Visiting the Weyrlings

Ista Weyr - Training Grounds

With days having already passed, and the young dragons already starting to put on noticeable growth, L'ton seems to have finally decided that its time to wander down towards the weyrling barracks and their fields, Dhonzayth content to perch on an overhead ledge to watch his lifemate down below, as the bronzerider chats with the new bluerider P'tah. "Ah told ya ya'd be find, Pey… Ah can't believe ya were so worried." But then it seems that the bluerider has a problem of his own to deal with, for his blue is suddenly bolting for the barracks, with P'tah just a few steps behind, as if being drug along by an invisible string.

Jaye comes stumbling out of the barracks after Vaeonath, struggling to keep pace with the dragonet's ungainly but surprisingly quick clip. "Slow down, we'll trip!" Long-legged or no, a dragon so much larger than she is a little difficult to keep pace with. "And don't forget what happened last time you fell, I swear there's a bruise - P'tah, watch out!" It's more of a warning than an admonition, and she sighs deeply as Vaeonath manages to veer away from the bolting blue and rider. "You shouldn't be in such a hurry …" Vaeonath just moseys out onto the grounds without regard for this particular piece of advice, content to stretch as she roams. "Mercy me."

A little further on the field, D'son seems to be keeping up a constant patter of conversation. "Uh huh, yes, that's a blade of grass, yes. And that's a trundlebug. No a bug." Pause. "No they're too small for you to eat and I don't think they taste very good." He blows out a long puff of air and lifts a hand to run through his hair, only it's gone. No more long shaggy bangs. Hello face of Dels. Inimeth warbles brightly, looking over his shoulder as the blue takes off and then warbles again, very happily as Vaeonath appears. D'son reaches over to run a hand over the bronze dragonet's muzzle gently. "Easy, easy," he mumbles to him as he also spots L'ton and his shoulders hunch just a little. Uncertain.

L'ton can't do much besides stare in horror as P'tah and his blue are headed straight for Jaye and her Vaeonath, and he's opening his mouth to once again warn her just as she manages to steer out of the way. "Shards, what are ya'll feeding them?" He lifts his voice in Jaye's direction, shaking his head some before meandering further across the field and towards D'son, a hand lifted with a grin. Nope, no work being dolled out by this bronzerider - not til the distant future when they eventually graduate. "Problems, hm?" He jokes good-naturedly to the younger bronze's rider.

Vaeonath seems for the most part unperturbed by her near run-in with her smaller clutchsib - she's shuffling around the grounds, digging her claws into the grass as she shoves her snout into anything that looks particularly fascinating. Unfortunately this includes the dirt, and when she resurfaces it's with a noisy snort and a full-body shiver. She warbles cheerily in return to Inimeth, waddling in his direction as he nears. "Entirely too much, apparently," Jaye muses, giving D'son a grin and a wave as she meanders towards L'ton. She runs a hand through her still curly hair - no one's come at her with any shears yet, evidently - and affectionately adds, "They're getting to damn big for my tastes already."

"Huh? Uh —" D'son straightens a little at L'ton's approach. "Um no sir. No trouble, sir. Just uh —" he breaks off as Inimeth trots over towards Vaeonath and reaches out a nose towards her in friendly greeting. He dips his head down next and nudges a pebble into Vaeonath's view as if saying 'hey look at this', which he probably is. Dels musters manners and waves towards Jaye, a hint of a smile picking its way across his face. "Heya. And uh - yeah. Seems like every day there's more of him to oil," a jerk of the Weyrling's chin towards Inimeth.

"Ah told ya ya should have gone fer a lil'green, Jaye-dear." L'ton comments idly, staring at the gold as she suddenly pops back up, covered with mud, and then as Inimeth offers a pebble. Blinking a few times, he just shakes his head again, before grinning. "Just make sure y'all two feed 'em well, and keep 'em happy. Y'all have potential, with them dragons." Not that he's partial to bronze and goldriders or anything, really. "Ah mean, y'all could be leaders, some day, if'n yer lucky." Or, perhaps, unlucky. It seems, though, that Dhonzayth has had enough of peering from a distance, for now its time to examine them upclose, and he's gliding to the grounds to land as close to the little ones as he dares.

"Ah, Vae," Jaye mutters, pressing a hand to her forehead. "I just washed her and now she's got a noseful of mud. Don't eat that," she adds loudly, furrowing her brows as Vaeonath sneaks out the tip of her tongue to examine the rock. "Vaeonath, it's not for food!" The gold licks it anyway, chuffing her distaste. Jaye for her part just sighs and stretches, running a hand through her hair. "Seems like they're twice as big as they were when you fell asleep, eh? But at least they sleep, I don't think I could get her to sit still long enough to be oiled otherwise." She tweaks a curl, pulling a face at L'ton. "Some of us have a little less say in the matter."

"Um - sorry, Inimeth's kind of um … egging her on. Wait no, that's not right - they're sharing," D'son babbles a little, looking a trifle nervous and then he's blinking, round-eyed at L'ton. "Uh — y'think so, sir?" He looks less than convinced about the elder bronzerider's claim. "Guess for now it's just enough to think about oiling and feeding and trying to sleep when they're not —" he breaks off and focuses on Inimeth. "Don't you eat the /bugs/ either!"

Dhonzayth snorts loudly at the antics of the two, ducking his head to peer at them from their own level, seemingly quite amused. Of course, he likely makes matters worse when he's nudging a slightly larger, different colored rock in Vaeonath's direction as in, 'here, I'm sure this one tastes better'. L'ton simply nods at D'son with a grin. "Aye, unless ya manage ta get it in Inimeth's head that senior's are scary." Takes practice, that one. Absently tugging on one of Jaye's curls, he shakes his head. "Before ya know it, they'll be all grown up."

"Incorrigible," Jaye huffs, though it's hard to tell just who she's directing it towards. "If she tries to eat one of those, I blame the three of you. Those are not food," she adds in a yelp, and Vaeonath tips her head to fix her with a curious look before turning her attention towards the rock Dhonzayth has nudged towards her. She scrabbles to pull it a little closer so Inimeth can get a good look, and then the tip of her long pink tongue comes sneaking out again. Jaye has either given up or missed it and gives L'ton a wry grin. "Don't remind me, I don't want to think about it yet."

"He's not telling her to eat them," D'son protests, eyes a little wide on Jaye. Inimeth continues to watch the bug for a moment, then turns his attention towards the rock Dhonzayth provides, eyes whirling happily blue with little flecks of orangey-yellow excitement. "Uh — seniors are scary?" Dels stares at L'ton for a second, looks over at his currently-small bronze, back at the older rider. "I uh — hadn't thought about doing that, sir. Frankly."

Dhonzayth seems quite amused that the gold dragonet is intrigued by the rock, rumbling rather cheerfully as she licks it. And then another rock is pushed at Inimeth, to see if the bronze will have a similar reaction. Oh, aren't babies fun? L'ton rolls his eyes. "Ah doubt she'd actually eat it. Maybe chew on it a bit, but." He grins and then shakes his head. "Ya should be keeping it in yer head, so that ya have something ta look forward ta. Ah mean, first ya'll get ta stop cutting their meat. Then ya'll get ta watch 'em fly. And then fly with 'em. And then learn 'bout betweening. And then at least Vaeonath'll eventually go up." Gaze flicks back to the young gold, and her young bronze counterpart, and he just smiles slightly.

Jaye gives L'ton a little push.. "They're not that scary," she says to D'sen. "They just don't take any gumption from him." She fixes her eyes on Vaeonath again, watching as the gold gives up her taste test in favor of rolling the rock around a bit and trying to pretend she's not a little pink in the face. "Quite a while before any of that happens. No need to get ahead of yourself there, weyrsecond."

Inimeth doesn't seem inclined to taste-test the rocks, instead he rolls it around a little, examines it from every angle then nudges it towards Vaeonath to look at too. D'son scrubs a hand over his shorn pate again and grimaces at the lack of hair, fingers sort of ghosting a half inch above where there's nothing to grasp. "Uhhh - yeah, what Jaye said," is what Dels finally settles on. "That's a long way off!" Apparently all that growing up isn't something D'son's in a hurry to get to either. "Though, flying, flying will be cool, right?" A curious look forwarded to the weyrsecond.

"They are too.." L'ton quickly respond to Jaye, trying to catch her wrist when she pushes him a little, shaking his head. "Though, its ta early fer ya ta start pushing me around ta, gold dragon or not." Though, he's still grinning, and then glancing back at D'son in time to spy him rubbing at his lack-of-hair. "And ya can look forward ta not having to get rid of it all." A point which L'ton rubs in by ruffling his own messy hair with a smirk. Dhonzayth seems rather disappointed as the little bronze simply examines the rock visually, and settles on giving the gifts directly to Vaeonath instead.

Vaeonath appears to have amassed a small army of rocks, and trills in delight as another rolls near. She chuffs at Inimeth and peers curiously up at Dhonzayth, pausing for a moment as if slightly boggled by the size of him. Jaye just grins as L'ton catches her wrist, rolling her eyes a little. "It's never too early, in my estimation." She twirls a curl around one of the fingers of her free hand, tugging lightly as she eyes D'son's shorn hair suspiciously. "Flying'll be flying," she muses, sounding a little nervous at the thought. "Means they'll be able to eat their fill without us having to chop it up, though."

There's a little warble of expectation when Inimeth isn't sent a rock this time, eyes lifting curiously towards Dhonzayth, but then there's all of Vaeonath's to look at anyway. Next moment he's fixing the elder bronze with a close look like he's literally sizing him up. "Yeah. No more chopping'll be good and … I dunno, might be good to keep it short," D'son states, perhaps surprisingly. He stops messing with his hair and stuffs his hands in his pockets. "I like flying. With my parents. When I've gone. Bet it's better with /them/ though," another chin-jerk towards the baby dragons.

"Ah bet that Jaye'll scream the first time she flies fer herself." L'ton teases the young woman, giving her wrist a squeeze before letting go, though he does risk a tug on a curl for good measure. Glancing back at D'son, he shakes his head. "Ah never got used ta it. First thing Ah got back, and Ah'm glad Ah did." With a rather amused nod, L'ton nods hurriedly. "And ya get ta do more things then ta. And Ah'll be able ta collect on my drink." Gaze narrows at Jaye, before a warble from Dhonzayth has his attention back on the dragons, just in time to see the larger bronze give Inimeth a nudge as he's sized up. Boo? The gold is given a lighter nudge, but a nudge nevertheless, in turn, Dhonzayth quite amused as a result.

"I don't pretend I won't," Jaye admits wryly, shaking her hair out a bit and sticking the tip of her tongue out at L'ton. Candidacy, apparently, did not instill in her a greater respect for authority. "Glad you're looking forward to it at least," she adds to D'son. "I've never been keen on heights, but yeah, I imagine you'll enjoy it a lot more with Inimeth. Vae'll have to tolerate me." She bounces on her heels a bit, watching the ungaingly gold teeter a little and let out a surprised yip under Dhonzayth's investigation. "Can I charge interest on those drinks, by the by?"

[DTU/Project] Vaeonath and Dhonzayth sense that Inimeth turns his attention to Dhonzayth, hints of lavendar scenting his sending as his clear young baritone lifts to ask a question: « What is flying like? » A moment later, the thought staggers to a halt as Dhonzayth nudges him and his feet wobble to keep balance. « I take it back Vaeonath. More like a million trundlebugs! He is /big/! »

D'son's gaze sliiiides back and forth between Jaye and L'ton as he finally picks up the flirty undercurrent there and his brows hike up a little bit. "Uh — well mostly I like being able to see, sir," Dels explains. "It was too long," he finally concedes with a hint of color in his cheeks and then his head is swinging around as he catches Dhonzayth nudging the babies. "Heyyyy …." he protests on behalf of Inimeth though said bronze seems to be mostly holding his own, feet doing a rapid shuffle but he doesn't fall over. "And um, yeah. I don't mind heights."

[DTU/Project] Vaeonath and Inimeth sense that Dhonzayth's mind is a glitter with sparkling quartz and ribbons of silicates, flashing light to and fro with his amusement. « Flying is like falling. Without the hurt. » And to try and illustrate his point, the bronze gives another nudge, mentally and physically, while the weyrling's comment sends ripples of fool's gold through his thoughts.

[DTU/Project] Inimeth and Dhonzayth sense that Vaeonath's excitement echoes the occasional shrill nervousness of her rider - her thoughts nearly vibrate, flighty as a hummingbird. « One million, » she trills, delighted. « One million trundlebugs! I wonder if anyone is as many trundlebugs as you? » She mulls over his response, her thoughts trailing into muted paisley whorls of green and blue. « I feel today, » she announces matter of factly. « It did not feel like flying. »

L'ton arches an eyebrow at Jaye for just a moment, before shaking his head and clearing his throat. "Ah dunno, yer the one that had ta go Impress, instead of having them with me after the hatching. Not that Vaeonath isn't a doll." He nods at the dusty gold, for a moment, before he grins at D'son. "Well, tis up ta ya. But, Ah think women like the rugged look." Now he's winking at D'son, simply letting Dhonzayth do his thing - after all, a simple reprimand isn't going to stop his fun.

"I can't be blamed if I prefer Vaeonath to wine," Jaye retorts, planting a hand on her hip and, evidently, not realizing the need to take down her overly jovial nature a peg or two. "I just thought I'd ask, I can't help if I've put it off." She twirls a curl around her finger, grinning sheepishly at D'son and offers as an explanation, "I was supposed to get a drink for my troubles if I got left standing. I thought I had better odds on the drink, at the time." She tugs her hair again, watching Vaeonath and Inimeth wobble under Dhonzayth's investigation. "Silly things. I can't say I look forward to flying, but I'm sure Vae'll be alright enough for the pair of us."

[DTU/Project] Dhonzayth and Vaeonath sense that Inimeth considers this feeling that Dhonzayth is sharing and the purple in his mind shades electric, the scent of lavendar more pungent. « Ohhhhhh ». No words just now, just that. « So the part of falling where you don't hit the ground at the end, » he surmises and tries to make that flip flopping tummy feeling go on and on in his imagination, sharing with both other dragons.

[DTU/Project] Inimeth and Vaeonath sense that Dhonzayth continues to have a certain sheen of amusement to his mind, golds and silvers overcoming the more neutral tones. « Merkabath is bigger. You will see her. You will be as big as I am, one day, little things. » As the young minds continue to ponder his explanation, « There is no hurt. There is no ground. But the wind is all around you. » And then it seems that Inimeth has grasped the concept, and Dhonzayth is happy enough to pass along a few snippets of flying that he'd tucked away in L'ton'd mind for further use.

Again that look between the two and D'son's shoulders hunch forward a little, then shrug upwards practically hitting his chin in response to that wink of L'ton's. There might be a muttered under the breath remark about 'one girl' and 'liking' and then he's clearing his throat and moving right along. "Oh. Huh. Well I hope you still get that drink," D'son replies. "When we can again."

"Well, maybe ya can be." L'ton arches an eyebrow, before shaking his head. "Ah know, ya just didn't wanna put up with meh anymore, so ya decided that ya'd Impress, and ya'd have an easy way out of our drink." Though, its clear that he's teasing, even as he turns to D'son, with a tilt of his head. "Maybe Ah'll take D'son here fer a drink instead. Teach him how ta be a good bronzerider." Of course, as soon as there's mutterings of a girl, L'ton's interest is truly caught, and he's grinning more broadly. "O'course, maybe he's already got it in him, huh?" Dhonzayth holds back on his attacks for now, though he settles rather awkwardly on his hide legs, wings spread for balance.

Jaye stretches, arms above her head and eyes fixed on Vaeonath as the gold lets out a thoughtful warble. "I'm never one to turn down free wine," she teases. "Even if it comes from you." She quirks an eyebrow at D'son briefly but doesn't pry, instead offering, "L'ton's a terrible influence, in my estimation." She winks. "His advice is best left unfollowed. I'm sure you'll do fine on your own."

Scarlet starts to creep up D'son's cheeks and he clears his throat a few more times. "If you mean, playing the field sir, I'm not really interested, thanks," Dels says, pulling his shoulders up and back a little. Hey look. Spine. "Though I'll happily take a drink since I'll finally be /old enough/ when we get into the wings." There his tone turns rueful and he scrubs at his face. "There's something almost unfair about being a seven short of the liquor age and then Impressing," he groans out and then eyeballs Inimeth who is streeeeetching out his wings like he could fly already.

"Wine it is for Jaye, then." L'ton shakes his head. "Maybe Ah'll even find something good, though Ah'm sure anything'll taste good after months without." And then he's chuckling at Delson, shaking his head. "Nah, that ain't fer everyone. Besides, if'n Ah told ya how ta do that, there'd be no one left fer me. Ah just meant how ta make sure that ya get what ya should, as a bronzerider. And ways ta excuse yerself real fast after a flight, when ya realize yer lying there with some old man greenrider." Hurray for personal experience. "Ah have ta say, that is shardin' bad." Dhonzayth snorts at the little bronze as wings are spread, moving his just enough to cause a breeze.

[DTU/Project] Inimeth and Dhonzayth sense that Vaeonath seems to be too much of a literalist, presently, to quite grasp the concept. Whisps of pale blue follow her thoughts, and she stubbornly replies, « There is always the ground. How do we get up? How do we come down? Do we fall? Does that hurt? »

"Best be something that fits a junior weyrwoman," Jaye replies teasingly. "Though you're likely right, I'm sure I won't notice the difference." She wrinkles her nose a bit as he imparts his wisdom to D'son. "You're a font of much-needed wisdom, L'ton. I can't imagine how I could've gone through life without that visual. Told you so, D'son."

[DTU/Project] Dhonzayth and Vaeonath sense that Inimeth has no answers for the gold, caught up in the success of his imagination and what the older bronze shares, but then he's clamoring for answers too, echoing Vaeonath's questions. « How do we get up? How do we keep going? What does it look like from up there? »

[DTU/Project] Inimeth and Vaeonath sense that Dhonzayth seems quite amused by the ignorance of the little ones, apparently having completely forgotten that he was once just like them. « You do have wings. Wings will take you up. Wings and winds keep you going. Wings bring you down. You will fall, at first. It can hurt. » And then he's digging for further memories, supplying some of the weyr bowl from above for their benefit.

Open the mouth, shut the mouth. Open the mouth, shut the mouth. D'son's shoulders are hunching again and he shoots Jaye a mortified look. "Uh —" because what else can you really say to that anyway? And finally: "Maybe he won't catch much." Foot. Scuff dirt. Scuff dirt lots.

L'ton is more amused at the reactions of the weyrlings than anything else, as his chuckle turns into full out laughter as D'son looks simply mortified, and Jaye isn't far behind. "Any time, Jaye-dear. Any time. Ya know ya'll have ta watch out fer that too." Good luck for either of them getting any sleep tonight, without that image popping into their dreams. "At least ya'll get a drink, hm?" That seems to be the basis of it all, whether or not any conversation actually happens. Of course, he'll have to be held to it in a turn, when the restrictions are lifted.

Jaye grins faintly at L'ton. "I imagine the likelihood is far smaller for me than for you or Dels. Thankfully." She furrows her brows a bit and stretches again, watching Vaeonath spread her wings and wobble curiously from side to side. "Too far off to be bothering with that much, at any rate."

[DTU/Project] Vaeonath and Dhonzayth sense that Inimeth is quite captivated by what Dhonzayth shares, looking and looking and fancifully repainting some bits, putting the things he knows, rocks and grass and bugs and weyrlings into the picture. And then he wobbles to the side in both the physical and mental worlds and this time he crashes right over.

Boom. Down goes Inimeth trying to 'fly' and D'son's immediately distracted, rubbing at his own arm. "Ow!' he blurts out and rushes over to the bronze, checking his foreleg and the edge of his wing. "Oh shells." Anything about flights or drinking or all that stuff that's coming down the pike in a few months, turns whatever, goes right out of Dels' head. "Shoot, c'mon you, lets go back to the Barrack and ask C'nor to check you out," says an again, mortified Weyrling. "Uh — sir," he salutes L'ton this time and waves to Jaye. "See you later, Jaye. Vaeonath" And off he goes with Inimeth letting out the odd little creel now and then and leaning against his weyrling.

[DTU/Project] Inimeth and Dhonzayth sense that Vaeonath starts visibly and mentally as Inimeth takes his spill, sounding bewildered and a little confused at the prospect. « Inimeth! He fell! He fell on the ground! » She says it as if it proves some point of hers. « It hurt! Is that what it is, then, to fly? »

"Ya hope." And as the words are leaving L'ton's mouth, suddenly Inimeth is going over, and the Weyrsecond is left staring. At least though the weyrling has some sense, and ushers himself and his lifemate back towards the barracks, L'ton blinking for a second before nodding in acknowledgement of the salute. As they disappear, he's left to turn his gaze back on Jaye, still rather surprised by the sudden fall.

[DTU/Project] Vaeonath senses that Dhonzayth is slightly worried, though still amused. « That is not to fly. To fly is to fall without the ground. You will both learn. You will both learn in time. »

"Oh!" Jaye jumps as Vaeonath does, watching D'son and Inimeth go and biting her lip a little as she watches her dragonet. The hatchling digs her claws into the ground, tucking her wings back behind her again as she peeks up at Dhonzayth with wary orange eyes. Jaye chews her bottom lip a bit, keeping a close eye on the gold - she seems startled, more surprised than anything. "Silly thing," she mumbles, wringing her hands a little as she starts towards Vaeonath. "C'mon, I wanna check on her."

[DTU/Project] Dhonzayth senses that Vaeonath digs her claws into the ground, her voice as rich and earthy and solid as the land she's digging into. « I like the ground now, » she says firmly. « How can you be sure we will not fall into it? It is nice to hold. It is not nice to fall there. »

Dhonzayth is quite startled as the gold peeks up at him with wary orange eyes, and he's crouching down and stretching out, to avoid seeming monstrously huge, moving his muzzle to gently whuffle her. L'ton is a bit wary himself, though as Jaye starts towards her, he's quick to follow, just in case. After all, he wasn't able to save her on the Sands from that brown, at least he'll be there now.

Vaeonath seems to sway a little as the far bigger bronze whuffs, stretching out further and tilting her head a little as Jaye begins to approach. She extends her neck as Jaye reaches out, accepting a reassuring rub on one stout headknob. "Inimeth just took a spill," she offers helpfully. "He'll be alright, same as you were after this morning." And there Jaye bumps her hand lightly under Vaeonath's chin. The gold seems to relax a little, pressing to the ground again and snaking her nose curiously towards L'ton's boots. "She took a tumble this morning, right into the couch," Jaye explains with a sigh, rubbing her chin. "I think she's got a bit of a bruise. Scared the mess out of her, I thought I was going to have a fit with worry."

Dhonzayth's whuffle is cut short, as it seems to only bother Vaeonath more not reassure her that he's not about to hurt her. And so the bronze just waits patiently, flattened as low to the ground as he can be. "Aww, Ah know how the first few sevendays can be. And, there'll be times when stuff is rough, but y'all manage. Ah'd grab a pot of numbweed ta keep fer yerself, if ya haven't already." And then he's peering down at the gold, slowly bending his knees to crouch and offer her a hand.

"Sorry," Jaye offers sheepishly to Dhonzayth, trailing her fingers along the short ridges at the start of Vaeonath's neck. "She got a little overwhelmed, there." Vaeonath lets out what could be considered a pouty little snort, even as she crawls closer to inspect L'ton's hand. "I found one for her this morning, we'll keep it at her couch." She heaves a sigh, watching as the dragonet whuffs at L'ton's hand and stroking her hide reassuringly. "I feel a little overwhelmed myself. Never imagined it'd turn out like this." She gives Vaeonath a gentle, affectionate thump. "Beyond happy it did, but surprised all the same."

Dhonzayth doesn't seem all that bothered, in the end, instead turning his head to simply watch the little gold thing with one large, faceted eye, while L'ton crouches down the rest of the way to reach and gently scratch at the underside of Vaeonath's jaw with a soft chuckle. "Ah understand. Ah mean, Ah was real surprised ta. Ah was worried when that brown went after you," Too many brownriding girls as it is, darnit! "But, when Vaeonath went fer ya, Ah was so happy…" Though left hanging unsaid is that he was also slightly disappointed.

Jaye lets out a pleased little croon, relaxing further under L'ton's hand. She tilts her head a little so she can fix Jaye with one curiously whorling eye, and the weyrling just hums and keeps patting her hide. "I'm just glad that brown didn't hit me the way he'd intended." She pulls a face, leaning to touch the remains of a bruise on her shin. "And that Vaeonath was friend instead of foe." She leans to peck the top of a headknob, then smiles faintly at L'ton. "What'll y'do, eh? Certainly not how I anticipated spending the rest of my days. Can't imagine what I'd have done without her now, though."

L'ton continues to offer a variety of tender scratches to the gold, gently rubbig her neck as she relaxes further. "Yer a good girl.." He offers softly, before looking back to Jaye. "Ah was worried, til ya were back on yer feet." The spot where the bruise is receives an idle glance, before glancing back at her. "Ah ain't sure. Ah guess Ah have months and months ta figure that out, huh?" He teases, continues to pay Vaeonath attention. "Ah mean, its not like ya can give her back."

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