The Sights of Western

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

It's a good thing that the weather in Western is mostly fair for a good deal of the year. Even in the beginning of winter it's still feasible to pay a visit to the lagoon without being too chilly. Mevalonath has been freshly washed, and yet lingers in the shallows of the lagoon, soaking her brighter than usual hide in the cool water. Meanwhile, Rhelia is on the beach having finished with the Meva-cleaning, drying off her hair with a towel after having pulled on a skirt and top over a wet swimsuit.

L'ton would say that its always a good time of the year to visit the local bathing spot, even if at times the weather can be less than ideal. After all, there are always those girls there, like the toweling off Rhelia, that make the visit worthwhile. And so he's meandering, hands shoved in his pockets, having honed in on a greenrider target without too much hesitation. "Hey ya.." He offers with a toothy grin, absently running a hand through his hair. Of course, Dhonzayth isn't much better, for he's hovering while L'ton meanders, offering an equally cheery greeting to the slightly brighter-green in the shallows.

A target, hmm? Is that all Rhelia is to some of the bronzeriders? Then again, she certainly is capable of giving them a good run for their money. L'ton has no idea what he's just walked into. Rhelia pauses in the toweling off of her towel and smiles back to the stranger, "Hello," she replies, perhaps just a touch of coyness and flirt in her voice as she eyes the stranger. Meanwhile, Mevalonath returns Dhonzayth's greeting with a gentle creel of her own, but for the most part keeps to herself in the shallows. Maybe she's shopping from afar?

One cannot exist without a goal, can they? For then, they are only wandering, and not truly living. And thus, Rhelia is his current goal, at least on his current meandering path, whatever may come of it. As a smile is returned, he offers a grin in return, even making a move to offer a hand. "L'ton, Istan Weyrsecond ta Dhonzayth. And, may Ah say, Ista's duties to Western and her queens." And then he's bowing a bit even, while Dhonzayth is content to settle on the beach, crouching down some as he watches Mevalonath with piqued interest, despite her rather lackluster reaction.

But it would be unladylike of Mevalonath to show too much interest in any of her suitors, now wouldn't it? She can't let them know if she prefers one over the other, those observations are reserved solely for her Rhelia, who is looking just the faintest bit amused at the bronzerider's introduction. "And I'm Rhelia, simply an assistant to our weyrlingmaster and Mevalonath's. How might I help you today?" she asks fluidly with a smile lurking in the corner of her lips.

"Ah just thought Ah should take a minute ta introduce myself. After all, ya never know who y'all run inta later, and its good ta know as many people as ya can. Especially if'n yer going ta be teaching them weyrlings, ya never know, we could run inta each other, and Ah mean, now ya know meh, and Ah know ya." His rambling answer is punctuated by another ruffle of his hair, as he glances absently over his settled down bronze, before back at the greenrider. "Ah didn't mean ta interrupt yer wash, though."

Now Rhelia looks fully amused by the bronzerider, though she just nods her head at him. "You're right, it is good to meet other riders from other weyrs, especially when I'm involved with weyrling training," she concedes. "Thank you for coming to introduce yourself, though you're not interrupting anything. I just finished washing her, but she doesn't want to come out of the water quite yet." She shrugs at that before tossing a glance at the Mevalonath over her shoulder.

"Well, if'n yer not in any rush, Ah'd be happy ta sit and wait with ya, til she decides she wants ta. Cause Dhonzayth says he dun wanna go nowhere, so Ah dun think Ah'll be going anywhere fer a while myself." Of course, L'ton has no reason not to sit, and he's flopping down, partially sprawling as he does so. "Besides, ya now know someone else that ya can use ta get what ya need, if'n ya ever find yerself at Ista."

"I'm not in any rush at all," Rhelia replies gently, "And I doubt Mevalonath is, either." Because she's being a stubborn and subdued wench, that's why. Rhelia fluffs out the towel she was using to dry her hair and puts it on the sand, then takes a seat. "And what," she begins, her voice nearing a purr, "Might I need at Ista?" Perhaps that is a challenge, or perhaps she's curious.

"Ya know, the usual." L'ton replies with a grin, leaning back on his elbows and crossing his legs at the ankle as he grins at her from his reclining position. "Maybe Ah handsome bronzerider ta escort ya around, and ta buy ya some drinks, and ta make sure ya get back okay, with out any of them nasty guys getting their hands on ya." An explanation which seems totally valid to L'ton at least.

Ah, but does Rhelia seem the kind of girl that would have trouble with guys pawing her up? Then again, she's yet to show this bronzerider any of her usual venom. Yet. "Those do sound like compelling reasons," she agrees coyly. "Perhaps I'll have to take you up on that offer sometime."

Of course, some guys will grope and paw without regard for the reaction of the woman. Particularly when they've been imbibing in copious amounts of alcohol. But then, truly, any drinking partner can generally be appreciated. "Ya should. Ah'm always looking fer someone ta offer me other suggestions fer drinks." And then he's sliding just a bit closer with a grin. "About as good as sitting here with meh now, just ta wait fer yer green there."

Ah, but some women can react a bit more violently than others when they don't want to be felt up. And some, such as those that have older brothers that they get into knock down drag out fights with, just might be able to have a chance to inflict a wee bit of damage. "Our Tiki Lounge has some good drinks," Rhelia fairly murmurs, "Perhaps they'd have something you can't get in Ista." That is why L'ton is here, right?

There's always something about exotic goods. However, sometimes those goods happen to be things other than alcoholic beverages. "They just might. Maybe we could explore that - ya could give me a suggestion er two while we're waiting for these lumps ta decide ta move." He arches his eyebrow, as he waits for a reaction to his suggestion. "Ah mean, if'n yer interested, a course, lil'bit."

Maybe that's what Rhelia is getting at. Of course, when someone chooses to say such statements it can be unclear what their intentions really are. Maybe Rhelia's just a sweet innocent naive little thing, or she could be the exact opposite. "Hmmm," is the greenrider's reply, followed by a gaze at her own green lump. "I think I just might be interested," she finally concludes, turning to grin at L'ton. "We can watch them from the Lounge." Or they can watch other more interesting things…

Well, sometimes assuming things has very painful consequences. And, after a certain number of those painful outcomes, one tends to make sure before making any actual decisions. "Ah think that sounds great, mah dear." And then he's getting to his feet, brushing off the sand, before turning to offer her a hand, with a grin. "Ah'll follow yer lead, miss assistant ta the weyrlingmaster." He winks, before stepping back for her to lead the way. To perhaps something more interesting after all.

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio(#6736RJ)

Rhelia most certainly takes that offered assistance in getting to her feet. "Yes, doesn't it?" she replies all sweet and sugar like. Once she's up she sweeps that towel up and shakes it before draping it over her shoulder. Then once she's flashed the bronzerider a smile, she's leading him off. Enjoy the view while you can, or at least until they get to the Lounge. Once she's led him to the entrance she pauses, only briefly to get the lay of the land. Unless he's quick to tug her one way or the other, she'll just drag him to a table off to the side.

L'ton certainly does enjoy the view, hesitating a second as he looks her over as she heads towards the lounge, gaze lingering on her before he's catching up with long strides. Once there, he mimics her, glancing around to see who is where and what is free, but doesn't seem to have a particular choice in mind. And so, with his slow reaction, he's dragged to a table out of the way, and he's motioning for her to sit first. "Ladies first, mah dear." He winks, cracking his fingers against the tabletop as he waits.

It's much more fun to sit a bit out of the way, rather than smack dab in the center of it all. Rhelia grins easily at the bronzerider as she slips into a seat. "I spent some time at Ista," she finally admits to the bronzerider. "Let me pick the drinks? I know we've got a specialty that you can't get there."

"Ah'm at yer mercy, mah dear." He inclines his head, agreeing willingly to her doing the ordering as he slides into a seat opposite from her. "Didja now? Ah have ta say, Ah thought ya looked familiar, but, Ah really ain't sure why. Though, Ah guess Ah must have seen ya around Ista, here er there." Turns ago of course, but. Fingers continue to drum absently on the tabletop, as he leans back in his seat with a grin.

Ahh, but for how long does Rhelia get to enjoy the 'upper hand', or rather the illusion of having it? The greenrider smiles and looks pleased, and when one of the waitstaff comes over she gestures him closer and whispers the order. It'll be a surprise for her bronzeriding friend from Ista. The order placed, she settles back in her chair and nods to L'ton. "I worked in the records and have an older brother there," she replies. Which might be why the bronzerider sort of recognizes her. The order comes, and there's two large drinks placed in front of them. Pink, even. It's the sort of fruity concoction that hides the taste of more than plenty of alcohol. Drink up, bronzerider.

"Didja?" And then he sits and stares at Rhelia over the table, tilting his head this way and that, pondering it seems, for he's chewing on his lip. But, in the end he shakes his head. "Ah guess ya remind of that one Wingleader, but." Wingleader names are easy to forget when you're busy learning the name of every cute girl on the planet. "Ta'sin?" He shrugs as he debates it, before the drinks are delivered and he's left staring at it, arching an eyebrow. "Ah have ta say, its at least a pretty color…" But he's game, at least for now, reaching for the glass for a testing-sip, lifting it in toast to her first.

Rhelia merely bobs her head to confirm that she did work at Ista, and in the records. Is it so hard to believe that? "Mmm, that's him," she replies. They do look fairly similar, after all, but Rhelia is the attractive one in the family. "Mmm, yeah, the color does leave something to be desired, but it's quite tasty." And it packs a punch, but L'ton can figure that out for himself. The greenrider raises her own glass in reply to his before she pulls it back and takes a sip.

"Ah think Ah prefer this version of the family greenrider." L'ton teases her with a wink, shaking his head before the drink is finally sampled. A slow sip and he ponders it, seemingly not too concerned. Yet, as the glass returns to the table, his eyes widen slightly, and he shakes his head at her. "Ah think that beats anything at Ista, fer sure." Stupid Temperance League, and their anti-alcoholness.

Rhelia looks flattered by the comment, even if the bronzerider is really only stating the obvious. Rhelia is much easier on the eyes than her brother, and of course just /better/ in all possible ways. She resists the urge to laugh at the bronzerider's reaction to the drink, and instead just looks smug and nods her head. "Can't have too many of them," she points out, "But they are quite tasty." Besides, drinks that sneak up on you are far more fun.

"In fact, Ah think Ah prefer this version of greenrider overall, ya know?" L'ton winks, absently trying to reach for her hand, if he has any luck though, is another story. He shakes his head a bit, his other hand reaching for the drink again, to take another slow sip. "And how many is ta many of 'em, fer ya?" He questions with a tilt of his head. Best to know what he's up against.

Bah to the temperance league at Ista. Bunch of pansies that can't hold their liquor or control their children. Western is a much better place, with not only better drinks but much better greenriders. L'ton is smooth enough, and Rhelia is game enough, that the bronzerider does have luck in getting her hand. "I'm glad to hear it," she replies coyly, winking back at the bronzerider. "Oh, about two or three?" Truth is, the greenrider gets a bit lost in the middle of her third.

Of course, the fact that L'ton's child was one of the ones that happened to be a little drunk should probably go unsaid. Oops. Folding his fingers around hers, he gives her a grin, glancing at his drink, then back at her. "Ah'll keep that in mind." And it seems that he's slowed down his own pace, just in case, for its a long time in between sips of his drink. "So, if'n Ah were ta escort ya back home, after them two er three drinks, is there some brownrider waiting fer ya ta make yer way home?" He asks idly, gaze dropping to the rim of his glass.

This bronzerider has so many children that he can't possibly keep an eye on them. It must have been the mother's fault, or the nanny's. Whoever was supposed to be watching his rugrat(s). Rhelia tilts her head at the question, and then slyly grins at the table before she gently squeezes her hand in his and looks up at L'ton. "Why, there'd be no one there at all." L'ton must have an amazing radar that leads him to the willing females. That said, Rhelia too takes a sip of her drink. Sure, they go down smoothly, but if you know what they'll do you can't just chug it down carelessly.

Yeah, its the nanny's fault - that's the ticket! Or at least that's what it can be blamed on. As Rhelia's head tilts, he grins slightly. "Well, Ah have ta say, that's unfortunate. Ah mean, a pretty girl like ya, Ah'd expect someone ta be there." L'ton has eyes which function has hot-woman radar, at the very least. Sipping slowly at his drink, he makes sure that hers is progressing faster, absently rubbing his thumb over the backs of her fingers.

"Oh, it's not too bad," Rhelia replies with a grin of her own. "It leaves me with much more freedom and choice." L'ton would be deprived of Rhelia's fine company if she had someone who was expecting her to spend time with him instead of stray bronzeriders from out of weyr. Perhaps Rhelia is drinking a bit faster than usual, and L'ton from appearances, but it does help to quell those strange thoughts of Mevalonath's, or at least make them easier to receive.

"Ah do suppose there is always that benefit. But Ah think that a bed is always better with someone else ta share it with, when the days done." L'ton's still keeping to slow sips of the drink, tracing a finger over the cold surface, and then putting his fingertip on the back of her hand. "Ah have ta say, though, Dhonzayth's quite caught up in yer Mevalonath. He dun wanna move at all. O'course, she's pretty as her rider so Ah dun blame him."

Dhonzayth's quite smart to not to want to let such a lovely proddy creature as Mevalonath out of his sight. Does he know something that the green doesn't, perhaps? "You in a hurry to get back?" Rhelia queries with a bat of her eyelashes for the bronzerider. "We're quite free today." Only Mevalonath would rather spend her time oogling the males discretely from the water while Rhelia enjoys a drink with a relative stranger.

"Not at all. Ah was suppose ta meet with some crafters, but Ah guess they had a minor incident at their hall, so they had ta go back, so the rest of mah day is free as can be." He grins widely at the batting of eyelashes, giving her hand a squeeze as he leans towards her across the table. "What did ya have in mind, mah dear greenrider?" Dhonzayth has turns of experience, perhaps, leading to his attention to Mevalonath. And has the patience to sit there and regard her from the beach.

Bronzes know best when it comes to certain things. They've got the advantage of slightly clearer minds when it comes to observing a proddy female. Rhelia grins as the bronzerider leans in and mirrors his movement to get closer so as to murmur for his ears only. "I'm sure we could find somewhere a little more private?" That's your invitation, bronzerider.

"Ah'm sure ya know some place that would suit just fine, mah dear.." He whispers softly in return, though he does risk it as he tries to steal a quick kiss from her, though even then he's not moving back. "This is yer home, lil'bit, Ah'll follow ya wherever ya think is best." He absently rubs at her fingers again, as he waits for her to lead the way. Dhonzayth, meanwhile, has decided that a bit of creeping is in order, and so that's what he's doing - slowly towards the Lagoon shallows.

Of course, leading L'ton off somewhere more private might be better facilitated if Mevalonath were willing to do something other than oogle males from the waters of the lagoon. Silly dragon's being stubborn right now. Oh well, certainly there's some various corner of the weyr that is mostly private? Rhelia allows the bronzerider to sneak his kiss in and smiles at him. "Mmm, shall we go find somewhere then?" she asks softly before she gives his hand a gentle tug so they can leave. Clearly the most obvious private place isn't quite accessible thanks to their lumps o' dragon hide.

Darn dragons indeed. At least if they're going to be stubborn, they should be stubborn in the air, so that there's fun all around. However, Dhonzayth is still just sliding slowly closer, half in the water now, having no intention of losing sight of the Western green. After a moment, L'ton steals another kiss before he's tugged out of his seat, moving to wrap his arm around her waist in order to follow closely wherever she decides to go.

As if Mevalonath were going anywhere at all. She's practically put roots down into the sand beneath her feet. As the bronze approaches she eyes him warily before she shies away. Look from afar, but don't touch quite yet. As the bronze approaches, she begins to slowly wade out of the shallows onto the shore. Maybe she's getting all wrinkly? Rhelia laughs slightly as the bronzerider follows with a kiss, and leans into him just slightly as she guides him back towards the weyr proper. Surely they'll find some dark closet or room to duck into there?

Dhonzayth continues to creep, though as she moves back towards the shore, he continues to follow. After all, its all a game of give and take - he must find out for himself just how far is 'from afar'. Keeping his arm around Rhelia, it seems that he's having better luck than his poor lifemate, as he absently tugs on a piece of her hair as they go, keeping close, not seeming too picky on where they end up.

It's really not the bronze's fault that he's having so little luck with a green slinking away from him. It's really just poor timing for him. Human courtship is much easier. You simply find the one you want, and if he/she is willing you drag 'em off. Or let them drag you off. At one point Rhelia purposely butts against the bronzerider, but only to get a little nuzzle of his shoulder in. Once they reach the weyr, she's guiding him towards the lower caverns. Plenty of dark and little used rooms down there…

Poor Dhonzayth. He continues to slink, despite the battle being a pointless one, and he rumbles at her invitingly, trying to make himself seem as harmless as possible. Croon? Dragging off is certainly one benefit to it all, for there's only so much dragging a dragon can do. As Rhelia bumps against him to steal a nuzzle, he tightens his hold on her waist, holding her back so he can plant a quick kiss on her neck. Then he's reaching for the first door that looks rarely used, pulling it open, seemingly rather surprised that it is unlocked.

Once on the shore Mevalonath gives a light shake of her wings to free droplets of water from then, then folds them to her body. She offers a demure little croon in reply to the bronzerider and she conveys a subtle hint to the bronze that she'd much prefer if he stayed there. Rhelia teasingly wiggles against L'ton's hold, then peers into the room, also surprised it simply opened. "Here?" she queries, already slipping from his grasp to pull him in. And once he's lured in, he's in for a surprise pounce and kiss from the greenrider.

Dhonzayth croons in reply, but it seems that he's willing to give into the green's wishes, settling down where he is, stretching his neck out to sit calmly. He blinks at the room for a moment, but then he's being pulled in, and the door is pushed closed behind him, just in time for the greenrider to pounce him, and he's catching her, bracing himself against the door and squeezing her tightly as he kisses her in return. "Why, hello there."

It is so nice when the males are obliging. Mevalonath radiates a touch of happiness and then settles down onto the sand herself, making just a little bit of a show for the benefit of her admirer. After all, he was kind enough to listen to her. The squeeze encourages Rhelia to lean in against the bronzerider. Unlike her green, she's not one for personal space right now, and she laughs softly at the greeting. "Hello indeed," she murmurs softly before she plants kisses up his neck. Less talk, perhaps? Scarily, there are people that think along the same lines as L'ton out there.

Dhonzayth is happy enough to oogle, as Mevalonath puts on a bit of a show, though he does stay where he is. Fingers absently rub at Rhelia's back and waist as he keeps on arm wrapped tightly around her, before ducking his head to nip at her ear, and nose against her. And then he's moving to try and scoop her up to stumble a bit further away from the door into the darkness. Better to not get hit if anyone should suddenly interrupt them.

Good Dhonzayth. Now just stay there and Mevalonath will be happy. As for Rhelia, well, she's quite willing to be manhandled, pawed at, or scooped up and taken further into the dark room. And lucky for L'ton, she's quite capable of giving as good as she gets. There will be lots of fun in the dark closets of Western indeed….

Mevalonath's had enough of this mutual oogling that's been going on between her and several of the males. Slowly she rises from the sand that she's been lounging on and paws at the ground before she tilts back and launches off, issuing a challenging cry to whatever male might have his sights set on her prior to now. As for her rider, well… Rhelia's a little busy in one of the dark store rooms of Western with Ista's womanizing Weyrsecond. Truly it must be L'ton's lucky day.

Dhonzayth has been oogling, and it seems that even the bronze's patience has been wearing thin. Of course, considering the actions of his lifemate and that of the green, perhaps there is a reason for his shortening patience. Whatever the cause, Dhonzayth was already shifting where he was laying on the lagoon beach, all stretched out to watch the standoffish green. Then, suddenly she's taking off, and the pale bronze is struggling to catch his footing on the sandy ground, finally managing to get to his feet, wings fumbling for a downstroke, and then he's up, rumbling in response. He knew he shouldn't let her out of his sight!

Lihauth has been watching this green beauty who was nestled in the sand till just a few moments ago. His spot in the shallows of the lagoon don't help him launch off the ground, but powerful foam-tipped wings beat savagely at the air, causing him to rise quickly yet still in the mass of chasing males. Eugh. There's time to seperate himself from them, however…

Mevalonath leads the pack of suitors up and over the water before beginning a general arc that vaguely follows the shoreline with slight veering off course. The young green can only focus on trying to get away, whichever direction that may be, and can't quite fly straight. Meanwhile, on the rider side of things, the fun in the dark room is basically over. With one hand trying to smooth her hair slightly, Rhelia turns the knob of the closet and peeks out. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that two riders are leaving a closet, but all the same it's kind of nice to not flaunt it in front of half the weyr. Using the little light that comes in she straightens her clothes somewhat as she murmurs, "She's gone up." Just in case L'ton hadn't noticed?

Lihauth is far enough back in the pack at this moment to fly in a straight line when the green turns this way and that in her attempt to escape all of her suitors (some of which merely mimic the movements). But she will be caught eventually, and his copper-colored neck strains to its maximum length with intense concentration so that it would be him doing the catching. The only noises currently coming from the bronze are that of grunting and inhaling everytime his wings make a powerful swipe through the air, his full speed not yet reached. But Ch'tra is just sitting in a chair out in the lobby as the door to the closet opens and Ista's Weyrleader tries his hardest not to flush or to hide his head in his hands as the pair emerges. Sure. They're here on business, and L'ton /still/ finds time to mess around with women.

L'ton hair is anything but neat as he moves to wrap his arm back around Rhelia as they leave - thankfully, though, that's about par for the course with him. Ducking his head, he nods. "Ah… Ah noticed. Dhonzayth said he told meh so." And the bronzerider doesn't exactly seem disappointed by this turn of events, keeping a hold on his foundling greenrider. The bronze half of the pair follows with relative ease the green arcs upwards, out over the water, following her each time she changes direction, rumbling at her each time. But, try as she may, he keeps following her, even as he was doing below on the beach. And so, bobbing some with each wingbeat, he's settled comfortably into the front section of the pack, enjoying the easy rhythm for the time being.

"Oh did he?" Rhelia questions with a grin, doing her best to slip away from the bronzerider playfully. "And did he tell you anything else?" she asks, backing more into the lobby where Ch'tra is stuck waiting for L'ton to finish with his own personal business. If L'ton were trying to catch her again to hold her close, he'd find a good opportunity when she finally spots Ch'tra, and offers a broad grin and finger wriggle at him. Look at what else showed up at Western, her old 'pal' from Xanadu. Mevalonath keeps up her attempt at escape before she finally launches herself upwards on a current and does a lovely acrobatic spin in the air that re-orients her on a direction towards the land. But the maneuver cost the youngling, and the pack is closing as she attempts to dive away from them, also in a slightly erratic manner. Mevalonath's maiden flight just can't go on for much longer.

For the first time in the flight, Lihauth makes a noise not related to breathing. Growling so low that it vibrates his frame, he watches the direction the large green is headed towards. Land. His growl intensifies as he catches a near by draft upwards, and taking it farther before veering on a wing tip, nearly out of control as he tucks his wings a little further in towards his body, streamlining his movements as he now rockets downwards to the maiden trying to escape. Meanwhile, Ch'tra just /looks/ at Rhelia. "'Nd o'course /you/ woul' be th'rider of th'green Flyin' ou' there." Ooo, this may be the first time L'ton has ever seen Ch'tra in anything but a sedate mood. There's another comment the Weyrleader would love to make, but being petty and cruel just isn't his style. Even when irritated.

"That she's lovely. But, Ah still think yer lovelier.." L'ton replies hurriedly, pouting as she slips away from him, backing into the lobby. Following her, his gaze flicks momentarily to the young weyrleader, but it seems that he's anything but concerned with making the mere 'boy' wait for him, for he's moving to wrap his arms back around Rhelia when she's distracted, resting his chin on her shoulder as he snags her. "Dun leave meh, baby.." He murmurs, gaze flicking to Ch'tra, a bit of a smirk on his face. So mean. Dhonzayth isn't much better, for he's snapping at an unfortunate blue who happens to get just a bit too close. But then he's finding a thermal, spiraling upwards, using the natural airflow to boost him upwards, saving himself just that much effort, before he's sliding out of the thermal as it cools, avoiding the acrobatic spin, but resetting his heading. And then she's starting to dive away, and it seems the altitude Dhonzayth gained in the hot air for for naught, as he's folding his wings, dropping after Mevalonath, wobbling to try and stay directly above her, before he's closing, snapping his wings out, stretching his neck and talons out to try and snag her, to bring an end to her sudden descent, and to take her airborne once more - hopefully this time on a much steadier path.

Rhelia slips out from L'ton's grasp once more, clearly not wanting to be contained right now. There was a time and place for that, such as in the closet, but now it's much more fun to play hard to get and tease the bronzeriders whose company she is in. She must not be quite in the right mind, because rather than trade barbs with Ch'tra like old times, she stalks towards him, still grinning, and raises a brow in challenge. "You make that sound like it's a bad thing," she half-pouts, "You're not happy to see me after so long?" But then, as Lihauth manages to tangle himself with her Mevalonath, she jumps forward to grab one of his hands and pull him towards her. Must have now. Poor L'ton?

"Have fun with her, Ah certainly did.." L'ton offers with a smirk at Ch'tra as she jumps forward to grab him. Oh now, that's just mean. For as Dhonzayth misses in his attempt to snag the green, L'ton's willing to relinquish his attempt to snag Rhelia again. Time to find him another greenie - after all, what good are they they second time around?

Ch'tra uses the /few/ extra inches he has on Rhelia to stare down at her, ready to start barbing back. "Eh'd jus' prefer it be un'er o'her circum'ances." He growls at her just before Lihauth snags the green. And L'ton's remark barely makes it through the flight-fogged senses of his as he glares over his shoulder, hauling Rhelia back towards the closet.

And Rhelia is back in the closet, albeit with a different bronzerider. But it's still the same closet. At least the scenery can't really change when it's so dark? For a while, perhaps Rhelia and Ch'tra will get along, at least until their senses return to them?

After Chai has had Tonny's 'sloppy seconds' or whatever, and the flight haze has worn off it's time for breath catching and reclothing before the darkness of the closet is left. Once Rhelia has located enough clothing to be decent enough to wander about the weyr, she walks back over to Chai and presses against the bronzerider, leaning in to whisper in his ear, "L'ton was better," and then she retreats with a laugh and pulls the closet door wide open prior to her exit. Hopefully Ch'tra was decent?

Ch'tra thankfully had his pants back on when Rhelia unkindly threw open the closet door. His shirt was most of the way on, but he just finishes tugging that down and readjusting his belt as he walks stiffly out into the open. "'Nd somehow tha' don't seem t'make a fardlin' difference t'meh." He replies, a good deal of irritation in his voice, but nothing undermining himself. "Bet'er off /not/ t'be like tha' wench."

Suuure, Chai, pretend that didn't sting like all the other times Rhelia has dished similar insults your way. The wenchy greenrider is off down the halls of the weyr, orienting herself as to just /where/ that closet was, and where she can get to a bath from there. The Ch'tra cooties must be removed, after all.

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