good, so he heads out there once he's gotten himself a drink. There's a wave to the other two, but it doesn't look very friendly.

M'iken jumps a little when L'ton's hands land on her shoulder but at the sound of his voice she melts down onto the table to whine a bit. "I wanna go to woooork." She huffs before sitting back up, in time to see a not so good looking Ram. "Hey, Ram.." She stands up, waveing him over to come sit. If he's at the Sands, then he's here for drink ro food, and he can totally do that at her table.

L'ton happens to look up to catch the entrance of R'miel, blinking a few times as he stands behind Mai, before moving to settle into a chair next to her, eyes narrowing a tad before he scoots his chair next to Mai, wrapping his arm over her shoulders, getting he back into her chair. But, he looks cheerful enough, after that first dark look, even moving to motion the Xanadu rider over, before he's look back to Mai. "Its okay fer a bit, til they figure it all out love. Ya know its prolly fer the best.. But, if'n ya'd rather work, Ah ain't gonna hold it against ya, Ah promise."

R'miel blinks at M'iken a bit. He moves over to take a seat at her table once he's motioned over. He catches L'ton's look, but can't really make it out one way or the other. "Huh? Hey, you two. What's happened with your work?" He's already got a mug of dark colored ale, but welcomes the non-alcoholic distraction anyways. "Hasn't gone the way of the weavers, have they?" Nope, his sorry-looking state isn't explained.

Ram get's a hug, because M'iken decides he looks like he needs one; though she's careful not to make him spill his drink. "You look terrible." Even if he's not going to explain, she still feels the need to point it out. She worries after all. "The Healers have decreed that there are too many toxins in my body, many of wich get absorbed through my skin at work, and they are supossedly contributing to my lack of pregnancy." She explains as she makes herself comfortable in her chair again. "So I've been banned from work for a while and I'm taking all these herbal remedies to try and clear out my system and see if that makes any difference." Apperently, explaining this to her boss man in the tanner craft area already, made explaining it to Ram that much easier.

"O'course, Ah still think if'n there are that many toxins, tis a good thing that nothing else has gone wrong either, cause, Ah dunno. Just dun seem good." L'ton shakes his head some, resting his hand absently on M'iken's leg for support, as he stares at Ram further as he joins them. "What in shards' name have ya been doing? Ya look like hell." And he shakes his head at the man. "Ya have another Weyrsecond, and Ah dun even look that bad by myself. Ya need ta have a talk with R'sul, if'n he's driving ya ta that state."

R'miel returns M'iken's hug. It wasn't that he wouldn't explain. He'd just… prefer not to. He was already feeling guilty and just generally like crap from drinking too much. He just groans at M'iken's observation. "Thanks. I had a rough night." Then he blinks at her and his mood changes. "Oh! Well… That's good though! That means there's at least a chance that you two can actually have a couple of kids!" He grins and lifts his mug. "Woo! That's good news. We'll have to make sure you get flushed out. Er, I'd get you a drink but that'd be bad." Then he looks over to L'ton and sighs. "Ah, it's not my job. Ysa's mad at me so I'm staying away from her so I don't make things worse."

M'iken makes a face at L'ton but slides her hand over his to hold it lightly. "It's not really /that/ big of a deal.." She has to defend the job she loves right? Right?! She nods to R'miel though and smiles. "Yeah, hopefully this'll work. I'm afraid tog et my hopes up to high though. So I'm contenting myself with being discontented at missing work." But then her face falls at the mention of Ysa being mad at him. "What happened?" She gets a worried look on her face. "You know you can stay with us, right?" She glances at L'ton then. Right? "You look like you could use some sleep and some klah. Not that ale."

"Whatcha do, try and maim Lyram by taking him between again er something?" L'ton replies jokingly, considering the list time he saw Ysa upset, it was for that very same reason. But then, the bronzerider's enthusiasm catches on, and L'ton seems to relax, loathed though he is to relinquish his contact with the brownrider. "Aye, hopefully t'will work out, so we can have one or two.. Ah dun wanna saddle Mai with more than that." And he's grinning still, looking at M'iken to see her reaction. As she extends an offer, L'ton slowly nods. "Ya can. Zip's bed is still up there, and it even has purple dragon beads all 'round it, so ya could have a bit of yer own space."

R'miel nods a bit to M'iken. "Yeah, I suppose that's a good idea, not getting your hopes up. But still, that's good! I mean, it could be worse. Ysa will be glad to hear it." He blinks a bit to her. "Ah. Thanks, but I doubt Ysa's going to let me stay out another night and leave her with the baby again. I'll stick with the ale for now. The buzz numbs the guilt." He sighs. "My mom is sick, I took Lyram to see her and he came back with a cold. But she's mad because I didn't tell her I was going and this and that. I'll probably just head to Xanadu to sleep in the guest weyr. Gotta be at work in the morning anyways."

M'iken makes another face at L'ton. She'd been quite happy to see Lyram after all. "Maybe I'd like more than one or two." She says, sticking her tounge out at him. Then Ram explains a bit and Mai nods. Oh, so she's upset he didn't take her to meet the parents? "I see." She says slowly. "Well, you could always make up for it and take her up there. Not like it takes forever to pop up there for a quick visit. And it wouldn't take long to get home from here. If you're just going to go to the guest weyr, then you may as well stay here." And, speaking of visiting family. "And you know, we still haven't gone to visit my parents either." She says to Ton with a light smirk.

L'ton perks up a bit, arching an eyebrow. "Well, mah love, as many as ya want, as many as ya want." And he sticks his tongue back out at her, giving her thigh a bit of a squeeze, before glancing back at R'miel, shaking his head. "Ya should go talk ta her. Before it gets worse, Ya know how scary she is, if'n ya let her stew. Go talk ta her!" He shakes his head, glancing at M'iken, shaking his head. "We'll go, we'll go. And, now there's potential good news ta, so what better time ta go?"

Lyram was getting cute! It was hard not to strap him to the dragon and taking him along everywhere the bronzer went these days. "If you want more than one or two you better get on it straight away. May as well keep trying now right? Who knows when they'll all be flushed?" He grins. "Ah, she's met my folks. She can't between yet anyways on account of her bum leg. Which is why I didn't want to tell her in the first place. As much as I'd love to stay here that'd just be another mark against me I'm sure." He blinks at L'ton and sighs. "Yeah… maybe. She'll start calling for me soon anyways I'm sure."

M'iken grins lightly at L'ton and sits back on this discussion. Honestly, she might be able to beat him in the parent discussion, but really this particular discussion appears to be more the boy's playing feild than hers. "We'll get around to it." She says to Ram with a wink. Then she gives L'ton a kind of sidelong glance. "I haven't exactly told my parents anything baout my problem, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't bring it up." Yeah, she's really only talked to Ton, Ram, and Ysa about it. Well, and now the Healer.

"Oh." L'ton states simply, blinking at M'iken for a moment before shaking his head. "Ah won't say anything." Turning to look across Mai at Ram, fingers absently tapping against her leg, he sighs at Ram. "First, go see the gardener, get her some pretty flowers, and then go ta the Healers, and get something fer Lyram, and then go home. Maybe pick up something fer yer head ta. But, trust meh. Its better if ya go, and have stuff fer her. Ah've learned." L'ton shakes his head slightly, as if failing to do these things means certain pain. "Really, Ah promise. Otherwise it ain't good."

R'miel chuckles a bit to M'iken. "Well, I'd certainly hope so. Sheesh." He give Mai a good poke. "It's not like I'm expecting you to drop everything right now and drag him off." He blinks at L'ton. "Meh. Maybe. I dunno. She really wasn't too understanding about everything, so I'm not sure I even want to go back right now. To see my boy, eventually." Clearly this was punishment for Ysa, too. Since she had to be at home with the kid.

"Wouldn't be the first time I thought about doing just that though." M'iken smiles slyly at the Xanadu bronzer, but that look quickly diminishes to a frown. "Don't you think that'll just make things worse? Putting it off for too long that is." She runs her fingers over the back of the hand L'ton has on her leg, knowing full well taht what he'd just advised R'miel to do, would work on her everytime, even though she knows his strategy now.

"Ya may not want ta right now, but Ah bet that's lack of sleep, and ale talking. Ya're gonna have ta go back, and if'n ya go back an act sorry, she'll prolly fergive ya. Otherwise, Ysa's gonna make ya pay. Ya know and we know t'wasn't yer fault, but that dun mean ya can't admit it." Step one to succeeding with the ladies. Then at R'miel's suggestion, he arches an eyebrow. "Ya know, if'n ya weren't here, Ah prolly would have. But, well, that ain't no fun for you." Winking, he leans back in his chair, fingers absently twirling Mai's hair through them. "Well, if'n ya want ta Mai.." He offers with a cheerful tone, leaning towards her a bit. But then, with a long sigh, he's shaking his head and moving to get up, face falling into a frown. "It appears that our dear Weyrleader's done something again. Gotta go try and pacify Sharix, 'fer someone ends up Between without their dragon." Giving Mai's shoulder a squeeze, and ducking to give her a kiss, he waggles finger at Ram. "Ah'll see y'all Ah'm sure. Ram, go act sorry. Mai, Ah'll see ya in a lil'bit. Might should take Ram's advice ta heart." Another wink, and he's off at a quick jog towards the meeting room.

"Heh, well no offense you two, but this isn't my idea of the ideal threesome. You're too much my weyrmate's best friend and Tonny is too male." He shrugs a bit. "I already apologized. I'm just waiting for permission to go back home. Trying to think up something to get Ysa. She's not big on flowers really, and recognizes them as a 'please forgive me' gift." He waves to Ton once he's up. "Ah. Have fun with that. Poor freakin' Ch'tra. That kid's gonna be gray before he's twenty turns."

M'iken smiles at the kiss and gives L'ton a wink as he gets up to leave. "I'll definately think about it." she says playfully. She gives him a wave before leaning forward on the table and throwing her paper umbrealla at R'miel. "I don't understand what's up with Ysa anymore. I mean, she's always been kind of volitile, but I feel like she's getting worse. Is she pregnant again?" The last time she remembers Ysa being so thruoughly unpleasant towards Ram is when she was prego with Lyram. It's a logical conclusion when you have that as a basis of knowledge. "And if you're positive she isn't. I'm going to suggest you buy the oldest bottle of whiskey you can afford. I know she prefers a good drink over flowers any day." The thought of Ch'tra getting Sharix all in a knot makes M'iken frown. "And yeah, I feel bad for him. One of the danges of being a bronzerider I suposse."

R'miel laughs and defends himself from the flying umbrella. "Pregnant? I wish. If she's pregnant then it's a miracle. She's just axious because she's been grounded over and over again. She's just tired of me, I think. I dunno. I'm not really an easy person to live with I guess. Thought maybe giving her some space might be better for her." He runs a hand through his hair. "I owe her like a crate of whiskey by now. I keep borrowing it to refill my flask. Probably just get her some jewelery. Been meaning to anyways." He nods a bit. "Ugh, that means I might have to fly with R'sul during the senior queen's flight. I heard proddy Niva is as scary as Sharix."

M'iken grumbles lightly. "You weren't that hard to live with when we were weyrlings, minus the whole split yourself between two girls who became dangerously attached to you." She gives R'miel a look. "I don't know what to tell you. I just know if it were me I'd want L'ton to come back quickly. Though Ysa and I are so totally different when it comes to this stuff that my point of view really isn't that helpful." She drinks some of her forgotten juice and shakes her head. "I wish you luck on that. I won't even let Meluth entertain the possibility of chasing after Merkabath. I mean, he doesn't have much of a shot anyway, but still. We're not going near that with a hundred foot pole."

"I seen her this morning briefly. To take Lyram back to the weyr Since she can't do it with the leg. She didn't say much to me though. She's got Cocoa with her, so she can tell me to come home at any point." He sighs. "I guess I'll head back once I work out a present for her." He sniffles a bit. "No? Gold catches can be sort of a pain, honestly. But it is fun seeing all the little hatchlings run around afterwards. There's just so much responsibility that comes with being a weyrleader."

M'iken jabs a finger at his arm. "Seeing her briefly and comming back are two different things. And you know she's got too muhc pride to ask you to come home. I'm gonna suggest getting down on your knees as soon as you see her with that present. And the medicine is definately a good idea. That cute little baby shouldn't be left sick for too long." Ah, her cute little Lyram, sick. It's enough to make a girl cry. "And I know weyrleaders have it tough. I knid of wish more goldriders would give them some slack. They have a hard job."

R'miel pouts a bit and rubs his arm where she's poked it. "I know… If I know Ysa it won't be asking, when she wants me home. It'll be telling me. Lyr stayed at the Healers all night with her last night. He didn't heave a fever this morning, so there probably won't be much else we can do for him. I'll get him some soothing ointment to help with the congestion though, I guess." He sighs. "My poor boy. I really messed up bringing him." He nods. "That's why a lot of them are a little crazy like."

M'iken shakes her head a little before standing up. "Well, my dearest friend, I hope ya'll can work things out." She gives him a real hug and a kiss on the forehead. "I have to get going though. Apperently there is a bronzer that's headed back to the weyr who's expecting me to help him attempt to make a baby." She gives him a goofy grin. "Honestly. Good luck. And when you're back on good speaking terms with Ysa, give her my love." She waves before walking off backards a little before turning around to make her way home.

R'miel watches M'iken rise from her seat. "Thanks, Mai. I'm sure things will turn out. They always do." He gets to his feet then to hugs her back. He chuckles a bit. "Heh. Good luck with that. I'll be cheering you on. Mentally, of course." He nods to her. "I will. She'll be glad to hear the good news." He waves a bit back to her, then decides it's about time he headed off as well."

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