Promises and Reassurances

Ista Weyr - Main Beach(#3773RJa$)

It is a rather gorgeous evening at Ista, the sun setting over the water, tinting the waves hues of red and orange as it sinks, turning the clouds in the distance a stunning pink. A wide variety of people are still spread across the expanse of the black beach, those as darkness comes, a number of them are drifting back to the Weyr itself and its other comforts. Yet, despite the lengthening shadows and fading light, L'ton remains settled on the beach, leaning against a still damp Dhonzayth, the bronze stretched out to his full length.

"'course I won't make you do this all the time." Vaeonath is the first to come trundling down the beach path, the gold twice as big as she was two months ago but still as ungainly as ever. Jaye's voice is a little faint, but at least indicates she's trailing behind and the gold hasn't escaped on her own. "Nobody's out here at night and I'm gettin' tired of the people. Just humor me this time, kid." Vaeonath quickens her pace a bit and her tail swings a bit more dramatically than necessary - there's a shriek and a curse, and Vaeonath is quick to head towards the water, leaving Jaye on the ground in her wake. "That was hardly necessary!"

L'ton flops over, shifting to look in the direction of the path as it seems that someone is coming this way, rather than heading back the other way. After a moment, he grins when he realizes who it is, shaking his head, though he's getting to his feet, brushing the sand off to be prepared to greet the weyrling. Of course, that's before it seems the gold has something of her own to say, for there's cursing and L'ton's dodging the quickly moving gold to get to Jaye's side, offering her a pair of hands. "Lil'bit! Ya okay?" He questions with concern in his voice, while Dhonzayth snorts at the gold who is quickly catching up to him in size.

Jaye turns mildly pink as L'ton turns up, sulking a little as she takes his hands and pulls herself upright again. "Nothing bruised but my dignity," she retorts wryly, dusting herself off a bit. "She wasn't too keen on coming out right now, but I wouldn't take her any earlier." She peeks past L'ton to watch Vaeonath splashing into the water, quickly doing her best to find the deepest place to submerge herself and slowly snaking about to peek in the bronze's direction. "Didn't want any hangers on though." She bounces on the balls of her feet a bit, digging the toes of her shoes into the sand. "Reckon you and Dhonzayth had the same idea, eh?"

L'ton isn't mean enough to chuckle outright, though he does look slightly amused as she's back on her feet and dusting herself off. "Ya gotta watch fer them tails. They know we can't dodge - Ah can't tell ya how many times Dhon's done the same ta me." Shaking his head, he offers her an arm to escort her the rest of the way to the beach, with a grin. "Thought Ah could dodge this pair of Miners Ah'm suppose ta be showing around. Ah can only take them jabbering fer so long." He shakes his head, glancing at the splashing gold. "Not bad hangers on, Ah hope?" Dhonzayth, however, has decided to do a bit of his own hanging on, for he's starting to creep back towards the water and the splashing weyrling.

Jaye just pouts at his amused look, dusting her hands off a bit more before taking his arm. "I usually try not to walk behind her," she muses. "Just for that reason. But she's getting to quick for me, stumbling aside." Not that Jaye doesn't stumble enough to slow her down anyway. She follows him down, watching Dhonzayth bemusedly as Vaeonath sinks beneath the water, blowing bubbles through her nose and trying to pretend she's invisible as the bronze creeps nearer. "Nosy ones, mostly," Jaye replies, thoughtful. "Never thought I'd be so popular. Vae works like a charm, I reckon." She grins.

"Ah bet she does. Though, ya think its bad now, in a turn ya'll have every bronzerider deciding that he should stick around ya instead of what it is that he's suppose ta be doing, just in case." Which is why L'ton has to make sure he stays on her mind even now, perhaps? "Least she's getting big 'nuff that soon she'll be able ta glide down here, and ya won't have ta worry about that tail tripping ya up." Pausing on the stretch of beach where he was, he motions with his other hand, offering her her choice of a spot. Dhonzayth meanwhile snorts as Vaeonath seems to disappear, and he continues to creep, sliding into the water himself, and continuing to slink out towards the source of the bubbles.

Jaye hums thoughtfully as she mulls the prospect over and wrinkles her nose. "Eh, yeah … don't remind me. I'm not really looking forward to it - though she'll be pleased when she can get in the air, I'm sure, boys or no." She smiles and settles on the sand when they stop, making herself comfortable and leaning back on her elbows as she watches the tip of Vaeonath's snout peek above the water so she can breathe. "She just asked if I knew where she was," Jaye chortles. "Told her I didn't have a damn clue but she'd best not get into trouble. She'll get mad when yer boy bumps into her, I'm sure."

"Aw, ya mean ya dun like the attention? Considering ya haven't chased meh off yet, Ah figured ya didn't care what us bronzeriders did." He offers somewhat teasingly as he settles on the beach next to her, mimicking her pose as he leans on his elbows, stretching out some. "Ah bet he won't be so thrilled himself." And it seems there's been some sort of collision, for Dhonzayth is trumpeting rather loudly, somewhat disturbed as he turns his head this way and that, stretching to see through the sunlit water to see what's below him.

"I'd like you even if your boy was a blue," Jaye teases, winking. "Mostly it's just the ones that aren't too good at pretending it's not Vaeonath that makes'm keen on me. You bronzeriders are terrible actors." She stretches her legs out a bit, biting back noisy laughter as Vaeonath's head shoots above the water again, just short of bumping into Dhonzayth's. She flails a bit in the water, her eyes whorling a crabby shade of yellow as she tries to right herself and back up. "You alright?" Jaye waves an arm at Vaeonath. For her part, the gold snorts and tries to paddle off without bumping into the bronze again. « Did you /tell/, Jaye? » the gold broadcasts to those nearby, sounding dour. « That's cheating! »

"Who said Ah was acting? Ah at least seem ta think Ah was talking ta ya long before ya had that gold lump there as an accessory." L'ton winks, glancing sidelong at her. "Though, as ya say, Ah'd like ya just as much if she was a blue ta, so Ah guess we're even." A slight poke to her arm as she stretches, and he's looking back with wide eyes at the scene in the water. Dhonzayth for his part, trumpets again as the gold head shoots upwards, and he's doing his best to dodge, faceted eyes turning somewhat orange as he does his own back-paddling. « You were there! » He offers, quite unnecessarily, still watching Vaeonath with some concern.

"Never said /you/ were acting." Jaye chuckles, starting a little as he pokes her. "I just meant bronzeriders in general. Though," she muses, biting back a grin. "I guess D'son's not so bad either." She pauses long enough to stick her tongue out at Vaeonath, though the weyrling dragon's hardly paying attention. She's paddling a safe distance away, dipping under the water again with her eyes just above as she stares at Dhonzayth sullenly, alligator-esque. « I was there, » she agrees, still sulking. « But you were not supposed to bump into me. » How she expected him to manage that without finding her it's hard to say; she doesn't seem to have thought that far ahead.

"If'n ya say so. Just know Ah ain't." L'ton shakes his head a bit, "Ah dun think D'son's ready ta take on the role of bronzerider yet. He's got a fair bit ta learn, though Ah guess everyone's gotta start somewhere." There is a teasing tone to his voice, though also seems there is a figment of truth there too. As she jumps, he absently pats her shoulder as an apology, before shaking his head at the dragons once more, for Dhonzayth is dropping his muzzle to be almost even with hers, slowly creeping closer. « You are not there now. Now you are there. You are still little, you are hard to find. » Of course, little only in the sense that she's got a few sevendays of growing left until she catches up with him.

Jaye grins and leans back again, digging her fingers into the sand idly. "Believe me, if I did think you were asking, I wouldn't still be sitting around with you." She chews idly on her bottom lip. "Well, that's true for the lot of us really. Vae gets along real well with his Inimeth, and he's been a big help in keeping her amused." Vaeonath awkwardly tries to back away from Dhonzayth, though she's swimming closer towards the bowl than the freedom of the beach. « I was there! I am not /so/ little. I am almost as big as you, » she notes proudly. « Nearly. »

"Well, Ah suppose Ah'll keep that in mind." L'ton turns to glance at her. "Dun ferget Ah still owe you them drinks, even if'n it'll be turns later, by the time ya actually get ta collect. Though, Ah suppose it means Ah should think 'bout finding good stuff fer ya, so that yer return is worthy." He rambles a bit, before shaking his head, and giving her a smile. "Yer gonna make a great weyrwoman. It really ain't ta much different than dealing with all them people at the resort was." Dhonzayth circles around to one side, pursing the gold in the water, but not wanting to drive her too far from shore, chortling a bit. « Almost, little one. Almost. Soon you will be bigger. For now, you are little. »

"You're gonna owe me quite a few drinks at the end of all this," Jaye retorts teasingly. "Or one very, very good one." She tucks her chin a bit at the weyrwoman remark, trying to hide a blush and wrinkling her nose a bit at the thought. "Ah well, there's a way to go 'til I start all that. I've not much of a choice but to do well, I reckon." Vaeonath makes a displeased noise, blowing bubbles from her snout in frustration. « I am not little! I am the biggest of all my brothers and sisters! »

"Ah aint's ure if'n ya'll be able ta handle more than one, when this is all over. Ah mean, maybe y'all just have ta collect them over time. Ah mean, Ah'd be perfectly happy ta cart ya home, but Ah dunno if that's how ya wanna spend yer first night of freedom." L'ton shakes her head as she blushes a bit and wrinkles her nose. "Well, ya know if'n ya ever want ta know what ya're gonna do, ya can follow meh around ta some of my stuff, if'n Vae can keep herself busy fer a coupla hours. Not 'xactly the same, but Ah bet its close enough." Vaeonath's bubbles get bubbles in return, and Dhonzayth seems amused. « You are still smaller than me. »

Jaye grins, wriggling her fingers in the sand. "Ah, well, I'll be happy to take as long as I need to make you pay up. Maybe just the one to begin with'd be alright." She shakes her head a bit, trying to get her hair out of her face. "Might be a good idea once she's able to fly and keep herself busy. I'm not sure when I'm supposed to start proper training."

"Ah'll see what Ah can find out, if'n ya want. And, its prolly better if'n ya have some idea of what yer getting into, before ya have ta work directly with Sharix, cause ya dun wanna mess up 'round her, even if'n yer just training. It ain't no fun ta have her staring at ya, when yer trying to figure it out." As she shakes her head, he absently reaches to brush it out of her face, to save her the trouble, before grinning.
Jaye hums and smiles a bit as he nudges her hair away. "Ah, I can imagine." She wrinkles her nose a bit. "Sharix is a little intimidating. Better to start with the comfortable than the intimidating, I suppose." She winks. Vaeonath just tilts her head, peering curiously at the beach as she tries to move away from Dhonzayth. « I'll be bigger than you soon, » she retorts sullenly. « You wait and see. »

"Ah even promise not ta cause any trouble fer ya, til after yer graduated." He offers seriously, as she wrinkles her nose. "Ya'll prolly have a better time with her than Ah, but." He shrugs a bit. "Not that Ah'll mind having ya around, even if'n its just fer work." A wink, and he grins, looking back at Dhonzayth juts for a moment. Dhonzayth continues to circle, putting Vaeonath between himself and the beach, almost trying to herd her back that way. « You will be. Then I will be little. »

"I don't know if I trust you not to start trouble, but I'd be happy to lend you a hand either way," Jaye retorts, grinning. "I'll talk to C'nor about seeing when it might be best to start." She looks out at the water as Vaeonath tries to eye her past Dhonzayth. "Lest Vae get a bit put out." Vaeonath continues trying to wriggle around Dhonzayth, finding herself having a difficult time of it. « You are little now, » she pouts. « I am only a baby and I am almost as big as you. »

« You are only a baby, because you think you are a baby. You are not that young anymore. » Dhonzayth paddles about, herding her again towards the beach. « You will hunt soon. » L'ton sulks a bit with wide eyes. "Well, Ah can't cause no trouble, not with ya as a weyrling. Though, once yer done, Ah may just have ta cause ya a bit of trouble." Giving her another bit of a nudge, he grins. "Though, someone else ta help entertain some of them people t'would be good. They always wanna wander off."

« I am six months, » Vaeonath announces, as if pleased she remembers. « How old are you then? » She does her best to paddle away. "Well, you say that," Jaye teases, giving him a little nudge in return. "I'm sure you'll find a way, even if it's just saddling me with all the work and guests you don't want."

« I am twelve. But we stop growing. You will not grow forever. » And he remains soaking, letting her put some distance between them for now. "Ah do say that. Cause, tis fun ta cause pretty girls trouble." He winks at her, giving her another little bit of a nudge, grinning widely. "Maybe Ah will, now that ya say it, at least once Ah make sure everything's okay."

Vaeonath seems to mull this over for a while and begins drifting aimlessly towards the beach again. « I am half of twelve, » she ponders. « So you have twelve twelves. I am only one half of one twelve, so I am a baby. » She blows bubbles in the water, apparently satisfied with her explanation. Jaye chuckles, bumping shoulders with L'ton. "Ah, I've given you ideas then. Guess I should've kept my mouth shut."

Dhonzayth spreads his wings out on top of the water, trying to ensure that the gold goes towards the beach rather than towards him, snorting. « You may be a baby if you want. Babies are little. Babies always need help. » But then it seems the bronze is tired of arguing, for he's offering bubbles of his own. Leaning lightly against Jaye's shoulder in turn, L'ton shakes his head. "Ah'd have thought of it as soon as ya showed that ya were better at it than me, so." He tilts his head with a grin. "Cause, Ah know ya will be."

"Your faith in me worries me," Jaye replies wryly, bumping heads with him lightly though she keeps an eye on Vaeonath as the gold starts trundling towards the water, nosy as ever. "You should take a page out of my parents' book and just be pleased if I don't mess up. It's like setting yourself up for a pleasant surprise when I exceed expectations."

L'ton props an arm behind her as they bump heads, grinning. "Ah searched ya, so of course Ah have lots of faith in ya. Ah ain't gonna be upset if'n ya do mess up, cause Ah know that it happens, so it'll work out. Besides, Ah think ya'll surprise me no matter what." Dhonzayth seems confused by the gold's nosiness, following her movements carefully.

Vaeonath seems relatively oblivious to Dhonzayth at this point, now enamored with the tiny fish swimming below the surface of the water - she snaps idly at one passing by, chuffing her displeasure as she misses. Jaye turns mildly pink, making a dubiously dismissive noise of her own as she continues watching the dragonet in the lake. "Ah, well," she mumbles. "I appreciate that. I'll do my best, I reckon that's about all I can do, eh?"

"That's all Ah'm hoping fer, lil'bit. Ya'll both be great." L'ton reassures her again, smiling at the blush. "So, how're ya doing other than that? Ah ain't gotten ta bother ya ta much, lately." He lets the subject change, even as he watches the gold's actions with a look of amusement, Dhonzayth choosing to ignore the stupid baby, and instead float in the water.

Vaeonath is not particularly successful at fishing, as each attempt brings her to the surface gurgling in displeasure at each mouthful of water with no fish. She seems intent, though, and continues under Jaye's watchful eye. "I'm alright, I reckon," she muses, content with the change in subject. "Vaeonath's exhausting. It's hard keepin' up with her … I'm hoping she calms down a little as she gets older, though once she stops needing me to do everything for her I imagine she'll just get more flighty."

Dhonzayth chortles at Vaeonath and her continued failures, snorting at her, though at least he's not offering advice to the little gold. Yet. "Ah'm glad yer holding up." Leaning to give her a brief nudge, he offers her a smile. "Least soon 'nuff she can do a lot fer herself. Hunting, then flying, then betweening, so ya won't have ta muck anymore either. And then ya'll at least have a bit more time."

"I'm doing well enough, yeah." Jaye leans against his shoulder again idly. "True enough. Not that I mind watching out for her, but it'll be nice to have a little time to myself, much as it's possible now." She wriggles her fingers in the sand again, watching as Vaeonath finally gives up on the fish and starts paddling about slowly again. "Hard to believe she's already half a turn, really."

L'ton leaves his arm behind her as she leans against his shoulder idly, leaning gently against her. "Ah understand it can be hard. It does get better. And, in the end, its really worth it, Ah promise. And, when ya do get a bit of time, ya'll learn ta enjoy it even more." He shakes his head at her, a bit. "Ah really can't believe tis been that long either, Ah have ta admit."

« He's nosy, » Vaeonath announces suddenly, lifting her head again to peer at the beach as she starts to migrate in that direction. « Inimeth's is never that nosy even when we are reading. » She blows noisy bubbles at the beach. « Unfair! » Jaye just starts and narrows her eyes a bit, watching the gold as she lumbers nearer in the water. "Don't be tetchy, nothing's wrong," she calls, lifting a hand to wave. And, more quietly to L'ton, she adds, "Vae's got some personal space issues. She tried to take a bite out of P'tah once, and all he did was run into me."

L'ton looks up at the sudden commotion in the water, blinking at the gold as she blows bubbles, Dhonzayth croons, trying to calm the gold. « You are nosy. You are here. She is right there. You can see her. » At Jaye's quiet explanation, he ahs softly, before tilting his head. "Da ya want meh ta move, then, Jaye?" He offers, with a glance at Vae. "Though, Ah think sometimes P'tah could use a bite taken outta him." Its okay to pick on your own family members, really.

Vaeonath continues onward, ignoring Dhonzayth as she starts to haul herself out of the lake. « I am /not/ nosy, it is my business. » She sprawls in the sand near Jaye and L'ton, one large eye fixed on the pair of them. Jaye, in response, turns mildly pink and edges away from the bronzerider slightly. "I'll move a touch," she mumbles sheepishly. "Sorry, she gets a little fussy." She sticks her tongue out at her dragon. "Pushy thing. Don't give her any encouragement, L'ton, she gets snappy when she thinks she can get away with it." Vaeonath snaps idly at a passing firelizard in demonstration.

"Well, Ah hope she outgrows it…" L'ton says honestly, blinking at the gold as she settles nearby, holding up both his hands to indicate that he's not done anything. "Well, then Ah won't move any further away. Ah guess she'll have ta get used ta it at some point." Or lord help Jaye whenever she should take someone home. Dhonzayth snorts, giving up on the arguement it seems, though he's slowly leaving the water as well, mostly to protect his lifemate from the snappy gold.

"Me too," Jaye mutters, apparently thinking along the same lines. "Any rate, I'm sure she'll be over it soon enough." She sticks her tongue out at Vaeonath again. "I'm allowed to have friends, silly thing. Doesn't mean I'm not still yours." Vaeonath just lolls her head a bit, still staring as the tip of her tail twitches idly.

L'ton shakes his head at the gold, with a bit of a smile. "Vaeonath, Ah ain't gonna take her away from ya, Ah promise. Ah couldn't ever do that ta her or ta ya. We're just friends." He tries to reassure her, even as he leans just enough to touch shoulders with Jaye again. "Well, if'n nothing else, it might save ya from some of the worst of 'em, if she's there standing guard like that." And already the bronzerider seems slightly unnerved, given the look on his face, as he watches her.

Vaeonath blinks all three sets of lids slowly, not moving her head to look away. "You're a right pain in the ass sometimes," Jaye announces, flicking a bit of sand at the gold. "Silly girl." She's smiling, though, and gives L'ton a wry grin. "Yeah, she's better than I am at scaring them off when she wants. I appreciate it, but /sometimes/," and she directs this at Vaeonath. "She doesn't know when to quit. He's one of the nice ones, doll."

"Ah really ain't gotta hurt her, Vaeonath, Ah promise." Reassuring her again, he shakes his head and sighs softly. "Well, at least she hasn't tried ta take a bite outta meh yet. Ah ain't sure how Ah could explain that one, in the end." Flicking at Jaye's hair absently, he watches Dhonzayth as he watches Vaeonath, shaking his head again. "T'would be nice if'n she gets over it. Though, Ah guess fer now its the best for meh."

« His hand, » Vaeonath says to Dhonzayth, not sounding particularly pleased. « Is too close. » And to him and Jaye, « Stop that! » Jaye just furrows her brows and twitches her hair away, giving L'ton an apologetic look as she fishes a ribbon out of her pocket and goes to tie her curls back. "Sorry, she's in a mood tonight." She shakes her fist at the gold. "Pushy! I let you tromp about with Inimeth. Be nice."

« You are silly. It is only a hand. » Dhonzayth seems unwilling to pass on the message, though, despite her apparently displeasure, particularly as there's a second warning given directly. With a soft sigh, L'ton rolls his eyes, flopping all the way back on the sand, staring up at the mostly dark sky, shaking his head. "Nah, Ah'm sorry." He sighs his again, shaking his head and glancing at her from the ground. "It happens.."

"Not your fault." Jaye sighs, sounding and looking a bit embarrassed. "She's just being difficult is all. I think she thinks we live in a bit of a bubble … doesn't like when I try to get out of it." She sticks her tongue out at Vaeonath again. "She'll grow up and want folks of her own to keep her company, I imagine. And she's nicer than she used to be." She rubs the back of her neck sheepishly. "Mostly."

"Ah shouldn't have sat so close though. Ah mean.." He tilts his head to smile at her. "Dun feel embarrassed, lil'bit. It happens. They're like lil'kids. They say stuff that we can't believe, but its okay." He shakes his head a bit, looking back up at the sky. "Like Ah said, it happens sweets. Just all Ah ask is if'n ya feel like her, ya just let meh know, kay?"

Jaye wrinkles her nose a bit. "I definitely don't. It's all her, promise." She winks. "No worries." She stretches her legs out again, staring back at Vaeonath. "I reckon so. Can't wait til she grows out of it, then. You've not done a thing and she still insists on being little miss sour puss."

"Ah guess ta her, Ah might could be threatening. Though, if it really bothered her, she could just knock me out of the way." Of course, as soon as those words are out of his mouth, he's biting his lip, giving the gold a look to make sure she doesn't plan on doing just that. "And, thanks. Ah dun wanna seem like Ah'm assuming, ya know."

Vaeonath lolls her head to the side again, edging closer. "She's got more sense than that," Jaye says warningly, furrowing her brows as she watches Vaeonath. "If she's any sense at all, I suppose." Vaeonath pauses and snorts disapprovingly, resting her head on the sand again. "Nah, no worries, L'ton, it's all her. She's just tetchy." She makes a face. "Hopefully she grows out of it before you buy me that drink. I can't imagine she'll be keen on liquor."

"Ah'll hope that yer right, cause Ah think Ah'd prefer not being dragon fodder, no matter how often some people may tell me that what Ah should be." He winks at her, shaking her head. "Yah, Ah ain't sure she'd take ta kindly ta me carrying ya home, since she dun even want meh sitting by ya." He sighs softly, sticking his own tongue out at the snorting gold.

Vaeonath lets her tongue loll out of her mouth slightly in response. "I imagine that'd be a bad idea," Jaye laughs, amused. "I don't recommend it." She bites back another remark. "I'd best not say anything, else she'll get all fussed again."

"Whatcha mean?" Pausing, he tilts his head. "What were ya gonna say?" Apparently, letting the gold get fussed isn't that big of a deal to him, after all, its something she'll have to come to terms with eventually. "Ah dun recommend it right now, either." He shakes his head, wrinkling up his nose at Vaeonath.

"Not gonna say anything." Jaye shakes her head, wrinkling her nose a bit. "I don't wanna bother her any more than I have, the silly thing." Vaeonath makes a disapproving noise as she draws her tongue back in her mouth.

"That's fine, then, lil'bit." He shakes his head some, interest having been piqued by the forbidden comment, but letting it drop to avoid annoying the gold further. "Ah understand, Ah understand." He glances over at the gold, shaking his head again, as he spreads on the sand, Dhonzayth taking up a similar position.

Jaye sits up, stretching her arms over her head idly and pulling a face at L'ton. "It's not worth letting the sensitive little sugarplum over there get all bothered." Vaeonath lifts her head and tilts it curiously, snorting irritably at Jaye's remark, and Jaye sticks her tongue out. "If you're gonna be all fragile and delicate about your sensibilities, sugarplum, then you're gonna get treated like you're fragile and delicate."

"Dun want her ta break, or nothing, that's true. Ah mean, t'wouldn't be fair to the baby ta hurt her, cause she's all torn up as it is." L'ton shakes his head, watching Jaye stretch with a long look, before her attention shifts back to Vaenoath as she snorts. "She's right, Vaeonath. If'n ya act like a whiny baby, their all gonna treat ya like a whiny baby."

« I am not a whiny baby! » Vaeonath is as shrill as she can get, sullen an irritable. « I am not! » Jaye just bites back a chuckle, stretching her legs out again and leaning back on her hands. "Poor doll, we've just upset you again. You get your feelings hurt so easily!"

L'ton winces as the golds words are passed along through Dhonzayth, and he just shakes his head. "Shards.." And then he's wrinkling his nose. "Ah dunno, a whiny baby.. Ah think so." Tilting his head to look over her shoulder at the shrill gold, he glances back at Jaye and grins. "Guess she's upset anyway.. what were ya gonna say?" He winks.

"You can carry me home after we've had that drink." Jaye winks, chuckling as she digs her fingers into the sand again. "Told you it wasn't worth getting her all bothered over." She furrows her brows a bit, though, watching as Vaeonath's tailtip twitches idly. « Home soon, » she huffs, sullen. « Only a few more minutes! I am tired and I do not remember the way. »

"Ah figured Ah probably would have to, whether she was happy about it or not." L'ton chuckles in return, before flicking his fingers at the gold. "She'll get use ta it." And then the gold's tail is twitching, and he's glancing back at her rider. "Well, Ah'm glad Ah got ta talk ta ya. Even if Ah might have caused ya a headache er two." And he's offering a hand to her as he props himself back up on an elbow.

Jaye sighs and rolls her eyes a bit at Vaeonath, taking L'ton's hand and leaning in to peck his cheek. "If she's mad anyway, eh?" She moves to stand, dusting herself off a bit before moving to give Vaeonath a reassuring rub. "C'mon, fussy. I'll go read you some more of that book." Vaeonath starts trundling off eagerly, and Jaye rolls her eyes once more and pauses to wiggle her fingers again at L'ton. "She'll forget in a few days," she says wryly. "Don't be a stranger, weyrsecond."

L'ton waggles his fingers after her, giving her a wide grin as the pair moves to toddle away. "Ya either, weyrling. Ya know how ta get a hold of meh, and Ah'll see if'n Ah can arrange some training fer ya." He bobs his head at the retreating Vaeonath, before smiling once more. "And, Ah hope she does, but ya don't. G'night, Jaye." And with a final waggle of his fingers, his attention drifts to the dark lump that is Dhonzayth.

"I promise I won't." Jaye winks as she starts following after Vaeonath, jogging a bit at first to keep up. "I thought you said you didn't remember!" And off they go.

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