Relaxing in the Baths

Ista Weyr - Hot Springs
This cavern off the lower caverns is fairly large, and quite warm. As you step inside, you notice the dominating feature of this room, which is a number of large pools, filled with water from a underground spring. Steam rising from each of the pools speaks of the underground thermal which heats them to comfortably warm temperatures.
Around the room sit various benches and hooks for holding everything from towels to clothing. Near the pools are small containers of sweetsand for the folks that come in to not only relax, but wash. Several of the pools are set back in the wall, within small caverns to give privacy to the occupants. Near one pool, a crack emits a heated steam which mingles with that off the pools to cloud the air.

Evening at Ista, and most are outside, enjoying the weather, enjoying the beach, and enjoying the evening. L'ton, however, is enjoying the relative peace of the hot springs, settled to his chin in one of the warm pools, head tilting back and resting on the edge. His eyes are mostly closed, though once in a while, he glances around, seemingly any time he hears a sound, before relaxing again.

Who knows, someone dangerous might be sneaking around the springs, plotting against the weyrsecond. That or irrate females catching him in a not quite easily escapable location. Luckily Pi is neither one of those at the moment, and is simply entering the caverns while wiping her face with one hand, streaking a bit of grime on it. Someone's been busy in the stables it seems. After all, when Psy glows, Pi typically abstains from meetings with important people.

Who knows what could be sneaking around indeed! Firelizards, tunnelsnakes, children - all of which should probably be avoided. At the sound of footsteps, L'ton's gaze is drawn almost immediately to the source, sitting up a bit as he realizes that its Pi. Glancing over her once, he arches an eyebrow, shaking his head. "'bout that time, ain't it, mah dear Pi?" He offers in greeting, a rather amused expression at her state.

"What, time ta bathe? Ah'd think so, less ya want meh stinkin' up yer Weyr." It's partly Pal's after all, him being weyrsecond and the weyrleader being so young. The woman'll just brush off the fact that likely he's refering to Psy's state of being. Instead she just wanders over to one of the benches and hangs up her towel and what look to be clean clothes, on two different hooks mind you. And then of course the grimy stuff is uncerimoniously shucked off as she starts to undress. Pi /has/ managed to get used to this whole public nudity while bathing after however many turns. Just took her a bit initially. Anyhow, she likes to ignore the possiblity of people watching, and Pal's no exception.

"Well, that ta. Ah mean, Ah dunno, Ch'tra may be ta young ta care what sort of show his wingleaders put on fer everyone else, but Ah think Ah prefer them ta spell at least somewhat good." He teases, sliding back down into the water, giving her privacy as she changes - after all, its really nothing he hasn't seen, so why should he stare? "How's Psy taking it this time? Dhonzayth says she's great ta watch, from the ledge - even Meluth's got a bit of interest." What fun is it, if you don't pick on Pi?

Pi rolls her eyes a little bit as Pal rambles on, admittedly not /all/ that long. But once her clothes are left in a dirty pile on the floor she makes her way over and slips into the pool a handful of feet away from the other. She's staying in talking distance at least, might as well. "Course Psy's good watchin'" She's a fine specimen of green dragon, if glaringly bright. Obviously the rider isn't in a cranky mood at least, though Pal should know that can change at the drop of a hat. "An Psy's fine, it don' bother her at all."

"Are ya doing 'kay? Ah mean, aside from avoiding them meetings, which, Ah guess makes things even better, dun it?" L'ton teases her lightly, shaking his head, and only making eye contact again as she's settled in the pool. "Looks like ya had a good time out in them stables though. Ah think Zip's taking after ya, she's been coming back in worse shape than that, lately. Dirty clothes everywhere." Ew.

Pi can't help it, she snickers. "Oh, ya don' want meh representin yer weyr when Ah'm proddy. Ya should know that." Meetings have a dramatically increased tendency to go badly when that's the case. No matter how the proddy cycle is going for the pair. "Yeah, Ah've seen 'er there a bit. Makin' sure that boy ain't keepin interest an' all." She's a good aunt, see? Auntish thing that is. So if Zip's there when she is… well, she'll keep an eye on her. "Well, ain't like yer not used ta dirty clothes, Ah think ya'll survive." No sympathy here! Self preservation seems to be winning over well…. womanizing for Pal, not a bad thing.

"Yer right, Ah really dun think Ah do want ya in them meetings. Cause it just makes meh have more meetings, cause Ah doubt Ch'tra could smooth over a bowl of pudding if'n he had ta." L'ton rolls his eyes some, still clearly not too enthralled with the new Weyrleader. "Ah really 'ppreciate it, Pi. Ah've talked ta him, but he just doesn't… Ah dunno." He shrugs a bit more, before grinning. "Ah do think she's doing a good job with her pony though. Ah went and checked on him this morning, and Ah think he looks real good."

Pi leans back, folding her arms back behind her head for a little padding as she sinks further into the water. "Ah'm suprised ya have any skill with tha'." Neither of them are entirely diplomatic, least not back before they impressed. "She's cute, an' he likes 'er. He's a boy." There in lies the problem, right?

"Ah've had ta much practice. Ah didn't want ta do it, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. It ain't so bad, really. And ya get a lot of perks outta it. Ah can't tell ya how many skins of wine Ah've gotten ta bring home with meh." Perks indeed. "He's ta old fer her, Ah think. In 3 turns, Ah dun care what she does, but fer now, they need ta be her age, if'n they even want a chance." But, yes, the male part is the main problem.

Pi snickers a little bit, it still amuses her how high up Pal's managed to get. The only reason /she/ got wingleader is due to Lisle and Pal's pressure. Something she still hasn't forgiven them for mind you. "Yeah.. ain't like it'll matter later but fer now age is kinda important." Least she sees that, unlike much of their family. "She's gonna get boys ya know, can' help that much. Ah can teach her how ta punch if'n ya want." After all, Pal knows the affectiveness of that. In fact she's got one eye open and peering at him for a reaction.

"Ah was hoping ya'd offer. Ah mean, Ah didn't want ta ask, but Ah do want her ta know how ta protect herself at least enough that if'n one of 'em idiots tries anything she can stop 'em, until Ah can get ta 'em personally." And that will certainly not be a good time for them. "Ah mean, 14 er 15, sure, tis fine. But she still is just a kid ta, so Ah dun want them older boys trying ta get serious."

Pi rolls her eyes a little at the protective dad, it's cute really, and there's a grin on her face. "Yeah yeah…" Obviously that portion of the conversation has been derailed, or at least needs to be in her opinion. "How's yer girl?" Time to move onto /his/ romantic interests. That gets to be more entertaining and less… boringly responsible.

"Mai? She's good. Sorta." He sighs softly, wrinkling up his nose. "We went ta the healers, finally. They ain't ta sure what's causing it, so they ain't ta sure if'n they'll be able ta fix it. Ah.. Ah guess she ran into this greenrider Ah know at Xanadu, and realized that she really had ta see 'em." He shakes his head again, sinking a bit lower in the water. "Jeriah, she said that them tanners have problems sometimes but." Clearly this was not what poor L'ton was expecting.

Pi makes a face, not exactly what she was hoping for in conversation. "She could trade with meh ya know… Ah wouldn' mind not havin' 'em." She's still of that opinion it seems. "Ah hope they can… bet there's lots of stuff ta try…" not being the best at comforting it seems. "Ah'm sorry…" Not that /he/ needs more kids, but for M'iken.

"Nah, Ah mean… Ah mostly feel bad fer her, but. Ah mean, she's wonderful most of the time, and Ah love her no matter what. And, we has Carrot, ta, so." He shrugs a bit, before managing a smile. "It'll work out like its suppose ta, ya know? Ah'm just glad Ah have her.. Ah miss Sris, but that was fer the best ta, Ah think." Flirty people should be with flirty people?

Pi tilts her head a little to peer at the other. "Nobody's wonderful all the time, ya know that." That most definitly includes Pal you know, if he's wonderful at all. "And Ah ain't gonna ask her why she ain't." Which in it's own way is kind of hinting at wanting to know, but that's besides the point. "Ah miss Gabi still, ya know. That ain't gonna change."

"Sometimes, Ah just feel like she'd rather have Ram, but he's with Ysa, so she dun wanna hurt her friend. Ah mean, Ah know she loves meh, but sometimes… Sometimes Ah worry that Ah'm just the make-up guy, cause she ain't got him." He wrinkles up his nose, sulking, and starting to shift just a bit closer to Pi.

Pi ponders that for a moment then helpfully pipes up "Ya mean R'miel? She mentioned him an how yer worried bout that ya know. But she's happy with ya, Ah don' think yer a replacement or nothin'. Just like she ain't a replacement fer Sris, right?" That's making a point and just checking you know… making sure it isn't true, just in case.

"Nah, she ain't no replacement fer Sris… Ah mean.. Ah think.. Ah think Ah was falling fer her even before Sris and Ah… Had our problems." L'ton looks slightly embarrassed at that admittance, before looking at her surprised. "Wait, she mentioned him?" He pauses for a moment, and then looks a little more cheerful. "She said she's happy with meh?" Not that there really should be any doubt, but you know how boys can be.

Pi blinks slightly at the falling for during a relationship… but there's then a little smile. It happens, right? "An' she said she is." There was other stuff said too of course, about him worrying, etc. But that's besides the point. "So take what ya can get, everyone's got fantasies ya know. Sure there's people ya'd like ta try out once or somethin'." Blunt much?

"Thanks, Pi.." He offers, clearly having decided to stick to that portion of her statement, rather than the others, since nothing else is added in response. However, he does grin slightly, shaking his head. "Oh, there always is. Shards, Ah was interested ta see what Leslyn's like, but them Ram came back with all 'em bites, and Ah dun think Ah care that much anymore." Winking, he shifts back down into the water.

"What, ya don' like it rough?" Hrm… how much is the proddy talking now? Or is it just Pi being Pi and liking to poke fun at the other? "Ain't always good ta give in though, made tha' mistake… feel all guilty an' such…" She's not guilty of that, really… and she's not currently with the guy she slept with while with Gabi…. really.

"There's a difference between rough, and total injury." He winks, shaking his head. "Ah would have thought he got attacked by a pack of 'em canines, if'n Ah didn't know better." Sliding around the pool to settled next to her, he points at various areas on his chest. "They were just everywhere… she almost broke the skin!" Of course, the bronzerider may be exaggerating for posterity's sake. "Ah dun always give in.." Just usually?

Pi snickers and finally slips her arms back into the water and sits up a little better so she can see. Obviously still under water, after all the soak is the point… well and cleaning but she'll get to that eventually. Sore muscles first! "Ain't that horrible Ah'm sure. Bet there's worse ya know. Anyhow, some people like tha't Ah bet. Yer jus' a baby." So there!

"Ah ain't a baby… Ah bet if'n Ah was ta bite ya, ya'd start ta protest." He arches an eyebrow, with a grin, before idly moving a hand to wave her ta turn around. "Come on, Ah'll rub yar back, so ya dun end up here all night, trying ta soak out the sore." At least he's thoughtful? "Or, do ya like that kinda stuff? Maybe Ah should keep that in mind?" He teases her a bit more, trying to look sweet.

Oh, he gets a smirk there. "Right.. ya threaten ta bite meh then tell meh ta turn 'round." She doesn't trust him, nosiree. Pi'll stretch her legs out under water and simply grin at him. "Mayhaps? But if'n Ah don' an ya do…." bad things would happen, obviously. So no, why would she give him an actual answer when she can play with him instead? Who's looking sweet now?

"Ah can bite yer shoulder and ear, whether ya turn round or not, Pi-dear." He reminds her with amusement, leaning to try and do that just, though whether he has any intention of actually biting is pretty questionable. "That ain't an answer, hm.." He chuckles, tilting his head up from where he's leaning to watch her with an arched eyebrow.

Even simply the leaning gets a reaction, water splashed directly at him. Aren't there no splashing rules in the hot springs? Oh well! On the other hand she's still grinning so he's not dead yet, right? In fact she still seems to be in quite a cheerful mood. "Nope, ya ain't gettin' one."

"Aw, Ah guess Ah'll have to find out?" But then he's getting splashed and he's straightening up, lifting his hands up to shield his face. But, perhaps given her cheerful mood, he's willing to risk trying again, as he reaches to put a hand lightly on her shoulder, trying to tug her closer in the water.

Yup, more splashing, probably due to the cheerful mood actually. "Ah dunno, tha's a lil risky ya know." For whatever reasons he can think of and possibly more. She scoots away a little with another grin, getting a little cheeky by this point. Legs are even pulled up on the bench between him as she sits, arms wrapped around her knees.

"Maybe it is, but.." He winks at her, shaking his head, and reaching instead for her feet as her legs are pulled up between them, and he tries to stretch them out, settling instead for gently rubbing the soles of her feet. "Ah'll just have ta hope Dhonzayth has some more luck, cause then Ah can find out, hm?" He's grinning, having fun with it certainly.

See? They can have fun without anyone getting hurt, or drunk for that matter. Well, the hurt is debatable as Pi suddenly kicks with a little squirmy. "tha' tickles!" not exactly a good thing to admit anyhow, but it was an outburst of a response. Thought does not play a big part in those. "Ya don' find out much of what people like ya know… not with flights, thos're just… well, flights." Pure lust, not much else.

"Well, Ah doubt Ah'll get ta find out any other way, cause ya won't answer me." He winks, continues his tickling, though it seems that now he's just being mean, for he's actively tickling, then pausing to try and rub for a while, before going back to intentional tickling. "Ya could just tell meh, and then we'd not have ta worry 'bout it."

With the actually tickling she truly flails, and her arms go to bat at him which really doesn't work when he has her feet. So instead she manages to fall right off the bench with a bit of a splash as she goes under. Feet are pulled at now and he'd better let go, kinda hard to get up with your feet trapped, right?

L'ton could let go of her feet. Or he could just give them a tug and rely on buoyancy to bring her close enough for him to pull back up out of the water. Which is what he does, snagging her to keep her above water so she can catch her breath. "Sorry 'bout that Pi, Ah didn't think ya'd slide.." Oops.

Pi wrinkles a rather drippy nose at the other for the appology as she waves her arms back and forth to keep her head afloat. "Ya can let go of meh feet now…" After all, the hot springs aren't for roughousing… really, she follows that, yup. There's no way for her to tug at her feet at the moment without dunking herself so she just makes another face at him until he releases them, that is if he does.

L'ton may be stupid. He may not be. But right now, it seems that his braincells could be thought to be elsewhere, for while he releases her feet, he attempts to keep an arm looped around behind her. After all, don't want her to dunk herself again, once her feet are free. "Ah am, Ah am.." And so he does.

Pi could shove him away, but she's busy grumping it seems. The real mystery is if it's real grumping or just an act. Once she's back on the relatively saftey of the bench she uses both hands to wipe the excess water from her face, especially the eyes. She'll punch him later, give her time to recover. "ya did that on purpose."

"Ah did not! If'n Ah'd done it on purpose, Ah would have actually given ya a tug, not just tried ta make ya feel better by rubbing yer feet." He pouts a bit, lower lip sticking out as he tries to look a little pathetic as she wipes off her face. "Ah really really didn't Pi.."

Pi can't help it, she's giggling by the end of his patheticness. Well, the end being when she interupts after his professing of innocence. Nothing actually needs to be said, and apparently she can't say it anyhow, because she's busy laughing. this time her feet are pulled up and legs folded so he can't get them. Well, he could maybe get one but it's harder!

L'ton continues his pathetic pouting, even after she's dissolving into giggles, and its only after she resettles herself that his face returns to normal. But, luckily for him, or perhaps unluckily, he still has that hand behind her, and now he's attempting to actually turn her around. "Come on, Pi, just turn around. Ah promise, Ah won't dunk ya on purpose." At least he's not tickling.

Pi rolls her eyes and finally gives in, batting his hand away and then scooting herself so her back is towards him. "Ya remember Ah can punch hard, righ?" He knows that one first hand, twice now if the count is correct. "Yer jus' bein' nice cause Psy's proddy. She ain't flyin' yet so ya ain't gettin' laid."

"Ah dun think Ah could ever forget that lil lesson, mah dear cousin." He reminds her gently, moving to begin gently rubbing shoulders, trying to work out any knots that he may find. "Ah ain't just being nice cause of Psy. Ah'm being nice cause Ah care 'bout ya, even if ya think Ah dun."

Pi peeks back over her shoulder with a big grin. "Good." He's not supposed to forget it after all. She's not /quite/ melting with the massage but it's getting close despite the winces and slight tensing when he finds the large knots. "Ah know ya do.. Ah jus' got suspicions as ta why sometimes."

"Cause yer mah cousin, and ya've had ta put up with meh fer all these years. Besides, ya are hot." The last bit is said very teasingly, and he's ducking partway, even as he continues to rub her back, hands shifting to brace her as he works out each knot in turn.

Pi smirks and reaches back to bat at him harmlessly. "Dunno how Ah did, especially as ya ain't crippled yet." And really, she hasn't beaten him up /that/ bad. She'll go back to mostly enjoying that massage though. "Course Ah am." Admittedly that echos the teasing as well, but she doesn't echo the compliment.

At least L'ton is comfortable with himself to not need random compliments. He is, however, lucky enough to get them fairly often. And so he continues gently rubbing her back, moving on to her neck for a moment. "Ah ain't sure either. Ah mean, Ah thought ya would have beaten me by now, specially after Psy's up."

Pi interupts Pal's work just briefly for a shrug. "Why'd Ah do that. It's a flight, ain't like it's yer fault, and ya leave well 'nough alone after." Well, except the time when Zh'ae won but she'll forget that for now, there were other things at stake there. "Ah could, ya know if'n ya insist." If she wasn't a somewhat puddle at the moment, at least jelly with tense muscles? "Maybe cause yer a lil cute, or jus' pathetic."

"Ah think Ah'll stick ta being alive. Ah ain't ta sure anyone would be ta happy with meh if'n Ah came back all broken. Or with ya. Maybe Ah'd have ta make ya temporarily weyrsecond, while Ah was recovering." Empty threat? Perhaps. But then he's rubbing her shoulders again, fingers crawling down her spine as he shakes his head. "A lil'cute hm? Ah never thought ya'd admit that, Pi." He'd wink, but she'd miss it anyway, so.

Pi leans back into the other as she tilts her head back to grin at him. "Ah think some wouldn' complain." She's being mean, but at least it's with a happy face? And oh, she's admitted worse to Pal while proddy, though she was drink at the time. "Yeah.. like a lil puppy tha' keeps comin back no matter how many time 'e gets kicked."

Proddy speech is slightly more reliable than drunk proddy speech, even if not necessarily a lot. "Ah think they would. Ya know they all love meh." He teases, and is bad enough to try and wrap his arms around her for a hug - making sure to keep them around her waist and not touching anything else to avoid any pain - and straightening back up after only a moment. "Like a lil puppy, hm? Ah suppose Ah can deal with that."
Except the drunk proddy speech was her actual feeling on the matter,
but Pal doesn't have to know that. He does get eyed with the hug but she doesn't resist one bit, staying leaned back. "That's all yer gettin' anyhow." No graduating up from puppy. But /obviously/ he's hot, she just doesn't have to admit to thinking that. He's also always taken.

Pal probably is afraid to accept that her proddy drunk speech was the actual feelings, less he act on them and do something particularly stupid as a result. And so, he'll just assume they didn't happen, and go back to rubbing her back. "Maybe y'all change yer mind at somepoint." Doubtful, but. Though, at least he told her that she is hot, even if it was in a joking voice.

Oh, acting on them is stupid even if they are actual feelings. "Ah doubt it." her mind is already made up after all, she's just not going to admit to it. And Pi doesn't have doubts that Pal would take her up on the offer if she well, offered it. Not that much faith in his monogomy. "So, do Ah have ta give ya anythin' in return?"

Who said anything about monogamy at all? Besides, it could be interesting ta get the brownrider in on it too. Make it a family affair? Oh noes. He carefully rubs out one more knot, before leaning back against the edge of the pool, shaking his head. "Nope. Well, maybe next time ya go ta Fort, ya can bring me back some of them truffle things they have, cause Ah take as many as they'll let meh, but it ain't never enough." Well, he does have Mai to bribe into backrubs, after all.

Doubtful that Pi would go for that admittedly, even if it was a flight. Cause during flights she just wants the winner, sadly even if her boy is there. Speaking of boy… the mention of going to Fort gets a bit of a pout and no quick response. So she'll just thump back against him again, back massage or no. Admittedly it's leaning against his side rather awkwardly but that's besides the point.

L'ton blinks as there's no response at all from the greenrider, and so L'ton decides to get the matter of Fort drop. As she's flopping back against him, he's shifting to move his arm around to her front, again carefully arranging it so its against her stomach rather than her chest, though it provides a slightly less awkward leaning situation. "Sorry.." He finally murmurs.

Pi gets to sulk, right? It's allowed in this situation. And she seems to be fine with the arm, pratically snuggling up against his side. "Ah ain't good at bein' lonely, but Ah always fall fer people far away." It's not fair, and she's whining because well she can. And pouting for that matter. Pal gets to deal with that a lot doesn't he. He has to sulk at /someone/.

Sulking is acceptable, certainly. And so he gives her a tight squeeze as she snuggles up against him, going so far as to rest his head gently against hers. "Ah know it ain't no fun Pi-dear. And, ya know Ah'm here, even if'n ya just need someone ta sit with, so ya dun feel so alone." He won't even try anything! After all, if he's behaving while both are naked, he'd be ultra good when there are clothes.

Pi nods a little bit at though and leans her head back against him as well. She'll be good as well despite the proddy. Seems right now it's just making her a little more emotional for the moment. "Long as ya don' try funny stuff." Is mumbled though it's obviously a tease from the tone if it's not muddled too much.

"Ah won't, Ah promise." He chuckles, giving her a familial kiss on the top of her head before settling into the water to soak further, and just sit with his dear cousin. Proddy or not.

Pi pushes her feet down against the bench to lift just slightly to return the peck on his cheek. Not accurately placed but it doesn't /seem/ like she was going for his lips. With that she's relaxing again, and letting her eyes close.

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