Meet Niah!

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach(#825RJs)

Early morning and all is quiet, birds have just begun to twitter and they're morning tweets are drowned out by the sound of the ocean waves breaking and running over the beach. Very few are up, and those who are wandering at this time are nowhere near Niah. The gangly brunette is wrapped in a blanket, knees tucked to her chest and feet buried in the sand just above the water line. Just beyond where waves break is Celiketh, wings open and floating along as the sunrises.

L'ton is hours ahead, having jumped westward to Ierne for some meeting or other, having misjudged the time change and thus has arrived far too early. And so he's now wandering the beach, hands shoved in his pockets in the cool morning, watching the sunrise as he goes. Of course, a lumpy formation upon the beach draws his attention, and he's quite close to Niah before he realize that its quite in fact a young woman. "Mornin'" He offers a bit too cheerfully, given the hour here.

Niah head snaps up quickly, her daydreaming being interuppted as she hadn't noticed the bronze rider and looks up at him with a startled childlike expression. The bluerider is awkwardly quiet for a span of time after he greets her, then with a small response she says "Umm, morning?" Her voice a quietly questioning, before she looks at L'tons knot and says very formally and quickly, "I'm so sorry Ierne's duties to Ista and her queens."

"No worries, lil'bit." L'ton replies good naturedly as he makes himself at home upon the beach next to her, without even hesitating to ask permission to join her. "Nice view ya have here, Ah have ta say. Ah think its even more impressive than Ista's." Leaning back on his hands, he tilts his head to the side, watching the blue that settled in the water as well. "And Ista's duties to Ierne." Finally his gaze turns back to her, and he grins widely. "L'ton, Bronze Dhonzayth's."

Niah cocks her head and raises a brow as he calls her lil'bit, as he sits down she scoots over to put a foot of extra space between her and L'ton, resettling down and reaching up for a strand of hair, nervously she twists it around her finger, not meeting his gaze she stares out at the water and says "It is a nice view. I haven't seen a lot of other though, maybe they're prettier." As he offers a name she doesn't offer hers, eyes glassing over to speak with Celiketh and then saying. "I'm Niah, Blue Celiketh's."

"Tis a pleasure, then, Niah of Blue Celiketh." He offers with a grin, seemingly unperturbed by her moving away, or her lack of eye contact. "In fact, Ah think, Niah, ya have the best spot on this whole beach. And yer blue ain't far behind. Ah bet its gotta be even prettier, from out there in the water. All shiny, and stuff." And now the bronzerider is rambling to fill the increasing silence, happy enough with the sound of his own voice.

Niah looks over at him and giggles, covering her mouth and blushing. She buries her feet in the sand further, then stares at him for a second. Celiketh has moved in further, to where he touches the ocean floor and is standing where the waves break, the water hits him, he looks to be having a good time. Niah responds, still being quiet but warming up a little. "Celi would like to know if you talk about beaches often? Also why you're here, though that rude." The last bit said slightly scoldingly. "We don't own the beach or anything, and I mean it's none of my business." She babbles and then goes silent again putting her head on her knees and giving him the courtesy of eye contact as he speaks.

"Ah've got some time ta spend. Ah'm suppose ta have a meeting, but Ah guess Ah misjudged it, cause Ah've got a few hours yet, before then. And well, Ah already had lunch, so Ah dun want breakfast, so Ah decided ta come ta the beach." L'ton shrugs a bit, titling his head at the blue. "Well, if'n Ah'm on the beach, Ah'm gonna talk about it more. Besides, Ah dun want ta scare ya way from yer nice spot." And beaches are innocent enough, right? As she giggles, he grins at her a bit more, chuckling slightly as her blush is visible thanks to the first rays of Rukbat.

Niah listens to his ramble, and says, "I'm sorry, if I sound nosey it's just that I don't really know a lot of people here or anywhere. I mean if I wanted to I'm sure I could find people, I mean it's not like I don't want to." Her words jumbling as she babbles, and she scoots forward so that the water can touch her feet, "Don't mind Celi, he just doesn't share very well." Celiketh moves towards the beach on the words share, staying a good distance away but it's clear sharing Niah isn't in his plans.

L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Ya ain't nosy. Ah know if there was a stranger on the beach near me at Ista, Ah'd be asking them why they were there." He grins at her, staying out of the way of the incoming waves of water, gaze settling on Celiketh. "Ah can understand that. Most of 'em don't, Ah dun think." At least in his own personal experience. "But, now ya know one more, cause ya know me."

Celiketh watches L'ton, eyes whirling blues but tinged orange the blue wallows down, comfortable at a dragonlength away from his rider. Niah on the other hand is getting riskier, she scoots towards L'ton, leaving about a foot between her and him. "Do strange people sit next to you often? This is a first for me, though I don't go out a lot. I'd have never met you if it meant having to come up and sit next to you on some strange beach." Laying back she stretches out pointing her toes and asking, "Where's yours? Celiketh would never dream of leaving me on the beach with a strange man, he's ok with you being alone with a woman you've never met before?" Though Niah is not a likely candidate for someone to get L'ton in trouble.

"Ah dun think yer strange at all, lil'bit. Yer just someone Ah haven't gotten ta know yet, is all." L'ton grins, trying to act quite charming as she scoots closer. Celikath receives a bow of his head. "Ah promise, Celikath, Ah can't gonna take her from ya. Ah'm just sitting here." Then he's even scooting a bit closer to her, tilting his head with a grin. "Ya should try and go visit some places. Ah'm sure ya'd meet lots of people, if'n ya just sat next to 'em on a beach." Glancing around, he locates the general direction of the weyrhold proper, waving in that direction. "He's curled up in the shade. Said he has enough of beaches, but, he dun care, cause this way Ah let him be alone with greens and golds he dunno."

Niah watches him get closer, eyes getting big for a moment before relaxing, and giggling nervously. "That's nice of you, I hope you don't have a really jealous girlfriend." Niahs trying to not appear so odd, little nervous habits of running sands through her fingers and biting her bottom lip continue as she watches L'ton. "Mine just likes to be near me, maybe when he's older he'll be more comfortable. I think I add to it though, because I get nervous if he isn't around. Before I had him I was alone a lot" Peering over she doesn't locate the bronze but doesn't continue looking.

L'ton doesn't seem to notice her idle habits, though perhaps he doesn't consider them odd, as he dusts the sand off one palm to idly ruffle his hair. "Nah, she's real sweet." He offers idly, before grinning. "Each ta their own, though. Ah mean, Ah know some that never want ta be apart, and some that don't care." Celikath gets another look, and he actually grins at him. "Ah have ta say, Celikath is real handsome." Gotta get in good with both halves, right?

Celiketh rumbles a response, Niah covers her mouth blushing and letting her eyes glaze over.. "He says thank you, and thinks you're just being nice. But I don't mind, you can be nice… " Having had limited experience with flirting she reaches out and moves to touch his shoulder, it's a curious touch, and she pulls her hand away quickly.

"Ah ain't just being nice. Ah think he's real handsome, and with the ocean behind him, he's more so." L'ton reassures her, grinning again at the blush, while he shifts and leans back on his hands, one of which is moved to settled behind her, particularly close so he's leaning into her general direction. "Ah hope ya dun mind me complimenting y'all…"

"I've always thought he was handsome, and no we don't mind. Well I don't, he's just being rude." With l'ton leaning closer Niah leans into it, giggling and trying to lay her head on his shoulder. She shivers slightly, as high tide has her feet covered in water. Reaching for her blanket and cover her feet, though it just end getting the blanket wet. "I hope I don't make you late for anything."

"Ah've got plenty of time sweets, dun ya worry." L'ton quickly reassures her, even as he slides to sit right next to her, shifting his arm to actually loop around behind her as she leans against his shoulder. "Aw, lil'bit, ya got yer blanket all wet.." And he's shifting to pull it up out of the way, shaking his head. "Well, Ah think yer pretty too. No need fer him ta get all the compliments, right?"

Niah snorts at his compliment, chuckling a bit and looking at him like it's a joke, "Thank you, though I have to wonder if you have a vision problem. Men usually don't tell me I'm pretty. I mean, i think L'ren might have. Or not." Shrugging she lets him put his arm around her, pushing the blanket aside, "It's not important, it'll dry. Celi is use to flattery."

"Ah'm serious lil'bit! Ah dun see why ya think its so weird fer me ta say, Ah think ya are really quite pretty. Specially her eyes." And he catches her eyes with a smile. "Well, if'n L'ren did, he had the right of it." He gives her a bit of a squeeze as he settles comfortably next to her, with a smile. "But, Ah guess, if'n Ah'm wrong.."

"That's nice." Niah smiles and looks down at the beach as he compliments her eyes, leaning more of her weight on him, though keeping her face away from his, still not comfortable with being to close. "What would you be wrong about?" Startled and scooting a little away. Celiketh is alert, and shifts slightly as Niah looks confused.

"Ya said ya weren't sure if'n ya're actually pretty. Ah think ya are. But, if'n ya insist ya aren't then AH'm wrong. Of course, Ah insist ya are, so that means yer wrong." Oh, circular logic. As she scoots away a bit, he shifts after her. "Aw, dun leave meh lil-bit. Ah didn't mean ta frighten ya, er confuse ya er anything." And then his gaze is back on the shifting Celiketh. Uh-oh?

Niah looks uncomfortable, she stays a space away from him watching for a second and then nodding through his explanation. "I wasn't going to leave it's just you said I was pretty then said I wasn't. I mean, I just didn't think you could take a compliment like that back." As Celi shifts and the L'tons reaction she giggles, "Don't worry, I'm not going to leave and he won't hurt you. I don't get attention very often, I think this is good for him." The theory of tough love.

"Nah, Ah didn't mean it like that." And he shakes his head, looking a bit pathetic as if it would help illustrate his point. He does however, seem to believe that Celikath won't actually hurt him, for he's pondering a moment, before turning and trying to give her a kiss. That would prove she really is pretty, right?

Niah isn't prepared for kissing of any sort, grinning sheepishly at his attempt to look pathetic. As she gets kissed she jumps a bit, looking startled and blushing, "What was that for?" She seems suspicious, but shock and glee fill her face. "I'm not sure you're supposed to kiss people without premission.. I didn't mind it.. it's just." Leaning over to peck him on the cheek, if he'd let her.

L'ton grins back at her, as it seems that his look of patheticness gets a reaction. And then she's jumping a bit, and he continues to grin. "Cause Ah think yer pretty. And Ah could." At least he decided he could. "Well, if'n Ah asked permission, ya might have said no. And then Ah'd not have gotten ta kiss the pretty lady next ta me." He rationalizes as he's pecked on the cheek.

Niah shrugs, gazing at him with an unsure little smile. "Do you treat all ladies you meet like this? And.. what about your mate. I mean if you where my mate, I'd be mad if you went around kissing every woman you met on a beach." At his response to her question she looks up at him, saying softly, "But at least I would have had some warning."

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