Two for One

Ierne Weyrhold - North Beach

Its a wonderful day to be at the beach, the sun angled at mid-morning, though it seems the majority of those around have settled further down the beach. L'ton, however, has retreated to the northern most portion of the beach, quite likely attempting to avoid detection by whoever he's actually supposed to be visiting while he's at Ierne, and its there that the Istan bronzerider is stretched out upon the sand, lazing around, while Dhonzayth is in a similar pose, soaking up the rays.

And what better way to enjoy the morning than with a nice drink. Sarisia finds herself leaning against her lifemate, a flask in hand as she looks out at the water. They're not too far from the bronze pair and Tiqueth does not seem happy at that fact. The brown grumbles deeply, his tail cracking whiplike behind. "He ain't doin' no harm. Shardit, he's kinda hot so leave him be." Sari reprimands, gawking at L'ton unabashedly. The brown doesn't seem pleased at these words and so he sulks, placing his large head down on the sands and closing his eyes in order to block out the foreigners.

Zoom! Ozriadasoth's small frame comes swooping in from above, loud bugles and happy sharp warbles are sent to the familiar big brown that was lounging there before she twists out towards the deeper parts of the ocean and dives down. Suraiya, of course, is not far behind. "Saaari!" she calls, waving her free arm in the air towards her sister. "That better not be alcohol!" She places the one hand on her hip while the other is wrapped around a young baby, about half a turn old. She is looking around with wide blue eyes and is putting baby drool all over her rattle. Suri bounces the baby a bit, and uses her long legs to quickly stride up to her twin, all big grins and giggles. "Whatcha looking at, Sari?" the young woman turns her head just a moment, finally catching the bronze and his rider (how'd she miss /that/!?) and then staring.

L'ton likely would have paid no attention to the staring brownrider or her clearly grumpy dragon. But, luckily, or perhaps unluckily, for the twins, Ozriadasoth and Suraiya appear, making quite a splash as they do so, literally in the case of the green. Of course, that's enough to get both dragon and rider to take note of their surroundings. Dhonzayth, for his part, is quite caught up with the diving green, though Tiqueth does recieve a friendly enough rumble. L'ton, however, just stares first at Suraiya, and then at Sarisia, quickly scrambling to his feet, brushing the sand off his shorts as he meanders towards them with a large grin. "Hey there sweets.." Yes, that is plural.

Tiqueth hisses at the greens greeting, turning his large head to face away from her antics in the water. At the questioning of the contents of her flask Sari frowns, placing it in a pant pocket before shaking her head. "Ain't that, just some water." She lies quickly before getting to her feet. She's a bit unsteady but she rights herself up quickly enough. "Shards, you got tha' beast with you 'gain?" The baby is eyed as if it's covered in muck and she takes a step back, leaning against her lifemate before shooting L'ton another look. "Cute, ain't he? Back off, eh? Let me have him first." But then the rider in question is meandering towards them and she grins back. "Mornin', what's dragged ya over to our fair land?" She eyes him from head to foot while Tiqueth huffs indigently at what he finds to be a lame pickup.

Ozriadasoth pops her head out of the water, shakes it off, and then starts swimming to the shore. Once there she shakes off completely and rumble-warbles towards Tiqueth again. Suraiya doesn't seem completely convinced that it was just water. She actually frowns, for the briefest of moments, before nodding. "Okay!" she chirps out, smiling again, and then gives her baby a big sloppy kiss. "Aw, auntie Sari doesn't mean that, Sai." Her blue eyes turn back in L'ton's direction, then to Sari, then back to L'ton, so she gives him a mighty wave. "Hi, there!" She ignores her sister's request and giggles at him. "Ierne's duties, bronzerider. I'm Suri and that is Ozzy," she says, pointing towards the green getting ready to sun herself. "And this is Sairyn!" She lifts Sairyn up with two hands to show her off.

Dhonzayth snorts at Tiqueth, staying away from the brown, but happy to croon at the green frolicking in the water, even making a move to join in on the fun, but then the green is emerging, and Dhonzayth instead moves to meet the green as she shakes the water off and warbles. Hi there? L'ton catches the tail end of Sari's comment, shaking his head. "Now there, sweetheart, Ah think there's more than enough of meh ta talk ta two such lovely women as ya'll." The baby is even the receipiant of a waggle of fingers and a silly face before he's looking from one to the other. "Twins, huh?" He wagers, before taking note of Suri's introduction, nodding his head. "And Ista's greeting. L'ton, and Dhonzayth." At Sari's question, he grins. "Maybe Ah just had a feeling something good would happen if'n Ah came ta visit today."

Sarisia smirks at the bronzers introduction, nodding her head a bit. "Seems ya were right in that. Sari and Tiqueth, originally from 'Reaches." She ignores their current home for personal reasons. "L'ton ya say? Ista? Surprised we ain't know ya. We're Istan's ourselves, born and raised til we set out that is. Still visit pretty often." There's suspicion in her voice as she examines the man, clearly not believing that he could be from where he claims. Tiqueth seems to have had enough of the conversation, getting up rather unexpectedly. Sari struggles a bit to catch her balance, a hand shooting out to grab a hold of the bronzer to steady herself.

"Huh, twins?" Suraiya repeats, looking between the two of them before giggling again. "Oh, right, of course. Sari and I, you mean." She hugs Sairyn close before nodding to her daughter. "Sai is one of three!" She shifts the baby so that she was balanced on her hip instead. "Ista! Sari, there are lots of bronzers in Ista. He could be any! Daddy is a bronzer," she informs L'ton with a quick nod. "But it is good to meet you, L'ton of Ista." Ozriadasoth is just as friendly as her lifemate, forgetting about her clutch brother to move closer to Dhonzayth and offer her best trilling greeting and a ruffle of her green wings.

"Of course Ah'm from Ista, Ah'm even their Weyrsecond." L'ton reassures Sarisia, with a grin. "Ah bet ya were just ta busy leading all them boys on with yer pretty selves ta pay attention." He teases them both, looking from one to the other, quite content with the situation. Particularly as he finds himself balancing a Sari as Tiqueth removes himself from being her leaning post. Hand goes under her elbow ith a grin. "Watch out there, sweets." Yet, even after she's steady, he doesn't relinquish his hold, as he looks back to Suri. "Is he now?" He offers out of politeness sake more than anything, while Dhonzayth is quick to snuffle at Ozriadasoth as she trills a greeting, preening and puffing himself up some as he does so.

It's probably a good thing L'ton doesn't let go of Sari seeing that the liquor is finally starting to kick in. "Well, I'd a figured to see ya 'specially if ya were Weyrsecond." She gives him a bit of a frown before waving the hand that isn't attached to the arm the bronzer is holding her steady by, dismissing the matter. "I suppose it was cause we were runnin' round that we ain't noticed ya. Shocked ya ain't heard of us though, Ton. Well, ya are a bit older than us."

Suraiya looks from the bronzer, to her sister, and back again, then to where he was holding her. She pouts a moment while they are both distracted before scooting Sairyn up on her hip and moving closer. "You probably have heard of S'rei. Dhirath's rider?" She shrugs both her shoulders and offers a giggle. "But that's all the way back at Ista, anyways. He probably was busy with all the other riders, Sari, and we left young too." She bobs her head quickly and grins towards the bronzer as she slides up closer. "Do you like kids, L'ton?" Ozriadasoth is happy with the attention of the big bronze, humming happily to him as she hunkers down for a moment to get sand all over her belly, her tail swinging out behind her.

L'ton shifts to wrap his arm actually around Sari's waist as she still seems a bit unsteady. "Well, Ah am busy, and Ah'm sure y'all were busy too. But, next time ya come ta Ista, ya should come see meh. Ah'll make sure ya'll get the treatment." At the mention of S'rei, he tilts his head, but then is nodding. "Ah know of him.." He agrees, with a grin, moving to put an arm around Suri's waist as well as she slides up closer. "Ah think they're cute, ya. Ah can't imagine three at once, though." At least that he'd have to deal with immediately. And so he's happy to make another face at Sairyn, shaking his head. "Ah suppose the two of y'all have somewhere important ta be, and are gonna go running off?" Seems to always happen, that. Dhonzayth croons as Ozriadasoth settles down, nudging her again with his muzzle, even being as bold as to try and drape his neck over her.

Tiqueth gives a disgruntled snort at his clutchsib and the bronze, clearly disgusted by their actions. After huffing a bit he places his attention back on his rider, annoyed to find that she too is in a similar situation. Sari however is enjoying herself, placing her other hand on the man's shoulder before positioning herself right in front of him. She squints up at him, examining his face. "I guess yer right, Sur. He ain't seem familiar at least. It is a big Weyr after all." Her breath wafts over to the pair of them, smelling strongly of spirits. "I ain't got much to do in this shardin' stink hole." She says with a snort, moving away from the bronzer and wobbling again. Sur probably needs to feed the brat but I ain't got any to mind."

Suraiya giggles loudly when the bronzer adds his arm around her waist as well. Nearly forgetting she has a baby on her other side as she sidles up close to him. "I'll definitely look you up! I'll bake you some good bubblies, too. Mum's recipe." But then she giggles again and shakes her head. "But you've probably had them already, since Mum lives there, too. Silly me!" Her giggle gets a bit louder until the bronzer looks to her daughter, and then she turns to remember that Sairyn was there watching them curiously. "Well, it wasn't easy. You can have one at a time, though. You can have just Sai. Isn't she cute?" She holds her closer now to the bronzer and gives her a big smooch. "And then I'll have more of a reason to visit, too!" At the smell of Sari's breath, she turns with her brows arched high together. "Sari! You're not supposed to drink anymore!" Ozriadasoth couldn't care what was happening with the riders. She had this big bronze to entertain. She gives him a headrub, only to find herself pinned! She wiggles out from under him, bugles, and rushes into the water, only to peek back at Dhonzayth later.

Dhonzayth is happy enough to ignore Tiqueth and his disgruntleness, for he's got a green. A green he continues to nudge at and practically fawn over. Of course, the green is suddenly headed to the water, and the bronze gives chase. Don't go! As Sari's hand ends up on his shoulder, L'ton tilts his head, watching her for a second with a grin, before shaking his head. The scent of alcohol does have him lifting an eyebrow and trying to snag her before she gets to far away. "Hey now, come back here lil'bit!" And so he's reluctantly loosening his hold on her twin to grab the fleeing one's waist once more. The baby is glanced at over his shoulder, and he grins. "That's okay. Ah've got a few of mah own that a day or two at a time are enough, so ya can keep her. But, ya can always come see meh, especially with bubblies."

"Ain't nothing so special about them things, don't know why ya keep talkin' bout them." Sari says with a frown at the mention of bubblies, obviously someone lacks a sweet tooth. When she's being accused of indulging in some spirits she starts to move back even more before she's caught by L'ton. "I ain't been drinkin'." Is all she says before she moves back up against the bronzer, letting him support her weight fully.

"So then Sairyn can be their new sister!" Suri points out with a wide toothy grin to the bronzerider. The baby, all the while, has been quiet. She turns her icy eyes back on her sister, frowning for the first time. "Yes you have!" she says, pointing at her before her arm swings around L'ton as well as she pulls him closer to her. "No bronzers until you stop drinking!" Yes, she knew what her sister had in mind, of course. She sticks her lower lip out in a pout and looks up towards L'ton. "Say you don't like girls that drink. Maybe that'd make her stop." Ozriadasoth just bounces around in the shallow waters, making sure to splash a lot and keep away from the big bronze.

L'ton wraps his arm back around Sari as she leans against him, shaking his head a bit. "Girls dunno what they're doing when they've been drinking, Ah dun wanna make ya regret anything, lil bit.." But he's happy enough to hold onto her, and Suri in turn as the greenrider tries to tug him away from her. "But, what's wrong with a drink or two?" He looks a little oblivious as he stares at first the brownrider leaning against him - or at least the top of her head - and then at the greenrider.

Sarisia seems comfortable enough, a silly grin on her face as she keeps close to L'ton. Suri does get a frown however and a shake of the head. "See, he don't care? No one cares 'cept that idiot Wing second." She gnashes her teeth a bit at the thought of the rider before tilting her head to look up at the bronzer. "I know what I'm doin', I'm in control. Ain't never regretted anythin' anyways." But she weasels out of his grasp, perhaps a bit offended by the mans voiced concern. She stands on her own two feet without any aide but in a second she falls hard on the sand, butt first at least.

"Sari regrets things?" Suraiya asks in surprise, staring wide-eyed at her sister. "And one or two drinks are a lot! We left High Reaches because of that," Suri pouts again, not that she cared much in leaving that freezing Weyr. She sticks close to the bronzer, though, as if hoping to keep his attention away from her drunk twin. Except she had a baby in her other arm, so it was difficult. When Sari goes down, however, she shrieks out with a "Sari!" and shoves Sairyn at L'ton, just barely forgetting to make sure he has a hold of her before quickly going over to her sister on he ground and holding out her hands.

L'ton is not stupid enough to join in on either side of the twin-based argument, at least not any further than he has already. And then suddenly Sari is toppling over as soon as she steps away from him, and he would probably move to help Sari up, but then suddenly there's a baby in his arms. And so he juggles Sairyn while Suri goes to help her sister, and he's looking slightly worried. "Ya okay, lil'bit?" Of course, there's no mot much he can do besides that, besides wait for some indication that she is, indeed, fine.

Sarisia flinches at the scream, placing a hand on her head. "Shards, Sur, yer screams could wake the dead." When she reopens her eyes, having closed them from the pain the shriek caused her, she eyes the hand that are being offered warily. She attempts to get to her feet on her own however, faltering and flailing but finally achieving it. "'m fine, ain't gotta make a scene, Sur." She says with a look given to L'ton. She hesitates for a moment but finally nods her head to the rider as a way of excusing herself. "I'll pay ya a visit soon." She says to the man before starting to head out, her lifemate pleased to leave the scene trails after her, warbling the whole time his annoyance.

Suraiya pouts at her sister, and then just looks on the verge of tears when she refuses her help. She drops her hands to her side and then nods slowly. "Okay, Sari. Sorry." Kicked-puppy look, indeed. But she quickly recovers, first a bit of a false grin as she waves off towards her sister and then all grin as she turns back to the bronzer, moving back to him. "She will probably visit, no worries. That's Sari for you," she adds with a giggle. "Nice girl, really." She doesn't seem to want her baby girl back yet, looking out in the direction her twin went while rocking back on her feet.

L'ton continues to just stare, first at the seemingly down Suri, to the grumpy Sari, and then back to Suri. And then Sari is stalking off, and he's shaking his head. "Ah look forward ta it!" He offers as she heads off. And then he's juggling the baby a little, out of habit to keep her entertained, while Suri's giggling. "Is that so?" He doesn't seem too bothered by the attitude of the other, instead watching Suri with a rather intent look, Sairyn going from one hip to the other.

Suraiya bobs her head at him and places her hands on her hips. "Yup! She's just not so nice when she drinks. But then she's super-nice later." If that makes any sense. She giggles again and turns her head up fully on L'ton. "It's a shame you have just me for company now, after you came all this way for… for…" She trails off as she grins stupidly at him, not really sure how she should finish that yet, as if trying to dig it up from her mind. "What'd you say you came here for again?" she finally asks with a giggle.

"Ah dun think there's anything wrong with yer company, mah dear greenrider. In fact, Ah happen to think that yer great company, from what I've seen so far. And to prove his point, he's trying to pull her over to his other side, as he keep Sairyn held close to him. "Ah just had a feeling like Ah should come visit Ierne. That something good'ld happen." He shrugs a bit, watching her with a rather silly grin of his own.

Suraiya's giggles rise in volume as she is suddenly pulled back again, and she gives his arm a playful swat. "You silly man, that's no real reason to go down to another place. But it works for me!" She tilts her head to him, smiling. "So, did something good happen?" she asks. But then she glances up just a bit more towards the sun, and her eyebrows scrunch up at the amount it had moved. "Oh! I think I better get back to the kitchens." She pouts, a bit reluctant, and starts to undo his arm before backing away from the bronzer. "Baking and all. Maybe you can come by later and get yourself a snack if you're still around?"

"Ah think it did." L'ton reassures her, and then pouts a bit as she's suddenly excusing herself. "Fer ya, mah dear, Ah most definitely will." And then Sairyn gets one more funny face for the road, and he's offering the girl back to her mother, with another grin. "Ah'll definitely make sure Ah'm still around. And ya need ta look meh up, when ya come see yer da next." He watches her for confirmation before stepping back to give her some space, Dhonzayth reluctantly giving up the chase through the shallows as well. There's always later.

Suraiya brightens up when he reassures her, and she is waving and giggling at his comment, about to turn around and run off. Except then there's a baby gurgle at last, a giggle at the bronzer, and Sairyn is being held out. Suri laughs again, reaches for her daughter, and pulls her in her arms. Riiight, she remembered her. "Oh, thanks. Sairyn likes you!" she points out happily. She gives one last bubbly giggle, her hair flying a bit as she nods vigoriously. "I definitely will! Make sure to ask for my cookies later!" She waves to the man and then starts quickly striding out. Ozriadasoth doesn't stop right away. She actually turns around and runs at the bronze instead before leaping up and taking to the skies, dripping water as she heads after her rider.

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