Early Morning Stable Check

Ista Weyr - Stables
Several stalls, about a dozen on each side of a wide corridor. There's the smell of fresh hay and straw, the floor is covered in it. Other, less pleasent smells are also present, like sweating runner. There's an area for supplies, and stares leading to the loft.

One of Lisle's pasttimes has been her runners, a pair she keeps in the local stables. A small mare that her children usually ride if they go out with her while she rides the stallion. This morning she is up early to tend to check up on the pair. Perhaps they are not as young as they used to be, but they are still in good health. "Hey Bruce..how are you this morning…" She murmurs to the stallion, feeding him some bit of fruit from her hand as she strokes his muzzle.

L'ton is up early, it seems, having decided to beat Zipalla to the stables to check on her young pony before the girl can get there. But, it seems that he's satisfied with the state of the animal, for he's ducking out of his stall, closing the gate behind him with a look of satisfaction on his face. As he turns towards the exit, he pauses in his step, smile appearing. "Morning, mah dear Lisle.." He offers as he pauses nearby.

Lisle jumps a bit at the sound of the unexpected voice. The stablehands she was used to, but not other riders that is for sure. "Good morning L'ton.." She rests her hand on the stallion's neck, "I did not know you had a runner?" She asks curiously as she looks over to the stall he just came out of, slender brows raised over her emerald eyes.

The stall he just emerged from has a young, bay colored pony, complete with white blaze on his face and white socks, and L'ton is glancing back at him before grinning at the goldrider. "Ah dun, but Ah got Zip a pony fer her birthday, and Ah wanted ta make sure that she was taking good care of him, just in case. Ah mean, Ah trust her, but she is just a girl." He absently offers a palm to her stallion, however, as he leans against the door. "Ah didn't think ya'd be down here this early."

Lisle laughs softly, "Just a girl? I hope you mean that as a comment to her age not her gender or I might have to take offense on her behalf." she says before leaning her forehead against Bruce's neck, her hands contining to stroke it. "I try to get down here to check up on them..remind them that I have not forgotten about them." Her words are soft spoken as always. From the nature of her dress she probably was intent on riding today as well, her usual sundresses and skirts exchanged for riding pants.

"Nah, definitely just her age. She thinks she's all grown up but, she's still got a lot ta learn, and she's still mah lil'girl. Ah gotta keep an eye on her, even if'n she whines 'bout it all the time." Fingers gently rub the stallion's nose, ensuring that he uses slow movements and a gentle touch. "Ah can understand that.. Ah mean, Ah bet a lot of riders dun remember their runners fer a while." Then he's leaning around to glance at her in her riding attire. "Are ya holding up okay, mah dear?" Always have to ask.

"Liva is a bit like that as well…nine going on thirty.." Lisle says in understanding as she continues to stroke Bruce's neck. "Too much of her father in her I swear…stubborn and willful.." She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. Yes the little red head has been a trial for her mother, especially after the quiet Alix. At his finally question she looks up to him and nods, "I am…L'ton…truely I am." She says softly, her fingers rising to the necklace that still sits upon her neck. "Azaeth..is a fine dragon and K'ael will grow well at his side."

"Ah'm half hoping that Zipalla stands soon as she can, so then at least she's got them rules ta govern her, so Ah'm not constantly worried 'bout what she's done." Of course, that brings with it the possibility of Impression, even to a green, and that's a whole different set of issues for the poor man. "Ah'm glad ta hear that, though, Lis.. Ah.. Ah've been worried 'bout ya. Wanted ta make sure ya were going ta be okay. And, Ah know Ah've said it, but if'n ya ever need just ta talk.." He shrugs slightly, before offering a reassuring smile.

Lisle laughs softly, "We can only do what we can, and set rules for them ourselves." She shakes her head a bit, "And hope they follow them." She finally moves out of the stall, "Toby can you saddle him for me.." She calls out to the stablehand, leaving the duties to the young man. Not an easy task for someone of her height and build. "Everyone is worried about me …and I am glad for it…but really I am alright. I have been through a worse a woman can deal with, this is but a bump." Her mate dying in her arms. At least she has things in perspective. "I do appreciate your offer and your company.."

"They all keep telling meh that Ah should be setting a better 'xample fer her, but she's just 13, and them 18 and 19 turn olds keep trying ta get her ta go with 'em places." Stupid, untrustworthy boys. As she steps out of the stall, he offers her an arm out of habit. "Ah just dun wanna see ya hurt again. Ya're finally getting back ta how ya were… Ah'd hate ta see it all fer naught, because of K'ael." He shakes his head slightly, giving her another bit of a smile. "Ah just want ya ta be happy, and ta be yerself."

Lisle takes the hand offered to her and smiles up at L'ton, her hand gives his a squeeze. "How can I be upset over someone being chosen and should nothing come of it…well he helped me wake up and I am no where near ready to go back to sleep." She squeezes his hand again, "I promise…if I find myself in mourning again I will make sure to let you know so you can drag me to the Sands and fix me up." She half smiles at that and then Toby is leading Bruce out of the stall. She releases L'ton's hand and with the stablehand's help she mounts up on the stallion. Small for his breed but still looks big under Lisle.

"There's a different between upset and sad, mah dear. And, Ah can't even stand ta see ya sad, when it comes down ta it. Ya're much ta wonderful ta be down." He reassures her, stepping back to let her mount up onto the stallion. "Ah plan on holding ya ta that. And, if'n ya seem ta be dwelling ta much, Ah plan on taking ya there then, ta." He gently pats the runner's neck, giving her a smile. "Just make sure its what ya really want, by the time he's done, and it wasn't just something else making ya think it was more."

Lisle keeps Bruce still, even as he stamps his feet to get out riding. She was riding before she could walk, so while it seems an odd pasttime for the quiet woman it was how she was raised. She listens quietly to his words and nods, "I thank you for that L'ton…I am strong for now. I have so many looking after me, I don't dare be anythiing else." She says with a bit of a smirk on her lips. At the last words she nods, "I enjoyed my time with him. It may not be anything like what I had with A'drais…but…I will regret things if I do not at least try..you know?"

L'ton takes a step back out of the way of Lisle and Bruce, smiling up at her. "Ah understand, trust meh. Ah mean, Ah can't even count how many different things Ah've tried, and ya know that." He winks, grinning up at her. "Just dun forget about meh, if'n it works out and ya have yerself a new, young bronzerider. Ah dun think Ah could stand ta lose mah favorite goldrider. After all, who would Ah cuddle, knowing that we're just there fer each other?" He reaches up to offer her a hand, before stepping back out of her way.

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