Post Hatching

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands(#3306RJM)
The Sable Sands, Ista's place for relaxation and entertainment in a child-free environment, stretches out before you. Once an old ground-access weyr, the place has been turned into a nightclub catering to riders and weryfolk alike. Dark shadows drift over booths that line one wall, the conversations and actions of the booths' occupents afforded some small sense of obscurity and privacy from the rest of the bar. Glossy black tables and chairs are scattered across the middle of the floor before the stage that sits opposite the main doors, while a long bar lines the opposite wall from the booths. The bar is a fine piece of furniture, its brass fittings shining bright and wood polished to a fine sheen. Brass-legged barstools covered in soft black leather are pulled up to its counter, often crowded as still other patrons push up to it to make their orders. Tropical plants fill in the corners, their huge pots set on rollers so they can be pulled outside during the day. A discrete sound system can be found recessed in the walls, piping either recorded or live music as the day dictates to every corner of the club.
A wide selection of wines, spirits and juices can be ordered from the barstaff, and a constant pot of klah is kept brewing. Towards the end of the bar, a large machine can be seen, its copper fittings gleaming in the light - a klappachino machine for those with more 'refined' tastes.

Evening at Ista, and there are a few people gathered inside the Sands themselves, but the majority of the patrons are outside on the patio, enjoying the nice weather. However, L'ton is not one of those, for he's settled in a booth out of the way, by himself, with a drink in hand. A drink which he swirls around absently, mixing the pale orange liquid and causing the ice cubes to click against each other as he does so, staring at it rather blankly.

The Sands is not a place oft frequented by Lisle unless dragged or coaxed here. Yet tonight here she is..alone, wading through the crowd on the patio, who are no doubt enjoying the sea breeze, to make it inside on the bar. She looks a bit out of sorts to those that may know her, brow furrowed a bit, hair loose about her shoulders and the damp ends trailing down her back when normally she wears her hair up in coiled braids or such. There have no doubt been some quiet mumblings of goings on between her and a candidate, a candidate and a 'rider', and several permeations thereof. Instead of ordering her regular juice or water she does order something alchoholic, A nice fruity cocktail with an umbrella, waiting at the bar until it is complete.

The Sands is truly a great place to people watch though, for someone who's got nothing in particular to do. And so, watching L'ton does, this time his gaze settling on the strangely attired Lisle, watching her progress through the establishment with a wrinkle of his forehead. But then, as it seems she's actually ordering a drink, he waits to catch her attention, sliding slightly further down the seat to pat the spot next to him, in an open invitation.

With drink in hand Lisle looks about the place for someplace to sit before she notes the beckoning of L'ton. There is a pause, before a touch of relief on her features. She takes a breath before walking over to the man and sliding down into the booth with him, "You look about how I feel.." She remarks with a half smile on her lips. Despite her current mood, Lisle has otherwise been more outgoing of late. Reports of her laughing along and enjoying herself at the hatching game, spending time on the company of the candidates instead of keeping to herself. Definately getting out more and whether it was just the right 'time' for her to finally pick herself up and move on, or whether those rumours have something to do with it…who is to tell.

L'ton actually gives Lisle a smile as she joins him, flipping a hand over to rest it palm up on the table as an offering. "Just got a lot ta think about, ya know?" He offers softly, before taking a sip. "Glad Ah ain't stuck entertaining any of them peoples, anymore. Though, Ah know those eggs are gonna hatch soon, and then Ah'll be busy again." The glass is returned to the table, before he's grinning a bit more. "How're ya holding up, Lis-dear? How's the ankle?"

Lisle looks down at the offered hand and raises her own hand up to rest upon it, closing her eyes briefly, as her other hand wraps around her cocktail glass. She nods at the first question. "Yeah..that I do as well. I did not want to do it in silence for once." She replies with a soft sigh as she opens her eyes once more and takes the first drink of the cocktail before setting it back to the table once more. "Ah yes..the parents and Craftmasters are starting to arrive. Ista Hall is putting up the Masters and visiting Lords and Ladies…the caverns are as prepared as usual for the rest." Yes that time when parents come up to Lisle and ask questions as if she had control over who the eggs impressed to. She tilts her head back against the booth, "Ah it is ok, just a little strain. The wrapped it up it but it already feels better…" Her voice trails off as if she wanted to say more to answer the question but turns her head to look at L'ton instead, "And is not oft I see you alone these days?"

L'ton folds his hand gently around hers, giving her a reassuring squeeze. "Ah hope everything's okay, lil'bit? Ah mean, Ah know Ah probably ain't the one ya're gonna wanna talk about it with, but ya know ya can, if'n ya need. As long as one of them parents don't steal meh first. Shards, Ah'd be happy ta pretend ta be talking with ya, just ta keep them away." He winks at that statement, though there's probably at least a shred of truth it in, for all the teasing tone in his voice. As she turns to look at it, he gives her a bit of a smile. "M'iken decided ta come here. Her and Meluth really like Ista, ta, so Ah think its a good thing. But, she's working on some leatherwork, so, Ah didn't wanna get in her hair."

There is at least a smile at his words of escaping and M'iken, laughing softly even if there is little to it, "I think that is an excellent idea. Surely people will not interupt a very important meeting of a Weyrsecond and the clutchmother." She smiles a bit at that. "Ah yes yes, living with a crafter. Whenever Andy was composing or practicing…I would work elsewhere. So things are working out well with her then?" She asks as she watches the rider at her side before her gaze shifts back down to their hands as she ponders how to answer the first question posed. "Everything is wonderful…and terrible." She finally says with a sigh as she tilts her head back once more. Her free hand drawing out a necklace from the neckline of her top. A gold and sapphire tear drop on a chain. "I have an admirer…"

"Well, Ah think it is. Ah mean, we have our ups and downs, but Ah mean, who doesn't?" L'ton shrugs a bit, giving her hand another bit of a squeeze. "Ah did promise one of the candidates though, that Ah'd show her parents 'round when they get here, if'n she can't after the Hatching. Guess her da is a historian, and would love ta see the wall of names." Oh, the things L'ton manages to volunteer himself for. At her words, he wrinkles up his nose. "Terrible ain't good, lovey." He offers, trying to cheer her up, though he arches an eyebrow at the appearance of the necklace, his other hand leaving the glass and reaching to touch it, should she not move away. And then he's staring at her, tilting his head. "Then, are ya really seeing that boy?"

Lisle nods to L'ton, "It is the downs that help us appreciate the ups…make us realize that we can cope with both." Lisle says softly of the matter of relationships as she listens to the talk on the parents. "Aye..some of the weaver crafters have been following me around. I was able to at least pass a couple to X'hil." She laughs a bit at that and looks down as L'ton reaches for the necklace around her neck and she swallows. Perhaps waiting for words of judgement. "I…he..yeah. He has been…I suppose you can say..chasing me before he was searched. I finally let myself be caught. I had forgotten what it was like…to be held by someone." She sighs softly and closes her eyes. "There are days..I wonder what in the name of Faranth I am doing…and other days where..I just want to give in completely..what is wrong with me?" Besides finally after nearly three turns finally opening herself up again?

"Shouldn't ya be happy ta show them weavers around though? Ah mean, as part of yer craft duties?" L'ton offers softly, still amused, and slightly teasing her. "Ta bad yer stuck on the Sands, Ah at least can beg off cause of a meeting somewhere else." L'ton doesn't say anything, simply listening to her words as his attention slips back down to the necklace, shaking his head with a soft sigh. "Ah just dun want ya ta get hurt, Lis. Tis all, if'n yer happy though.." And then he's dropping his hand from her necklace, and moving to mayhaps touch his fingers to her cheek as she sighs and closes her eyes. "There ain't nothing wrong, with enjoying someone's company Lisle." And then he's tilting his head. "But, ya said it t'was terrible.. what happened?"

"Some I do not mind…just..been a bit distracted of late." She explains and actually tilts her head to his shoulder as he touches her cheek, a faint smile drawing to her lips. She nods to his words as her fingers rise up to touch on the pendent. "I enjoy the time we are together…I feel…more alive then I have in turns since…you know. He makes me feel…desired and wanted. Alive. He reminds me of Andy sometimes…and yet…so different." There is a soft wistful tone to her voice. At the latter question she laughs a bit, "Rules…obligations…expectations. I ..and he are bound by them and have remained..faithful to them." And she is sitting here extremely 'frustrated' because of them, and that thought makes her suddenly blush, her skin becoming warm beneath his hand.

"Ah suppose Ah can understand that. Ah must say, there is a candidate who Ah've found quite intriguing, so Ah can't really say anything." As she tilts her head to his shoulder, he drops his hand from her face as she blushes, and moves to wrap it around her back gently, giving her a gentle hug. "Oh Lis, if'n its meant ta work out, it will. Maybe he won't Impress, or if'n he does, there's plenty of time afterwards. Ah mean, if'n he's a candidate, he ain't that old." He teases her gently, giving her another squeeze. And then he's tilting his head to watch her as she blushes, shaking his head. "What's got ya so red, lil'bit?"

"Oh I know all that in my head…and well my heart is rather divided. I am not sure if I love him or just …long for him." Lisle sighs at that odd distinction, "I have only had Andy and…well him to compare to..and its not like I felt for Andy." She says awkwardly, not quite sure how to explain it without saying too much about another past dealing. "We have told each other that. Should he impress he will be too busy to worry about such trifles as an old weyrwoman and I plan to return to full duties so I should hopefully keep busy enough…" Thats what she keeps telling herself anyway, noting their age difference. At the last question she seems to glow even brighter, "Oh…yes..the terrible..I have never desired… much before.." She says, still a bit restrained enough to call it for what it is.

L'ton chuckles softly. "Lis, it happens. Yer a woman, and it happens." And he gives her another squeeze, shaking his head as he watches her with amusement. "Ya've kept yerself blocked off 'cept fer flights fer turns. And, Ah realize that ya loved Andy, and yer always gonna love Andy, but sometimes ya gotta do things fer yerself. And, desiring that is perfectly normal, ya shouldn't feel bad about it." Of course, if it happens to be with a weyrling, perhaps things could get a little messy. "Oh, Lis-dear, ya ain't old. Ya ain't no older than me, sweets." He attempts to comfort her, giving the hand he's claimed a bit of a shake, before he reluctantly lets go to reach for his drink, for a slow sip.

At L'ton's words a weight seems to drop from Lisle's shoulders. Yes this is normal and Okay. He does not think any less of her for it. She is just behaving like a woman so long denied the fruit and suddenly presented with the juiciest ripest form. She has not gone crazy. There is a soft sigh slipping from her lips and she shifts the hand from the pendent to the hand wrapped around her, releasing his other hand so he can get his drink. "Part of me..just..wants to give in L'ton…as well with him. We have decided …to stay away from each other until the hatching." So explains the 'terrible'. "If we give in now…despite the rules…it will just make it all that harder should he impress." To have just one bite of the fruit then have it taken away is far more difficult then to never bite at all.

"Oh, mah dear…" L'ton's shaking his head softly, offering her his glass after he takes a sip, trying to give her a bit of a smile. "Ah dunno whether ta say Ah hope he dun Impress fer both of ya, or that he does, cause y'all be able figure out how much of it is what." Not that lust is bad, by any means. As her hand takes his, he carefully shifts to fold his fingers through her, even as he keeps his arm around her, giving her another gentle shake. "Dun worry, Lis-bit. Ah promise, ya ain't doing nothing wrong. Most women would have given in by now."

Lisle shakes her own head, "No…that I will not wish. I wish for him what I wish for everyone that will step on the sands." She says fervently as she looks up to him, "I have gone this long…if it is meant to be…another turn will make little difference. He may yet find another..younger…I may find another…" She sighs softly again and drops her head back to his shoulder once more. Most said to convince herself she will cope and she is a strong woman inside despite her frail seeming nature on the outside. "It was far too close tonight.." She says in a whisper and closes her eyes.

L'ton tilts his head to pillow it gently on top of hers even as she leans into his shoulder, and he's shifting, trying to turn far enough sideways in the booth to wrap her up with both arms, giving her a long, supportive hug. "It happens, Lis. Ah promise. But, ya were both strong, and nothing happened." Gently, he smooths her hair, rocking her gently as he keeps her pulled close, not making any move to reject her, when it seems that she needs acceptance more than normal. "Ah'll do whatever Ah can, Lis, ya know it."

As his arms go around her, Lisle just sits there getting strength from the embrace, tucking in her arms and resting her head on his chest. Perhaps an odd scene for others in the bar, another bit of fodder for the rumour mill? She remains quiet for a long time, needing this…enjoying this simple support. Much better then curling up in bed crying over something she can't have. "Thank you L'ton…I know you will…" She murmurs softly, her voice muffled against his chest. Yes she views him as a friend, seeing this nature of him perhaps more than others…who know only L'ton the Bronzerider extraodinaire.

L'ton, the Bronzerider of Doom, who can impregnate a women simply by looking at her? Though, given that it is L'ton, the rumor mill is just as likely to simply ignore it, as its really nothing out of the ordinary for L'ton to be seen cuddling with this person or that. As she burrows into him, he gently rubs her back, twisting a bit of her hair out of habit, resting his chin back on top of her head. "Just dun be afraid ta ask, if'n Ah can do something, kay?" He waits for reassurance, even as he continues to gently pat her back, lending her strength.

That perhaps Lisle was one of the few he didn't…well that would be something the healers can explain, she just can't anymore. She just keeps her eyes closed as the turmultous feelings inside slowly ebb away to replaced by…if not peace, at least something more manageble. Finally she looks up and there is moisture on her eyelashes, "I won't…I should have talked to someone before now…I just…I had to realize it was ok first. I am not Weyrwoman anymore. We have not broken rules…it is not wrong to want to feel affection…desire. Just…incredibly bad timing." All those fears just voiced and dealt with. She laughs a bit sadly at the last bit as she slowly sits up a bit straighter.

L'ton gently pats Lisle's back a bit more, even as she straightens, unwilling to totally let go, considering her moist eyelashes. Gently, he reaches to wipe the moisture away from her eyes, giving her a bit of a reassuring smile. "O'course its okay. Sides, yer a goldrider, if'n something had happened, it would have been okay." And he rests his hand back on her cheek. "Lisle, yer a lovely woman. Ya just have ta figure out what ya want, cause ya deserve it."

"Maybe Ah am, maybe Ah am." And he leaves his fingers on her neck even as he's batted at, until they've warmed up, and he's grinning, taking another sip. "Are ya gonna go falling over on me? Cause, Ah mean, not that Ah'd mind such a pretty lady falling over meh, but." He gives her a slight nudge.

"No I am not going fall over.." Lisle responds with a nod of her head as she reaches for the drink and frowns to find it empty. "I should probababably eat something…" She mutters as she leans back in her chair once more. Yes we are heading toward drunk and fighting it. At his words she looks up at him, "I am sure you got enough pretty ladies to fall over you then a drunken weyrwoman."

"Sure ya ain't, Lis-bit." But even then, he's lifting his hand for some sort of snacks to be brought to their table, and a water for the weyrwoman, just for good measure. As she leans back, he shakes his head. "Nah, none so pretty. Ah mean, with that dress ya'd blow any of 'em out of the water, and Ah bet ya ain't even trying." His own drink is carefully nursed, before being set out of her reach, for good measure.

Lisle tilts her head to look up at L'ton again, "There is not anything special about this dress…" She looks down at the slinky dress as it settles on her form, running her hands over it for a moment. "Just something I have for occasions like these…you see some of the ladies out there…now those were some fancy dresses…" Ok so she sounds a little drunk. As the water is brought she reaches out for it quickly taking a couple of quick drinks.

L'ton rests a finger under her chin for a second. "Ya say its nothing special, Ah say ya look stunning." At least his hands stay off the dress though, at least for the time being, "Ah think it looks wonderful, cause its so simple. Some of 'em looked liked stuffed wherries, all dun up like that." He takes the water away after a few short sips, to make sure she doesn't gorge herself on it, and he's pulling the small basket of fried tubers over as its slide onto the table.

Lisle blushes again at the compliments as he tilts her head up to look at him, "Alright…I look stunning…stop before I flowing like a redfruit." She says to quell him, though there is some amusement in her tone. It probably is only these select few that she can just relax around, though the alchohol surely has helped. As he takes the water from her she frowns slightly until the tubers are extended as she reaches for those instead, "So tell me about Jai…Jaye?" She asks of his own 'forbidden' fruit.

"She's just fun ta be around, and ta hang out with. Ah mean, Ah dunno if anything'd come of it, but she's real friendly. Ah think Ah'm glad she Impressed, though." And not to brown, thank goodness! It seems that for now, he'll stop his rain of compliments, instead sipping at his drink, only commenting. "Ya'd think the compliments are a bad thing Lis-dear." He shakes his head, still grinning at her, watching her carefully.

As he speaks of Jaye, she cants her head slightly munching delicately on a tuber fry. She shakes her head slightly, "And what of Mi'ken?" She asks, a slight teasing tone to her voice. She shakes her head a bit and tilts it down at his last comments, "It depends on the intent of the comments I suppose…I know too many bronzeriders L'ton." She says lightly and looks up to him with a touch of a smile on her lips.

"Mai's different. Ah love Mai, and Ah wanna be with her. Jaye's just fun ta spend time with, in a different way. Ah dun think either of us have any expectations, though, outside of drinks and perhaps a bit of a distraction." L'ton doesn't seem fazed by this though, and considering its L'ton, it really shouldn't be a surprise. "Aw, what's what suppose ta mean, Lis-dear? Ah'm just admiring my close friend, in her pretty dress, looking quite wonderful."

"I am sure your intentions are most hon..honourable." Lisle replies before she raises a hand to the barman, pointing at her empty glass. No we are not sufficiently 'distracted' yet. "Reckon she will tame the untameable L'ton?" She asks with a tilt of her head as she looks up to the bronzerider, her emerald eyes bright with drink.

L'ton isn't going to cut her off, at least not yet, but he does mimic her motion, signaling for another drink of his own, draining the second far more quickly than he probably needed to. "Ah assure ya mah dear, they are." At her question, he tilts his head, with a grin. "Ah think we've come ta an understanding between us. She dun mind ta much, as long as Ah dun mind." And he doesn't have to hear about it. As she tilts her head up, he's brave, or maybe dumb, enough to put a peck on her forehead, much like he would most anyone.

"Perhaps that is best…" She says with a laugh at the 'understanding'. Yes we know L'ton far too well. He loves women, each and every one. Lisle draws her the glass to her lips to take a sip of the fruity cocktail and sighs softly as she sets it down again. A smile is given to the peck on her forehead and she looks up at him, "With you and your group…I often felt like leader and little sister all in one…oddly…that helped." She says in an odd tone, ok yes we are getting a little sentimental. L'ton and talks like this, Pi, taking her off to the sands for drinking, Ta'sin..her other protector. Her first clutch as Weyrwoman.

L'ton loves to love, as he tried to explain rather unsuccessfully to Vesvesris. He absently traces his finger though the condensation on his glass, before looking back at her with a grin. "Yer Lis, that's what ya are. And yer adorable, at least Ah think so." Alcohol is one of those things, though, that just emphasizes everything that's already going on, after all. Sipping at his own newly arrived drink, he steals one of the tubers, before giving her a squeeze.

Lisle drops her gaze with another blush at the compliment, reaching out for her drink again to hide the blush a bit. She has never been good with compliments. At the squeeze she smiles and leans her head over to his shoulder. Just nice to be with someone right now with no expectations of telling them why or why their precious child impressed. Escape from duty and tugs of the heart.
L'ton chuckles as she blushes again. "O'course, yer also real cute when ya blush, so maybe that's why Ah can't stop saying stuff. Ah mean, yer all pretty and pink." As she rests her head on his shoulder, he's absently rubbing her back again, falling into quiet as they both sip at their drinks.

"I knew there was a reason!" Lisle exclaims with a smile on her lips, reaching her free hand over to hit his chest. Not hard at all, just in response to the teasing. "Two turns is not long…" She says with a sigh as he rubs at her back, growing sentimental again as she downs a bit more of her drink. "Things may well change…he may find another…I.." she closes her eyes to those thoughts before shaking her head and looks down at her cup and up at L'ton, "I should probably stop drinking or I am not going to make it back to my weyr."

L'ton folds his hand quickly over hers as he's bopped in the chest. "Now now sweets." And then he's shaking his head, giving her a grin. "How about Ah help ya back ta yer weyr, so ya can try and rest?" And he's taking her drink away regardless of her reaction as her eyes close. "Ah'll make sure ya get there safe and sound, kay?" And he's folding his fingers through hers, giving her hand a squeeze.

"That would probably be a good idea…" Lisle says as he takes her drink away, "It would not look good if I was found in the middle of the bowl in the morning." She takes the offered hand and squeezes his fingers in return before she scoots out of the bench. Her feet are a bit unstead as she rises, holding on to the table for support. "Would you believe my mother was worse..or so Lyn tells me."

"That's impressive.." He chuckles, before quickly sliding out of the bench and wrapping his arm around her waist as she seems a bit unsteady. "Now, just hold on ta me, if'n ya need ta. We'll get ya back, and settled." And then he's escorting her towards the exit, taking the most open path to avoid any unnecessary obstacles.

Her own arm slides about his waist for extra support..or hip as the case may be. "I will.." She replies looking up to him with a smile, after a few steps she seems a bit steadier on her feet though there is a look of concentration about as she focuses on keeping herself upright and not making a fool of herself.

L'ton keeps his stride short and his pace slow for Lisle's benefit, and leads her the short distance to the ledge that belongs to the goldrider, never giving up his hold on her, nor causing her to remove her own arm from him. On the threshold, he hesitates however, turning to smile down at her, even moving to wrap his other arm behind her, just watching her wordlessly.

Perhaps it is lucky that her weyr is in the same bowl and ground level. Once they are too her ledge she looks up at him as he embraces her. "Thank you L'ton…I am not sure I could have gone through this evening alone. It will be easier now..Umniyath will be back in the weyr again." Even at those words, the gold is moving up from the beach, lumbering through the bowls on her way back to her wallow. "Go find your Mai…seek your own comfort.." She says gently.

L'ton gives her a long squeeze, resting his chin on top of her head. But, nevertheless, he is L'ton, and despite what any normal person would do, he's doing something that could be quite foolish, for he's tipping her chin up to catch her in a long kiss. "Ah'm here, if ya need meh Lis-dear. Even if'n ya dun realize it, Ah'm here for ya no matter what, even if'n ya just dun want ta be alone." Leave it to L'ton to turn a normal evening awkward.

At first she tenses to the kiss, then relaxes ever so briefly, the alchohol lowering her resolve just a bit before she draws away from the kiss, face rather flushed. Shocked to silence she looks up at him as he speaks before taking a step back. "Oh..L'ton..I appreciate what you are offering…" She stammers as if trying to find a delicate way to deal with this, "Not like this…I think you should leave now…I will be alright…" Before she does something she may or may not regret. Even as she steps away she grabs his hand for a moment, "I do not know what tomorow holds for me or the next..but..right now..I can't."

"Ah.. Ah just wanted ya ta know." L'ton offers softly giving her hand a gentle squeeze. "And, Ah'll be here, even if'n ya just need a shoulder. Dun forget that." And then he's stepping back. "Go, get some water, and get some sleep, Lis-dear. Ah'll see ya tomorrow morning, Ah'm sure." A smile still on his face, he's backing up a few steps before turning to head back across the bowl to Dhonzayth, to head up to his own ledge.

"I won't L'ton.." Lisle replies sincerly to the bronzerider. She gives his hand another squeeze before releasing it and head into her weyr, her steps a bit unsteady but there are no yells of falling over. Umniyath gives a low warble in greeting and follows in after her. She will comfort her chosen tonight.

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