To the Healers

Ista Weyr - Infirmary
Equipped with the latest healing technologies, this spotlessly clean, large room smells slightly of antiseptic and numbweed. At one end, cots sit for the recovering to recover on. At the other end, are the proceedure tables. Cabinets with supplies and medical files sit along one wall. At any given moment, there could be any number of people in here. A weyrchild with a broken arm, a mother recovering from giving birth or even one of the residents recovering from heat stroke or sun poisoning, a rider and dragon recovering from a strained wing muscle.

It's several days after promising Ysa and Ram that she'll go, by the time M'iken gets up the courage to ask L'ton to go down and pay a visit to the healers. And she's managed to snag him early in the morning, hoping that there won't be too many people there. "I don't even know how to go about this? You know how long it's been since I went to see a healer? Try, never." She hisses at the bronzer, hiding slightly behind him.

L'ton seems to be glad that M'iken has finally given in, and decided to go to the healers, for his morning has been rearranged willingly, and he's carefully leading her to the infirmary as she slows and hides behind him. And its then that he's trying to tug her out, at least to stand at his side. "Its okay sweets, it ain't so bad. Ah promise." And he reaches to give her hand a gentle squeeze, trying to reassure her.

M'iken pouts at L'ton, her nerve quickly falling out of place. "I hope so, because I'll bite you in a not nice way if it turns out to be terrible." She moves to stand next to him though, the squeeze helping a little bit. She looks about the area and looks overwhelmed. "I'm not even sure who to ask for what?" The closest person however gets a rather sick look from the brownrider and they come over to see what's the matter. Sick looking brownrider plus weyrsecond apperently deserves some attention. "What's the matter?" The woman asks, looking concerned. "Umm, I need to see a doctor?" Mai looks to L'ton for help on this. This is precisely why she didn't want to come! Ok, so it isn't actually, but she's useing it now.

"Ah promise love, t'will be fine… No use in biting if'n it ain't good." He teases her lightly, trying to cheer her up some. Shifting his arm around her shoulders, he stands firm with her, gaze looking around him trying to identify the person of choice. Of course, then the other woman appears, and L'ton's gaze flicks to her. When Mai's finished speaking, he makes a bit of a face, glancing around again. "Ah think she should see whoever was helping Jeriah with her issues, 'fore Master Kristhalis took over. M'iken here is stuck with'em the same thing." Of course, he can only hope that the Junior's fertility problems were enough of an issue to be discussed amongst the healers, to have them directed to the right place.

M'iken gives L'ton one of her more greatfull looks when he knows exactly what to ask for. She should have asked him about this stuff before they got down there. She simply nods, feeinging that saying anything else would just sounds stupid. "Ah, alright. Follow me please. You can sit over here to wait." The woman says, leading them off to a cot to wait at before going off to find the healer they're looking for. "You have no idea how glad I am you're with me for this." M'iken sits down on the cot rather stiffly, looking like she might bolt for the door any second now.

L'ton gives M'iken a wide smile, wrapping his arm back around her shoulders, and steering her to the indicated cot, settling her down, and resting his hand on her shoulder as he hovers nearby. "Ah'd never make ya do this by yerself babe, never. Ah wanna be here with ya fer this, cause we're in this together." He gently rubs her shoulders, trying to relax her as she sits, fingers rubbing her neck, as he looks for the coming of the Healer.

M'iken is /so/ greatful there's almost no one there right now, besides patients who look like they'll be there for a while anyway. "Thanks all the same though." She lets herself relax just a little bit untill a very nice looking Healer lady comes over to them, then she stiffens back up. "Good morning," She says in a friendly way. "Why don't you tell me why exactly your here." She pulls up a chair and sits down so she can be at eye level with Mai. The brownrider takes a deep breath then and starts with a very elegant, "Ummm, well. You see I.. " And then she get's caught and everything falls apart from there. "I just, umm well the thing is; I… I think there's something wrong with me." She says, lamely. She could have been talking about her mental state, but she wasn't.

"Like Ah said, it ain't na big deal sweetie." He reassures her again, and even as the healer appears, he gently rubs her shoulders, trying to keep her calm, but also keep her from running away. "She.. She ain't able ta get pregnant. We were real careful 'bout between and everything." L'ton supplies hurriedly, when M'iken stutters and stammers, giving her shoulders a squeeze as he watches the Healer for her reaction.

M'iken nods, again, eternally greatfull L'ton is there. "Yeah. Recently I started going between again since it just felt so hopeless, but I need to know what is wrong with me and if something can be done." The Healer pulls a pad of paper and a pencil out of the pocket of her skirt and starts jotting things down. "Alright. I want you to know, you're not the only one going through this. I know that doesn't really help, but at least I can offer that we've done some research into this problem and things can be done about it." She gives Mai an encouraging smile then. "Now, I need to now more about your history." She asks M'iken questions about her life, what kinds of jobs has she done, what kind of medical issues she's had if any at all before this; and she writes it all down. "Alright, M'iken we'll have to run some tests to have a better idea, but I think I might have something you can try if my hunch is right. It's not a proven cure or anything, but it has helped several women already and it wouldn't hurt to try it." The Healer pat's Mai on the hand lightly before standing up. "I'll be right back, we're going to have to draw some blood to make sure." And with that the Healer leaves for a few minutes. "Ah, I feel a little better now after she got me talking." Mai says quietly to L'ton.

"They ain't so bad, are they?" L'ton asks quietly as he moves to settle down on the cot once the Healer is gone, wrapping his arm around her middle, and pulling her close. "Ah'm really glad ya decided ta come talk ta them. Ah mean, Ah know ya didn't want ta, but Ah think its important, ta at least find out. Cause, maybe it could be causing ya other problems later on ta, and Ah dun wanna worry about losing ya." He shakes his head hurriedly, keeping his arm around her while waiting for her to return. "Maybe it'll work, ya know?" He offers her a smile, before pulling her close to kiss the top of her head.

M'iken shakes her head. "No, they aren't." she agrees, and feels a million times more comfortable once he's sitting by her with his arm around her. "Well, I couldn't just /not/ come after meeting someone who may or may not be having yet another one of your children. It just wasn't fair to see that." She makes a semi downtrodden face at L'ton, but nods lightly. "It would be nice if what she has in mind works." Then the Healer is back with a little tray of things, including a syringe. "Now, this is going to hurt." She takes Mai's arm and wipes a spot on the crook of her arm off with an antiseptic wipe before sliding the needle into her skin. The brownrider is just glad she's been hurt plenty of times for this to not hurt much. It makes her kind of sick though to watch her blood filling the container, so she has to look away. It only takes a few seconds for the Healer to have what she needs and she puts the syringe back on the tray before wrapping the puncture wound with a clean bandage. "This shouldn't bleed much, but I don't want anything getting into it." She says, keeping the sick looking rider informed. "I'll have to take this to have some tests run on it. It shouldn't take more than an hour or two. If you want to come back later on you can. Or you can wait here if you like." She leaves the option open for them, and Mai, being fine with either one looks to L'ton to see what he thinks. "Umm, I fine either way. What about you?"

L'ton keeps his arm around her, even when the Healer returns and proceeds to take the blood sample, L'ton quickly looking away however, at the appearance of the needle. His face is slightly red, and its only after her arm is good and bandaged that the bronzerider even risks a look back in that direction. "Ah'm sorry, sweets… If'n Ah'd known ya were going, Ah'd have tried ta make sure ya didn't have ta deal with that. Cause.. Ah dun want ya ta be hurt." He murmurs, and then he's realizing that the Healer is still there, and he blinks, looking at Mai, and back at the woman. "Ah.. we'll come back." It seems that he can't truly stand sitting here any more than she can. And so he's carefully getting to his feet, offering her both her hands to help her up.

The Healer is nice and either didn't actually hear that, or pretends that she doesn't, but at his decision she nods lightly. "Alright then. If you can come back after lunch I'll be ready with some answers for you both." She smiles and nods to them both before excusing herself to go get the blood running through it's tests. Mai takes L'ton's hands, appreciateing the help up, beause suddenly her legs feel kind of weak. She looks really nervous, but waits till they're safely out of the infirmary to ask him quietly, "What if they can't actually do anything for me?"

The Healer is nice and either didn't actually hear that, or pretends that she doesn't, but at his decision she nods lightly. "Alright then. If you can come back after lunch I'll be ready with some answers for you both." She smiles and nods to them both before excusing herself to go get the blood running through it's tests. Mai takes L'ton's hands, appreciateing the help up, beause suddenly her legs feel kind of weak. She looks really nervous, but waits till they're safely out of the infirmary to ask him quietly, "What if they can't actually do anything for me?" She chews on her lower lip a little. "And it's alright, about meeting S'ya. There's no controlling who ends up pregnant and who doesn't." She sounds a little bitter though.

L'ton keeps a firm hold on her as she seems kind of wobbly, escorting her out of the infirmary with a nod at the helpful Healer before wrapping his arms tightly around her, pulling her close, and gently petting her hair. "Sweets, if'n they can't do anything, it dun mean Ah'm gonna love ya any less. Nothing could make meh love ya any less, or any more. And he's reaching for her hand, to tap the ring on her finger. "That right there means Ah love ya no matter what - if'n ya ain't able ta have kids, or if'n ya have 20. It dun matter ta me. It just matters ta meh that Ah have ya, and that Ah can make ya happy, cause yer mah sweet Mai." He rambles a bit, burrowing his face in her neck.

M'iken breathes a sigh of relief, she knows he'll love her anyway, but now is just one of those times where she needs like a million reassurances. L'ton understands that feeling, right? She relaxes against him and wraps her arms around him lightly. "Thanks." she says, barely audible. "I love you too, so, /so/ much." While he rambles, she can barely talk. She's in that middle ground between leting her hopes get up and being scared to death they'll tell her there's just nothing they can do for her.

L'ton gently rubs her back, keeping his face buried in her neck, giving her a bit of a hug. "Jeriah, her weyrmate said that sometimes, Tanners have a hard time, cause of the stuff y'all use. He said both his masters had a real rough time, and had ta be careful once they actually managed ta get pregnant, ta. But they both have real nice babies, so." He hopes that's reassuring, as he moves to lift her chin up, to give her a quick kiss. "It'll be okay my Mai. Ah promise. If'n nothing else, we can still try as much as we want." And then he's winking, trying to be silly.

M'iken nods and is starting to feel better untill that last little bit, which just makes her feel all the way better, not jsut a little. She bursts out laughing and nods. "Humm, yes, who knows, maybe one day well get extremly lucky and a litteral miracle will bless our weyr." She smiles wryly at him before shaking her head lightly. "Come on you. Let's go do something untill they're ready. You need to go off to some meeting? I was only needing to finish prepareing more leather for the weyrlings." True there are others that can do that, but she has her own weight to carry for now.

"Ah ain't got nothing Ah gotta do." He reassures her, as he grins widely at her laughter. And then he's giving her a tug, and a bit of a twirl. "Maybe ya should wait ta mess with that leather, til after ya find stuff out from the Healer. Maybe, if'n ya have ta get rid of stuff like that, starting now'd be a good thing?" Of course, then he can also keep her for himself, but. And, to further encourage her, he's moving to hold to her hands, taking a few steps backwards, trying to draw her with.

M'iken lets her head slowly fall to the side, her glance following the direction. "Ah, I guess you're probably right." She lets herself be drawn along. "Though I will have to go eventually if only to tell them I'll not be around for an indefinate amount of time." She follows along willingly, a smile making itself comfortable on her face.

"Well, we can worry 'bout that when the time comes, deal?" He grins at her, continuing to back up slowly, leading her to the old entrance of a ground level weyr, which fell victim to a landslide and is now little more than a shallow alcove along the bowl. Its there that he settles down on the ground, back against the rock, pulling her down with him. "We got time ta kill, sweets. And, Ah wanna spend it with mah girl."

From afar, Rhelia rollllls. He is quite fun and entertaining.
M'iken thnks about that for a moment then nods. "Deal." Being lead into the alcove makes her feel a bit like what she thinks a silly teenager would feel like, sneaing around to hide/make out in a secluded area. She sits down with him though, straddling his lap so she can face him and snuggle her face comfortably into his shoulder. "That's so nice to hear. Though won't she be a little disappointed when you don't show?" She gives him a wink, just teaseing, really.

L'ton stretches his legs out as she straddles him, and he rests his hands on either hip, fingers gently squeezing as she snuggles into him. "Well, Ah do have this absolutely wonderful brownrider right here. Ah dunno how Ah could ever leave such a beautiful woman." He teases her, turning to nuzzle her gently before hiding his face her neck in return. "Ah love ya Mai." He murmurs softly, giving her another squeeze.

M'iken giggles a little and sighs when he nuzzles into her neck. "I bet you say that to all the girls." She teases back again. In the mood to mess around rather than be too serious. She wraps her arms around him though and smiles to herself. "I love you to silly." She turns her head slightly to kiss the side of his head.

L'ton gasps a bit, shaking his head. "Never, mah Mai. Ya are wonderful, and amazing.." He sticks his tongue out at her, but then he's turning his head to catch her kiss, before shifting to settle her next to him instead, wrapping his arms around her to cuddle until they have to go back to the Healers.

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