Baby Blankets and Booties

Xanadu Weyr - S'ya's Weyr
When one first enters this Weyr it becomes obvious that the fairer sex rules in this domain. A large area rug in snowy white covers the floor in the center of the Weyr, the texture plush against ones barefeet. And they'd better be bare because a cubby for ones shoes is placed right next to the entrance in the same shade of white. A long U-shaped couch is placed in the center of the rug, the seats facing towards the entrance of the Weyr. The couch is covered in a satin like material and has been dyed a shade of violet. Various pillows are placed neatly on the couch, all different shapes and colors but matching nicely with the bright couch which can easily seat six people. In front of the sofa is a clear glass table held up by a single white base.

Behind the sofa on the left corner there is a mini bar, the table top color following the pattern is the same white. Behind the counter is a glass cabinet stocked with various wines and wine glasses. A set of four bar stools are neatly tucked under the counter, each topped with violet colored seat cushions. Off to the right is a large white table held up by four steel legs and placed precisely in the center is a large fish tank. It's been filled with water and holds captive a large koi. A small plaque is placed on the right corner of the tank reading 'Pudding'.

The riders sleeping quarters are sectioned off by a violet curtain decorated with different shapes in the same fun colors that her couch pillows have. A large bed, dresser and nightstand make up the belonging that have been sectioned off. A large area has been left empty near her room so that her lifemate may sleep near her.

Its a relatively normal day, early evening at Xanadu, and it seems that L'ton has taken a portion of his off-day to check on that one greenrider at Xanadu. And by that one greenrider, who else is there but S'ya? And so L'ton is idling in the meadow for a long moment before tapping at the young woman's door. "S'ya-dear?" He calls gently as he opens it to peer around.

S'ya seated on her sofa, knitting needles in hand. She hums happily as she works away, making quick work of the emerald yarn ball. It appears she is a pair of baby booties, one already finished one placed on the glass table in front of her. Sophyrinth and Kohia watch curiously, the former warbling and the latter chirping whenever S'ya pauses. L'ton's greeting brings a smile to her face and she places the knitting down. "Tonny! Come to visit me, love?" She asks as she moves towards him, ready to give him the usual welcome kiss.

"O'course mah dear, why wouldn't Ah come ta visit ya?" L'ton grins broadly, pushing the door closed behind him before taking her into a long hug, returning the welcome kiss. "How's mah favorite greenrider doing?" He questions as he grins down at her, still keeping an arm around her shoulders, should she allow it, glancing idly at the booties. "Ah see yer busy, ta, aren't ya?" He nods his head in greeting to Sophyrinth, before his attention is back to the one he's got right there.

S'ya allows it, of course, giggling at the attention. "For a while there I thought you had forgotten me, love!" She teases, sneaking out of his grasp. She grabs a hold of his hand however, ready to pull him towards the sofa. "I have been! I am making things for the baby. My mother came by and taught me a few things, knitting things that is, so I have been working hard ever since then." She takes a moment to breath, having been blathering excitedly. "How are things with you? I meet your weyrmate, she is awfully nice!"

"How could Ah ever forget ya sweets?" L'ton shakes his head hurriedly, brushing fingers through her hair before being dragged along to the sofa, glancing at the bootie as he's suddenly a lot closer. "Should Ah assume that when Ah get ya a baby blanket, Ah should go with a dark green?" He looks at her curiously, trying to figure out the right color of green to match the rest of the baby stuff. As S'ya catches her breath, he grins, shaking his head a bit. "Ah have ta say, things are good." And at the mention of M'iken, he nods. "So Ah heard. Ya were enough ta drive her ta the healers, ya know." He offers, though whether that's a good or bad thing, who knows.

"Dark green would be lovely! I wanted violet but since we do not know the sex of the baby I thought it best to get something more neutral." S'ya says, eyeing her lifemates violet splotched paws. Sophyrinth whuffles the booties now that they are unattended, turning her head a bit before moving her attention back to the riders. When M'iken is brought up she frowns, confused about the infirmary bit. "I made her sick?"

"Ah can do violet just as easily. Ah mean, its up ta ya. Ah doubt that the baby'd know, one way or the other." L'ton shrugs a bit. "Or, Ah suppose Ah could even do violet and emerald, if'n ya want, in stripes or something." Just gotta bribe the weavers the right way, and then you're set. Flopping down on the sofa and moving to pull her down with him, he shakes his head. "Nah. Just made her realize that she prolly should actually see them, ta find out why she ain't got a baby, when ya da. Least that's what she told meh."

"Oh, that might be nice actually, violet and emerald." S'ya considers as she's pulled down with L'ton. She wastes no time in snuggling up to him, resting her head on his chest. "Maybe I should make the booties half and half too?" She asks the bronzer, while she smoothes out a wrinkle from his shirt. When M'iken's reasoning for going to the Healers is revealed she pauses. "She has not been able to have a child yet? Poor thing, perhaps she needs to take herbs? I knew this one girl that had to try all sorts of things before she finally had one."

"Ya might could make one set of violet, and one set of emerald, so that they ain't always got the same ones all the time?" L'ton wraps his arms around her as they settle down, absently rubbing her back, and twisting a strand of her hair as she plays with his shirt. "Not yet. They ain't ta sure, yet, why but. Jeriah said that a lot of the tanners, they have problems cause of the stuff they use. But, Ah ain't sure if'n there's a way ta reverse that, so." He shakes his head and sighs softly. "But, least ya are getting yers, nah? Since Ah know ya were so excited ta have one." He teases her, giving her a bit of a squeeze, messing up her hair.

"That too, hmm, maybe I should throw a white one in there too…" S'ya taps a finger lightly against L'ton's chest as she thinks on the matter further. She falls into silence when he explains M'iken's condition, finger tapping ceasing. Sophyrinth breaks the silence, warbling towards her rider excitedly. "That would work!" She nods happily back to the green before straddling L'ton, placing her hands on his shoulders, eyes locking with his. "Maybe I can have one for her after this one? You know, if she is not able to!" Sophyrinth warbles her approval, she thought of it after all.

"Maybe ya should just make a bunch of 'em. Ah'm sure they'll get lost er something anyway, and that way ya'll never have ta worry about just having one. And, ya never know who else may need 'em." He shrugs a bit, biting his lip as she falls into silence. "Sorry fer ruining the mo-" And then suddenly she's exclaiming loudly and settled on his lap, his hands automatically going to her hips out of habit. "Ya know, she may be willing ta do that. Ah can talk ta her, and see." And then his lip biting is turning to smiling, and he's leaning to give her a quick kiss on the tip of her nose. "'Course, its one less fer yer brood." He teases her lightly.

S'ya has moved on from blankets to babies, probably her favorite subject along with music and baby making. She beams back at the bronzer before shrugging her shoulders. "It /would/ be one less, but it would be sad if she did not have any of her own. I can share!" She nods her head, obviously having made her mind up on the matter. "You should ask her, this one will be out before you know it and well, then I can get to work on hers if she likes." She takes one of his hands in hers, pulling it away from her hips and placing it on her belly. "I cannot wait to see what the baby looks like."

L'ton rests his fingers lightly on her belly as she puts his hand there, gently rubbing the curve before smiling up at her. "Ah'm sure they'll look just like ya, and be the prettiest baby in Xanadu." He grins widely, other hand absently running through his hair, before tapping her lightly on the nose. "And, Ah'm sure ya know Ah'd be happy ta give ya another one after that, ta replace that one." That, of course, gets a wink, as he wraps his arms around her to shift her a little closer.

"Or he could be the most handsome boy in all of Xanadu. Making the girls swoon fresh out of the womb!" S'ya can't help but giggle at her words, she made it rhyme after all! She lets out a happy little sigh, regaining her composure just in time to hear the riders offer. "Oh? Well, love, that is awfully generous of you! I think I will take you up on that." She allows herself to be moved closer to him, kissing his own nose lightly. "Mom says I need to pick up the pace if I want to catch up to her. She has seventeen after all."

"Well, either way, Ah'm sure they'll be wonderful, and ya'll get ta be the proud ma, ta show them off ta all the other jealous parents, cause they ain't got as pretty of babies." L'ton gently rubs her back with one hand, grinning up at her, and giving her a quick kiss. "Any time, mah dear S'ya, any time. Ah'd be happy ta, and ya know it." He grins, shaking his head slightly, jaw dropping in shock. "Seventeen?" He just stares for a long moment, blinking, before shaking his head again. "Ah guess we'd best get busy, hm love?"

"Of course they will, love! I mean, we are rather stunning parents." S'ya poses a bit for him, tilting her head so that he can catch her at just the right angle. She can't hold it for long though, giving into giggles soon enough. L'ton's surprised reaction to her mothers brood size makes her smirk though, nodding her head proudly. "She had a few twins I think, I only really associate myself with three of my siblings. Some are at other Weyrs now too, I mean, out of Ista. So yes, we will have to get down to business again soon, well," She inclines her head closer to his, her voice dropping to a more sultry note. "We could practice some before."

"Well, at least one half is." He winks at her, before he's stealing another kiss. And then he's grinning a bit, finger idly shifting to trace the neckline of her top. "We could, sweets, we most definitely could. Then we'd be good and ready ta catch up ta yer mom, even if'n ya dun really know most of yer siblings in the end." He grins a bit, stealing a longer kiss in response to her suggestion, fingers pressing gently into her back. As if he could respond any other way, with a greenie in his lap and all.

S'ya melts into the kiss, wrapping her arms around L'ton's neck. Seems its been a while since she'd had that kind of attention, only due to the fact that her belly was growing of course. Finally the kiss ends and she pulls back in order to better examine the rider, eyelashes fluttering a bit and face slightly flushed. "I always forget how good a kisser you are, love!" She grabs a hold of his shoulders before twisting and moving back onto the sofa. "Take me now!" She says in a teasing voice, placing a hand on her forehead as if she were a damsel in distress.

L'ton has himself a great greenrider, it seems, and then he's tightening his hold on her. "Aw sweets, all ya have ta do is tell So ta get Dhonzayth over here, if'n ya are really that lonely.." He offers softly, grinning at her as she flutters lashes. "How could Ah be anything but, with such a wonderful partner as ya?" He teases, before stretching out next to her, arching an eyebrow, even with her teasing voice. "Ya shouldn't encourage me, mah dear.."

S'ya rolls her eyes at the bronzer playfully, smoothing back his hair for him. "I know you would /never/ do anything like that, love. It is just not in you!" She teases, biting her lip in order to suppress her laughter. "I will have to call you over more often, I just do not like having to keep you from M'iken. Not too often anyways." She twirls one of his blonde locks. She seems ready to say something else but instead she stretches out. "Oh my, I am getting a bit sleepy." She wipes a tear away from her eye, having been produced from the yawn that quickly followed the stretch. "Care to join me in a nap?"

L'ton chuckles, dropping his chin to let her play with his hair. "O'course mah dear. We'll work something out. Ah mean, Ah'm here fer meetings often 'nuff, Ah'll just make sure Ah have a little extra time ta come keep ya company, ya know?" He offers, shifting to stretch out next to her as she twirls locks of his hair, moving her to be settled with her comfortably. "How could Ah resist a nap, when its such a pretty girl asking meh ta stay?" He grins, planting a quick kiss on the top of her head as he starts to settle down.

"That would be wonderful, love." S'ya says as she settles in too, snuggling closer to the rider. She smiles to herself at his compliment, giving his neck a tender little kiss before closing her eyes. "You are always welcome to stop by, just be wary if the door is locked." She starts drifting off instantly while she runs her fingers along the side of his neck, her hand coming to rest on his chest as she goes out like a light.

"Aw, but what if Ah want in, too?" He teases her, even as he stifles a yawn, before he's drifting off in turn. Rider pile.

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