Philomena's Pain

Ista Weyr: Southern Bowl(#3560RJ)
Compared to that of other weyrs, Ista's bowl is small, and incomplete - northwards, one wall was blown clear away several millenia ago, leaving the view clear towards the plateau, the jungles, and the ocean beyond that. Somewhat elliptical, the breadth of the bowl seems to run Northwest to Southeast, the bustling epicentre of the weyr being here, towards the southwest. Several large entrances have been dug into the great bowl walls here - north east are the hatching grounds, south the Living Caverns, these being the two largest caverns in the weyr.
To the east, a small entrance leads in to the ground weyrs - the ledges of these line the bowl wall above, often filled with dragons of gold or bronze; westwards is another ledge, but with a staircase built into the wall, allowing access to the Sable Sands. The infirmary is located towards the southwest.

Philomena blinks up at B'relle. Wiggle her toes? Of course she can! .. Or could. Her right foot wiggles perfectly fine but as the left one wiggles, Phi's eyes widen and the foot stops dead. "Oooooh! T-Tha' hur's!" Comes the wail, and the instant welling of water in her eyes. Paimida is given a bit of a look, but she'd at least prefer someone she knows. Her speech probably wouldn't be all that coherent either, around the sniffles and gasps that are starting to work their way around the shock. Oh, she's such a sucker for pain..

Ponce erps as the lamb is thrust into his arms, and almost falls due to his somewhat clumsy nature. He clutches the wiggling critter to his chest as he catches his balance and gives a somewhat bewildered stare to Pai, what's he suppose to do with it now? And then he recognizes the girl who's fallen, she looks vaguely familiar. "Oooh!" He says, finally putting putting two and two together…not that he can do much with the squirming lamb in his arms.

Paimida nods to B'relle quickly. "See if'n ya can ge' a proper healer down here." And she didn't lie when she said she was a healer, she just didn't say the /whole/ truth. Kneeling she gives Ponce a slight look. "Hold 'im." The girl runs a hand down Phi's leg gently, thumb on one side, rest of her fingers on the other. Upon reacing the calf just below the knee were things start looking a bit odd outwardly she grimaces. "Tha' don' feel right a'tall."

Pallaton is chattering with a rather slender, dark-haired, olive-skinned girl - one that's rather pretty even, the teen having an arm wrapped loosely around her waist he talks, the female giggling and ducking her head. However, his pauses his step as he sees the group gathered, picking Ponce out almost immediately. "You, girly-boy.. what /are/ you doing?"

"No! No it don'!" Philomena cries. Wait, can she get off her stomach now? Tears trickle down the younger girl's cheeks as she looks at Paimida, and merely stays on her stomach, arms cushioning her chin, as she watches the blurry people in front of her to take her mind off of her leg. "Jus' /do/ something, will yeh!?" Is demanded shortly. No, no she most definitely does not like pain.

Ponce jumps, having been concentrating on keeping the lamb from wriggling out of his grasp and when Pal speaks he actually drops it for a few moments and doesn't answer until it's back in his grasp. "Ah'm holdin it, what'ja think ah was doin?" He answers moodily, not bothering to look up at his older relative.

"Pal stop bein' a jerk an' do somethin' /useful/ fer once in yer life." is snapped at the older boy by Paimida and she gestures towards the girl who's laying on the grounds head. "Distract 'er fer a momen'."

Paimida also grabs something from her pocket and tosses it at Pal's feet. "Stick this 'tween 'er teeth." It's a piece of soft wood, or something. who knows /why/ she has it, but she does.

Pallaton gives the girl at his side a quick squeeze, bending down to whisper something, which results in her turning a rather nice shade of pink, before he gives her rear a slap and bends down to pick up the piece of wood, eying it for a moment before moving to crouch down near Philomena's head, "Open up - If you're willing to hope /she/ knows what she's doing.."

B'relle clears her throat and glares at the older boy. "Lay off." Then she turns to Paimida. "Gwyna says they are on their way."

Ponce is doing what he does best…which is standing around feeling awkward. The lamb has temporarily given up trying to escape and has reverted to bleating at the top of it's little lungs, which is quite loud indeed and Ponce blushes as he tries to get the thing to be quiet.

Philomena is still sprawled on her stomach, and through her tears has a pretty decent view of Pallaton. Hmmm. A glower is given to older of the guys as she sniffs and opens her mouth. At least that'll give her something to bite instead of her tongue on accident, or her cheek. Or another bodily part. "Jus' make the pain stop.." She whimpers.

Paimida has snapped into a mode that there isn't much of a chance of getting her out of in any sort of timely fashion. So B'relle's announcement goes not quite /ignored/ but not noted. Holding just below Philomena's knee with one hand and a few inches below with the other she moves them so that the bone well.. goes back together. People, plug your ears, despite that nice piece of wood that may help save your eardrum's slightly.

Pallaton glares at B'relle for a long moment, looking like he's going to say something before instead just shoving the piece of wood in Phi's mouth, careful to avoid getting his fingers too close, though he uses a bit more force then is truly necessary. "I'm not even gunna /ask/ what you did, you know. I'm sure I dun wanna hear it." And then he glances at Ponce, shaking his head. "Dun let that one get away, too, ya hear?"

Even with the wood in her mouth, and her teeth clamed on it, it's truthfully amazing what sounds Philomena's vocal chords can produce. A high pitched "MRRRRRRHHH!" would almost be enough to have someone's eardrums ringing, if it hadn't been for the wood. And then the moment after, it's either another time for shock, or the girl's just about to pass out.

B'relle watches Pallaton's rough thrust and listens to the conversation. Then she plants herself in front of him and stands up straight. "He /happened/ to be the /only/ one with free hands when Paimida had to empty hers, so drop it. He did what had to be done. And be careful with that stick, she's already in pain enough. If you can't be nice, then we don't need your help right now." She tells him firmly.

Paimida glances up and towards Pai and then at B'relle. "Act'lly I /do/ need 'is help. Go fin' two piece o' wood… straigh' cut ones, fer a brace." That was to Pal of course. "An' don' let 'im annoy ye, y'get used to i'."

Ponce glares in Pal's direction but says nothing as he tries to bounce the lamb in his arms to keep it from adding to the noice Phi is making. It seems the girl's yelling is only agitating the thing more and poor Pon doesn't know what else to do with it other than try to keep it from escaping…which he /does/ have problems doing occasionally.

Pallaton straightens as B'relle nears him, tilting his head to one side as he regards her for a long moment. "I got no problem with him holding that sheep, as long as he dun let it go like the others, and have it end up in the caverns, too. 'bout all he's good for right now, anyway." And glancing down at Phi, he shrugs. "I ain't about to get my finger bit off by no girl - You wan it gen'ler, you can shove your finger in her mouth. I dun need you tellin' me how ta act 'round my family. They mine, not yours." And with that he turns to go find said 2 pieces of wood, returning a short time later, brandishing them in Pai's direction.

Rona walks up from the weyr, holding a bag thrown quickly over her shoulder and two appropriate sticks. "Gwynaleth spoke to me said you needed a healer for a broken leg." With a glance at B'relle, she pauses, "Does she always talk to others?" Then she turns to the girl on the ground. "How are you doing?" Then looking around the faces. "Who's in charge here?"

Philomena is in the second-shock stage most definitely, as she looks from one person to the next, and then another. She's still sniffling, though the tears seemed to have dried up for the moment. "Aawww, c'n yeh stop arguin' an' geht meh some /numbweed/?"

Paimida grabs the sticks from Pal, still in her little mindset and sets them against the leg on opposite sides. "Pal, hold 'em here, will ya'?" As the nuisance of a man(boy) does so she starts wrapping some well… wrap around them to keep them against the leg and it from bending. Finally Rona gets a response. "Ah am, she's meh… cousin." she's not going to take the time to list off /how/ they are related. "Numbweed would be good' if'n ya gots some." Though it's already wrapped up… whoops.

Ponce seems to have faded into the background, which suits him just fine. He continues to keep half his attention on whats happening with his relative while the other half stay devoted to keeping the lamb still and quiet.

Rona drops her bag and digs around in it a minute "Hush, it's okay. I've got some, just give me a second." She pulls out a medium sized tub of numbweed just then and hands it off to Paimida. After a bit more digging she retrieves two rolls of bandage and halds them ready to use to hold the sticks on. She pauses to look up at B'relle, "Why'd you call me if everything was under control?"

B'relle grins at the healer. "Anytime I let her." She replies sounding slightly exasperated. "That dragon'll talk to anyone." At the healer's second question she nods towards Paimida. "She asked me to call a healer. You guys want me to have Gwyna come down to ferry her the rest of the way to the weyr?"

Philomena's head jerks up, as she looks at B'relle. "Ah ain' sittin' on nuffin'!" She screeches, her voice already sounding a little hoarse. Looking at the healer and her uh … cousin … she grunts and tucks her right leg under her with a little difficulty before she stands up with another grunt and a gasp, quickly motioning for someone to play crutch. "Not sittin' on no dragon tha'll bounce meh leg 'round." She continues stubbornly. "I hop good." … Ah huh?

Pallaton glances over his shoulder at the infirmary, then back at the hopping Philomena before glancing at B'relle, starting to comment further before just shaking his head and moving to play crutch for Phi, though he may be a bit tall, he doesn't have an ovine in his arms. Besides, she is rather cute, if a bit young.. And, you know.. His cousin. Of sorts. "I ain't gonna carry ya, though. You gotta at least sorta walk."

Paimida quickly slips under Philomena's other arm. "We can getter there, it ain't far." In fact, it isn't, at all. "Jus' go slow, yah here?" That last bit is directed to Pal and Phi, no jarring the leg more than needed. Especially as there /hasn't/ been numbweed yet. Aheh.

Ponce notices the group getting ready to head back the weyr and trails behind them with the lamb, looking for all the world like a lost puppy trailing it's master. He grumbles a little and shifts the lamb so it's easier to carry, and ambles after them.

B'relle nods and follows the group feeling a little useless. Rona watches them, then tosses the numbweed and the bandages back in her bag, sighing as she follows them back.

Hop hop goes Philomena, balanced between Pal and Pai, careful not to scrape her leg on the ground. Good thing about her runner training? She could easily be a dancer or acrobat if she put her mind to it. "Numbweed, numbweed, numbweed…" The girl seems to be muttering under her breath, gaze fixed on wherever they're going.

Pallaton stays crouched low enough not to make walking too awkward for Philomena, glancing over his shoulder at the trailing rider and Healer, and of course Ponce, sticking his tongue out mockingly at the younger boy before turning his focus back on the task at hand. And.. /hey/ now they're /2/ girls.. Though, that other one was cuter, and you can bet you'll find him after her once this is over.

Ista Weyr: Infirmary
Equipped with the latest healing technologies, this spotlessly clean, large room smells slightly of antiseptic and numbweed. At one end, cots sit for the recovering to recover on. At the other end, are the proceedure tables. Cabinets with supplies and medical files sit along one wall. At any given moment, there could be any number of people in here. A weyrchild with a broken arm, a mother recovering from giving birth or even one of the residents recovering from heat stroke or sun poisoning, a rider and dragon recovering from a strained wing muscle.

Paimida helps Pai over to a cot and "'ere, get 'er on there… carefully." and she and Pal manage. Yay! "If'n you don mind, I gotta talk to Pal. I trust yer healers know what they're doin'" And she grabs Pallaton's arm and starts walking towards the door. Admitedly Pal is stronger so she may be walking pratically in place, but shhh! (re)

Philomena sighs as she sits down on one of the cots, and carefully lifts her leg over the side to avoid banging it on anything, eyes tracing Pal and Pai for a few moments before she shrugs, looking at the healer trailing by the rider. "Yeh said yeh had numbweed?" Comes the plaintive question. Kill the pain before the waterworks start up again?

Rona just nods. "We're fully competent, however I don't recognize you as one of us." She says quietly disapproving of the girl's tone. She begins unwrapping the other girl's leg inorder to put numbweed on it. "I never did get your name, dear?" she asks her patient quietly.

Pallaton is caught rather off guard as his arm is grabbed, gaze flitting over Philomena once more before he actually lets himself be hauled away, muttering though under his breath, back the way they came.

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