A Forest Picnic

Ista Weyr - Forest(#6959RJa)

The afternoon sun is high over head, but the canopy of trees keeps a decent amount of heat back. Shafts of light can be seen stabbing though to the forest floor here and there and there's a light breeze comming off the ocean. A wonderful day for a walk through the woods of Ista. M'iken is hanging out just inside the treeline, relaxing in the shade and waiting for a certain bronzer to turn up for their date.

L'ton is a good weyrmate, really. And thus he seems to have paused upon his walk to gather up a small bouquet of various wildflowers, a bouquet which is presented to the brownrider with a flourish as he sneaks up behind her, rounding the tree with a grin. "Hey there, mah dear." And it seems that he's even taken the time to get out of his uniform, instead wearing lightweight shorts and shirt, though his hair is still quite a disaster. Which he makes worse as his free hand ruffles it again.

M'iken jumps lightly at the sudden appearance of flowers and her weyrmate, but smiles brightly and takes the flowers. "Hello darling." She says with a wink as she moves to kiss him. "Thank you for the flowers." That smile stays put when he ruffles his hair. She really likes his mussed up hair, she decided to try something different with hers and today, rather than her high pony tail she has it pulled back in a braid at the base of her neck, only her shorter 'bangs' won't quite stay in the braid so they're framing her face. "I'm glad you could get the time to come walking with me. It's just such a nice day, I thought it would be nice to spend some time outside together." She shrugs lightly and laces her fingers with his.

L'ton is quite happy to catch the kiss in greeting, a grin on his face as he folds his fingers through hers, giving her hand a gentle squeeze. However, once his own hair is properly messed up, he's reaching to absently twist the loose strands of her hair around his finger, brushing his palm over her cheek with another smile. "Of course mah dear. Ah'd do anything ta make ya happy." Something that he's at least trying to prove lately.

M'iken smiles again at the squeeze to her hand, she just looks positively happy. The brushing of her cheek earns him another kiss then. "I know you would." She glances further into the woods then and nods her head that direction. "Shall we then?" She asks, moving to start their walk. "I have a bit of a surprise for you somewhere around here." She says with a little grin. Hopefully no animals have gotten to it.

"Do ya?" L'ton perks up a bit at the second kiss, giving her hand another squeeze and falling into an easy rhythm as he lets her take the lead. "Whatcha get meh, lil bit?" He asks, interest clearly caught. "Ya should wear your hair like that more, though." He comments idly, reaching over to brush at her hair again even as they stroll deeper into the forest.

M'iken nods lightly. "You'll just have to see when we get there. It's not that big of a deal really." She blushes lightly but shrugs. "It feels kind of weird having it like this, this is just a trial thing." She pushes the part that's not getting played with behind her ear. "It's not much further." She says once she spots a large boulder of a rock. Right past it is a blanket and a picnic basket. "I didn't set it out because I didn't want animals getting at it, but I thought we could have lunch too since it's mid-day." She chews on her lip a bit and looks a bit embarassed. "It's a little silly and corny, I know."

L'ton chuckles softly, but is willing to postpone his interrogation, at least for now, and wait and see what the surprise is. As they past the larger boulder and the lunch basket is revealed, he's grinning as wide as he can, moving to take her into a tight hug. "It ain't silly at all love!" He reassures her, stepping back to catch her gaze. "Ah promise. Its a wonderful idea, doncha worry 'bout it for one second now, ya hear?" And then he's offering her a hand to escort her the rest of the way to the blanket to settle her down first.

The reassurances have M'iken smiling again and the hug is much appreciated. She takes his hand again and follows him over to the food sits down, only to pull the basket open to reveal a couple of sandwhiches, some meat rolls, a couple of mini pies, and a wine skin. "I'm glad you think it's a good idea. I wasn't sure what you'd want to eat so I just brought food I like and then a wineskin as an apology if you were in the mood for something different." She says as she pulls out the food and starts laying it out on the blanket.

L'ton settles down next to M'iken, moving to sneak his arm around her torso even as the various foodstuffs are pulled from the basket. "Ya know Ah can always eat sweets.." And he's already eying the options, the mini pies gazed at the longest before he's reaching for a sandwich. "Which do ya want mah dear?" He questions, even as he's also pulling the wineskin over to nestle it between them. "Ya're just wonderful, darlin'. Ya thought of everything!"

More like she fretted over everything, but had managed to talk herself into calming down about it once she left it to go wait for L'ton. M'iken snugles up against L'ton when he puts his arm around her. "I'm thinking I'll have the other sandwhich." She says as she reaches for it. "And I well, I tried. I've never really done something like this on my own and it's been turns since I went on a picnic." She takes a bite out of the sandwhich, the taste making her smile happily.

"Well, ya did amazing, Mai. Ah dunno if Ah deserve ya." And he's kissing her cheek before taking the first bite of his own sandwich, grinning broadly. "Ya are amazing.." He offers around the bite in his mouth, and he keeps himself settled close to her. "Yer day been okay, dearlin'?" He questions between bites, tilting his head to watch her, gaze sweeping over her for a moment, before going back to watching her face.

M'iken blushes at the multitude of compliments. She wasn't expecting much praise over it, but she might consider doing this again with this kind of reaction. "Thanks. And yes you do, 'cuz I'm not /that/ amazing." She gives him a look, but really the kiss to her cheek has her wanting to smile. She keeps her eyes on him as well, watching to make sure he wasn't just saying those things to make her feel good. "It's been pretty good. Meluth and I took a tour around the island to try and get to know the area better and then we brought a group of people over from Igen who are staying at the resort." She munches on her sandwhich. "How's your day been?"

"Ah managed ta misjudge the timechange, so Ah missed a meeting at Eastern, but Ah dun think it was anything important." L'ton doesn't seem too upset about the missed meeting at least, so that's okay. He meets her gaze with a smile, proving his honesty, and then he's snacking on his sandwich more. "Ah bet they'll be leaving just as the batch fer the next eggs starts ta filter in. Least we dun have ta give 'em our space." Finally reaching for the wineskin, he offers it to her first. "Didja find anything ya liked, on yer flight?"

M'iken blinks a bit at the misses meeting but just smiles and shakes her head. "I /hope/ it wasn't." She sneaks a kiss to his chin and smiles brightly. "We found a couple of interesting coves along the shore." She says with a shrug. "Otherwise I was more interested in the little cot holds dotting the areas around some of the holds. It was really kind of cool." She accepts the wineskin after a moment's hesitation, she'd brought only it so now she'd have to drink it. She takes a sip before handing it back to L'ton.

"Some neat lil'coves? Maybe ya'll have ta show meh, when we get a bit of time ta ourselves, ya know?" He grins at her, having continued to work on the sandwich, the last bit of it disappearing into his mouth before accepting the wineskin back, eventually taking a slow sip. "Ah'd offer ta take ya ta the cothold, so ya could see one up close, but Ah dun think mah family would react so well. But, we could go visit one of the others, if'n ya want."

M'iken nods and smiles. "Alright. We definately will." She says, going back to her sandwhich. She raises a brow at him when he mentions his family but just nods. She'd heard around that L'ton was not on very good terms with his family. "That would be fun." She says with a little nod. "With all these plans we're making we'll have to stay together for ever to get them all done." She contemplates. "And while we're at it. While I was in Igen I went to visit my parents. They're very keen on meeting you." She gives him a sly smile then.

"Ya say that like its a bad thing. Ah certainly dun plan on losing ya any time soon, ya know. Ah mean, unless yer already tired of mah handsome self." And then the puppy dog eyes are turned on in full force as he shifts to rest his head on her thigh, staring up at her. At the mention of her parents, he arches an eyebrow with a grin. "Ah hope that its not a bad keen.." Pausing his eyes widen a little bit. "Is it?" Should he start panicking?

M'iken pouts at him. "I did /not/. If I was tired of you I wouldn't have gone through the trouble of fretting over a picnic for you." She smiles at those puppy-dog eyes and runs her fingers through his hair then. The widening of his eyes has her laughing happily. "No it's not a bad thing. Though they are wary, they're fine with my being a dragonrider, but they're hold bred and sho were their parents and all their parents before them, so they just worry that I found myself some guy who's content to go around sleeping with which ever woman he sets eyes on and doesn't really care for me at all." She blinks then. "Well, maybe you should worry a little bit, but it'll be fine." She smiles devilishly at him then.

"Ah do care fer ya, though." He continues to pout a little bit, before turning his head to glance at the basket, before looking back ta her. "Ah mean, Ah'd be happy ta do anything, ta prove that. Ah mean, yer different than anyone else, cause Ah care 'bout you, a lot. And Ah love ya my Mi." He rambles a bit, before he sits up enough to take another sip of the wine, before resting his head back on her thigh, content to let her play with his hair.

M'iken nods lightly. "I know you do. That's why I said you only have to worry a little bit." She hold her fingers up and holds a tiny bit of space between them. "I love you too ya know." She leans back on her free arm a little, still playing with his hair. "And you don't need to do anything else to prove it to me. I feel plenty of love from you. And don't worry, I'll protect you from my parents." She adds a grin along with that last part.

"Ah do appreciate it. Ah think Ah prefer being alive, and not being set upon by angry parents." L'ton winks at her, absently reaching up to stroke fingers along her chin as he stares up at her. "Still, Mai.." And it seems that the conversation has set thoughts into motion, for now at least. And he continues to lay there, resting on her, before grinning. "Ah think Ah've got the best weyrmate. Ah mean, Ah dunno anyone else who gets so spoiled. Or who has such a hot woman with 'em all the time." And her hair is twisted around his finger again for a moment, before he's shifting and reaching for the skin, offering it up to her, not really thinking beyond, 'She might be thirsty'

M'iken giggles a little at the thought of her parents going after L'ton, particularly her short, round little mother. "You'd only really have my dad to worry about. He's bigger than us." She gives him a wink. The stroking of her chin has her leaning her head down to kiss his fingers lightly. The rest of his words has her laughing right out. "I can think of someone else who's got jsut as amazing a weyrmate. And that's me." She smiles lovingly at him before taking up the wineskin and pulling a quick sip from it. Just those couple sips has her feeling warmer in the face. She's such a lightweight.

Lightweight is certainly one of the side effects of not drinking, well, ever. "Ah think yer just biased.." He chuckles, brushing his fingers softly over her lips before he's shifting to sit up some, curling fingers through her braid to pull her a bit closer for a long kiss. "Ah ain't no good at picnics though, Ah have ta say. Ah think Ah'd eat all the bubbly pies before Ah even made it out here ta find a spot."

M'iken smiles into the kiss, relishing the feel of his lips against her. "So what if I am. I think you're a bit biased yourself." She says before giggling at his take on a picnic he'd do. "Well, then we would have had sandwhiches and wine. Sounds like a fine enough picnic to me." She nuzzles her nose against his lightly before leaning in for another kiss.

"Ah.. Ah wanted ta. Ah.. Ah realized Ah was being stupid before. And, Ah wanted ta make sure ya weren't gonna forget about me, if'n Ah ain't around.." He lifts his chin slowly, confidence growing in his smile, as he carefully shifts the ring to slide it onto her finger, holding his breath for a second to make sure it fits, before looking back at her face, still grinning broadly.

M'iken smiles when the ring seems to fit just fine, just fine indeed. "I could never forget about you." She says softly before leaning into him a bit and kissing him again. "It realy is very pretty." She admires it on her finger then giggles a little. "It almost feels like you just asked me to marry you." That's quite the happy smile on her face, that it is, and she's moving onto her knees then so she can comfortably hug him tightly.

"Well, if'n ya didn't have that big lug of a brown, and Ah didn't have that lump of a bronze, Ah would have. But, since ya do, and Ah do, and Ah can't, at least its as close as Ah can come." L'ton rambles a bit, brushing his finger over the ring, before squeezing her firngers. And then, he's pulling her into a tight hug. "Ah'm glad ya like it, sweets… Ah really am. Ah do love ya, even if sometimes Ah'm stupid 'bout it."

M'iken burries her face in his shoulder, smiling and blushing up a storm. "I love you too, even when you are stupid about it." She chuckles a little then pulls back enough to kiss him on the nose. "I have to say. This has to be the most perfect picnic I've /ever/ been on and will probably stay that way for the rest of my life." She runs her fingers through the back of his hair, a comfortable habit she's fallen into it seems.

"Ah guess Ah'll have ta figure out something ta make the next picnic even better then, hm?" He chuckles, brushing fingers over her blushing cheeks. "Ah mean, Ah should have tried ta build up ta it, so that ya wouldn't have such high expectations." He teases her, brushing his thumb over her cheek again, dropping his chin to allow her to mess further with his hair.

M'iken smiles and shakes her head. "You don't have to try and beat this. Today get's it's own special little place in my memory now." She leans her face into his touch when he brushes her cheek. when he ducks his head a little she leans forward to kiss him on the forehead. "I think this calls for a little wine to celebrate with." And she's reaching for the wineskin, offering it to her bronzer.

"Well, maybe Ah'll still want ta. Ah gotta keep ya happy and satisfied, dun Ah? Ta avoid some other handsome bronzerider from coming and whisking ya away from under me." Though, he seems to be teasing, for he lifts his chin to wink at her, after receiving the kiss to his forehead. "Ah think it does, my dear." And so he takes a quick sip, before offering it back with a flourish. "Fer both of us.."

M'iken just shakes her head again and sighs a little. "Honestly you bronzers are all so melodramatic." She teases right back, leaning in to kiss him quickly when he hands back over the skin. "Another sip won't hurt." She muses, taking up the wine and drinking from it. "Ah. Too bad this stuff sends my head into a fuzzy lil' fog. It's really pretty good." She she smiles warmly at L'ton again before leaning in for another kiss. His lips tasted just as good as the wine and are just about as intoxicating for her.

"Maybe its just one of those things they teach us, after we Impress bronze?" L'ton teases her, kissing her neck even as she drinks from the skin. "Ya act like its a bad thing, silly…" And then he's grinning a bit, with a tilt of his head. "Maybe Ah should just make ya try a little bit of different kinds, every once in a while." And then she's leaning for another kiss and it seems the words aren't important anymore.

M'iken nods lightly. "It must be." When she pulls back she's grinning lightly and she pushes his bangs out of the way a bit. "I'm game for a little taste testing." She closes up the wine skin and sets it to the side a bit. "That's enough for me for now." She reaches for one of the meat rolls then and moves so she's sitting in L'ton lap. She's not exactly the right size to be doing that, but she does it anyway. If he get's uncomfortable, he can always move her so that he is.

"A secret of the trade." He teases lightly, puffing upwards at his bangs as she brushes at them. "Ah'll have ta see what all Ah can get together then. Gotta find one ya really like, so ya dun mind it." As she settles in his lap, he shifts slightly, before wrapping his arms around her middle. "Ya think ya were lucky, Ah think Ah got the best present of all.. A Mai." And he's tilting his chin up to grin ta her.

M'iken grins. "I appreciate it." She says playfully. Ah yes, food + ring + Ton + wine= one very happy brownrider. She leasns against him when he wraps his arms around her and thinks about what he says for a second. "No, I think I still got the better deal. I got a Ton /and/ a ring. Mai's are totally over rated." She grins right back before taking a bite of the meat roll.

The equation for success? Definitely one of the ones to store away - especially if it results in a pretty brownrider leaning against him. "Nah, Ah think a Mai is way better. Ah mean, Ah may be a bit biased, but Ah'd rather have a Mai than a Tonny. Even with a ring." He gives her a gentle squeeze and rests his forehead between her shoulderblades, with a content sigh.

M'iken laughs a little. "Alright. I can see your point there. How about we both just, enjoy our presents?" She glances over her shoulder and smiles at her contended weyrmate. She lets one of her hands rest over his, her fingers running small circles over his knuckles, as she finishes off her meat roll. "This really is a good day." She says lightly, glancing up at the canopy of leaves and branches overhead.

"Ah think Ah can do with that." And then he's grinning at her, folding his fingers through hers and giving them a slight squeeze. "Ah think its a perfect day, with the perfect girl." And then as she looks back, he's leaning back a bit more, giving her a tug to pull her with him to stare more easily up at the trees. "Maybe Ah should steal ya every few days, just ta run away like this."

M'iken makes herself comforatable on him when he's leaning further back, she bats at his face lightly behind her though. "Bah, I'm not perfect." She snuggles back into him though and smiles. "You know, I wouldn't mind if you did just that. Even if it's just for lunch, this is great." She gives her own sigh of contentment, perfectly relaxed in his arms.

"Ah think yer perfect. Perfect fer meh, and that's what matters." He leans back to avoid her playful swats, even as he tightens his hold on her, trying to keep her arms stuck down, so that she can't take any more swipes, joking or not. "Ah'll have ta find some real pretty places ta take ya, cause Ah dun think Ah can come up with a ring every time, so something's gotta be pretty."

M'iken snickers a little when he's holding her arms more firmly against her. "I wouldn't want you to get me a ring every few days anyway. This is more than enough for me." she tilts her head back and around a little to try and kiss his cheek. "going anywhere with you would be plenty too."

"Maybe a necklace?" He teases, though perhaps he's pondering the idea to himself, as he grins, lifting his chin to catch her kiss. "Ah ain't taken ya ta Big Lagoon yet, have Ah? There's this reef there.. Ah think ya'd love it." And then he's shifting to rearrange her against his side, resting his head against hers as he stares up at the tops of the trees. "Maybe we should just stay here, and not go back." Not that it would take too long to find them, but.

M'iken gives him a look then just makes herself comfortable again when she's moved. "Nah, you haven't taken me there yet. I've never seen a reef up close before, that would be fun to see." Her eyes stay up on the trees as well, though they've suddenly turned into what a reef might look like to her eyes, a smile pulling at her lips. "I'll stay here if you stay with me. That way we get in trouble together." Hopefully that rock she parked them behind would hide them well enough for a while.

"Ah'll have Dhonzayth tell anyone who needs meh that something came up, and Ah had a… family emergency." Mai's family, right? And spending time with one's lovely, darling weyrmate is an emergency, right? As she smiles, he grins, stretching to plant a kiss on her forehead. "Maybe even one night we could go. Them falling stars should be coming round again soon, and it'd be real pretty to see out there, on the reef."

"Now that's a good idea. Maybe I should have Meluth take off someplace so it looks like he took us and poor Dhon got left behind as a messenger." Drats, she found a hole. "Or, we could just have them both telling people we're gone. And I like the idea of me being a family emergency. It's nice." The kiss to her forehead earns him a shyish smile. "And that would be amazing. I love watching stars, especially falling ones."

"Then Ah'll talk to them StarSmiths next time Ah'm at Landing, and Ah'll find out the days, and it'll be a date. Just ya and meh, lil'one." L'ton says with certainty, as he smiles back at her, giving her a tight hug. "What's on yer mind, sweetheart?" He asks at her shy look. "Ah didn't say something wrong, did Ah?"

By the look on her face, it's easy to tell M'iken's holding back a squee of some kind and she wiggles around so that she can get her arms around L'ton's neck and kiss him deeply. "Thank you. Now that's my favorite present that you can give me anytime you want to. Just us, going out. Or staying in. Just being together, let's say. I get to be selfish and have you all to myself that way." She shakes her head then and grins a little embarassedly. "Nothing particular is on my mind. I just like it when you kiss a random place on my face. It, just feels nice."

L'ton is caught, well and good, by the wiggling, squirming brownrider. After the deep kiss, he's clearly beaming, eyes meeting hers. "Any time ya want, ya can have meh all ta yerself. Ah ain't got no problems with that. It means Ah dun gotta share ya, or worry about who's gonna look at meh funny if'n Ah do this." And he's kissing her jaw line lightly, grinning at her words, taking them to heart, it seems.

M'iken smiles. "Well, I think the other weyr leader people would get mad at me for stealing you away all the time. And since I live here now, they can actually get to me." The kisses to her jaw earn quite the smile and she's tilting her head a bit to catch his lips with her for a moment. "And then I'd not be doing my own work and then Pi'll get on both our cases." She gives him a bit of a teasing smile.

"Ah think Sharix would be glad ta see the backside of meh. Ah brought that puppy back fer her, and now Ah've gotta watch out fer her, and it trying ta eat meh." He wrinkles up his nose, but his face disappears as she kisses him. "Well, maybe almost any time. Ah dun wanna be punched by Pi again. Might keep meh from keeping ya happy." A teasing wink and he steals another kiss.

M'iken can't help but laugh. "L'ton, if I didn't know anybetter, I'd say the whole of Pern wants to hurt you in some way or another." The stolen kiss gets a little 'mmmm' "And I don't think Pi would really do something to keep you from keeping me happy. I'm pretty sure she likes me alright." She gives him a mock smug face and nods a little.

"Lucky." He teases her, before shifting to burrow his face in her shoulder, giving her a squeeze. "But, mostly only grumpy goldriders. Shar ain't never liked me, and she got me pretty good, when Dhonzayth caught her gold. Ah had trouble walking fer a week." And he's shuddering, before tightening his hold on her.

M'iken chuckles a little. "Darn those grumpy goldriders. They need to loosen up a bit. Now those brownriders, some of them are pretty darn fun." She teases. She'd never call a goldrider grumpy to their face, except maybe Ysa. Meluth would never forgive her if she got them banned from gold flights. The shudder and the tightening have her grinning. "Sadistic in the sack?" She absent mindedly runs her fingers through his hair.

"Just rough." And he relaxes as her fingers run through his hair, absently nuzzling her neck. "Ah have ta say, Ah think Ah prefer mah brownrider ta any of them goldriders. Cause Ah dun have to worry about the ways of a proddy dragon.." And then he's pulling away to give her a bit of a smile. "Though, Ah have ta say, sometimes they do make things more interesting." Kiss?

M'iken nods lightly. "I see. Good to know. I'll tell Meluth to leave her gold be." She gives him a wink then. "Do we make things more interesting?" She gives him that kiss. "We are kind of your competition. At least Meluth puts up a good fight." She lets her fingers keep their own time in his hair and grins. "I don't really remembering have to deal with a proddy dragon. I kind of had you to cling too and then I wasn't about to let go, even if you'd won."

"Y'all make things more interesting, competition or not. 'Sides, when it ain't either of us… There ain't nothing that can compare with it. Ah mean, after Les's gold went up?" He just shakes his head hurriedly tightening his hold. "T'was worth losing the flight ta have ya there like that." And then he's giving her a long kiss. "Not that ya aren't just as amazing the rest of the time."

M'iken just kind of grins. Kind of glad she can manage to make things interesting. Especially when she thinks she's kind of boreing. She nods lightly at the memory. "I'm glad I happened to be around that time. Just think, I might not be living here if I hadn't." True they probably would have still ended up this way, but then again, change one thing and everything else in the timeline gets moved around. That long kiss is savored, letting it get to her like the scent of a heady wine. "Hummm, I'll take the compliment for what it's worth." She says with a little snerk. "It was nice having you there too since it was our first loss."

"Ah can't imagine it otherwise. Really. And, Ah ain't thinking about it. Cause, Ah've got ya, and just ya, and ya have me. And Ah think we should enjoy our afternoon." And so he's stealing another long kiss, before shifting to roll over onto his side, drawing fingers through her hair, before kissing her again.

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