Istan Arrival

Ista Weyr: Southern Bowl(#3560RJ)
Compared to that of other weyrs, Ista's bowl is small, and incomplete - northwards, one wall was blown clear away several millenia ago, leaving the view clear towards the plateau, the jungles, and the ocean beyond that. Somewhat elliptical, the breadth of the bowl seems to run Northwest to Southeast, the bustling epicentre of the weyr being here, towards the southwest. Several large entrances have been dug into the great bowl walls here - north east are the hatching grounds, south the Living Caverns, these being the two largest caverns in the weyr.
To the east, a small entrance leads in to the ground weyrs - the ledges of these line the bowl wall above, often filled with dragons of gold or bronze; westwards is another ledge, but with a staircase built into the wall, allowing access to the Sable Sands. The infirmary is located towards the southwest.

Pallaton is on one side of the group, a stick in hand which is used to push at a ovine head now and then as one of the beasties looks like he's going to make a run for it, shouting something unintelligible at the sheep, though he's also looking around at his surroundings. Now where?

"Aphrodite, /no/. Bad girl. Get back here." Why her canine was acting stupid, the junior weyrwoman didn't know. What she -did- know, however, was that she was growing fed up with today. First off, S'va had been missing for a good chunk. Then, Lisle had kicked her out of the 'big people's' table at the conclave. And now her clothes alterations were all wrong and she wasn't going to get to go on vacation. So, when there's a large group of - to her -random people coming, she's at first miffed beyond the point of calming the beast. Then the ovines are spotted…

Having been summoned by her dragon at the appearance of the large group of ovines, Lisle comes out of the Living cavern with a small plate of food in hand. It seems she was just grabbing a post conclave dinner herself. She stands in the entryway of the living cavern with eyes wide for a moment at the sheer number of creatures suddenly in her bowl. She looks up to her lifemate for a moment , eyes unfocusing as she passes on some comment to the large golden. She then motions a drudge over, "Can you go retrieve the headwoman.."

Ponce also carries a stick in his hand, and sighs. They'd been herding the ovines for what seems like years and it had gotten old pretty quick, the fact that they had arrived at their destination and no one appears to have prepared for them didn't help. The lanky teen takes a few swipes of his stick in the general direction of his charges, not paying much attention to it all this late in the day and grumbles moodily at the situation.

Pallaton continues herding the ovines with his stick, whistling to get the attention of one of the canines - One who finds Saelis's Aphrodite particularly interesting. Pushing the flock closer together, he slows his step, waiting for directions, and eying the large gold with extreme caution. "If'n I dun move quick, d'ya think it'll get meh?" Is offered sidelong to Ponce and Paimida, still eying Umniyath nervously.

Lisle finally steps forward looking for the head herder in this little group. She finally moves over to Paimida as it seems she is the one giving the orders. "I am sorry, I had not been told we were expecting any ovines …though my headwoman usually keeps tract of such." She looks out across the darkened bowl and hmms quietly to herself. "I am sure we can find someplace in the runner pen to house them. The herdbeast pen might not be safe for them tonight." She offers to the woman, "I am Lisle, Headwoman of Ista by the way." She says offering her hand in greeting.

Aphrodite will help! Yes she will! Getting loose from her owner, the canine goes to try and help herd the beasts; as Saelis was /lazy/, and had the Beastcrafters train the canine once she wasn't a puppy anymore, she actually does a pretty good job helping. Sealis shakes her head lightly, letting the thing go mix in with its siblings. Daeslynth looks absolutely thrilled, though, until Saelis starts to repremand her. She glances to Lisle, as if for instructions.

Ponce rolls his eyes and snorts at Pallaton, his usually docile nature being overridden by his temper from the long herding trip and the lack of ammentities it has forced upon him. "Ya ninny, dragons dun eat people. Else why would they 'mpress them 'n all?" While the boy continues to grumble he turns his attention from the ovines he should be watching, who are becoming increasingly agitated by the presence of the dragons…

Paimida shouts back at Pallaton "I'd be doin' more worryin' bout the ovines, so stop blubberin." Yeah, she's not the nicest at the moment is she. As the woman starts talking to her she begins to wave her off, "Can' ya seem I'm tryin to work?" Then she blinks slightly but still doesn't take the offered hand or really look at the Weyrwoman "I'm sorry, forgettin' meh manners. Bu' I do need ta watch 'em. Which way were ya sayin'?"

Lisle looks over to Saelis "Can you help me keep send the word to the dragons that these are not meals?" She asks hopefully of the other goldrider. "And perhaps we should try to find Iaeran since we will be invading his pens." She continiues before looking back to Paimida. She blinks a couple times at the woman's manner but just takes a couple steps back and nods, "Sorry about that, of course, this must be a hard flock to keep control of." She motions toward the northern bowl. "On that way, the Field with the runners, Not the herdbeasts, or you may not have a flock in the morning."

Pallaton baps an ovine on the nose with his stick, probably more firmly then necessary, and between the dragons in the bowl, the addition of yet another canine, and the excessive force, some of them have had enough, pushing through the weak-point that is Ponce, 12 ovines running bleating into the caverns, the rest just standing still, legs braced, being noisy.

M'kan strolls from the other side of the bowl, simply whistling a merry tune or two. He seems relatively at ease as he makes his ways towards his dragon. That is not until he realizes there are quite a few folks in the bowl besides him, the other dragons and then whatever else he can spy. Xaeloth rumbles wistfully as he eyes the bowl for a time. Settling down, the brown finally is convinced this isn't a meal. Dinner? Nope. "No, they're not for eating…." He pauses to realize his stomach is growling. "Oops…"

Saelis goes distant for a long while, face changing with different emotions, before she shakes her head. "I'm going to go find 'Va," the goldrider mumbles. "Aphrodite! Come!" If she were smart like Anysta, she'd've had a whistle, but, seeing as how she doesn't, Aphrodite happily does her duty, snapping at the little ovines. Stay in line, fluffy cloud monsters! The woman shakes her head of red hair, then trots off to her weyrmate's weyr. Oi. Vay.

Ponce continues grumbling at Pallaton and Paimida before noticing that some of his charges have broken away in terror from the dragons. "Aww shit.." He mutters, and a string of curses follows that would make the hardiest of sailors blush. Without any thought for the rest of his flock he waves his stick around like a madman and goes charging after the ovines that are headed right for the main hall.

Paimida nods to Lisle and calls out a "Herd 'em that way!" motioning with her arm that's wieling the stick. "an' in with the runners!" Offering the weyrwoman a quick smile she offers a quieter but still rough "Thank ye, Miss." Then the dozen break through Ponce and she curses "Ponce ya shardin' Dim Glow!" And follows after. "Keep the rest goin'!" is called back once to the rest of the herders.

The weyrwoman quickly jumps out of the way, spilling her food as she does as the ovines go charging past her into the living caverns. Her eyes go wide as she watches them, in shock for a moment before calling into the living caverns, "Make a barricade from the lower caverns and the kitchen.." She yells out, in a voice one might not thing the petite woman capable of. She starts to head into the living cavern, staying along the wall.

Ista Weyr: Living Caverns(#9756RJ)
Large enough to house the entirity of the weyr's population at one time, the cavern set aside to house the very heart of the weyr's life is a grandoise, somewhat circular affair, filled with rows of long tables. Bustling and busy, it is a rare moment indeed when there is not someone at work or leisure in here; the long trestle table by the kitchens is perpetually filled with plates and trays of food, a pot of something always bubbling upon the mahogany hearth, ready to fill the belly of any hungry resident or rider. Although a high table is set aside for seating respected dignitaries on formal occasions, most of the tables here are not designated to any particular group— rather, all levels of Ista's population eat together, intermingled across the broad cavern.
Great tapestries have been flung down the walls, orange and black borders remarking upon Ista's heritage, the age-faded hangings depicting scenes of importance to the Weyr— the erruption of the volcano; the first clutch; the view from the star stones, over forest, dark beach, and glistening waves of blue. Propellor-like fans have been affixed to the ceiling in more modern times, cooling the cavern on the hottest of days. Passageways lead up the stairs to the kitchens, down a second flight of stairs to the lower caverns, and out into the expanse of the broad weyr bowl.

M'kan dodged a few ovines to get himself into the cavern, nearly tripping a few times before he peers and decidely doesn't ask what is going on. At this point, he side-swipes a few things and makes it to the serving table and stopping quickly before running into… something low-lying.

T'ren comes into the Living Cavern and he looks around, "What in the name of the first egg is going on around here?!" He dodges an ovine, "How in the name of the *#8121& ovines get in here?"

Ponce looks quite like the country bumpkin he is, his long dirty blond hair (made even worse looking by trail dust) is coming out of it's pony and his once black clothing is looking an indescribable shade of brown. He's still waving his stick around like a loony, chasing 12 terrified ovines through the crowded living caverns. Chairs are overturned and people currently dining and chatting are getting up and giving bewildered looks at the situation.

B'relle is close to T'ren's side. She's sporting her new knot on her shoulder and her baby on her hip. She steps out of the way of one and glances up at her weyrmate. "Love, Language." She scolds softly with a nod to the baby. "Who let them in here?"

Paimida runs in after Ponce, calling him quite a few names, at least it's under her breath at this point. She also is brandishing a stick but not exactly waving it wildly. Her clothis is also dust covered by this point from days on the road and she looks anything but respectable. "Ponce, you're jus' chasin them further!"

M'kan has trouble trying to get something to eat and decidely does his best to help with the herding but then again - this isn't his sort of job. He oofs when a squealing ovine nearly bowls the feet from under him. A glare and then he shooes them… um, with a plate! What a brilliant idea. Not.

Pallaton goes running after the ovines, stick still in hand, sliding to a stop and glaring this way and that, before chasing after one particularly wooly ovine as it makes an attempt to jump on a table, wrapping his arms around it. "Got one!" And over its wiggling body he glares at Ponce. "Sit down and shut up, you girly-boy. You're just making it worse."

T'ren looks over at B'relle, "I'm sorry love, come on. I know how to handle this. I need your help, give Torella to the nanny."

Lisle is standing in the doorway, looking a bit shocked but her voice at least partially carried into the caverns calling for help in blockading the lower caverns and kitchens from the stampede. She does her best to stay out of her way of the herders as they try to get some semblence of order back to the herd. Definatly an odd day for the Weyrwoman. First conclave then come home to find her weyr taken over by Ovines!

B'relle gives the child a quick hug before handing her to the nanny that came down to eat now that she thought she was off for the day. "Alright, love." She says turning back to him and slipping her hand into to his.

T'ren goes around back through the infirmary and into the lower cavern then into the living cavern. He picked up some bed pans and is banging them together, "Go on, get out of here." He's trying to drive them out into the bowl.

Speculating the situation, M'kan gives a shrug after a time of waving his plate and cleans it off. At this point, he does his best to avoid them. The banging, he notes, might work. He glances over and then up, noting his trio of lizards squawking loudly at the ovine.

Ponce can always find the time to argue with Pallaton and his face goes positively red under it's layer of dirt as he shouts back across the cavern at full volume. "I said I didn' even wanna help herd th' ovines but no! You wouldn' jus let me come along!" Of course the gangly teen should have been paying more attention to where he was heading, and he trips head over heals over a chair and lands on his face, his stick broken beneath him.

B'relle has a set of bedpans as well and is helping to make quite a frightening racket, she moves over to the other side so they will run towards the door and not off to one side. Torella starts crying in the nanny's arms and B'relle bite her lip as she continues.

Pallaton continues to hold onto the ovine as the animal bleats loudly, practically sitting on the beast as he turns to stare at Ponce. "'tisn't that hard. 'xcept you can't do anything. Ya're mama's boy, and ya're useless. Canna even walk wifout fallin'.." And he shakes his head, moving to drag the beast out towards the exit.

Paimida leaps to the side as an outgoing ovine nearly tramples her. By now some of the others who managed to take the rest of the flock to the pen have arrived and are keeping the woolies who get back outside under control. Ponce gets an eyeroll from the girl before she grabs an ovine who had a weyr resident pinned into a corner it was trying to hide in. Taking the head in her hands she drags it out and with a swat sends it outside.

M'kan observes as a young woman is sent up a table and he swats away the ovine, shooing it with the plate (again). He manages to get it away from the residents - that is not before he is head-butted in the derriere by another. Nearly toppling over, he grabs a table and turns about pushing said rascal out of the way. He glowers, mumbling, "What is with these things?

T'ren continues to hit the bedpans together as he tries to help drive away the ovine by making as much racket as possible. "Go on, get out of here, go back to the pasture. Lots of nice grass there."

B'relle continues to bang the bedpans together as well, wincing as Torella's crys are occasionally heard over the racket of the bedpans, people, and ovines. She snakes one long arm out and gives an ovine veering away from the door a shove back to join the rest heading towards the door.

Ponce utters another round of curses as he drags himself back to his feet and observes his broken stick. By now the racket in the cavern has reached a new high and it looks as if a storm has gone through. He reaches for the nearest weapon…a bowl and clobbers the nearest ovine with it to stop it from chewing on a sobbing girl's dress. As he grabs the dazed beast and hauls it to the exit he shouts back to Paimida, since she's closer to him at the moment. "I saw tha' eyeroll missy! I wouldn' be makkin fun 'o me, I'm not th' one who's uncle /herds goats/!" He shouts triumphantly as he lets the herder at the enterance take the woolie from him.

Pallaton turns to glare at Ponce, then, kicking at another of the stupid wooly beasties yelling at Ponce, "Shaddup, Ponce! At least /she/ has some sense in dat head of hers. Unlike you, ya lazy, day dreaming.." And he trails off, grabbing an ear of a bleating sheep and dragging it away from someone's dinner. Or what's left of it. "Ya're the disgrace to ya're own father, too. That's just her uncle.."

At the noise of bedpans and clanging pots, Lisle draws her hands to her ears and moves around to the head of the cavern working her way along the wall. Ovines are not her thing and she just as soon not get trampled by them. Outside her dragon is working at ensuring that none are taken for meals by any hungry dragons, lets just hope no green flies right now. She looks at the trio of argueing herders with curiosity but stays out of their way for now.

T'ren looks over at Pallaton and Ponce, "Stop fighting now and help get these ovines out of here now. If I hear another peep towards each other I'll take you both over my knee and neither of you will sit for a month."

Paimida actually blushes somewhat under all that dust at the mention of the goat-herdering uncle. Ponce just /had/ to bring that up, he's so mean! But the girl just ignores the other as she glances around, counting out five sheep left. "Pal, get the one behind ye!" And she crawls under a table that has been moving itself aroudn the caverns a bit, trying to get the ovine unstuck from beneath it with a few mighty curses muttered.

B'relle pauses banging the bedpans long enough to wave the nanny back outside. She spots one ovineheaded towards the main food table and heads it off quickly, using the noise of the bedpans to herd it back towards one of the herders.

Ponce storms over to Pallaton, mouth open and ready to throw out another insult, but is cut off by a trampling ovine, and is later discouraged when he hears the older man threaten him. Pon doesn't much care for getting beaten, his relatives have done that enough to him that he hears the honesty in the rider's voice and settles on scowling at Pallaton as he uses his bowl to usher the ovine out the doors.

Pallaton now gets to glare at T'ren. "What'n Faranth's name does it look'n like we're doing? Eatin cake?" Turning around, he bends and attempts to scoop it up, beast kicking its legs and noisily protesting such treatment as he heads towards the exit. "And'n if ya thought s'much as ta lay a hand on us, I'd say our family'd have ya on trial. Ya canna tell us what ta do.." And just because Ponce doesn't confront him now doesn't mean the older boy won't deal with the wimp later.

M'kan comes about and does his best not to be trampled. At this point, he observes and does his best not to laugh. What is there to laugh about? Nothing too much except one person or another is getting ovine-tracks over their face. It takes him a few more moments before he finds himself a 'safe-haven'.

T'ren looks over to Pallaton and he points to his knot, "This says I can. So get moving." He continues to try to herd the ovines out, "Go on get going!"

Paimida finally emerges from under the table, dragging the poor ovine behind her by the head. It's the best way to hold onto them and move them, really. "Come on, git outta there!" Finally it scrambles free from the crossbeam and she lets it go and scamper right out the exit. And that's the last of them as Pal and Ponce also get theirs out. Glancing around she places her hands on her hips and then just… sighs. "Pa's gonna flay meh for this." But at least the animals are out and the other herders taking them to the pen to join the others.

Lisle finally takes a deep breath and moves to stand up on a table, that is about the only way she will be seen or heard over this mess. "Everyone just let the herders do their business, they will know far well than us how to clear these creatures. Just stand in the entrances to the lower caverns so they do not go any further down." She calls out, her voice barely making it above the noise in the room. A petite young looking woman, she hardly looks the ideal of a Weyrwoman.

B'relle says "HEY!! Some help over here!" B'relle calls, in the loudest voice anyone (except maybe T'ren) has ever heard her use. SHe's stopped banging the bedpans together, but still holds them in her out streatches hands as she attempts to head off two different ovines dead set on the food at the main buffet table."

M'kan takes in the sights once more and grins slightly. "What'll they say 'bout this….?" He is heard mumbling to himself as he dodges out of the way and finally gets himself something to eat. Nonchalantly, and as if nothing happened, he settles his plate onto a table and gets into eat. Melding into the background, he doesn't say anything much else.

T'ren looks over at Lisle and nods as he puts down the bed pands and uses his hands to help B'relle push away the ovines.

Pallaton doesn't even bother to response to T'ren, its not worth it, after all, and its much more satisfying to ignore him. Though the most satisfying reaction of all is also foregone - No reason to get punched. As the last of the beasts leave, he turns to duck his head at Lisle. "M'apologies, ma'am… I di'nt think Ponce-here was as bad as he is.."

Ponce carefully sidesteps a broken table laying on its side, and watches as the last of the ovines get pushed out. He holds the now chipped bowl in his hands and thinks M'kan had the right idea…but looking around at the disaray of the cavern he has a feeling a meal will not be soon in coming. Hearing his name called the boy turns back to his older relative and is about start laying into him again at the insult when he looks at T'ren and thinks better of it. Instead he falls back to his usual muttering and waits.

B'relle sighs with relief as the last of the ovines leave. She makes her way to T'ren's side and hands him the bedpans she was using. "Put these away from me, love?" She asks sweetly. "I've got to see if I can quiet the baby."

T'ren helps get the last of the ovines out and he shakes his head, "What a mess?" He looks over at B'relle, "Let's go see how Torella is doing." He nods as he gets the bedpans to put them back in the infirmary.

Paimida sighs slightly and walks over to lisle as well, giving a slight bow which is just more than a duck of her head and all. "Sorry fer the trouble, Miss, and meh talkin' to ya earlier. Me an' these two will help ta straigtin' an' anythin else ye ask."

Her hands rise to her hips as she watches the cavern clear out and lets out a deep sigh before clambering down from the table with a nearby rider's help. She looks about the cavern and just shakes her head. "Well lets get this mess cleaned up people." She looks around to a couple deposits of sheep manure, "And get the gardener in here, tell him we got some fertlizer for him." She calls out to a drudge. She joins in herself with the clean up effort, getting chairs upturned until she hears the voice of Paimida and turns to face the beastcrafter. She gives the woman a tired smile, "Its alright, these things happen…" Ok, perhaps not often in a weyr, but.." Well once you get them all settled, come on back and here and get yourselves fed and I will get the Headwoman to arrange some bedding for you." She looks out to the bowl. "Do y'all need temporary or permenent lodgement?"

Pallaton glances over at the others, shuffling his feet even a bit nervously. "Uh, permanent for us, ma'am.. though the others are going back. We're to learn things." Though, the reason and goal for each is different, certainly.

B'relle returns to the cavern with the baby in a sling in front of her. She is bouncing Torella slightly and shhhing softly. There are tear tracks down Torella's little face, but she's not crying any more. "Let's go find, daddy." She tells the baby as she weaves her way through the crowd towards T'ren.

T'ren comes back from the infirmary and he moves towards B'relle, "How is my little girl doing?"

Ponce nods earnestly to the weyrwoman. "I'm here t' learn about weavin.." He mumbles softly. His choice of profession has gotten him picked on and beaten by his older and stronger relatives on more than one occasion.

B'relle rubs the baby's back as she bounces. "Scared, but calming down now that mommy's got her." She assures her weyrmate before continueing to the child herself. "Aren't you sweetie?" She looks back up to her weyrmate. "If you'll help me put her on my back, we can get started cleaning up?"

Another herder runs back in and mumbles something to Pai before darting out again, too many people for the younger looking boy. Paimida nods and then offers the Weyrwoman a smile. "The other's got 'em settled. Us three'll be stayin ta learn crafts. If'n you don't mind Ah best be checkin on one o' the beats, she's come up lame."

Lisle smiles over to Ponce, brows raising in approval of his chosen profession. "Well we have some fine Weavers about the place, many were my teachers before Umniyath chose a different profession for me. I am sure you will learn a lot here." She offers to the lad, only a turn younger than she. She looks around to the group and nods, "Well we have craft barracks in the lower cavern and down by the beach. The beach barracks are mostly favoured by the seacrafters and dolphineers, but there are spaces for a few more I am sure. "

Pallaton wrinkles up his nose quickly, shaking his head. "I ain't gonna sleep by no water, ma'am. Might'n carry me away." Though the reason he thinks that is hidden, and he glances around him. "I'll, uh, be helping Pai here, and then whatever else.." And all the while he edges towards the exit, hoping to escape without further problems.

T'ren nods, "That's good." He kisses Torella, "Sorry daddy had to make so much noice."

Paimida gives another not to Lisle "Thank ye kindly." And the beasthealer in her gets the best of her and she sort of darts out as well.

B'relle slips out of the sling and moves and flips the straps around. Then she slips it onto her back So Torella is looking away from B'relle. Once the baby is settled, B'relle walks over to the nearest overturned table. "Love, come help me get this upright?" She calls as she bends to lift the table.

Ponce nods mutely to the weyrwoman, his courage deserting him now with the ovines gone and surrounded by so many strangers. "Thank'yeh for yer kindness." He offers simply and follows her directions to the crafter's barracks, desperate to clean his clothes and get the dust out of his hair.

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